So, after many weeks/months of not updating this story. I've decided with my better writing abilities to remake it. It will be called The rise of the Nidaime Juubi. It will be epic length, much like this one was planned. With elements being drawn from my other stories such as Guide me O' Light of gods spiritual outlook.

I plan to rewrite the entire Naruto series, basing it around the VERY original. (The first Manga, not the series we know of. where Naruto was actually a fox spirit...*cough cough*) Anyway, I want to say at first I am sorry. I got over my head with this, and I found myself unable to come back tot he story due to the amount of time that had passed. I even had a series of chapters written for it, but then my second hard drive fried and they went with it.

So...all around seven weeks worth of work went with it. Including some of the projects mentioned in my profile page. I was livid. Anyway, I beckon you to go check out the remake. Its not exactly the same as the last one. It carries both a darker tone at the backstory, but it has a lighter life outlook on Naruto.

Which means no one sided bashing, no villagers openly calling him a demon. A lot of love between The Third and Naruto. So, I wish for you come and see the story. If you don't like it, I'm sorry.

Anyway the first chapter is up, and going strong. I got to do a few things involving this story before I delete. First off, this was one of my first best stories. It has horrible grammar, and by far...the plot mimics an eighties feel. Which is always a constant raise in the stakes, as if it was poker. With the hero (you don't say...) winning in the end with one huge gamble...which is actually kind of like ever Hollywood movie still. But besides the point.

I want to make this story reborn into a more realistic feeling. where the hero isn't pure of heart. Although it may seem that way, it helps to read between the lines. Like my story the golden fox. Naruto is not pure of heart, he's out for blood when someone hurts someone close to him. Heroes disarm, anti heroes attempt to "clean" the mess others leave them *cough* Shadow *cough* Sonic. *Cough* so much bullshit sega... *cough cough hack hack cough*

Anyway, I want you take it this way. So I don't get flamed. A remake doesn't mean I abandoned my fans. It means I as a writer decided that it as Pagen Mein said "Lets do a 'do over' you can kill me...boring, or we can do *spoiler spoiler* together" So yeah, think of me as that. Yes, I am very much controlling your computers at this moment Muahahaha.

I love each, and everyone of my fans. Hell the reasons you choose me? I don't know, you just do! I mean, don't get me wrong. I'm not quitting you all. I'm just thinking it is high time I take this story. Make changes, major changes to it. Make it more dynamic, more better. So if you all are mad, I understand. Trust me, I would never do this to spite anyone. I'm simply doing this to make an old (dead) story better.

so with that said, please go check out the

The Rise of the Nidaime Juubi. (Not this story, the second one. which got released just this morning.)

-Forever the favor of the Gods be with thee.