A/N This is the sequel to my other story Forever Friends...while it's not entirely necessary to read that story first (this story can stand alone), it may be kind of fun so check it out.

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April 15. 8pm

Santana was sitting in bed going over paperwork for both her outreach center for raped and battered women Lopez Lovez and for Brittany's dance studio Fierce Pierce Dance Studio when there was knock on the door.

"If that's Noah, no you can't go to the party tonight, it's a school night. Stop asking and finish your homework." She yelled out as she continued typing on her laptop.

The knocking picked up again.

"If that's Ashton, no you cannot camp out in the backyard tonight, it's too cool out baby." She picked up some folders and went over the material inside.

The knocking picked up again.

"If that is Carter, no dessert because you didn't eat all of your vegetables at dinner." Santana called out. "You know the rules."

The knocking picked up once again. She sighed out loudly and closed her laptop. "Fine. Come on in."

The door opened slowly revealing Mackenzie, Santana and Brittany's 3 year old daughter, holding a headless Barbie doll in one hand, and her favorite stuffed animal, Shelly, a bright pink giraffe, courtesy of Mercedes, in the other. She had tears streaming down her face as she sniffled.

Santana frowned at the sight of her baby girl crying. "Mackey, what's wrong baby?"

"C-c-c-carter..." She stuttered out before her tears overtook her small body and she shook with sobs.

Santana looked down and rolled her eyes; she could only imagine what he did to upset Mackenzie tonight. Carter was the couple's 7 year old son that made it his mission to torment his siblings, especially his younger sister.

"Come here baby." Santana said softly while moving to sit on the edge of the bed and opening her arms. Mackenzie ran full speed into her mother's arms and broke down sobbing harder the minute Santana picked her up.

Santana cuddled her daughter and rubbed her back until she calmed down. "Shhhhh it's okay Mackey." She cooed softly while running her fingers through her long blonde curls. Her naturally curly hair was the only thing that set her apart from being identical to Brittany.

"What happened baby?" She asked as Mackenzie finally stopped crying long enough to talk.

"He killed her." She said sadly while holding up the headless Barbie.

Santana sighed and leaned over pressing the intercom button to Carter's room. "Carter Eduardo Lopez-Pierce come to my room now."

"I didn't do it." He quickly intercommed her back.

"Didn't do what?"

"Whatever you are going to yell at me about."

"I'm not in the mood for games tonight Carter." Santana said sternly. "Come to my room now."

2 minutes later the small curly hair boy came to the door with an X Men action figure in his hands.

"Come all the way in." Santana replied softly as Mackenzie hid her face in the Latina's chest and hugged her giraffe tighter.

"Why did you rip the head off of her Barbie, Carter?"

"She was my prisoner." He replied with a shrug.

Santana sighed. "It's not your toy to make a prisoner. How would you feel if Mackey broke Wolverine's arm off and said he was her patient while she played doctor?"

"She can't touch my stuff." Carter said quickly while putting Wolverine behind his back. He then shrugged once again. "But, I would just ask you or momma for another one."

"Is that so? Well, then don't touch her toys." Santana said while raising an eyebrow. "Can I see the toy?"

He reluctantly handed it to her with a frown. She placed it on the desk next to her bed. "Get in the shower and go to bed." She told him. He reached for his toy.

"Wolverine is mine until you learn to respect other people's property." Santana told him while grabbing his hand.

"That's not fair." He said as tears began to spill out of his eyes. "That's not fair…she's a tattle tale."

"She's 3 Carter, why do you keep messing with her?" Santana asked him.

"I'm telling momma when she gets back." He said though tears.

"Make sure to tell her you ripped the head off of Mackey's Barbie as well." Santana replied as she rolled her eyes. "Apologize to your sister.'

"Sorry." He mumbled out through tears before running out of the room.

"Shower then bed." Santana called after him.

"Mommy will buy you a new Barbie tomorrow ok baby?" Santana said softly to her daughter.

Mackenzie nodded and wiped her eyes. "Thank you." She whispered out.

Santana smiled and kissed her on the forehead. "Ready to take a bath and go to bed?"

The little blonde nodded as she yawned. "Can I sleep with you?"

"Sure you can." Santana told her while setting her on the bed and cleaning up the folders she had everywhere and moving her laptop to the desk.

"Is momma going to sleep with us too?" She asked.

"Momma is still in London until tomorrow sweetheart." Santana told her as Ashton, the couples 9 year old son, he was also the first son they had together after getting married, came running to the room.

"Carter keeps kicking the wall and it's knocking my pictures down." He complained. "Why is Mackey crying?" He asked while sitting next to her on the bed and hugging her.

"Hurricane Carter." Santana replied with a smile. "Sit here with your sister while I handle your brother."

Santana came back 20 minutes later with a handful of Carter's toys and set them on the desk. "Ashton, baby, go get ready for bed. Take a shower and brush your teeth." She told him while kissing him on the forehead.

"I got your pjs for you Mackey, we are going to have a slumber party." Santana said with a smile.

"No boys?" Mackenzie asked.

"Just us girls. NO boys allowed." She told her with a smile.

"Boys are mean." Mackenzie said softly. "But not Noah."

Santana laughed. "Your brothers can be mean sometimes huh?"

Mackenzie nodded. "Well tonight is mommy and Mackey night, how does that sound?"

Mackenzie's face lit up and her deep blue eyes sparkled as she hugged her giraffe tighter and stood up in the bed nodding her head excitedly.

"But first we need to take a bath, ok?" Santana told her.

Mackenzie nodded and smiled. Bath time with Santana was one of her favorite times of the day because the Latina devoted her full attention to her daughter and would sing to her. Santana went and ran a bubble bath for the two of them before undressing her daughter, and finally stripping her own clothes off. She picked up Mackenzie and carried her to the bathroom. She first sat in the tub herself to adjust the water and to make sure it wasn't too hot for her daughter. She then leaned over the tub and picked her up settling her in her lap.

She handed her a pink rubber duckie to play with before she reached over and grabbed the special soap they used for Mackenzie's sensitive skin and began washing her legs and back.

"Did you have fun by Aunt Hannah's house today?" Santana asked her, as the little blonde blew on the bubbles to make them fly around the bathroom.

"Yeah, we had a tea party." She replied happily.

"You did?" Santana asked while washing her arms. "Did you save me any tea?"

Mackenzie laughed and shook her head. "We drank it all."

Santana laughed. "Well I guess that means we need to have our tea party this weekend right?"

Mackenzie turned her head. "Really?"

"Of course." Santana smiled at her. "We can have one with momma."

"Wooowwww." She whispered out.

After Santana cleaned her up and washed her hair, she simply laid back as Mackenzie turned and leaned on her chest and slowly started to drift to sleep as the Latina sang softly to her while she rubbing her back. Santana was so relaxed that she felt her own eyes growing heavy, but she was woken up out of her daze when the house phone rang. She leaned up and pressed the intercom that was just outside of the tub.


Hey San what's up?

Hey Q, what's going on babe?

Not much, what are you up to?

Taking a bath with Mackey

Awwww how cute, I can call you back.

It's ok, I think she is sleep anyways, I don't want to move her just yet, so what's up?

I just wanted to see if you were still having your bbq this weekend when Brittany gets back

Yeah, if she isn't too jetlagged or anything. Otherwise it's still on for Saturday

What do you want me to bring?

Bring whatever side dishes you want, I'm going shopping for all the meat tomorrow

Want me to go with you?

Yeah that would be great actually, Brit comes home tomorrow morning but I want her to get some rest, she's been on the road for the past 2 weeks

Want to go during the day then so we don't have a thousand kids with us? Quinn laughed

God yes, the boys are driving me crazy lately. I will have Mackey with me though.

That's fine, she's such a sweetheart

Yeah we have to run through the toy store though; Carter beheaded a Barbie tonight and caused a meltdown

Quinn laughed hysterically. God I don't miss those days with my kids.

Be thankful Santana laughed. I'm going to put her to bed Q; I will call you back in about an hour after I check on my boys

Sounds good

Santana disconnected the call and tightly held Mackenzie is one arm while pulling herself up with the other. She quickly grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her daughter and laid her on the bed before running back and drying herself off and tossing on a robe.

She gently dried her off and slipped her in a duck theme pajama onesie set that came with a matching robe. It was a cool evening, but Santana liked the fresh air in the room, so she dressed Mackenzie warm by putting her robe on her as well, so she could leave her balcony door open. She then pulled back the covers and slipped her in the middle of the king sized bed she shared with Brittany sticking her giraffe under her small arm. She kissed her softly on the forehead before she left to check on her sons.

After making her rounds, she made herself a cup of tea and headed back to the bedroom. She slipped in bed and turned the TV on, before she turned off all the lights. Mackenzie stirred and woke up slightly panicking from the darkness.

"Mommy's right here baby." Santana told her softly while stroking her hair. "Go back to sleep."

After watching an infomercial for over an hour and a half and spending over $500 she decided it was best if she went to sleep. She clicked the TV off and slid down further into the covers and cuddled close behind Mackey. She smiled as the little blonde turned and cuddled into her chest. Santana kissed her forehead and wrapped her arm around her daughter as she drifted to sleep.

12am. A thunderclap rocked the house and woke up Mackenzie causing her tense up. A second even louder thunderclap cause the little blonde to jump.

"M-m-mommy?" She whispered as tears streamed down her face and she cuddled closer to Santana eventually waking her up.

"What's wrong baby girl?" The Latina rasped out sleepily while rubbing her back softly. Before Mackenzie could respond, another thunderclap rumbled through the sky.

"Oh… " Santana replied while opening her eyes. "Let mommy close the balcony door." Santana dragged herself out of bed and closed the door along with the blinds as well, making it even darker in the room.

She heard Mackenzie start to whimper. "It's ok Mack, I'm right here baby." She said while quickly shuffling back to bed. As soon as she laid back down she lifted her daughter to lay flush on her, she then pulled the covers over them and hummed until the little blonde fell back asleep.

She woke up the second time that night from a slow sensual kiss. She moaned softly into the kiss before opening her eyes and being met with bright blue ones dancing at her.

"This is the cutest thing I've probably ever seen." Brittany gushed while smiling at the pair. Mackenzie, who had her face resting on Santana's chest had her little arms tightly around the Latina's neck while Santana was holding Mackenzie tightly around the waist.

"What are you doing home Brit?" Santana said with a smile.

"I took an earlier flight. I missed my babies." Brittany said while slipping her shoes off and kissing Santana once more.

"Is it still storming out?" Santana whispered.

Brittany nodded. "So I'm guessing that's what caused this set up?" She said softly with a smile while rubbing Mackenzie's back.

Santana smiled. "That and a run in with Hurricane Carter tonight."

Brittany rolled her eyes. "Of course." She leaned down and kissed her daughter's cheek softly before running her fingers through her curls. "I'm going to wash this flight off baby."

Santana closed her eyes momentarily. "I can take her to bed."

Brittany shook her head. "Don't wake her, it's ok. I can cuddle with you both tonight."

Santana nodded and kissed Mackenzie's forehead before closing her eyes again.

After a hot shower Brittany slipped in bed and snuggled close to the Latina who fell back asleep. She kissed Santana softly on the lips and rested her hand on her daughters back closing eyes to get some sleep as well.


The alarm blared through the couple's room to wake up the kids for school. Santana moved Mackenzie off of her chest and settled her closer to Brittany, who felt the little close her and wrapped her arm around her little waist pulling her closer. She then went and knocked on each of the boy's doors. "Get up! School!"

She went back to her bedroom and started to put on some clothes when Brittany woke up. "You were completely naked under that robe?" She asked with wide eyes.

Santana turned and smiled. "Good morning."

"Morning baby." The blonde replied. "Do not get dressed."

Santana laughed. "We have boys Brit; I can't walk around naked in front of them."

Brittany looked down to make sure Mackenzie was still sleep before getting out of bed and grabbing Santana's hands to stop her from putting on pants. She grabbed her breasts and rubbed them before kissing her softly. "Put your robe back on baby." Brittany pouted. "No clothes, just your robe...please"

Santana laughed. "Fine." She dropped the pants and slipped her robe back on.

Brittany then went over and pressed the intercom to all 3 boys room. "Get up!" She called into the intercom. "Take Mack to her room and get her dressed, and I will start breakfast." Brittany kissed Mackenzie on the forehead and left the room.

Santana nodded and picked up the little girl who woke up in the process.

"Good morning beautiful." She said to her daughter.

"Hi mommy." Mackenzie said softly while rubbing her eyes and holding Santana tightly by the neck.

"How did you sleep?" Santana asked her while carrying her to her room.

"Good." She replied softly again while laying her head on Santana's shoulder.

"Let's get dressed and you can play for a little bit ok?" Santana told her. She quickly dressed her daughter in pink overalls with a white shirt with pink giraffes on it, complete with her white converse. She pulled her curls into a big ponytail and tied a bright pink ribbon in her hair. She then helped her brush her teeth before carrying her downstairs.

"Where's Carter?" Santana asked as she looked around the kitchen.

"Said he's not hungry." Noah replied while walking in the kitchen from the basement steps. "He's outside on the step waiting for the bus."

"Noah!" Mackenzie screamed out while running to her older brother.

Noah, now at 15 years old, was double the Latina's size. He was 6'5, 230 pounds of muscle. He kept his hair cut relatively low, but long enough to show off how curly his hair was. He was a straight A student as well as the starting Varsity quarterback while only being a sophomore. That along with the fact that Santana Lopez and Brittany Pierce were his mothers made him one of the most popular boys in school. He had a million dollar smile that showed off his dimples, making him a huge hit with the girls at school much to Santana's dismay.

He bent down and picked up Mackenzie tossing her in the air while she smiled and giggled.

"Mack Attack!" He yelled out to match her enthusiasm before hugging and kissing her on the cheek as he carried her to the table and set her down.

"Buenas dias mijo." Santana said to Noah as he leaned down to kiss her on the cheek, she then went to Ashton and kissed him on the forehead. "Good morning baby."

"Morning mommy." He replied with a smile.

She then went up to Brittany at the stove and hugged her from behind kissing her neck softly. "Good morning again."

Brittany turned in her arms. "It will be a great morning once the boys leave for school." She whispered while squeezing Santana's butt and handing her a cup of coffee.

"Gross." Noah replied while glancing at his mothers before fixing Mackenzie a plate and setting it down for her and then one for himself.

"Absolutely not!" Santana replied while taking the plate with the huge pile of bacon, sausage, hash browns, eggs, and 4 slices of toast off of the table from in front of him. "Make Carter a plate too before you eat the whole fridge."

"He said he wasn't hungry." Noah complained while reaching for his plate back. "And I actually am."

"I'm still cooking San, it's fine." Brittany said with a smile.

"Noah's big ass is going to eat us out of the damn house." She said softly to Brittany.

Brittany laughed, "He's a 15 year old giant football player, remember how much Finn ate when we were that age?"

Santana rolled her eyes. "We have spent over $500 on groceries already this month, and I need to go shopping again today."

"Can you get pop tarts?" Ashton asked.

"Sure baby." Santana replied over her shoulder. "What kind do you want?"

"Blueberry." Ashton said with a smile.

"Yeah buuuberry." Mackenzie add causing the entire kitchen to smile.

"Can you finish this I'm going to get Carter?" Brittany asked while handing her the spatula.

Santana handed Noah the plate back and smiled as Mackenzie reached over and grabbed one of his sausage as Noah pretended to bite her fingers. "Yeah, go ahead, he is probably mad at me still."

"He's a crybaby." Ashton replied with a smile while tucking a napkin into Mackenzie's shirt, who had now wiggled her way into Noah's lap.

Noah laughed. "Yeah he is Grey." Noah often called Ashton "Grey" because of light grey eyes.

"Stop it you two." Santana said while finishing up breakfast for her and Brittany to eat. "Stop teasing him and maybe he will leave Mackey alone for once."

Noah got picked up for school by Eli and Manny, who now had their licenses, and were sharing a brand new car shortly after breakfast. He hit Ashton on the head, kissed Mackey on the forehead, and hugged Santana tightly before leaving the house.

After seeing Carter and Ashton off on the school bus, Brittany came in and put on a movie for Mackenzie to watch in her room to keep her occupied as Santana cleaned up the kitchen.

Brittany came down to the kitchen and turned Santana around at the sink; she quickly opened her robe exposing her naked body underneath. She pulled her close and began kissing her neck softly sliding her tongue over her smooth skin slowly and running her hands over her body.

"B-b-b-rit." Santana stuttered out. "Not in the kitchen baby."

"It's been 2 weeks San….I need you, I want you…now." Brittany said while taking a nipple in her mouth.

"Shit….." Santana said while pulling the blonde back up to her mouth. "Where is Mack?" She asked when the kiss broke as Brittany ran her hands over her breasts and massaged them.

"She's watching Cinderella….so we have about an hour." Brittany said softly. Santana quickly closed her robe and grabbed Brittany's hand pulling her up the stairs to the 3rd level of the house where their room was. Once the door was closed and locked Brittany picked up the Latina and laid her on the bed leaning down on her kissing her hungrily yet passionately.

"I missed you so much baby." She whispered to the Latina while running her hands over her body. She then slowly started a trail of kisses from her ear down her neck, on her shoulder, down the valley between her breasts, over her abs, and finally one final kiss to her core.

"Same time Brit….fuck…same time I want to feel you." Santana said while sitting up and taking the blonde's shirt off as Brittany slid her pants down and spread Santana's legs open wide. She leaned down and licked her slowly a few times before lowering herself on the Latina.

"God…" Brittany moaned out while rocking slowly into the Latina. "You." Shoulder kiss. "Feel." Other shoulder kiss. "Amazing." Brittany breathed out while picking up the rhythm and capturing Santana's lips and cupping her face.

Santana grabbed Brittany's butt and pulled her closer while now rocking herself to match her rhythm. Brittany rested her arms on the side of Santana's face and began to rock as fast as she could now as she kissed her slowly.

"Fuck Brit…." Santana panted out. "Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" She moaned out as Brittany lifted her leg and repositioned them.

"I've missed your body Sanny…" Brittany rasped out while kissing her again. "You feel so good baby." She said while rolling her hips faster.

"I'm close baby." Santana said while wiping the sweat off of Brittany's forehead slowly and wiping it on the bed.

"I'm cooooooooooming." Brittany screamed out as Santana quickly covered her mouth with her hers kissing her and rolled her hips at exactly the right angle to send them both crashing over the edge.

"Oooooooooooooooooooo!" Santana moaned out while biting her lip.

Brittany leaned down and kissed her slowly allowing their lips to mold together softly and slowly while relaxing her body and laying flush on the Latina.

"I love you so much baby." Santana said softly while ghosting her fingers over Brittany's face. "I'm still not used to you traveling for work again."

"I love you too Sanny." Brittany replied while kissing her again. "I'm still not used to be away from you or the kids anymore either. But the next couple trips are only for a few days. No more of this 2 week mess. No more traveling overseas this summer." She replied softly while tucking a strand of hair behind the Latina's ear. "I'm only teaching seminars in the states. We can even take the kids to some of the states and make a long weekend out of it."

"Ok." Santana whispered while hugging her tightly. "That would be fun."

"Come to Greece with me." Brittany said while smiling. "It's a 5 day trip, the last one before summer."

"What about the kids?" Santana asked her as Brittany rolled off of her and laid on the side of her. "They have school."

"Noah can stay with Q and Puck, he is always over there anyways, Ashton too. Carter can stay with Cedes and Zack." Brittany said softly while running her hand up and down the Latina's bare side.

"What about Mackey?" Santana said while moving closer to Brittany resting her hand on her back. "I haven't been away from her for more than 2 nights at a time since she was born. I don't think she is ready for that yet."

Brittany laughed. "She isn't or you aren't?"

Santana rolled her eyes. "Ok, I'm not ready, she's our baby Brit."

Brittany smiled and leaned forward kissing her softly. "We can take Mackey with us, or she can stay with my parents."

Santana's eyes lit up. "Really?"

Brittany nodded. "Yeah she can keep you company while I'm working."

"Why don't we just bring your parents to Greece, they've always wanted to go and they can watch her at night, so we can play." Santana winked.

"I'm sure they will love that San, I will call them later." Brittany said while kissing her again and pulling Santana on top of her.

"Round 2?" Santana said while taking the blonde's earlobe in her mouth. "I want to taste my favorite flavor again." She said while slowly sliding down Brittany's body and opening her legs.


After an afternoon of shopping for the BBQ, Santana and Mackey returned home to find Brittany fast asleep on the couch in the family room.

"Momma!" Mackey yelled out while running to couch where the blonde was sleep.

"No baby, don't wake her." Santana said softly while putting her purse down and sliding Mackenzie's Barbie backpack off her back, setting it on the recliner in the corner.

Brittany heard the commotion and fluttered her eyes open smiling brightly when she saw her daughter staring at her. "It's ok San, hey Mackey." She said softly. "Give momma a hug." Brittany said while swinging her legs off the couch and sitting up so she could lift her daughter.

"I got a new Barbie." She said happily while holding it up to show Brittany.

"Wow, she's pretty." Brittany told her while kissing her on the cheek. "Need help while the groceries babe?" She asked Santana.

"Yeah, we bought the whole store." She teased while winking at Mackey.

"We got popsicles!" The little blonde said happily.

"Wow, are you sharing with me?" Brittany asked her while standing up and walking towards Santana and kissing her on the cheek before following her out to the garage to help unload the truck.

"Yeah." Mackey said softly while resting her head on Brittany's shoulder and yawning.

"Lay her down Brit," Santana said while picking up 2 gallons of milk. "I think it's nap time."

Brittany rubbed her daughters back. "Yeah, seems that way. Let me lay her on the couch and I will be right out to help you."

"Geez, you did buy the store babe." Brittany said while looking at the pile of groceries in the car.

"Yeah, well Noah drinks like a gallon of milk just by himself a week, not including how much Ashton and Carter are starting to eat." Santana told her. "I have a surprise for you later tonight."

Brittany smiled. "Really?"

Santana nodded. "The kids will all be gone later so it's date night."

"All the kids?" Brittany asked.

"Well Mackey will be home but bedtime is early for her tonight, since we are having so much company tomorrow." Santana said while pulling Brittany into a hug. "Noah is going to a baseball game at the high school and he is taking Ashton, Carter is going over Cedes and Zack's house tonight.

Brittany pulled the Latina close and kissed her softly. "I can't wait."

"I don't feel like cooking, so does pizza work for you?" Santana asked as they finally put up the rest of the groceries.

"Yeah that's fine." Brittany said with a yawn.

"Jet-lagged?" Santana asked her while beginning to make snacks for Carter and Ashton who were due home in a few minutes.

"Yeah," Brittany replied softly.

"Go lay back down baby." She replied while kissing her on the cheek. "I will finish up in here."


Brittany gave Mackenzie a bath and read her a bedtime story, she then laid in her bed with her until the little blonde fell asleep.

"Good night baby." She whispered to her, as she kissed her softly on the forehead, before plugging in her nightlight, which illuminated the ceiling with pink, purple, and yellow stars and leaving the room.

She then went downstairs where Santana was sitting on the couch in the family room. Brittany laid on the couch resting her head in the Latina's lap.

Santana smiled and leaned down kissing her gently on the lips. "Hello gorgeous, Mackey sleep already?"

Brittany nodded. "I think you and Q tired her out with all the shopping today."

Santana laughed. "She was a trooper though." She replied while grabbing Brittany's hand and stroking it.

"So what happened to date night?" Brittany asked.

"I was just waiting for you." Santana winked as Brittany sat up. "We have until around 10 when Noah and Ashton get home.

Santana stood up and led Brittany down to the basement where the indoor Jacuzzi was. There were candles lit all around with soft music playing in the background. There was a bottle of champagne and two glasses filled with a strawberry in each one. Brittany's eyes widened in amusement when she saw that Santana made a red velvet cheesecake, her favorite dessert, and had it displayed on a plate surrounded by white rose petals.

"I thought that was for tomorrow baby." Brittany said while stripping down and putting on the bikini Santana handed her.

Santana took off her sweat suit revealing her red and gold bikini and smiled. "It is, but I thought we could share a piece tonight." She winked while stepping in the Jacuzzi and waiting for Brittany to settle in next her.

Brittany immediately straddled her and kissed her. "Is the intercom on down here in case Mackey wakes up?" Brittany asked while sipping her champagne as Santana ran her hands over her back.

"Yes." Santana said while holding a forkful of the dessert to Brittany's lips to feed her.

"God! This is so freakin good baby." Brittany said while licking her lips as she leaned down and captured Santana's lips while wrapping her arms around her neck.

They spent the next couple of hours exchanging passionate kisses in the Jacuzzi until the boys came home and they went to their room where they had sex all night.

The next morning Santana woke up when she heard a knock on their bedroom door. She looked over at Brittany who was sleeping peacefully while cupping one of her breasts. She leaned over and kissed her before she pulled the covers up to their necks and answered.

"Come in." She called out sleepily.

Noah came in dressed in a tank top and shorts. "Morning." He said in his now deep raspy voice while kissing her on the cheek.

"Morning baby, what's up?" She replied with a smile.

"Do you still want me to cut the grass?" He asked while rubbing his eyes.

Santana looked at the time. "Shit it's 10?" She said with wide eyes.

Noah nodded. "Don't worry I made Mackey breakfast and got her dressed after she woke me up."

Santana laughed. "What about Ash and Carter?"

"What about them?" Noah shrugged.

"Noah, go feed your brothers too please." Brittany said while moving her hand down to Santana's waist and sliding closer to her hiding her face in the Latina's neck but never opening her eyes.

"They had cereal momma." He said. "I just only cooked for Mackey, and well you both."

"Ok, cut the grass and have Ash and Carter sweep up after." Santana said. "Then have them pull the tables out of the garage and set them up."

Noah yawned. "K, then what?"

"Start the grill and put the corn on. Brit and I will be down in a few minutes to pull out the other meat and vegetables." Santana replied.

"Oh and Aunt Q is here already." Noah said while leaving the room.

Santana groaned and rolled over to face Brittany closing her eyes again as Brittany ran her hand up and down her back a few times. Santana was falling asleep again in Brittany's arms when she heard Quinn screaming into the intercom.

"Roll off of each other and get your asses down here." Quinn screamed out while laughing.

"I hate her." Santana said softly while opening her eyes and turning to press the intercom. "Go straight to hell Q, we aren't doing anything."

"Yet." Brittany whispered softly while kissing Santana's neck.


The BBQ was in full swing with guests including Quinn, Puck, and their kids, Mercedes, Zack, and their son, Finn, Hannah and Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Pierce, dancers from Brittany's studio and their families, and also Mercedes and Santana' s dancers and background singers. There were also friends of Puck and Zachary in attendance.

After making their rounds Brittany and Santana joined Quinn and Mercedes at one of the picnic tables.

"Having fun ladies?" Santana asked while taking a sip of her martini.

"Great turnout San." Mercedes said with a smile. "And kudos on the bar in the corner." She added while clinking glasses with her.

Quinn laughed. "Only you would provide a full service free bar at a BBQ."

Brittany laughed and kissed the back of Santana's neck while scooting closer to her and holding her by the waist while resting her chin on the Latina's shoulder. "Hey, we know how to throw a party, right baby?"

Santana nodded. "Absolutely Brit, and Q you've had 3 glasses of champagne…you are cut off babe." Santana told her while reaching for her glass.

Mackenzie came running up to Santana with a Popsicle. "Can you open it?" She asked with her big blue eyes.

"Of course baby girl." Santana said with a smile while taking the popsicle out of her hand and opening it quickly for her.

After everyone ate Santana went to the stage they had set up for karaoke in the middle of the backyard.

"Thanks everyone for coming, keep eating, drinking, dancing, and all that good stuff. It's karaoke time!" The backyard clapped and cheered. "Before we start I want to sing my beautiful wife a song with the help of 2 of my handsome sons, Noah and Ashton."

Brittany looked around and smiled before setting Mackenzie back down on the ground, who ran straight to her Brittany's father and cuddled in his lap. Carter then led Brittany to one of the picnic tables right in front of the stage.

"I wrote this song for you Brit." Santana said with a smile.

Santana started singing as Noah began playing the keyboard and Ashton played the guitar.

You surely must know magic girl

Cause you changed my life

It was dull and ordinary

But you made it sunny and bright

Now, I was blessed the day I found you

Gonna build my whole world around you

You're everything good, girl

And you're all that matters to me

She stood in the middle of the stage and winked at Brittany making sure to look her right in her eyes as she continued to sing.

When my way was dark and troubles were near

Your love provided the light so I could see, girl

Just knowin' your love was near when times were bad

Kept the world from closin' in on me girl

I was blessed the day I found you

Gonna build my whole world around you

You're everything good girl

And you're all that matters to me

Brittany then jumped up and grabbed the extra microphone and went on the stage and began singing.

Baby, you're part of every thought I think each day

Your name is in every phrase my lips say

Every dream I dream is about you

Honey I can't live without you

Santana's mouth dropped in shock while Noah smiled and nodded at Brittany. Brittany winked at him and walked over to Santana and grabbed her hand and kept singing.

You're the girl I sing about

In every love song I sing

(You're my everything) Santana chimed in

You're my winter baby

My summer, my fall and spring

(You're my everything) Santana sang again.

Santana leaned up and kissed Brittany softly before continuing to sing.

Now, now, I was blessed the day I found you

Gonna build my whole world around you

You're everything good girl and you're all that matters to me

You're my everything, you're my everything, yes you are

(Don't you know you're my everything) Brittany sang with a big smile

You're my everything, you're my everything

(Don't you know you're my everything) Brittany sang.

You're my everything, you're my everything

At the end of the song Santana hugged Brittany tightly and kissed her passionately as the backyard exploded with cheers and applause.

"You're my everything San." Brittany said softly while kissing her on the nose.

"How the hell do you know that song Brit?" She asked with a big smile while laughing. "I just wrote it like a few weeks ago."

Brittany blushed. "Don't be mad, but I heard you recording it before I left, so I asked Noah to download the song so I could write a verse and surprise you."

"I'm not mad at all baby." Santana said while holding her tight. "You are amazing Brit." She kissed her once again. "I love you so much."

"Ok so Santana that song better be on your next album!" Mercedes screamed out while walking on the small stage and hugging them.

"That was absolutely too cute." Quinn gushed. "I'm with Cedes that needs to be recorded as a duet."

Santana smiled as Brittany blushed. "That's up to Brit, I wrote the song but she wrote her verse and surprised me with her part."

"What?!" Mercedes asked with wide eyes as her son ran up to her and hugged her leg. She leaned down and picked him up rubbing his back and his cuddled close to her.

"Yeah, I wanted to surprise her." Brittany said shyly. "I owe it all to Noah though."

"That was so awesome Brit." Quinn said while shaking her head.

Noah walked over and picked Brittany up spinning her around. "That was perfect momma, even better than we practiced." He said with a huge smile.

"You helped her write that Noah?" Quinn as asked.

Noah shook his head, "I just tweaked the melody a little to match her voice a little better, and I slowed down the beat."

Santana furrowed her eyebrows. "I thought I was singing slower." She said as Brittany hugged her from behind and kissed her on the neck. "It's much better this way."

"All those lessons in the studio paid off Noah." Zack said with a smile while grabbing Zacky from Mercedes arms and kissing her. "The job offer is still on the table for you to work with me and do some production work, you have an ear for music."

"No." Santana quickly stated.

"San..." Brittany said softly as Noah sighed and left the stage.

"I dont want him in the industry Zack." Santana replied sternly. "You know that, we are not raising Hollywood kids, I want them to have a normal childhood." Zack nodded and went after Noah.

"Nothing about Noah's childhood has been normal San." Quinn told her. "You both are superstar celebrities, look at this house, he has on Louis Vuitton sneakers right now." Quinn shook her head. "He's 15, you have to stop being so overprotective and let him grow up."

"You are absolutely right he's had an interesting childhood including watching you attack me at the age of 5." Santana said while narrowing her eyes at the Quinn

"Santana!" Brittany said quickly while letting the Latina go.

"Go to hell Santana, you cant bring that up every time you want to make a point." Quinn said as her eyes clouded with tears.

"I'm not sticking around for this never ending argument." Mercedes replied while rolling her eyes and walking away.

Quinn sniffled as a few tears escaped her eyes and she ran off the stage. Brittany shook her head at the Latina and stepped off stage following Quinn.

"Dammit." Santana whispered to herself.

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