This is the sequel to my previous story "Highway to Hell". If you haven't read that yet, I suggest you start there because otherwise you're jumping into a story already in progress, and it will give you all the background you need to know about who Beth is and her story. (Plus, it's like a couple of days – at least depending on how fast you read – worth of fun stories!)

This story picks up at the start of Season 2 – Supernatural. John, Sam, Dean and Beth have just been smashed in an accident caused by a demon, and they're being air lifted to the hospital, they're all very injured, some more than others.

This is the story of Beth O'Malley, daughter of a minister, also a hunter who was friends with John Winchester. Although she was unaware of his 'other job', as a teenager, Beth found out the hard way about the things that are out there in the dark when she was possessed by a demon, an old foe of her father's, and forced to kill him by her own hand.

John rescued her, exorcised the demon, and took her in, teaching her the ways of hunting. After a while she and Dean developed a relationship, eventually gaining the blessing of John when she was nearly killed during a hunt. They fight together now, alongside their brother Sam, and the whole world has just been turned upside-down for them – what will happen next?!

This is Supernatural as I think it should be written. :) In general, I follow the series, writing Beth into it as we go – that's right, I don't change the plots all that much, that's not what this is about. Some become flashbacks, some change a bit to fit with the storyline I am creating around Beth; all in all I hope you enjoy the way I write it, and come back for more!

Please post a review if you're enjoying the writing – I love to get feedback, especially if it's nice! If you have songs you'd like to suggest for any particular episodes, do so, I love to add to my playlists :) Likewise if you have any ideas around storyline, episodes etc. that I might miss (I skip the ones where Beth wouldn't feature too much because I mainly write from her point of view – occasionally Dean's) feel free to suggest them. Let me know what you like about the story! Everyone's encouragement just inspires me to keep going with it :D

Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural or any of the storyline that follows the show itself. Any changes to storyline and addition of characters (ie. Beth) are all mine :)