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Chapter One

The quaint neighborhood of Privet Drive was silent as two figures appeared and made their way to number four. It was dark out, making both men barely visible.

"Are you sure he lives here, Dragon?" asked the taller of the two.

He really didn't want to be here. But his Lord had insisted that he and Draco go. He hadn't even tried to get a hold of Dumbledore, knowing that of the two the Dark Lord was safer. Draco gave his uncle a pointed look but nodded.

"Yes uncle. His relatives are horrid too. I hope the Dark Lord doesn't hurt Harry too bad." he replied.

Severus started in shock. Since when were Potter and his godson on speaking terms? Arriving at number four they pointed their wands at the door, after passing the pathetic excuse for wards, and spelled it open.
It was pitch black inside. Quiet. And as Severus looked around he found himself wondering if the boy wonder really lived here.

"Point Me, Harry." Draco whispered and a growl escaped the young wizard when the wand came to rest on the cupboard under the stairs.

Draco rushed over to the door and spelled it open, stepping back with a gasp when it was. The smell if sweat and blood wafted into the air.

"Uncle Sev we will need to carry him. Harry!"

Severus made his way over and peered inside. He almost wished he hadn't.

"Shite, Potter what happened to you?" escaped him in a muttered breath, his stomach clenching painfully.

Slowly, almost groggily, Harry turned his head to the speakers. Dull green eyes met their own. Draco immediately knelt and cast a lumnos, checking him over. What they found wasn't pretty. Bruises, cuts, burns, all over his body. And perhaps the saddest one they found was the ragged scar across his throat, appearing to have been healed for months. He was wearing rags, his glasses were missing and he had blood dribbling freely down his face from a cut on his temple.
Cursing, Severus knelt as he performed a healing spell on the temple cut. The others he'd have to take care of later.

"Harry. Say something . Can you tell who we are?"

Harry nodded at Draco, slowly reaching out his hand to trail it down Draco's cheek. Then he motioned to his throat and a pained expression crossed his features.

"He can't speak, Draco."

Harry let his head fall back and then he turned away from them. His form shook a little and they realized that he was silently crying. Draco crawled onto the small space and drew Harry close to his person, rocking him slowly, uncaring of the grime of the room around him.

"Who did this to you, Ry?" Draco whispered, brushing back Harry's bangs, wishing he could take away his friends pain.

Severus was surprised when Harry lifted his arms and began to sign in sign language.

*Dumbledore.* was the reply.

Severus' eyes widened, sure that his eyes were deceiving him.

"Dumbledore beat you and cut your throat?" he asked incredulously; sure the man wasn't all he appeared to be but this?

Harry turned in Draco's embrace with a scowl firmly set on his features.

*No. They did this to me. He cut my throat at their request because of my screaming during a nightmare.*

Draco growled again and hugged Harry tighter.

"They will pay for this, Harry. Our Lord sent us to get you."

Harry smiled slightly and burrowed into Draco's chest, causing Severus to feel uncomfortable. There was an obvious familiarity between them, something he'd wanted with Harry but because of Dumbledore, he never achieved.

*I figured he'd send someone else. I only just recently discovered the truth.*

Severus looked Harry over, understanding that Harry was the reason why he and his godson had been called.

"What truth?" he inquired after a moment of thought.

Harry's eyes hardened and he locked gazes with Severus, intriguing him further.

*That Sirius Black was my father. And that Dumbledore Imperio'd Bellatrix to push him through the veil.*

Severus paled and Draco gasped.

"How do you know?" the older wizard looked Harry over again.

The boy's hair was still black and a mess. The eyes that looked like Lily's last year, however, had more of a silver tint to them now. Harry turned those eyes on him, sad weary eyes. Slowly the younger wizard pulled out a beaten up letter from under his pillow. He handed it over to Severus who opened it with care. His eyes widened in surprise as he read it:

'Dear Prongslette,

If you are reading this, then Dumbledore finally succeeded in offing me. I'm sorry. I wanted you to know some things that have been kept from you all these years.

First, Voldemort wasn't the one who killed the Potter's. Dumbledore was. He didn't want you to end up in my custody. Or Remy's for that matter. The Potter's were fighting to make it possible.

Second, the Weasley's- with the exception of Charlie, Bill, and the Twins- are being paid to like you. I'm pretty sure Granger is the same. I'm sorry kid. I know you cared for them.

Thirdly, the Potters, although nice people and our best friends, weren't your parents. Remy and I are. Which means you will have furry tendencies when you hit your inheritance. And the spells that have altered your appearance will be null and void.
Also the memory charm on your mother, Rem, will fall away. Mine died a while ago but Dumbledore hasn't figured it out and I can't get to you. I want you to know that your mother and I loved you so much. And if Remy is still alive, I'm sure he'll love you to make up for what I no longer can.
You can trust Voldemort, in fact if he wants to adopt you, to better protect you- or if he finds someone worthy enough- then let him. Also. You can trust the Malfoy's. It seems you and Draco have already made amends. If so you did a good thing.

Lastly, trust Snape. He never knew that you weren't Lily's, but he is trustworthy. He's loyal to the Dark Lord and that's all that matters.
Tell Bella she owes you twenty galleons. I told her I'd die by Dumbles hand and she said I'd die in some fool prank. Tell Snape I'm sorry for being a prick to him in school.

And tell your mother, that I'll always love him. That I never forgot. Give him this letter. He'll need it.

Well that's all I can write. Remember that I love you.

Bye pup. Love always,
Sirius Black.'

Severus carefully re-folded the letter and shot a scrutinizing look at Harry.

"Let's go, Harry. We need to get you healed. We'll talk everything over at the Manor."

Harry smiled sadly and nodded, attempting to sit up. Draco tsked and stood, carrying Harry bridle style, then they left the house and once outside the words, apparated away.

-end of chapter one-