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Chapter 5

Asama Miya was on the prowl.

Yesterday while performing routine chores around her Inn she felt a strange feeling creep up within her. One moment she was gathering laundry and admonishing some of her tenants for breaking her "No Illicit Relations" rule yet again, the next she stopped mid lecture and her awareness drifted out from her Inn and seemed to focus on something to the south. She had never felt this before and consequently couldn't identify what it was. The feeling was almost like a spot of warmth on her mind and with every turn of her head the feeling "moved" for a lack of a better term from one side of her mind to another. After turning a slow circle she came to the conclusion that this "warmth" was felt always pointed south. Ignoring the petrified forms at her feet she walked to the back porch and turned to the south.

Extending all her senses she focused in the direction this "feeling" was coming from and after a moment she felt the familiar tingling that indicated someone was throwing around a lot of power. Whatever it was it didn't last. Soon the feeling disappeared from her mind as did the sense or power that emanated from the south. Reflecting on what she felt she deduced that someone or something did something to pop up on her "radar" and was strong enough to be felt despite the distance between them. Though the feeling disappeared she felt a lingering echo that if she focused on, continued to point her to the heart of the city. Her eyes narrowed a bit as she tried to determine what could have caused it. Did Minaka uncover some new tech from her ship that could provide a boost to one on his pet Sekirei? Maybe it was a type of drug used on one of her siblings that hadn't been released yet? Shaking her head she made a mental note to have Matsu see if she could find anything in MBI's databases and returned to her chores.

Then today she felt that feeling again while she was sweeping the yard. Only this time the feeling was even stronger and much closer. The warmth was back, seemingly emanating from within her mind only instead of a warm feeling, it felt like a blast from a furnace. Demanding her attention and this time she couldn't ignore the urge to seek out whatever was causing this. So with a distracted mind she dropped her broom and leapt over the perimeter wall and followed the strange feeling as she headed further into the city.

After an hour of walking she crossed into the industrial sector and found herself threading her way between warehouses and the odd construction based business until she came to what looked like a large block of abandoned buildings. The intense feeling in her mind was nearly overpowering now, stopping her quest for the moment she drew upon her iron will and quelled the clouding effect it had on her mind, without knowing what she would find she needed to be on her game and not distracted. Now feeling more in control of herself she took better stock of her surroundings. It was just in time too. Across the street was the largest warehouse in this district and from within she heard faint sounds of a fight and flashes of the power she felt. And storming up to the main doors to that warehouse was the current person on top of her Shit List. Karasuba, Sekirei #04 the Black Sekirei and one of the few people that she would have no issue with killing given a reason.

But this wasn't the same woman who served under her while she led the 1st generation of the Disciplinary Squad. The Karasuba she knew was calm, laid back even when emitting her bloodlust. This Karasuba stormed up to the door with none of her usual grace and her face was set in a fierce scowl. She also was without her normal haori or sword. And she almost chuckled at the ridiculous color she dyed her hair and bizarre marks on her face. She was apparently distracted about something as she didn't detect Miya's presence.

Miya watched as Karasuba threw the doors open and stalked inside. Calling on all of her training and experience at hiding her vast power she crept closer to the warehouse. Her sharp eyes picked up multiple forms hiding in the shadows at various places surround the building, looking like sentries posted on watch. Noting their locations she found a blind spot in their coverage and darted through it and slipped into an open window. Hiding in the shadows of the empty shipping crates she came upon Karasuba again. And she was engaged in a viscous fistfight with a blond haired man that she had never seen before.

She assumed he was a Sekirei from his prowess in hand-to-hand combat, coupled with the familiar grey Disciplinary Squad haori and a sheathed nodachi at his hip it was easy to assume he was one of her younger brothers. And quite skilled too and she watched him toy with Karasuba like she was nothing. Maybe she was kicked from the squad and the blonde was her replacement? It would explain why he was wearing the haori and Karasuba wasn't. Maybe Minaka finally decided she was more trouble than she was worth? But still for one of her younger double and maybe even triple digit siblings having the skill and power to outclass a single digit Sekirei like Karasuba was disturbing. Had Minaka found a way to artificially boost a Sekirei's power? As she focused more on the blonde she felt the heat flash again even stronger than before nearly causing her to lose control and give herself away. Clearly this man was the source of the heat raging inside her mind and the power she both yesterday and earlier today.

Soon Karasuba broke off her assault and after exchanging words with the man he pulled his sword off his hip and Miya's eyes widened bit when the air around the sheath shimmered before driving the base of the sword sheath several inches in the concrete floor with no effort whatsoever and leapt back from the blade allowing Karasuba to rush forward and seize it and renew her assault on the blonde.

Miya stood in shock at the following battle. Karasuba had always been skilled and had power not unlike her own and it was clear that she had gotten even stronger since the last time she watched Karasuba fight. But watching her battle this new Sekirei who fought on the same level as Karasuba was a humbling affair. Now there were two Sekirei who were closing the gap in power and skill to reach Miya's level. Was her decision to hang up her sword wrong after all? How long had it been since she truly trained herself outside of light sword play to maintain her skills? 5 years. It's been 5 years since she last confronted Karasuba and at that time the gap in skill and power was substantial, she had written Karasuba off as no threat to her. Now seeing the level these two Sekirei fought at it was clear that Karasuba would reach her level in a couple more years if she grew in strength at the same pace.

Miya was violently shaken from her thoughts when Karasuba managed to get the upper hand and impale the blonde on her sword. Seeing him bent over in pain Miya felt like someone took a hammer to her as she swore that she felt his pain. Stumbling in shock she barely managed to keep herself upright and before she could rush out and help him he exploded. Face frozen in horror she felt like a part of her had just died along with the blonde. Stumbling forward she came to the end of the row of crates but before she reveal herself she heard a shout from across the warehouse.

Futon: Renkudan no Jutsu!

A ball of air was launched from deeper in the warehouse and slammed into Karasuba, knocking her off of her feet and flat on her back. Stunned she whipped her head to the source of the attack only to see the blonde completely unharmed. Barely containing her relief at seeing this man unharmed and not dead she watched as his hands flew through some strange motions then called out another strange name. Suiton? Water?

Suiton: Teppodama no Jutsu!

Her jaw almost dropped when he spat a ball of compressed water at high speed towards Karasuba. Recovering in time she rolled out-of-the-way and both women were shocked at the damage to the concrete the water caused. A second attack was dodged before Karasuba recovered enough to slice the 3rd attack in half, both halves flowing harmlessly around her.

Not bothered by his ineffective attacks the blonde smirked and with hands flying through more motions dropped to a knee and slammed his hands on the ground and shouted.

Doton: Yomi Numa!

Miya once again had to force her jaw from dropping as muddy swamp sprung up from under the concrete and surged towards Karasuba. She tried to avoid the attack but after leaping in the air she soon had nowhere else to land and came down with a splash into the swamp and sank to her knees. Karasuba tried to escape but couldn't free herself from the mud and after a few moments she gave up. Surprising Miya as Karasuba rarely gave up in a fight.

Wind, water and earth? How can a Sekirei control more than one element? Gathering herself Miya crept as close as she dared and listened to their conversation that followed. Listening to the blonde speak struck a chord deep within her, all of her fights had been filled with senseless violence and bloodshed. Was it possible to fight for enjoyment and not for bloodshed?

Miya wasn't the only one shaken by his speech. To a stranger Karasuba looked indifferent to his story, but Miya could tell that Karasuba was focusing intently on his words. Karasuba's exit brought Miya back to the present as she did her best to pull herself together and was about to address the blonde when he beat her to it.

"Well then. Now that that's taken care of care to introduce yourself Miss?"

Impressed that he knew she was there Miya adopted her patented smile and gracefully walked out into the open coming to a stop at a polite distance.

"Miya. Asama Miya" Bowing slightly with her introduction. "And who might you be?"

"Naruto. Uzumaki Naruto at your service."

Now that she was this close Miya got her first good look at her younger brother. He stood at least a full head taller than her and his broad shoulders and lithe frame hinted to his prowess in battle. He was dressed oddly for a Sekirei, wearing faded blue jeans and tennis shoes and a plain t-shirt under his Disciplinary Squad haori. Unlike the previous incarnations of squad members who draped it over their shoulders he wore it belted to his waist with his left arm in the sleeve but the right side hanging loose behind his back. His most striking features though were his cerulean blue eyes and brilliant blonde hair framing a lean handsome face adorned with what looked like whiskers on each cheek.

It took all of her self control to not blush after her inspection. Something she was still confused over. Being this close to him had her burning up inside, something that should be impossible. If she didn't know any better than she would swear that she was reacting to this man. But it couldn't be. Sekirei didn't react to their own kind. Only Ashikabi brought out these kind of feelings. It went against everything she knew.

Focusing back on the blonde she attempted to get some answers. "Well Uzumaki-san. I was impressed with your fight with that woman. I was unaware of any other little birds capable of fighting at her level, and to use multiple elemental attacks too. Tell me, how is it that you can fight like that? Part of your adjusting with MBI maybe?"

Eyes fixed on the beauty before him Naruto picked up some strange things from her. She appeared calm and collected, hiding behind a welcoming smile but underneath he detected subtle twitches in her body language coupled with the fleeting emotions flashing behind her piercing eyes gave him the impression that she was struggling with something. After listening to her talk Naruto narrowed his eyes in confusion at her comment.

"Little bird? Lady I've been called some strange things in my life but I can't remember ever being called a bird. What are you comparing me to?"

Miya blinked at his response. Did he not know of his heritage? Maybe it was kept from him during his adjustment process. But what would that serve?

"Do you not know what you are? Do you not know that you're a Sekirei? Like that woman you were fighting a few minutes ago?" Miya questioned gently before jumping slightly when he burst out laughing.

Naruto couldn't help but to laugh. It was pretty funny being called a Sekirei but after calming down he thought that to someone who obviously knew of Sekirei's to think he was one of them.

"I think your mistaken Asama-san. I'm no Sekirei, I'm human; an Ashikabi actually." Turning from Miya Naruto called out to Akitsu and in a flash she was at his side studying the new comer intently. Wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her close Naruto turned back to Miya. "This is my Sekirei Asama-san, #07 Akitsu-chan. I winged her a couple days ago. Akitsu-chan this is Asama Miya-san. Apparently she thinks I'm a Sekirei. Akitsu gave a brief nod to Miya, pressing herself as close as she could against her Ashikabi.

Miya reeled in shock at Naruto's claim. Ashikabi? How is that possible? No human can use a Sekirei's abilities. If he is as he claims then.. Oh no.Shock and horror caused Miya to stumble back and sink to her knees, the heat building up within her now raged like an inferno and with his claim of being an Ashikabi she could now identify what she was feeling. I'm... I'm reacting to him! But how? I'm the 8th pillar. The Sekirei charged with watching over my people. I was told it would be impossible for me to be winged to prevent anyone from gaining control over my siblings.

Unknown to any other surviving member of their race, (or anyone other than Miya for that matter) Miya and her 7 peers underwent specific genetic modifications before evacuating their homeworld. Chosen for their strength and unflinching devotion to the survival of their race they made the ultimate sacrifice, they would forever be unable to be winged. Unwilling to risk a potential Ashikabi from an unknown race perverting the bond between Ashikabi and their Sekirei to dominate them using the strength of the 8 pillars to control the rest. It was one of many safe guards the remaining leaders devised before the fall of their world. There were times when Miya wished for nothing else but to winged by her late husband. To experience the joy of the bond and all that came with it. But no matter how much she might have wished for it, she was resigned to spending her life with Takehito like a human. It was all she could give him.

And now the very reaction she wished so hard to have now ran through her. And She was terrified and angry. Why? Why him and not Takehito? How can I react to another man other than the one I pledged my life and love to? Miya started trembling and shaking her head, heart and body conflicted with this revelation. And for the first time since she was awakened from her long slumber through the void, Miya didn't know what to do. When she felt the source of her confusion place a hand on her shoulder she looked up and after meeting his eyes she felt her control snap and gave into the emotion that was currently in the lead in the battle raging internally. Anger.

Was it something I said?

After identifying himself as a Ashikabi to the beauty in front of him, Naruto didn't expect her to react so strongly. Her face went ashen and her eyes widened almost comically even as she stumbled backwards then fell to her knees. Shortly afterwards she began shaking like a leaf and tossing her head side-to-side and muttering under her breath. Now concerned he walked closer and knelt in front of her and gently placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Asama-san? Whats wrong?" Miya's head whipped up to stare at him the moment his hand touched her and her eyes bored into his with a frightening intensity. Naruto could see the storm raging within them but before he could speak again her shaking stopped as suddenly as it began and her eyes hardened into a look he new all to well. Instinctively performing a Kawarimi he replaced himself with one of his clones that was hidden in the rafters above a heartbeat before Miya's hand blurred out and struck his clone in the chest hard enough that he heard at least 2 ribs breaking before the clone disappeared. Dropping down from his position he landed just in front of Akitsu he kept himself ready for anything.

"What the hell was that for? I was only trying to help."

Eyes narrowing further at her target going up in a puff of smoke Miya eyed Naruto from his new position then lunged forward hands poised to strike at Naruto with a knife-hand attack. Naruto slipped a hand around Akitsu's waist and jumped backwards away from his new opponent. It was a feint, as soon as Naruto jumped backwards Miya altered her course to the right and her form blurred with her speed as she went for her true target. Coming to a stop next to the sheathed nodachi she pulled the blade free and settled into a Kenjutsu stance.

Never taking his focus off of Miya, Naruto ordered Akitsu to fall back to a safe distance despite her protest and two kunai slid back into his hand as he took the fight to her. Miya met him halfway and her sword flashed out and cut cleanly through the kunai in his left hand when he attempted to block the strike. Surprised at her skill and strength Naruto barely dodged the follow up strike that was meant to remove his head then lunged forward under her guard aiming for a disabling strike to her arms.

It would have worked against Karasuba. His attack was faster than anything he used in his earlier fight and Naruto knew that Miya was stronger based on what he sensed before, and when she went for the blade he knew she was also a swordswoman and made a calculated guess as to her skill and speed based on what he sensed her level to be. Therefore he was caught flat-footed when she disappeared completely and reappeared on his right side where he couldn't immediately defend from with his last attack, her sword blurred and Naruto was bifurcated.

Proving her worth as a combatant Miya didn't lower her guard and after a second the 2 pieces of Naruto went up in smoke even as she slowly turned in a circle looking for Naruto to pop back up. Sensing an attack Miya spun around and thrust her sword through another Naruto that crept up behind her. This Naruto also went up in smoke but instead of disappearing her sword was now piercing a large block of broken concrete and was unprepared for the sudden weight and her sword dropped to the ground before she could adjust her balance. Naruto struck in that brief moment when she was off balance and appeared inside her guard and drove his fist into her stomach trying to knock her out with the strongest bow he could land without chakra re-enforcement.

Miya gagged and coughed up blood but she refused to go down. Power surged through her as she called upon her own vast power and brought her blade around with surprising speed and struck at Naruto but smashed into the concrete instead when he dodged. The blow cracked the floor around her and also shattered the concrete weight on her blade, freeing it from its added weight.

Once again the two combatants met in a flurry of attacks as Miya used every once of skill she had to cut down her opponent, her sword was invisible to the naked eye with the speed she possessed. But Naruto had fought better fighters in his time. Miya couldn't hope to match Sasuke's lethal precision nor Killer Bee's sheer ridiculous multiple sword style and while he was at a slight disadvantage with only hs remaining kunai that he was forced to channel wind chakra through, that just meant that he had to get creative.

Ducking, dodging and deflecting all of her attacks Naruto couldn't help but be impressed with her skill. Miya was much faster than Karasuba was, stronger too as she was able to cleanly slice right through his kunai in the opening attack. But she also fought with the same sword style as Karasuba so he was already used to her form to an extent. He could only guess that they had been trained together or one was trained by the other, either way Naruto wasn't worried about this fight other then how to end it without hurting her too bad.

Deflecting an overhead slash Naruto capitalized on the temporary opening to land a devastating kick to Miya's chest that launched her away giving him more breathing room.

I know she watched how I took out Karasuba so it'd be in her best interests to keep me engaged at close range to prevent me from launching any ninjutsu, so why is she taking her time?

Across the room Miya was down on one knee, one hand clutching her chest the other still gripping her sword. Her eyes never left his though as she maintained her chilling stare with him. Standing up with more grace than he would think she had in her condition Naruto narrowed his eyes when she didn't move to engage him right away. Raising the sword above her head she focused her power and with a yell brought her blade down in a vicious slash releasing a powerful shockwave that tore the foundation of the warehouse up and traveled at an incredible speed right at Naruto.

Sensing the power behind the attack Naruto channeled chakra through his body and disappeared in a burst of speed away from the attack and to the other side of the warehouse creating more space between them. Miya's attack blew threw the warehouse wall and continued on to the next warehouse, and the next, then the next. Jaw dropping at the sheer destructive power behind the attack and even with his enhanced eyesight he couldn't see where Miya's attack ended, only the destroyed buildings and the trench that preceded them. Whipping back around to Miya he couldn't help but grin at the challenge that lay before him.

And people said MY attacks were big and flashy. He thought.

Taking a deep breath Naruto "flexed" his chakra and allowed it to run full throttle, a blue haze burst to life around him as he prepared to deal with Miya's next attack, hands already raised above her head to swing down and release another blast.

If I dodge her attack who knows what will kind of damage she can do, and without knowing how far her attack can reach that means a lot of potential people could be hurt. I have to block it or deflect it.

Miya swung and unleashed her second attack. Naruto flashed through hand-seals faster than could be seen and once more dropped to his knees and slammed his hands on the ground.

Doton: Doryuheki!

His chakra surged into the ground and from it sprung a slab of hardened earth 15ft tall by 10ft wide, 5 ft thick at the bottom and 2ft at the top forming a makeshift ramp.

Miya's attack slammed into his barrier and the energy followed the path of least resistance and was channeled from the base to the top before the residual energy blasted out at an angle into the sky, obliterating the roof completely from the warehouse. Once all the energy dissipated Naruto flew through more seals and slammed his hands on the wall.

Doton: Retsudotensho!

The wall of earth shattered into hundreds of deadly looking shards that were propelled with great force back at Miya. Seeing his attack she darted to the side to avoid the deadly shrapnel but lost sight of Naruto in the process. Sliding to a stop she tensed at his voice as another attack barreled at her from behind.

Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu!

Eyes widening at the massive fireball that sped her way Miya jumped up to the what was left of the ceiling rafters to escape the searing heat and flames. Not to be outdone Miya prepared to launch another shockwave when her instincts screamed and she dodged to the side in time to avoid a blow to her head and lashed out at Naruto's overextended form causing him to go up in a puff of smoke. But she didn't see the piece of debris at her feet that puffed into smoke to reveal another Naruto holding a swirling mass of energy in his palm being thrust at her. Eyes wide at seeing Naruto holding a ball of energy she tried to dodge but he was too close and too fast.


His attack slammed unto her midsection with devastating force. Shredding her clothing and lifting her off of her feet and driving her clear across the warehouse while spinning uncontrollably before slamming into the wall hard enough to create a human indention. Eyes wide in horror and pain she vomited up blood as she slowly lost consciousness. The last thing she saw was Naruto crouched on the beam she came from, looking no worse for wear and not even winded. did he beat me..did he..did he not even try... She thought as her vision blurred and she finally succumb to her injuries, her eyes rolled back into her head and she went limp, still stuck in the wall.

Hopping down to the ground Naruto slowly walked over to the downed Sekirei and looked over her with a critical eye. Pushing the sight of one of the now exposed best pair of breasts that he had even seen to the back of his mind he waked up the wall and gently dug her out and walked back down and placed her on the ground and assessed her injuries. She bore the familiar spiral patterned wound on her abdomen and severe bruising with some minor lacerations around the wound. Placing his hands on her chest he slowly and gently traced over her ribs looking for breaks or fractures. Finding a few of the latter he moved his inspection on and found more minor injuries he concluded that she could be transported safely.

Calling for Akitsu to re-join him he went to work prepping her to be moved.


Matsu was worried. Nobody had seen Miya since lunch. Uzume said Miya went outside to do chores but hadn't seen her since. When Musubi and Tsukiumi returned from their daily grocery run/race Matsu asked if they had seen Miya while they were out. When they replied that they hadn't she asked them to search the grounds outside for any signs of her since Matsu couldn't leave the house. Musubi returned a short time later holding a broom.

"Matsu-chan, I found this outside in the yard. Do you think Miya-san was using it and forgot to put it up?"

"I don't think that Miya-tan would just leave the broom outside and not put it up. You know how neat she is. If she did leave it then something must have happened. " Now Matsu was really concerned. It wasn't like Miya to up and leave like that without letting someone know.

"Matsu-chan! Come quick, there's something on the news." Minato's voice called to her from the hidden cameras in the dining area.

Rushing downstairs she joined her Ashikabi and the rest of her sister Sekirei along with Uzume and Kagari as they gathered around Minato and the TV.

"...We still have no word on what caused this devastating destruction that tore a path through the Kawaguchi industrial sector. Initial reports suggested ruptured gas lines that were buried, were ruptured and caused a cascade chain reaction but city officials are not commenting at this time. All we know is that the damage stretches from the warehouse district to the Arakawa river over 4 miles away. We have no word on casualties at the moment but there are confirmed reports of severe injuries and rescue teams are still digging in the rubble around know occupied buildings. All roads and train stations are closed off until further notice..."

Matsu went white as a ghost when the camera panned to an aerial view of the damage and she knew without a doubt that Miya was responsible.

"Minato-tan! You need to send Musubi and Tsukiumi to that area at once. Miya-tan was there and she might need help."

Blinking in confusion at his Sekirei's panicked order he looked briefly at Musubi and Tsukiumi and seeing their confusion addressed Matsu.

"What do you mean Matsu? Why would Miya-san be there? And how would you know that she was there to begin with?"

Trying to reign in her panic she reached out and grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him close.

"We don't have time for that! Just trust me on this. If Miya was there then something serious happened and we need to find her. I can't leave the house so that leaves Musubi and Tsukiumi to go check it out. "

"We'll go too, if Miya is involved then I'm not sitting on the sidelines." Stated Uzume while Kagari nodded his consent.

"Wait, Kagari too? But what can he do?" Minato's confusion would have been cute at any other time but right now Matsu was too worked up. "I'll explain later, just hurry up and go already!"

Shrinking back a bit at he outburst Minato and his Sekirei nodded and the girls took off with Uzume and Kagari on their heels.

Grabbing her Ashikabi's hand she literality dragged in up to her room and dropped him then dove for her computers, hands and fingers blurring as she typed at a furious pace looking for any info on the net.

I hope you're OK Miya-tan. If you were forced to use THAT attack then shit has hit the fan. Please be alright.


It was a somber group of Sekirei that arrived back home hours later. Having tracked their progress via hacked satellites she met them at the entrance way anxious for any news, she opened her mouth ready to fire off her questions only to have her train of thoughts derailed at what Kagari was carrying.

Held in his arms like a delicate item was a heavily damaged and bloodied white haori, the entire front portion was shredded and from where she was standing she could just make out the embroidered Japanese character on the inside just beneath the tag that Matsu knew too well. "Asama". Miya liked her clothing to bare her late husbands name to help honor his memory.

Dropping to her knees Matsu let out a strangled sob at what remained of her closest friend and former leader. Kagari dropped to his knees and wrapped his arms around her shaking shoulders even as he himself teared up. Letting out a wail Matsu buried her face in his shoulder and cried. The cry alerted Minato who came from deeper in the house and upon seeing Matsu's condition he ran forward and wrapped his arms around her.

This triggered the rest of the housemates to group together as they held each other and let their grief over the loss of someone they each care about.


Pain was the first thing she was aware up when Miya slowly regained consciousness. Miya liked to think she was no stranger to pain, both physical and emotional but what she was feeling now made her feel like a child, she had never felt so much in her life. Biting back a whimper as more injuries made themselves known she struggled to open her eyes and find out where she was. Soft light streamed from the decorative wall sconces mounted along the wall and the posh decor she could see told her she was in a private room instead of a hospital. Someones home maybe?

Voices alerted her to others present in the room and with great effort she managed to turn her head enough to the side to see Naruto arguing with, no being berated by a small cloaked figure speaking with a throaty but distinct female voice. Ignoring the female fo the moment she gazed at Naruto as sat on his knees in seiza hands clenched on his thighs with his head down and a sheepish expression on his face as he nodded and muttered apologies to the female that was chewing him out.

Seeing him again brought back the rush of emotions from earlier but to her surprise the anger she had felt was gone. In its place was a longing to be closer to him. Any doubt about him being her Ashikabi was laid to rest after their fight. Allowing herself an internal chuckle she couldn't help but think that the one person who was capable of winging her was also capable of defeating her in a fight. And defeat her he did. Miya may have given into her anger but she brought to the table every bit of skill, speed and strength she had in her attempt to kill him. The fact he could keep up with her with just a knife was surprising, especially after she eliminated the first one so easily she thought she had him. But his remaining bade remained strong despite her attempts to remove it, and she would bet her Inn that it had something to do with the haze that surrounded it after their initial clash. While she had the edge in reach Naruto had no real problem matching her. His

His fight with Karasuba showed that he had the ability to go toe-to-toe with a swordsman, but the level of speed he demonstrated in his fight with her was as different as night and day compared to what he used against herself. It didn't take someone with Matsu's genius to realize that he was holding back in his fight with that despicable woman, and given that she never landed a clean blow herself she could only assume he was holding back against her aswell.

The most chilling thought came from witnessing Naruto avoid her strongest attack with little effort, and then watching him use an earth technique that made anything Mutsu could manage look like an untrained infant, deflect her followup attack harmlessly into the sky was simply mind-blowing. Just how much power did he have at his disposal?

A wave of exhaustion washed over her and coupled with the pain she was in she couldn't fight off the blackness creeping back into her vision. Eyes trailing over to the cloaked female one last time she finally got a good look at her. Confusion and disbelief caused her to let off an involuntarily gasp that caught the attention of the very person she was looking at. Alerted that she was awake the cloaked figure appeared at her side after a short hop and laid a tiny webbed hand on her forehead. Miya could feel a soothing wave wash over her and as the pain subsided she finally fell back asleep. A frog? I must be hurt worse than I thought.


I hope to have the next chapter out in a week and it we'll finally see Naruto at Izumo Inn.

Jutsu translation list

Doton: Yomi Numa (Earth Release: Swamp of the Underworld)

Suiton: Teppodama (Water Release: Gunshot)

Futon: Renkudan (Wind Release: Drilling Air Bullet)

Doton: Doryuheki (Earth Release: Earth Wall)

Doton: Retsudotensho! (Earth Release: Split Earth Turn Around Palm)

Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu (Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique)

Rasengan (Spiraling Sphere)