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Tony was perplexed. He had never experienced something quite like this in his life.

Yes he had had sex plenty of times before, but this was different. And he wasn't sure exactly what he should call it.

Ziva had been working her magic on little Tony for almost 10 minutes, and had already made him come twice. She slowly rolled her tongue around the tip, making sure to catch his sensitive spot under the head. He bucked sharply upwards at each touch, gasping for air; but this only made Ziva more determined, because it proved to her that she was doing it right. She began to trace her tongue up and down the shaft, whilst using her free hand to massage his balls in a repetitive rhythm, that was starting to increase in speed. She was using her other hand to force his hip down, because she knew otherwise there could be some serious damage.

"Ziva," Tony moaned in a husky whisper, "don't make me wait any longer babe..."

"tut tut oh dear Tony, I am afraid that is not how I work..." And with a throaty purr, she moved her mouth back to the tip of his head. She began to take him in slowly, occasionally stopping for dramatic effect. He tried forcing himself upwards and fully into her, but she used her impressive strength to push him back down onto the bed. Ziva had always prefered having a sense of power in the bedroom, and she knew how sexy Tony would find that.

Eventually she let her mouth loose of the tip, stopping her pulsing actions. He lifted his head in confusion but was suddenly struck down again by a great sense of warmth. She had taken him fully into her mouth, and started to loosen and tighten her lips again, sending pulse waves rocketing through Tony's body. She knew he was about to reach the height of his climax again and she held herself steady as she felt him give way beneath her. She sucked off what was left of the fluid and slowly removed her mouth, letting it go with a final pop. She looked deeply into his eyes as she licked around the tip, making sure all the left overs were picked up, then swallowed it all in a large gulp. Tony's eyes widened at the sight, and sat transfixed for a second. But then when he regained his strength, he realised it was finally his turn to take control.

Tony had bragged to his teammates all the time about how good he was in the bedroom, and even Ziva had always been a little curious as to whether he was telling the truth, or just simply lying. But as he flipped her over and hung himself above her, she knew her answer. He began to kiss her lightly on the lips, making sure she understood his intentions, but she just responded hungrily with another kiss. He used one of his hands to support himself by her head, and the other to gently massage her breast. He moved his legs so they were placed either side of hers, and began to slowly lower himself ontop of her so he was resting entirely on her body. His now fully erect little friend was once again pushing hard into Ziva's stomach, and he enjoyed her urgency as she tried to move him down so he was inline with her entrance. He smiled to himself but he held himself still on top of her, and eventually started to feel her heart race. They were closer than they ever had been before, and Ziva's head was swimming. They were a mixture of body heat, sweat and sheets and somehow she knew she wouldn't enjoy this if it wasn't for the fact she was with Tony.

He quickly adjusted himself so the arm by her head was brought around and placed under her neck, using his lower arm for balance. He then stared into her eyes as he moved his other hand lower to maddage the inside of her thigh. As she opened her legs wider in encouragement, he placed soft kisses along her jawline and onto her breast, taking one of her hard nipples into his mouth. He sucked and tugged lightly as he moved his hand up to touch her clit.

The sudden contact made her jolt upwards into him, only making them closer than before. He used her sudden burst of energy as a sign to carry on and whilst using his thumb to massage her pulsing nerve bundle, he used his free finger to push slowly into her entrance.

Tony was delighted to find Ziva was soaking wet, so it gave his fingers help to move in and out. He started to pulse them with as much force as he could, but also trying not to hurt Ziva.

Ziva's eyes were closed as she took it all in. The steady but gentle hand actions of Tony made her heart melt, and she was also glad he didn't push too hard though, as she thought it might bring back bad memories. She was perplexed at how natural it felt. Having Tony inside her didn't feel strange at all, it felt like it was meant to be that way. But her eyes suddenly opened as she felt him slide at least one other finger in. She moved on top of him as her body adjusted to his shape and she started to feel her body rush even more. She was close, and assat ony started to pump in and out with even more force, she let go.

Tony let her ride out her orgasm on his fingers, as their breaths started to decrease back to their normal rate. He removed his fingers and used his tongue to carefully lick off any left over residue around her entrance. She then used her regained strength to pull his face back up to hers, and they lay looking into each others eyes for what seemed like forever.

However Ziva suddenly had other ideas. Using the fact that Tony was hovering above her, she kissed him with as much passion as she could muster whilst she lined up her body with his. He looked at her with a quizzical grin but his grin changed into a shocked expression and she came down hard and fast on top of him. He had not been expecting that so suddenly so had to hold back, forcing himself not to come yet. He wanted them to do it together, that way he knew it would be much more powerful. He began to pump himself in and out in a constant rhythm, always making sure Ziva seemed perfectly happy. Their lips tangled together in a battle of passion, as if each of them were trying to explain their deepest emotions for each other. Hands began roaming wherever they could, and kisses were placed in the darkest of corners of the body. Tony became aware of Ziva tightening around him, and she was becoming increasingly wet. He began to pick up his pace ever more, withdrawing and pushing in as much as their bodies would allow.

They came one after each other, Tony first followed by Ziva, they rode it out together in slow motion, as they tried to catch their breath. Somewhere in their passionate love making Ziva had made her way on top of Tony, and had finished by collapsing on top of him. She lay there listening to his heartbeat steady out in his chest, before rolling off of him and onto her side. He rolled over behind her and tucked himself up and around her with a smile.

This was enough.

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