Game of Thrones: Trials of Marriage

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Consummated Love

Three days had passed since Bran's discovery; he was anxious; yet as each day passed he grew more confident. Now he felt ready; he was sure that, with luck, if Meera was willing; tonight would be the night. Today had been quiet; after Jeyne's apology the rumours had died down. Bran had never experienced Winter before; but now it was here in full force, it was almost impossible to even go outside. Luckily enough food and all necessary items were gathered within the castle and hopefully enough for survival through the hard Winter. Finally, much later at night; Bran headed up to his and Meera's room. Meera was currently talking to her family; the Reeds had been caught at Winterfell due to the Winter and had to remain. It was a struggle but Bran undressed and then got himself ready for bed; pulling on his nightwear. He managed to pull himself into bed and lay back; he felt nervous, but not due to fear; more…anticipation. It wasn't much later that Meera arrived; she smiled when she saw Bran and quickly got herself ready for bed. Bran smiled as he watched his wife approach the bed, now clad in her simple sleeping shift.

Meera knelt down and kissed Bran. "Good night." She said softly as she climbed into bed herself.

Bran smiled and replied. "Good night."

They both lay together in bed, as they had every night since the wedding, just lying there.

They lay together in bed like every night before. But Bran's thoughts were racing as he thought about Meera. His beautiful wife; lying next to him; he remembered with some embarrassment the time he had seen her bathing in the hot springs. After his talk with Robb he felt certain, he knew now he could do it. All the same he was considerate; if Meera did not want to do it then he would understand and wait for another time. But he knew just lying there wouldn't help him. He managed to turn around, his face level with her neck; he was certain his breath was tickling it through her hair.

"Meera." He was slightly hesitant. "Are you awake?"

She turned to face him, concerned. "Yes, is everything okay, do you need something?"

He smiled and kissed her softly on the lips. However quickly the kiss became more heated and he felt her grip the back of his head; pushing him closer. Finally they parted for air; Meera saw the way Bran's eyes were smouldering and was curious about this surprising bout of confidence.

"What's going on, Bran?" She asked hesitantly.

Bran blushed before speaking. "I…If you don't want to, I understand; I'm a cripple and just a boy…But I was hoping we could…"

He trailed off but Meera knew what he meant and she smiled before kissing him deeply again.

With Meera's help and using the strength in his arms; he pulled himself on top of Meera. They continued kissing, parting only for air and to remove their clothes. Once naked they continued kissing and touching each other intimately. Bran found that Meera's breasts easily fit perfectly in his hands. Before long Bran was hard; they looked each other in the eyes and both indicated to the other that they were ready. Meera nodded and gently pecked him on the lips. With Meera's guidance he carefully entered into her; Meera let out a shuddering gasp as Bran's manhood penetrated her maidenhead. Bran looked at her worried but she shook her head.

"Keep going." She gasped. "Don't stop."

Bran smiled and using his arms to prove the necessary leverage he began to move. Meera quickly adjusted and moved in sync with him, their hips gyrating together as finally consummated their marriage; all the while feeling the intensity and depth of their love for each other. They continued making love, their breathing coming quick and flurried, the intensity of their feelings almost overwhelming for them.

"Gods, Meera." Bran moaned ecstatically as Meera began kissing his shoulder and neck, also nipping the skin with her teeth.

Eventually, after much intense and euphoric love making, they both moaned as they climaxed; Bran emptying his seed into her. Finally they came down from the feeling and Bran collapsed against his wife; his head on her shoulder. Meera fought for breath, as she leaned her head back against the pillows.

Finally recovering Bran lifted his head and kissed Meera. She responded in kind and soon Meera helped Bran moved into a more comfortable position. They held each other close, enjoying the sensation of being so close, due to their skin still being sensitized by their previous actions.

"That was…" Bran gasped; Meera smiled.

"Yes, I know." She replied. "I guess we don't have to worry about anything now; we've finally done it, proven everything, to everyone."

Bran nodded. "You're right."

They felt exhausted by their exertions; however as they drifted off to sleep Meera was aware of the good ache in her loins and Bran's seed inside her. She hoped that it would quicken and she would be able to give Bran the ultimate blessing; a child.

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