Hello! I feel rather dazed 'cause I'm in a bad period, but writing makes me feel better. I've gotta a huge crush on RosuAru and Senyuu. I think this fandom is underestimated.

Attention: this story contains SPOILERS! (since Ross' real name, 'Sion', is revealed and Crea, who haven't appeared yet in the anime, is one of the main characters.)

Disclaimer: Senyuu and its characters don't belong to me: they're Robinson Haruhara's property. I only own this story.


"Sion!" And here he goes again, Shion thought, unnerved. Every time Alba chose to call him by his real name, Ross felt a jolt in his entire body as his heart instinctively jumped. "Shion, you're leaving me behind again! Wait for me—"

He turned around, slightly irritated, and the Hero, who was running to keep up with the other's pace, crushed on him.

"Ouch, why did you stop so abruptly?" He protested, his lips formed a small pout. Ross punched him in the stomach with all his strength and sent him to the ground coughing.

"First you want me to wait, and then you reproach me because I stopped? You're such a spoiled crybaby, Hero-san" he commented with a sadistic smile which made Alba shudder. Crea, who was walking right behind them, laughed, but Ross pretended to have not heard.

"Why the hell did you hit me?!" Alba screamed while massaging his stomach in pain. Ross was seriously tempted to slap him more when the hero spoke in that whiny voice.

"Didn't I tell you to keep calling me 'Ross', Hero-san?" he asked rhetorically, still smiling but feeling really irritated inside. Alba looked up in surprise.

"But Crea calls you 'Sion' all the time, so I think I'm getting influenced" he simply answered. Ross rolled his eyes.

"An idiot influenced by another idiot" he mocked him. "Either way, I don't like when you call me that, so leave it."

Alba blinked and insisted: "But Crea calls you that. Why can't I?"

"Because I hate you" Ross immediately answered, calmly, and hit him again, this time on the head. Alba, who didn't expect it, groaned in pain; small tears appeared at the corners of his brown eyes as he exclaimed: "You're so mean!"

Ross looked as if he had received a compliment; Crea laughed some more while reaching for Alba and friendly patting his back. "Don't worry, Hero-san, he's not serious" he reassured him. "It's just that Si-tan gets really shy when you call him that, like, he's emotionally unstabl—" Crea couldn't even finish the sentence because Ross punched him too, using more strength than he did with Alba, so much that he sent his best friend flying for meters.

"Why did you hit him too?! And what the hell was he trying to say?!" Alba was terrified and confused at the same time.

"Leave it, Hero-san. He's perfectly fine" Ross shrugged and turned around.

"Wait, are we leaving him like this?!"

"I don't see anything other than garbage over there."

"Isn't this too cruel?!"

Ross ignored him and kept walking, pretending to be completely unaffected by them. It was such a good thing that Alba was so simple-minded; at first he had thought that the Hero was somehow similar to Crea, but then he was relieved to find out they were rather different. In the end, Alba couldn't see right through him like Crea did, and it was definitely better that way, or else the Hero would have noticed how vulnerable he could make him feel just by calling his real name.

"Si-tan, are you blushing? Are you blushing, right? Right?" Ross sighed: Crea really wanted to die, after all.

This story is based on two headcanon: first, Ross hates being called 'Sion' by Alba because he loves the Hero too much and so he's kinda moved when it happens; secondly, Crea can understand Ross better than anyone else since he's his best friend and he loves to mock Ross about his affection for Alba c: From the end of the seventh episode of the second season, I could see that Ross' true story is about to be introduced in the anime –I really can't wait to watch!