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"Congratulate me My, I'm gonna be a father again" Lestrade said as he slapped Mycroft playfully in the back. Woopdeedoo Mycroft thought.
"Oh how nice" he said in mock interest.
"Yeah Mariah just got back from the doctors and get this...I'm gonna have twin BOYS. Isn't that awesome My" Lestrade said excitedly. Mycroft flashed a quick fake smile.
"I think I gonna name the older one Reid and something cool for the younger one...like a gun name, Colt maybe" he said as he planned out his sons' life. Mycroft sighed and continued with what he was doing. Lestrade eventually snapped out of his parental bliss and noticed that Mycroft was exactly himself.
"What's up My" he asked. Mycroft lifted his head and looked into Gregory's eyes.
"Nothing" he said in a way that was so sincere you could tell he was lying through his teeth.
"Bullshit, I know you My something's up" Lestrade called.
"It's frankly NONE of your business" Mycroft said sternly. Lestrade was taken aback. He'd never really heard Mycroft yell or get snippy with anyone other than Sherlock.
"I would appreciate it if you would please leave me alone and go brag about your perfect 2.5 children to someone else" Mycroft asked him. Lestrade got the message. Seeing as it was a stupid ass message though he chose to ignore it. He grabbed Mycroft's wrist and literally drug the man into a empty office.
"WHAT TH- DI Lestrade unhand me at once" Mycroft said as he was being dragged. Lestrade flung him into the office and closed the door behind them.
"Tell me what is up and I'll let you go" he demanded.
"I'm Mycroft Holmes, I'm the British government. I don't have to do a damn thing you say" Mycroft said as he made his way to leave the office. Lestrade blocked his way and reached for something in his back pocket. Lestrade quickly slap one handcuff on Mycroft's wrist and hurriedly closed the other on a chair that was bolted to the floor. Mycroft tugged at the cuffs uselessly.
"Uncuff me NOW" he demanded. Lestrade shook his head.
"I'm sorry Mr. Holmes, but we here at New Scotland Year have suspected you committed a serious crime. We have the right to take you in for questioning, and since you resisted I had to use extreme measures" Lestrade told him. Mycroft was flaming, but he decided not to fight anymore so he sat in the chair. Lestrade moved away from him and went to sit down behind the desk.
"Ok Mr. Holmes, could you please tell us about any disturbances in your life" Lestrade asked. Mycroft didn't say a word.
"Mr. Holmes while you do have the right to remain silent. No one can see into or out of this office and I have ways of making you talk" Lestrade threatened. Mycroft sighed and looked down.
"Does your bitchy mood have to do with you work" Lestrade asked. Mycroft gave him a glare and Lestrade decide to move on.
"Ok then does it have to do with you family" Leatrade asked. Mycroft still didn't say anything.
"Come on My I'm just tryin to help you out here" Lestrade said sincerly.
"Yes it has to do with my family" Mycroft said finally. Lestrade smiled at him.
"Is Sherlock being a twit again" Lestrade said. Mycroft shook his head no.
"Are Ben and Red giving you a hard time" Lestrade asked.
"No, not them" he said. Lestrade felt like he had narrowed it down.
"Are you an Adelaide having trouble" he asked gently.
"I would say yes but she isn't around enough for us to have trouble"Mycroft said.
"Every since Demetrius was born she hasn't spent more than an hour at a time at home. She rarely even looks at the children, and god forbid if she even talks to them" he said getting frustrated.
"And I'm gonna infer that your sex life is non existent" Lestrade said.
"We never really ever had a sex life DI" Mycroft said.
"But you've got two children" he said.
"Holmes men are extremely fertile. I can count the times we've bedded on one hand" Mycroft said. That fact didn't bother him, he just didn't like how she seemed to hate the three of them.
"Did she get like a promotion or something My" he asked.
"No, I think see just...I'm not even sure" Mycroft said. Lestrade had a sneaking suspicion about Mycroft, but he didn't want to say anything just yet.
"Are Ben and Red upset" Lestrade asked again.
"They're used to it" he said. Lestrade shook his head.
"My can you be honest with me for a second" he asked nervously. Mycroft looked up and into his eyes.
"Of course" he said. Lestrade got up from the desk and he walked in front of Mycroft. He took a key out of his back pocket and unlocked Mycroft from his bonds. He crouched down in from of him and put his hand on Mycroft's knee. Mycroft's breath caught in his throat.
"My...are you...attracted to Adelaide...you know um...sexually" he asked.
"Adelaide is a very beautiful woman DI, anyone can se-"
"I know she's pretty My, but would you rather be with...someone else" Lestrade asked as he skirted around his meaning. Mycroft stomach was performing gymnastics it was flipping and dropping so much.
"I'm faithful to my wife if that's what your asking" Mycroft played dumb, he wanted Gregory to say...it.
"No no no My. Listen you got married at an older age, you don't have a sex life with your gorgeous young wife, I've never seen you kiss on her or love her in public...do you get what I'm saying here" Lestrade asked.
"No" Mycroft said honestly. Lestrade started to rub Mycroft's knee and sighed as he stared into those blue eyes.
"How long have you known...or do you even know" Lestrade asked him.
"Known about what" asked Mycroft. Lestrade took a deep breath, no better time than the present.
"How long have you known that you're gay My" he asked. Mycroft froze and Lestrade noticed and worried. Mycroft's brain went into cover up mode and he began to protest.
"I assure you DI I have never been attracted to a male in my life" Mycroft said urgently.
"My...don't lie to me" he said. Mycroft stuttered around but eventually rubbed his face and out his hands into a praying position.
"How long have you known My" Gregory asked again. Mycroft sighed and he could feel tears running down his face.
"Ever since I can remember" he said. Lestrade smiled at him and he even felt himself tear up.
"Does anyone know" he asked.
"I'm sure Sherlock had probably deduced it, but besides a few men in my university days no one knows" Mycroft said. Lestrade felt a tear roll down his face but he smiled through it and comforted his friend.
"It's ok My, it's awesome in fact. You know I dated a couple of guys back when I was in high school, I though I was gay for sure. Then I met Mariah and she kinda changed that" Lestrade told him. Mycroft's heart skipped a beat, but he was to upset to care.
"It was the same with Adelaide, she's the only woman I've ever looked at twice" Mycroft said.
"Did you think she was gonna cure you" Lestrade asked.
"Yes, I still believe she might" Mycroft replied. Lestrade removed his hand quickly and brought both of his hands to cup Mycroft's face. He pointed it at him so Mycroft was staring right at him.
"No, don't ever change who you are My. Your gay and there is nothing wrong with that, don't try to change just because society believes something different than you do" he told him.
"What have I done" Mycroft said as he pulled away from Lestrade's hold on him.
"What do you mean My" Lestrrade asked.
"I've been married to Adelaide for 8 years, I've brought two children into this world. I remember when Benedict was 6 he asked if he could marry his best guy friend, and I had to say no because I told him it was wrong. I'm lying to my son about who I really am. I'm lying to everyone" Mycroft ranted.
"Your not lying to me My" Lestrade said to comfort him somewhat.
"I can't just leave them. That's why I was in a sour mood. I've always considered leaving Adelaide and coming out, but I can't leave those children with a mother who doesn't love them" Mycroft said. Gregory pulled him into a warm hug and Mycroft didn't hesitate.
"It's ok My" he whispered into his ear over and over again. Suddenly Lestrade just felt the urge to kiss the top of his head and he did so. A few moments after he had done this Mycroft lifted his head to meet Lestrade's. Mycroft quickly closed the gap between the two and he kissed a man for the first time in a long while. He had expected Lestrade to squirm or push him away, but he did the opposite. He responded quickly and almost greedily deepening the kiss. Mycroft was on cloud 9. He was kissing he man he had been in love with for 8 years and Lestrade was kissing him back. After a while they broke apart for air and rested their heads on each others forehead.
"You've got no idea how long I've wanted to do that" Lestrade said as he was catching his breath.
"Not as long as I've been wanted to do it" Mycroft said. Lestrade smiled at him and have him a quick peck on the lips.
"My you know what where going to do" Lestrade told him.
"What Gregory" he ask. Lestrrade smiled at him and kissed him once again. He had called him Gregory.
"We are going to fight like hell to make sure those kids of yours stay with you" Lestrade said. Mycroft smiled and pecked Lestrade's lips again.
"Are you suggesting I divorce Adelaide so we can begin a relationship" Mycroft asked. Lestrade blushed and Mycroft smiled at him. Lestrade pulled Mycroft in for another marathon kiss, but Mycroft pulled away with a worried look in his face.
"Gregory, what about you family" Mycroft asked. Lestrade had totally forgotten he had a family, kissing a Holmes would so that to you. Crap, he had a young kid and two more on the way.
"Mariah's always been a cheating bitch, we've really been meaning to get a divorce for a while My" he said. Mycroft pulled away from him.
"Gregory we both have young children, we just can't" he said. Lestrade thought his heart might actually break.
"My...I want to be with you, I've wanted to be with you for a while" Lestrade said as his eyes welled up for the second time that day. Mycroft got up quickly and started to rush out of the room.
"I'm sorry Gregory" he said as tears rushed down his face.

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