Hey y'all it's the next angsty chapter. Some serious stuff goes down in this chapter including yelling, fighting, scared children, crying, etc. I hope we can get through it together. I hope you like this chapter. ENJOY

Mycroft fell back onto his pillow and closed his eyes fruitlessly. He wasn't going to get any sleep, he never did anymore. He looked to his side and as per usual Adelaide wasn't there. He moved his hand over it the empty side and it was cold like no one had ever slept there. Mycroft would give anything just to have a normal family. He still remembers where was a teenager and he would pray to god for hours to save his family. Praying did him little good then, and it wouldn't do him any good now. Mycroft started to cry...like he did every night when he was alone with his thoughts. All he wanted was to be with the man he loved, and he couldn't. Mycroft whipped his eyes and tried to stop the flow, but he hasn't every been able to do it so why should it work now. Every since...that day he'd been like this. Always crying at night, depressed, trying to put on a brave face. It had been at least 5 years since that day, and he hadn't stepped a foot in New Scotland Yard since. He couldn't risk seeing Gregory again. Who knows what those deep brown eyes of his would do to Mycroft. His family depended on him staying with a woman he didn't love and who didn't even love her family.
"Dad" said a timid voice from the doorway. Mycroft wiped away his tears quickly and put on his brave face.
"Yes Benedict " he said calmly.
"I heard you crying from my room...is something wrong" he asked. Damn this roomy old flat and it's thin walls.
"I'm fine I assure you" he said. Benedict nodded his head and he le th is dad alone again. Mycroft laid himself back down in the cold pillow and tried of get some sort of sleep. A few minutes later he heard the door squeak open again.
"Dad...dad...are you awake" Benedict was asking.
"Yes. Benedict I'm awake, but the question is why are you still awake" Mycroft asked his son. Mycroft sat up and saw that Benedict was not alone. Demetrius was standing behind his brother holding on to him for dear life.
"Demetrius had a nightmare and we where wondering if we could sleep with you tonight" Benedict asked. Mycroft sighed, but only for appearances. He couldn't have his sons knowing that he was a lonely old man.
"Benedict you are 12 years old, don't you think your to old to sleep with your parents" Mycroft pointed out.
"But Mother isn't here, so technically I'm not sleeping with my parents" he said like a true Holmes. Mycroft buckled.
"Fine, come on" he motioned for them to join him. The two boys bounded to their dad as Mycroft pulled the covers back to let them under. Demetrius snuggled right up next to his dad and Benedict slide next his brother. Mycroft let them settle and he out his arm on top of the two of them like he was hugging them. After awhile Demetrius had drifted off into dreamland and Mycorft wasn't dad behind him. Just as he was about to go under he heard Benedict's voice again.
"Dad" he whispered. Mycroft's eyes groggily opened.
"What Benedict" Mycroft asked in an annoyed tone.
"I just want you to know that we don't need mother. The three of us are fine just like we are" Benedict said. Mycroft didn't know what to say. His 12 year old shouldn't have to be telling him that. Mycroft looked over at his son and he had already gone to sleep. Mycroft held back his last tears and just held on to his sons tighter.


"I'm home" said an unfamiliar, but familiar voice.
"Mummy" Demetrius yelled as he ran towards his mother. Adelaide backed away from him and stopped him before he could reach her.
"Now Demetrius it isn't proper for young men to scream and run towards women" she told him. Demetrius sullenly nodded his head and went back to playing with his toys. Benedict hasn't even moved from his spot on the floor when he heard his mother was home.
"Benedict aren't you going to say hello" Adelaide asked. Benedict looked up from his homework and frown at her.
"No" he replied. Adelaide frowned back at him.
"Hopefully one say you'll grow up out of that ill fitting attitude" she told him.
"And maybe one day you'll let Demetrius touch you when he hasn't seen you for two and a half months" Benedict said. Adelaide's face widened in shock.
"MYCROFT, come here now" she yelled through the house. A few seconds later the shell of a man that was Mycroft was there.
"Ask (:your:) son what he just said to me" she demanded. Mycroft didn't ask, but Benedict told him anyway.
"I told her the truth dad, and she knows it to" he said. Benedict stormed off and they heard a door slam sometime later.
"I swear Mycroft one day that boy will learn he can't disrespect his betters. The nerve of that...child...I swear ever since I had him I've regretted it" she said like it was nothing. That was it, that was the straw that broke the camel's back.
"How can you say that Adelaide, he is your son" Mycroft turned around to face his wife head on.
"He has always disrespected me Mycroft, he has been nothing but trouble ever since he was born" she defended.
"HE'S A CHILD ADELAIDE, HE'S SUPPOSED TO BE MOODY THAT'S WHAT THEY DO" Mycroft yelled at her. Adelaide had a sour expression on her face that didn't suit her.
"What's got you so angry" she asked.
"YOU, I don't know what the hell happened to you. When we first met you where lovely and know your just a huge...bitch. Then again you've been a huge bitch since the day we got married" Mycroft said as he carfully choose his words then threw them out the window. If he was going to stand up to his wife he was going to use the rude language of the man he loved.
"OH THAT'S RICH, coming from Mr. No Emotions Holmes over here" she retorted.
"You want to talk about not having emotions. How about leaving your 12 and 7 year old sons for 5 months at a time. Your probably going to be leaving soon for another months long business trip aren't you" he said.
"When we got married we both agreed to put work over family" she reminded him.
"Putting work over family doesn't mean abandoning your children and husband" he told her. Adelaide was fuming and so was Mycroft.
"Why did you even get married if your knew you where going to spend all of your time away" he asked her. This question had been bugging him for years and know he was finally going to get some answers. Adelaide stopped and bit her lip.
"Do you really want to know why I married you, why I asked you out on that date back then. Do you really want to know why" she asked him.
"Yes I do" he said.
"Because your gay and I needed a fake husband to throw my parents off" she said. Those words hit Mycroft like a ton of bricks. She knew...all this time she knew.
"I don't know what your talking about" he said out of habit. Adelaide rolled her eyes at him.
"Remember what I said back then Mycroft? Your an open book that only I can read, and your gayer than the Fourth of July" she said. Mycroft was utterly stunned.
"Oh come on don't be so shocked, I'm surprised your kept from as many people as you have, what with all the eye sex you and Lestrade are having" she said.
"Don't you DARE bring him into this. I could have been with him 5 years ago, but I stayed loyal to you and our children. I could have been happy, Benedict and Demetrius could have had a second decent parent, but NO I STAYED LOYAL" he said.
"Shows how much of an idiot you are. I picked you to be my fake husband, because you where so far in the closet you where living in Narnia" she teased.
"Why the hell would you do that" he asked. He wanted answers.
"I was running away from an arranged marriage, but my parents where closing in. So I decided that being in a fake marriage is better than being a housewife. I didn't plan to get pregnant but it ended up working in my favor" Adelaide boasted. Mycroft was ANGRY now.
"you had Benedict so you didn't HAVE TO BECOME A HOUSE WIFE" Mycroft yelled.
"Yeah I did...what does it matter to you they're just kids" she said.
"THEY'RE OUR KIDS" he yelled.
"I DONT WANT THE LITTLE SHITS, I'VE NEVER WANTED THEM" she yelled back. Demetrius was hiding behind the couch in the fetal position hoping his big brother would come and save him.
"THEN YOU WON'T GET THEM" Mycroft yelled. Mycroft knew exactly what he was going to do, but he wanted Benedict and Demetrius to watch.
"Benedict, Demetrius come here" he yelled out into the house. Demetrius crawled out from behind the couch and latched onto his father's leg. Benedict slowly came out from the hall and stood beside his father. With his children by his side Mycroft finally felt the courage to so what he has been wanting to do for years.
"Get Out Of My House" he said sternly to his wife...well ex-wife.
"Excuse me" she said.
"You heard me. Get Out" he told her again.
"This is MY house Mycroft" she said.
"This house was mine YEars before you came along, and since you gave me full custody of the children it's important to keep them in the same environment. So I say it for the last time. Get Out Of My House" he said. Adelaide didn't know what to do, so she appealed to her son.
"Benedict you can't let him do this" she said.
"I hope the door hits you hard in the way out" Benedict said. Adelaide knew that was a long shot, what about the kid that still kinda liked her.
"Demetrius they want to get rid of your mummy, your not gonna let them do that are you" she asked him.
"I'm sorry mummy but it isn't proper for an unwelcome guest to stay when she isn't wanted" he said. Adelaide took a deep breath and picked herself up.
"Goodbye, forever" she said as she turned around and walked out of their lives.