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Chapter 1

Claire O'Conner came home to find her boyfriend of four months getting it on with some chick in her bedroom. At first she was so shocked she didn't even now how to react. Then she was angry. Why that no good mother. he's gonna be sorry! She thought. She walked further into the room and grabbed the girl by her blonde hair. Claire pulled her back and shoved her across the room; "get the fuck out of my house!" She snapped at her.

The blonde was so scared, all she did was grab her clothes strewed across the room and quickly left.

Claire turned on Sam, "you have one hour to pack your shit and get out. I never want to see or hear from you again." She told him coldly, then turned and left. Claire drove the short distance to her best friend Daisy's house. "I need a drink," she stated when Daisy opened her door. Claire pushed past her and headed to her liquor cabinet.

"What happened?" Daisy asked concerned, following her into the dining room.

Claire NEVER drinks. She can't because she has a heart problem.

Claire poured a shot of Vodka and set it on the table. She sat and stared at it longingly. After a moment she finally decided to tell Daisy what happened. "That stupid fucking bastard was fucking some girl when I got home." She stated, still pissed off.

Daisy sighed. She waited for Claire to continue.

"God! I'm such an idiot! Men are all the same. They're lyin' cheatin' bastards!" Claire snapped again. After a long pause Claire sighed then poured the Vodka back into the bottle.

"You wanna go out tonight? It'll help get your mind off of him," Daisy suggested.

"No. I just want that prick out of my house. Do you think Carlos will come back with me to make sure that he's gone?" Claire asked tentatively. Knowing Daisy's older brother could intimidate almost anyone.

"Of course sweetie. We'll both go. Don't worry about it. I'll go call him now," Daisy said then left the room.

Claire wished she could call her brother and talk to him. She missed him terribly. He was doing some undercover job for work so she wasn't suppose to contact him until he said it was all right. That was months ago. Suck it up girl! You have to learn how to survive without Brian. You're a big girl now. Claire sighed again. "I don't feel like one," she said to herself.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Claire approached her house an hour later armed with Carlos and Daisy in case Sam got any bright ideas. She went inside and found Sam gone along with all of his things. Lucky for him. She turned to Daisy and her brother, "thanks you guys. I really appreciate it."

"Hey no prob' C. You want me to stay in case the guy decides to show up later?" Carlos asked her.

She knew he didn't like that she lives alone in a big house. She looked up into his big brown eyes and smiled, "no it's okay, 'Los. I'll be all right. Thank you though."

He nodded and gave her a quick hug.

"All right but if you change your mind call me. Any time I don't care," he added.

Claire smiled at him, then turned and looked at Daisy. "No, Daisy. I don't want you to stay either. I'll be fine, honest." Claire said, knowing what her friend was going to say before she said it.

Daisy smiled, "I knew you were gonna say that. Call me in the morning," she said giving her a hug.

"Yes, mama." Claire said playfully.

After Daisy and Carlos left, Claire went around her house and gathered everything that reminded her of Sam. She couldn't do anything else until she got rid of it all. She spent two hours sweeping through her house. She got rid of clothes, gadgets, and trinkets he had bought for her. Once she was done she took a long bubble bath, then cried herself to sleep.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Claire's eyes opened suddenly when she heard a phone ringing. She checked the clock, and then groaned.

"It's two in the morning! What the hell do you want?" She yelled into the phone.

"Is that anyway to greet your loving brother?" A familiar voice answered.

Claire gasped, "Brian? Is that really you? God I missed you so much! Where are you? Where have you been?" She asked excitedly.

Brian laughed, "Calm down Claire. I'm good. Actually I'm about an hour away from the house. I'm bringing some friends. I hope that's all right?" He asked, somewhat timidly.

"Of course silly. How many?" She asked, mentally checking the guest bedrooms.

"Four, plus one more in about a week. Remember that assignment I told you about?" He asked her.

Claire nodded, and then remembered he couldn't see her. "Yeah, why?" She asked, confused.

"Well some shit went down. They need a place to hang low and get away from the city." He explained.

"All right, but I need to know if they're running Bri. The truth." She asked.

Brian sighed, "no they're not running. Not anymore. They just need a change of pace for awhile." He said.

"All right Bri. I'll see you all in about a hour then."

"Thanks C."

"You owe me big Bri'. Don't forget." She said, and then hung up.

Brian laughed as he turned off his cell phone. God he missed his sister so much. She was always one to call 'em how she sees 'em.

"So what did she say?"

Brian turned to look at his girlfriend Mia. "She said it was all right. I told you she would. She's probably already making up the guest bedrooms," Brian said.

Claire climbed out of bed. She went to check on the bedrooms. It's been awhile since anyone has used them. She wanted to make sure they had everything. She turned down the beds and made sure they were clean. She went back to her own room to make sure it was clean as well. She planned on sleeping in the living room on the pullout couch. When Claire was done cleaning she went down to the living room to wait for her brother and his friends.

She started to think about Sam again. She started to cry. She wasn't really upset that he was gone. She was more upset because she's had four boyfriends in her entire twenty-three year life and every single one of them was a lyin' cheatin' bastard. She thought Sam might be different. Maybe he wasn't just interested in getting into her pants. Claire sighed. Why is it I always manage to find a guy who is bad for me? She curled into a ball and waited for Brian.