The ageless Sage Naruto gets swept up in a bizarre game upon his visit to Shinto Teito and now he has to stand on the sidelines as super powered alien women fight for the sake of love and the right to ascend to the higher skies above What the heck did he just get himself into? Time for the Sage to come out of retirement.

Sekirei Sage

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto nor Sekirei, all characters, thoughts and ideas that exist in this story that were taken from the original works belong to their specific creators, Masashi Kishimoto and Sakurako Gokurakuin.

Chapter 1


Sunlight shined down on his face as he slowly roused from his slumber. Cracking his eyes open and catching a glimpse of the suns position rising from the eastern skyline he sighed in resignation, no more sleep for him. Stifling a grumble as his muscles protested his less than comfortable bedding he climbed to his feet and popped his back into place before gazing at the massive sprawling city beneath him.

Shinto Teito was truly an urban jungle as the buildings of concrete and glass stretched as far as his impressive eyesight could see. Buildings ranging from one story homes or businesses to the large sky scrapers that reached for the heavens. And rising even higher was the massive headquarters for MBI located in the center of the city, standing at least 15 stories higher than any other building in the city, it was truly a spectacle to behold. Of course for Naruto it was just an eyesore.

For the last 2 days since coming to the city Naruto has been run off, turned down and generally ignored by both prospective apartments and hotels since Naruto wasn't registered in MBI's database and consequentially had no form of ID that everyone seemed to obsess over these days. While he had a decent amount of cash on him it wouldn't last forever unless he chose to get a job or take his chances and just use his bank card. The problem with that is the attention it would bring him if he used it.

Now Naruto wasn't spiteful or anything, but he would definitely have to show them his displeasure of the whole situation at a later date. Briefly cackling with glee at the opportunity to prank someone who in his mind rightfully deserved it was a great way to distract himself from his current predicament.

Scowling Naruto reached for his meager futon that laid on the roof of the building he spent the night on he proceeded to fold both it and the thin blanket up before sealing them into an empty scroll before pocketing it and cleaned up his makeshift campsite then pulling his shirt and shoes back on and with a quick glance around to double-check he hadn't left anything behind he hopped on the roof rail then with once last evil glare at the offending MBI tower he jumped down the short (for him) distance to the street 5 stories below. Ignoring the surprised shouts of the few people up at this early hour that witnessed the seemingly super human feat he landed and then set of a casual pace to the next district over to try his luck, and maybe get some food.

Walking northwest up the street Naruto ignored the glances from the early morning commuters at his strange looks and state of dress. Standing six feet four inches with sun-kissed blonde hair spiked up on top with 2 locks that framed his face down to his chin and hair falling down to the nape of his neck in back, and bright shining cerulean eyes that seemed to glow with an inner power set above 3 pairs of what looked like whiskers on his cheeks giving him a slightly wild look. Wearing a comfortably worn tight black shirt with a red spiral printed on the chest, faded blue jeans and simple sneakers. Naruto found it both amusing and annoying that he stood out so much in this country.


After a short breakfast Naruto set back out on his task of procuring lodging for himself. He had spent the last 2 days searching the southern parts of the city with no luck so he started working his way clockwise from the city center hoping to have better luck. But as he was finding out that in his reluctance to use his only real form of ID even when he offered to pay up to 3 months in advance with cash no reputable place would even consider him and he was starting to feel distraught.

Feeling sorry for himself had never been his MO (and even when he did it never solved any of his problems before) he clapped his cheeks with both hands to re-energize himself and trudged on before he felt a disturbance in the Force, shaking his head to clear it of that stray thought he extended his awareness out looking for whatever was buzzing at the edge of his sensory zone.

Naruto stood still in the sidewalk eyes closed while trying pinpoint this feeling that was both familiar and foreign and after getting a bearing he leapt to the roof closest to him then bounded across the rooftops heading towards where he can now feel a pulse.?..wave?...echo of power that was right on the tip of his tongue but couldn't quite place it. After 10 minutes he came across the boundary of one of Shinto Teito's many preserved parks scattered around the city. Pausing on the roof across the street he took a moment to once again close his eyes and concentrate on his senses to feel out for the strange energy he.

Now that he was closer Naruto could now put a name to what he was feeling. Chakra. But he hadn't encountered a being capable of producing chakra past what was necessarily to live, much less produce it in the quantity he felt right now in over 3 thousand years. Not since he walked the earth with the last of his kind.

Excitement and confusion began to build in Naruto as he realized that there was another person in this day and age similar to him. While in his youth he was never very good at sensing chakra without his Sage Mode or his Tailed Cloak, having walked the earth for as long as he has gave him plenty of time to practice his skills. And while he could sense the chakra source in the park he couldn't quite place it. It didn't feel like any chakra source he had ever encountered before, neither that of his shinobi kin nor the biju or even jinchuuriki. But it didn't feel human either.

Grinning wildly he allowed the thrill of meeting something new propel him forward at speeds that had any normal person been watching they would have only seen a blur as he raced into the park taking to the trees as he hunted down his new point of interest. This particular park was fairly large, spanning almost a half mile long by a quarter-mile wide but that was a trivial distance to a being like Naruto so he found his target within minutes. Crouching on a tree branch 40 ft off the ground he observed the source of the chakra he had sensed.

His earlier excitement died when he gazed at the hunched form on the bench across the small walkway from him. The form was easily identified as a female, clad in only an oversized and dirty lab coat that was draped across her otherwise bare form and left open in front exposing a sizable chest while her legs were pulled up on the bench, her whole posture exuding depression. Her head was tilted down allowing her light brown hair to obscure her face but with his sharp eyes he was easily able to see the lifeless look both in her eyes and face.

Naruto felt his heart clench as he subconsciously jumped down and walked over to the depressed woman stopping only when he reached her. Now Naruto would never admit it on penalty of no more ramen for the rest of his days, but he did take a bit after Jiraiya in his appreciation of the female form, and what was currently the subject of his gaze was easily the most beautiful woman he had seen in centuries. Only her current state of dress (or lack of it) and the depressed look on her face prevented him from giving in to any of his more perverted tendencies (He was a healthy male dammit. He reserved the right to perv on hot chicks whenever he could get away with it) but now wasn't the time.

Pulling off his t-shirt he draped it across her chest and over her shoulders attempting to cover what the lab coat didn't. Only then did the beauty look up from her staring contest with the ground and meet his gaze. Steel gray eyes met cerulean blue as Naruto got a good look at woman.

"Beautiful" he whispered to himself as he gazed at her and not even her depressed state could take away from her beauty.

Blank eyes looked back at him and the woman blinked slowly as she gazed at this stranger who knelt before her and had even shed his own clothing to cover her up. Didn't he know that she was broken? That her worth was less that nothing as she couldn't be winged?

"Miss are you alright? Is there anything I can do to help you?" Naruto questioned her as it didn't look like she say anything.

"Ah..I'm here because I'm broken...unwanted. I was cast aside...never to find my Ashikabi. No one..needs one wants me" she answered.

Naruto felt his heart constrict painfully as the emotion, or complete lack thereof in her voice brought back a distant echo of his past. A little boy crying alone with no family, no friends, no one comfort him. This woman also feels what he felt. That she was alone with no hope and nothing to live for.

"What makes you think you're broken?" He asked softly eyes never leaving hers.

With a slight pause she slowly reached up with one hand to part her bangs to show a strange tattoo on her forehead in the shape of a bird with a Yin/Yang symbol surrounded by 4 comma like marks.

"Ah...This means I'm broken...I can't be winged by my Ashikabi...I can't be of use to anyone." she intoned with her completely dead voice.

"I don't understand. How does that mark on your forehead mean you're broken? Is it a tattoo? A brand or birthmark?" Naruto racked his brain trying to determine if he had ever encountered a culture that marked members of their society in a similar manner.

The woman's gaze seemed to become even more depressed at his line of questioning. "This mark can't be removed...broken."

"What is your name?" he asked

"Ah...Akitsu..." she replied after a moment's pause.

"Akitsu" he repeated trying the name out. "Akitsu is a pretty name, a pretty name for a pretty lady." He replied trying to ease her in to a better mood.

"Ah...thank you" she intoned after breaking her gaze and looking back down seemingly uncertain as to how to handle his complement.

OK, that didn't work like I wanted. He thought.

"You mentioned a Ashikabi, what is that?" Naruto prodded gently trying to get a better understanding of her pain.

Akitsu looked reluctant to answer but after a gentle prod from Naruto she finally replied. " a Sekirei's destined one...the special person who can bring out our full potential...the one who will love us...and be with us forever.." she replied quietly visibly shrinking further into herself as she spoke about it.

"And because you have that mark on your forehead you can't find yours?" he questioned further.

"How does a tattoo prevent you from finding yours?" he asked after a moment's pause.

"Ah...a Sekirei will know when they find their Ashikabi...Their body will react in their presence...feel it deep in their heart...I'm broken.. scrapped... unable to ever react to my destined Ashikabi." She once again raised a hand and touched her forehead. "Broken" she finished quietly.

"So that mark means that you will never react to this "Special" person?" Naruto asked.

Akitsu just nodded, not bothering to reply. Head lowered to once again hide behind her upraised legs.

Naruto just knelt there thinking about this situation, considering everything Akitsu had told him. A thought slowly making its way to the forefront of his mind as he wondered if this would even work.

If she can't find her Ashikabi I wonder if she could be claimed by one? He thought to himself.

"If you can't "react" to your Ashikabi, could you instead be claimed by one? Could you try to find any happiness even if they're not your intended one?"

Akitsu raised her head enough to meet his gaze as she pondered why he is even bothering to ask her these questions.

I'm broken, why would he be interested in me? Why would he ask about my happiness? Maybe he wants me? She thought to herself trying to keep the flicker of hope from surfacing.

" one else wanted me...I'm a scrapped number...who would want someone broken?" she replied.

Naruto once again reflected on the memories of his childhood, asking why no one liked him, why no one wanted him. Looking at her Naruto knew that he couldn't just leave her, he knew loneliness and despair and while he had later in life found everything he was looking for, he at least had a team, a village to form bonds with. It didn't look like Akitsu would have the same opportunity.

Making his decision Naruto reached out with his right hand and gently cupped her face and lifted her head to face him fully absently noting how cold she felt to his touch.

"No one is ever unwanted Akitsu. Even if you say you're broken, even if you refer to yourself as "scrapped" anyone with an ounce of humanity would be able to see beyond such labels and find something worthwhile in you."

For the first time since he met her Akitsu had a glimmer of emotion building behind her dead looking eyes. Naruto himself would probably have not been able to recognize it for what it was if he hadn't also seen that same emotion in his own in his youth. Hope.

" do you see something in me?...could you find use for me?" Her voice hitched briefly as she asked the question and Naruto knew then and there that this choice was the right one.

"If you would have me Akitsu, I would be proud to be your Ashikabi." Naruto replied standing up and grabbing her hands he gently pulled her to her feet to stand before him adjusting his shirt back over her shoulders to preserve what little modesty she had in the process he noticed that she was a bit taller that the average woman in this country with her head reaching his upper chest.

Akitsu allowed herself to be pulled up and never took her eyes off of this strange man who offered to be her Ashikabi despite her "scrapped" status. Emotion swelled from deep within her as she felt the beginnings of tears forming but at the moment she couldn't care.

"Ah...You will be my Ashikabi? won't abandon me?" She asked Naruto, her voice filled with more emotion than he thought she was capable of, even though it twisted something deep inside him with the desperation he heard in her voice.

"I will be your Ashikabi Akitsu, I promise to not abandon you and Uzumaki Naruto never breaks his promises!" He declared with conviction eyes shining and mouth pulled into the most heartfelt smile he could pull off absently noting that it took no real effort to do so.

"Ah...then this Sekirei #07 Akitsu will be and forever..." she spoke with joy filling her heart as she reached up and pulled his head down to her level and gave him a kiss.

Naruto was too surprised with her deceleration to even notice that she was about to kiss him until it was already happening. Immediately Naruto felt a pull on his chakra reserves as is flowed from his core to his mouth then into Akitsu feeling his chakra move from her mouth and to her forehead? Before hitting what amounted to a wall then dissipating.

Pulling back from the surprising but not unwelcomed kiss Naruto turned to the beauty in his arms and asked the obvious question.

"What the hell was that?"

Akitsu seemed to deflate slightly as she turned her head back down and tried to pull away from Naruto thinking he didn't want her.

"Ah...when a Sekirei meets their Ashikabi they form a bond...through a kiss...this allows the Sekirei to become winged and emerge..."

Holding onto her hips to keep her from pulling away Naruto thought back to the feeling of his chakra being pulled from him and into Akitsu before encountering what he somehow knew to be a block in her head that should not be there. And like a slap in the face Naruto remembered Akitsu's words.

"Ah...a Sekirei will know when they find their Ashikabi...Their body will react in their presence...feel it deep in their heart...I'm broken.. scrapped... unable to ever react to my destined Ashikabi." She once again raised a hand and touched her forehead. "Broken" she finished quietly.

Her mark he realized. That tattoo isn't just a tattoo, it's a kind of seal. Her words now made sense as he realized that when she pulled on his chakra the flow was interrupted by the seal from moving to another part of her body.

"Akitsu if you didn't have that seal on your forehead, what would have happened once you kissed me?" Naruto asked with the most serious expression she had seen on his face so far.

"Ah... I would have emerged and gained my wings...and formed a bond with you and I would wear a mark showing my bond with you here." she replied while still looking down while she fingered the base of her neck.

My chakra flow into Akitsu was interrupted by that seal. But it only pulled a small amount of my reserves, a literal drop in the bucket. I wonder what would happened if more was used? He thought.

Cupping her face in his hands he pulled her face back to his as he laid a deep kiss on her lips, this time he was expecting the pull on his reserves and as his chakra began to flow in to Akitsu he went from a "drop" to a "cup" Immediately he felt Akitsu snap upright in his arms as his energy surged into her, far more than before. Only Naruto's hold on her kept Akitsu from inadvertently breaking the lip lock as her legs gave out from the chakra overload even as her eyes rolled back into her head.

What's this? What's happening to me? This feeling, this energy flowing into is this possible? Akitsu thought even as she felt like she would burst from the pressure of Naruto's power flowing into her.

Naruto followed his chakra as it once again flowed into Akitsu before being pulled up to the seal once again, this time it didn't dissipate after encountering the seal. It pushed against the seal straining to move past it but the seal held and after a full minute he pulled back allowing the kiss to break and looked at the almost catatonic women in his arms.

Yep..still got it he thought with a brief burst of male pride as he looked at the thoroughly flushed and almost faint look in Akitsu's eyes before pulling himself back to the problem at hand.

My chakra alone wasn't enough to break the seal, but if I pushed any more power into her she might suffer for it. He mused.

Naruto continued to look Akitsu over as she slowly regained her ability to breathe properly and her eyes focused back on him from their almost glazed over look they sported a moment ago. If his chakra alone wasn't enough then there's one more thing he could try.

Closing his eyes he concentrated a bit, reaching into himself for that other bit of chakra that was available to him. Akitsu finally regained enough motor control for her legs to straighten up without having to rely completely on Naruto to hold her upright.

What was that...what just happened to me? So much power flowed into me that I felt like I was going to pop. She thought.

Akitsu watched as her Ashikabi closed his eyes and seemed to concentrate before to her astonishment he burst into flames. Shrieking in a panic she pulled on her power before her brain caught up with her and noticed that she felt no heat from the flames, and now that she was looking she saw that the flames were golden not red and orange so he wasn't on fire in the literal sense. The next thing she noticed was that while before he felt like a normal human and only the kissing session showed her that he had power, power not unlike her own from its feeling. Now he radiated power so much that it threatened to overwhelm her with his very presence.

As quickly as it happened it was over, the strange golden flames surrounding her Ashikabi died down and he opened his eyes and they seemed to glow with power. Once again he brought her face to his own and kissed her. The pull on his power began immediately only this time the charka moving from his body to hers wasn't the cool almost uncontrolled surge of power she experienced before. This time it was a sliver of energy that while being smaller than she felt in their first kiss, was far more potent.

She felt the energy being pulled to the seal on her forehead before shattering it the moment it came in contact with it. Now unopposed the power flowed through her to her very core before flowing to the base of her neck before the crest she never thought she would wear exploded from behind her followed by 10 breathtaking wings of pure white light stretched from her back to encompass the entire park before each wing of light took on the appearance of ice then fading shortly afterward.

Naruto knew it worked the moment he felt the seal shatter, but nothing could prepare him for the light show that he was treated to once his "special" chakra moved to the base of her next. A crest shaped like a bird along with 10 pillars of light exploded through the tattered lab coat and growing in size until it seemed to cover the entire park. The wings flexed then turned into beautiful shafts of ice before slowly dissolving and fading from view. That wasn't the only thing to happen as Naruto blinked to observe the spectacle around him. He now stood in a small clearing with Akitsu about 3 feet wide...and everything past that stretching as far as he could see through the park was covered in ice.

Staring dumbly he looked around him to witness this bizarre event as everything from the concrete and grass to the trees themselves was flash frozen. Nothing was spared as this spread from where he stood in a perfect circle as he turned back to look at Akitsu. She was holding on to his shoulders with a death grip and gazing in to his eyes even as she was panting uncontrollably. Found within her eyes he saw pure love and affection where before they only showed a empty void.

"Ah... Sekirei #07 Akitsu. The Ice Sekirei. May the Ice of my contract freeze my Ashikabi's enemies." She spoke with none of the past emptiness.

"Um..what just happened?" Naruto asked as he met her gaze before he felt something in his mind snap into place and emotions swirled inside of him. Joy, love, affection and pure bliss resonated from this feeling in his mind as he quickly determined that they were not coming from him. Eyes wide he stared at Akitsu in a dawning realization of what just happened.

" this the bond you told me about?" He questioned even as Akitsu closed her eyes and nuzzled her face into his bare chest. She was content to bask in the feeling of finally having her Ashikabi, for forming the bond that the rest of her sisters and brothers would develop but resigned herself to never having one to call her own.

" are my Ashikabi and I am your and forever..." She replied.

Naruto looked from the now affectionate women in his arms to the new Ice Park around him. He could only shake his head at where his life had now lead him. First things first though he thought as he looked down to the now ruined lab coat and black t-shirt that had fallen from her shoulders leaving her pretty much naked causing his body to begin to respond as any young man would in this situation.

Pushing Akitsu away gently before she became aware of his increasingly tight pants he palmed the t-shirt and asked her to put it on. Akitsu raised her arms and began to pull it on leaving Naruto with a completely unobstructed view of her body for the first time. And all he could think of was Damn! as he took in her flawless pale skin and a quick glance he calculated her to be 89-57-88. Very nice he thought even as he developed a slight nose bleed. Then the free show was over and Akitsu stood before him in just his t-shirt the barely came down to cover her upper thighs. Bending down he retrieved what was left of the tattered lab coat and tied it around her waist to cover what he could until he could get her more clothes.

Taking her hand he looked in her eyes as Akitsu stepped up and pressed herself against his side he asked if she was ready to go.

Looking at her Ashikabi she smiled.

"Ah...yes...Ashikabi-sama.." She replied in a quiet and refined tone that did nothing to hide the love she projected in her voice.

"Please, call me Naruto" he asked as he pulled her along and making sure to walk carefully on the ice he set out to exit the park already thinking about his next move.

Clothes, food and now I really need a place to stay. He ticked off in his mind as he led Akitsu out of the park and towards their future.


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