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The Light was defeated quite soundly that day. The Dursleys a few days later. With the main components of the Light disposed if , Tom was able to move forward with his plans at full speed. It took three years to be completely safe for all wizards but it was accomplished,
Lucius was made Minister of Magic, the only one higher that him was Tom.
Draco became head Auror while Severus devoted his time to his children, his mate, and his job as Tom's head medic/potions master.
Narcissa stayed at home to better care for her grandchildren and godchildren. Bella and Rodolphus opened a child care center of their own to call home. The Twins thrived on their joke shop and their adopted daughter ended up being just like them, pranks and all.
And Harry?

"You know, you always look so angelic when you've just given birth, little brother." Stated Tom as he stood by his little brother's bedside.

Harry smiled tiredly, cradling their newest child to his chest as he was fed from his baby bottle. This was his and Tom's second child, their first two years old now (born a year after Harry's triplets.

"I hope to keep giving you and my mates children, aniki. I love them all so much and if it makes you all happy I don't mind."

Tom chuckled and peered at his busily eating newborn son.
"An appetite on him."

Harry snickered and glanced back down at his little bundle.

"How is Sev and Draco? I know they needlessly worry every time I'm pregnant. And the triplets and Sin must be scared." He looked back at the older wizard and his heart melted at the look of love that was held in the Dark Lord's gaze.

"Your other mates are fine, although they were worried until I told them you had made it out fine. The triplets and Sin were more excited they were getting another sibling than you, but that is only because they didn't understand. By the way, Melvin and Eugene are coming by. They wanted to see the newest addition as well."

Harry chuckled at his brother and squealed slightly when the baby hissed in parsle.


Harry's eyes began to tear up. Even Tom had a hard time keeping his eyes completely dry.

::That's right little one. I'm your mommy. And this is your daddy, can you say hello to your daddy?::

Tom held his breath as bright violet eyes turned to him. A small baby grin reached his son's face and Tom smiled back.


Tom couldn't help the tears that fell. He'd missed Sin's first words in parsle because he'd been taking down a few stragglers from a mini-resistance group that had meant Harry and his children harm. Harry had sent a patronous with a recording of Sin's first word, 'flu bee' and Tom had nearly wept in joy in front of his Death Eaters.

::That's right, little snake. Have you thought of a name?:: he asked, continuing the conversation in parsletongue.

Harry kissed his son's nose and nodded.

::Yes. His name will be Janus Nathair. After all, Sin's middle name is Zelenilio:: he replied with a smirk.

Tom rolled his eyes but nodded his approval and gently kissed his brother on the lips, causing Harry to sigh contentedly. In a way...even though they were brothers, Tom had become Harry's honorary mate. Sev and Draco actually didn't seem bothered. They appeared more relaxed with it. Which was good. Because of this there was no animosity between any of the siblings beyond occasionally the friendly rivalry. Releasing his hold on Harry's lips Tom smiled and snapped his fingers. With a loud pop that nearly caused the baby to start crying, a house elf appeared.

"What can Woog be doings for the Master?" It squeaked.

Harry hid a smile of amusement behind his hand as the elf received a rather lethal looking glare from Tom. However, Janus calmed after a moment as his mama began singing to him in parsletongue, and all was forgiven...for now.

"Please get Severus, Draco, the triplets and Sin for me."

The elf bowed and with a quieter pop, disappeared. Withing moments four sets of mini feet sounded down the hall and the door was flung open, revealing the triplets and Sin. They launched themselves at the bed, Sin getting help from Tom as they scrabbled to see their youngest brother.

"Easy now boys. Your mother is tired as is little Janus." Tom admonished as they all peered at Janus in wonder.

Three year old Rigel, the more calm and studious of the three brothers, gave his mother a once over.

"Are you alright, mother?"

Harry smiled gently and nuzzles his son's cheek.

"Just tired, cub. Your baby brother and I both. Don't worry. Give us a few days and we'll be better, I promise."

Rigel nuzzled his mother's face and like a small puppy, which in a way he was, licked his mother's nose. Surprised, as it had been a while since Rigel had sought such comfort, Harry licked Rigel's nose back and the young cub relaxed.

"I love you, mommy." He whispered, but was quickly and sincerely mimicked by his siblings.

Tom smiled warmly as Harry drew all of his cubs close, careful not to smoosh his youngest.

"I love you all so much my beautiful cubs."

The moment was semi broken by a clearing of Severus' throat. The boys turned to their fathers and flushed.

"And what are you four doing, stealing all of your mother's love from us like that." Severus drawled, crossing his arms over his chest.

Immediately all eyes became wide and they turned large wet eyes on their mother.

"You -sniff- still -sniff- love daddy and papa and father right?" Inquired Rigel as Sin began to cry silently in fear that they had stolen their mother's love.

Tom chuckled even as Harry smiled kindly at his sons.

"Your fathers are being silly. I love all of you equally. You are my family. And I love you more than anything." He replied, playfully glaring at Severus and Draco who managed to look sheepish.

Draco stepped forward and kissed Harry on the lips then nuzzled his lover's cheek, Severus mimicking the action a second later. It was their way of greeting their mate in front of their children. They all wanted their children to feel and see the love they never had as children themselves.

"Are you sure, mommy?" Whimpered Mic and Altais in unison, still unsure.

Tom snickered and received a mental head slap.

::Hush you.:: he admonished and Tom pouted mentally, causing Harry's lips to twitch as if he was trying to keep from laughing...which he probably was.

Harry chuckled finally and shifted baby Janus in his arms.

"Yes. You are all my cubs. And your fathers are my mates, so they mean as much to me as you guys do. Now, let's focus on Janus, yeah?"

This calmed down Sinthnas and he leaned forward, sniffling.

"He's tiny." Sin commented, his light green eyes wide with awe.

His short soft curly hair bounced slightly when he leaned forward and sniffed his baby brother. Scenting. It was one of the few traits of Harry's werewolf side peering through. Tom smiled and rubbed his son's head.

"Yes. He is. But so were all of you at that age."

Rigel watched with his multi-colored eyes, an eye color that was shared with his twins, and gazed up at his Papa Severus.

"Were we really?"

Severus nodded, locking eyes with his son's odd green and silver eyes. (His left eye being the silver and his right the green)

"You were the observer. Mic and Altais the screamers and Sin was quiet. Much like Janus."

Tom snickered then smiled smugly.

"Yes but Janus said his first words in parsle already."

Harry rolled his eyes.

"Shut up, Tom. Sin said his two days after he was born. Parsle is easier to say so it's no wonder."

Tom pouted and Severus and Draco shook their heads.

"Alright boys! Out! Baby and mother need rest." Snapped Narcissa, striding into the room with vials of potions for Harry to take.

Worriedly, Harry glanced at his aunt.


Narcissa sensed the question and smiled.

" You are fine. You are able to have many more litters yet. But this one was a fighter, like little Mic. So we need to get these potions into you to help you get back on your feet."

Harry sighed in relief. Years ago they'd found out that the reason Harry had been an only child had been due to Dumbledore poisoning Remus's wolfsbane. And there had been a possibility for birthing complications to be passed down to him as a result.

"When will mom be here?"

"He'll probably be here tomorrow. Remus has been a bit busy with helping move some of the orphaned pups into the child care center."

"Pack takes care of it's own."


"As long as he's safe."

"Alright guys, out."

Tom picked up Janus and hugged him close, allowing Sin and the triplets to glomp their mother.

::'Ommy!:: cried Janus in a hiss of fear and Tom gently began to rock his son.

::Shhh! It's ok Janus. Mama is just saying goodnight to your brothers and other fathers.:: he soothed.

Janus whimpered but otherwise calmed and the older brothers climbed off their mother and placed gentle kisses to their brother's cheek.
Finally, receiving hugs from their fathers, they ran out of the room. Shaking their heads, Sev and Draco placed chaste kisses to Harry's head, worry in their eyes.

"Get your rest love." Commented Severus and swept from the room.

"Sweet dreams, Ry." Came Draco's voice and Harry smiled once more, feeling very content.

"He's beautiful isn't he, Dragon?"

Draco snorted but smirked.

"Of course. All your children are. Just like their mother."

Harry blushed.

"I had help from their handsome fathers you know."

Tom laughed.
"Easy there Harry. Our egos are in danger of growing."

"Oh the travesty." Drawled Narcissa dryly and Harry laughed as well.

Tom smiled and kissed Harry after he handed the halfbreed back their son.

"Draco's right. You are beautiful. So get some sleep. We'll have more gawkers tomorrow."

Harry smiled and nodded. The two Dark wizards left and Narcissa gave him his healing potions. Turning on his side so he could better cuddle his newborn, he began to drift off. As he did, he smiled happily. He was happy he realized. Utterly content with his life. With his sons. With his mates. His family. Life couldn't be any better. He kissed Janus' forehead.

::Goodnight my little cub::

He never noticed, in the now empty room, the tall ghostly figure that leaned over him with a kind smile and happy yet mischievous silver eyes.

"Good for you, pup."

There was a flare of light and the figure was gone, leaving behind a sense of contentment.

-the End-