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The italics this chapter is a flashback


12am New York

Brittany and Santana were lying in bed in each other's arms in and out of sleep after making love slow and sensually to one another for the past few hours. Brittany opened her eyes and smiled when Santana was staring right back at her. Brittany leaned forward and kissed her softly.

"I thought you were sleep." She whispered out while sliding her hand from the Latina's back down to her butt and back up again slowly.

"No, I was watching you sleep." Santana said shyly. "You are beautiful even when you are sleep baby." She added with a smile.

Brittany blushed and kissed her again slowly slipping her tongue in and caressing it against Santana's causing the Latina to moan softly in to the kiss and lightly sink her nails in Brittany's back. "I can't go another round right now Brit." Santana laughed. "I wouldn't last longer than a few minutes."

"Why don't we order some room service so you can get your strength back up?" Brittany said with a smile. "Want to share a burger with me?"

"Sounds good." Santana replied while laying her head on Brittany's chest. Brittany reached over and grabbed the phone to order. "Get a fruit salad too B." Santana said softly while closing her eyes.

After Brittany ordered and put the phone back, she began massaging Santana's shoulders while kissing them softly. "You're tense San."

"I'm ok Brit." Santana said quickly.

"San…you know what the doctor said baby." Brittany sternly.

Santana turned her head to face her wife. "I'm fine Brittany…I promise baby, but I do want to talk about something a little later."

"Ok." Brittany nodded. "But we are going to take full advantage of this hotel room and no kids tonight." Brittany said with a smirk while lifting Santana's arm and kissing down to her fingers and then sucking seductively on them.

"W-we sure will baby, we are staying until Sunday night." Santana told her while intertwining her legs with Brittany's to move closer. "I have the room for the weekend, so we can go to a nice dinner to celebrate tomorrow night as well."

"You are full of surprises this week aren't you?" Brittany said happily.

"I just want you to be happy baby." Santana said softly. "If you are happy, then I am too."

"You always make me happy Santana, I love you so much baby." Brittany said softly as the two began another heated make out session. "Want to take a shower with me and get cleaned up before the food gets here."

"I would love to." Santana replied with a smile.

The two took a hot shower together washing each other slowly while exchanging soft kisses all over their bodies which led to Brittany not being able to help herself and grinding on the Latina's thigh and climaxing once more while Santana held her tightly and peppered wet kisses to her neck as she came down. They then got out of the shower and put on the hotel robes before they headed out to the living room portion of the suite just as room service knocked on the door. Brittany answered the door and reached in Santana's jacket, which was by the door, and gave the man a tip.

Brittany wheeled the tray over and cut the burger in half for the both of them to share while scooping the fruit salad on their plates and handing one to Santana with a big smile. They ate in silence, well Brittany ate, Santana poked around her food. Brittany looked over at the Latina with a mouth full of ketchup and mustard. "Don't like the burger?" She asked.

Santana laughed softly and leaned over kissing the ketchup and mustard off. "I think Carter gets his messy eating from you not me."

Brittany blushed and licked her lips. "Thanks for getting that. Seriously, why aren't you eating?" She asked again while dipping a fry in ranch and holding it up to the Latina's mouth.

"Are you happy right now Brit?" Santana asked while taking a bite of the burger.

"Yeah, this burger is amazing. I mean it's just hotel food, and could be because I'm starving," Brittany said happily. "But I like it." She finished with a shrug.

Santana smiled at her. "You are so adorable. I mean are you happy in life, like let's say the Rapture came right this minute and the world ended. Would you be pleased with the way your life was if it ended right now?"

Brittany swallowed the food in her mouth and took a drink of water. "Oh…" She whispered out. "Of course I'm happy. I have you my amazingly beautiful, intelligent, and loving wife, we have our 4 kids that I don't know what I do without any of them, we have great friends and family. We are more than comfortable financially, we are able to provide our kids, and my parents with whatever want and need. I wake up next to you and feel loved every morning. I'm more than happy San." Brittany said softly while picking up Santana's hand and kissing her fingertips. "A-are you not happy?" She asked hesitantly.

Santana sighed. "I'm happy baby, trust me I am." Santana reassured her. "You didn't mention your career. You used to always mention your career whenever someone asked you that. You would mention me, the kids, and dancing was right after. Why didn't you mention it this time?"

Brittany shrugged. "I just didn't think of it I guess."

"You always mention dancing Brit." Santana repeated.

"What's the big deal San?" Brittany asked getting agitated.

"I was talking to Mercedes, and she mentioned that dancing makes you happy." Santana started while looking deep into Brittany's eyes. "And I thought about it, and it does, you are always so happy when you call us from different counties or states, or wherever you are. The way you talk about performances and rehearsals, your eyes light up in a way that nothing else can Brit, and I don't want to take that away from you. It's not fair for me to take that away from you." Santana took a deep breath. "I don't want to force you to end your career before you need to. I don't want you to look back 10 years from now and have regrets or resentment. So I want you to get the shot, and finish your tour this summer."

Brittany smiled and leaned over to kiss Santana softly. "Santana, baby, I've had a great career, I've toured the world, met amazing people, danced in front of millions with Beyonce, Rihanna, Ciara, and that's just to name a few. I pushed my career to the limits, while you put yours on hold." Brittany started. "You've retained your career so we could start our family, you stalled it again when I couldn't get pregnant and l-lost a baby." Brittany whispered the last part suddenly being overcome with emotion before she paused to collect herself. Santana reached over and grabbed her hands and squeezed them before softly kissing them over and over knowing how painful it still was for Brittany to talk about her miscarriage. It was extremely painful for Santana to remember that night as well. She quickly wiped away the tear that slipped out of Brittany's eye away with her thumb.

Santana came running in the house. "Brit? Baby I'm here." She called out while heading straight towards their bedroom. She walked in and saw the blonde curled in a ball on the bed as Quinn sat next to her with a cold towel on her head.

"Sanny?" Brittany said weakly while opening her eyes.

"Hey love." Santana said with a soft smile. "Morning sickness turned into afternoon sickness huh?" Brittany nodded and closed her eyes again.

"Thanks for coming over Q." Santana replied while quickly laying down next to Brittany and kissing her forehead while grabbing her hand and slowly rubbing her thumb over it.

"No problem, I'm going to take Noah and Ashton to my house for the night, so you can focus on Brit." Quinn said softly.

"You don't have to do that Q." Santana replied while rubbing Brittany's stomach and planting kisses there.

"It's not a problem San, I already packed their bags." Quinn told her while rubbing Brittany's back. "Feel better Brit."

"Let me walk you to the door Q." Santana stated. "Brit, baby I will be right back up." Santana kissed her softly and stroked her hair as Brittany nodded.

"She's been throwing up all morning San, and she had some spotting too." Quinn told her when they reached the living room. "She also has a fever. If the fever stays, take her to the hospital. She's pregnant, so you don't want to risk anything."

"Spotting is normal right? I mean it's okay?" Santana asked nervously.

"A little is I think, but just keep a close eye on her, you know how hard it was for Brit to even conceive." Quinn said softly.

"I know Q, thanks." She replied. "You boys are going to a sleepover by Aunt Q's house." She said happily to Noah, who was now 7, and Ashton who was just over a year."

"Momma's sick." Noah told her.

"Yeah she is but I'm going to make her all better." Santana said with a smile while bundling up Ashton and handing him to Quinn. "Take care of your little brother for me, ok?"

"I will." Noah said proudly while picking up his backpack and heading outside.

Quinn hugged Santana with her free arm. "Call me if you need anything at all and Puck or I will be right over."

Santana nodded. "I will, bye bye baby." She said while kissing Ashton on the forehead, earning a smile from him.

Santana then went to the kitchen and grabbed a can of white soda, pouring it in a glass for Brittany; she then grabbed a bright pink curly straw, hoping that would brighten up her wife a little. She then made her a ham and cheese sandwich, and grabbed a sleeve of saltine crackers.

She placed everything on a tray and grabbed a rose out of the vase on the kitchen table and headed upstairs. She went back in the room and saw Brittany crawling into bed. She quickly set the tray down on the dresser and ran over to Brittany. "Careful baby." She said softly. "Want to try to eat a little bit?"

"I don't know." Brittany croaked out while lying down. "I don't think the baby likes food, I can't keep anything down." She teased.

Santana laughed. "Well, I know you like food, so you need to try to eat a little bit."

"Ok, I guess." Brittany said while exhaling slowly.

"Let's eat a little lunch together." Santana suggested while setting the tray on the bed and climbing in bed behind Brittany, leaning the blonde back on her. "Baby LP is fussy today huh?" Santana said with a smile while rubbing her stomach.

"Yeah, they aren't happy." Brittany smiled weakly back.

"Here drink a little soda; it will help settle your stomach." Santana suggested while lifting the cup.

"Cool straw." Brittany said happily before drinking.

"Thought you would like it," Santana replied while picking up half the sandwich and offering it to Brittany. Brittany took a tentative bite and leaned back while Santana continued to rub her stomach. "What's going on in there little guy or baby girl? Not happy swimming around today." She whispered to Brittany's stomach. "You gotta relax and just float around so momma can feel better."

After eating Santana laid with Brittany in her arms hoping the blonde would be able to take a nap without getting sick again from eating a sandwich. Santana stayed awake and watched Brittany as she slept. "You are so beautiful while pregnant Brit, I can't wait to watch our baby grow inside of you." She whispered before falling asleep herself.

Santana woke up around 7pm when she felt Brittany get out of bed and run to the bathroom. She reached her hand out and felt that the bed was wet. "Did you throw up baby?" Santana asked while inwardly cringing at the thought of sticking her hand in a puddle of vomit. "Brit?" She called out again when she heard Brittany groaning and retching in the bathroom.

"Saaannnnn!" Brittany cried out.

"I'm coming baby." Santana said quickly while jumping up and running to the bathroom. Brittany was leaning over the toilet holding her stomach while throwing up. Santana then looked down and noticed a trail of blood.

"No…" She breathed out while freezing in place. "No." She said firmly "Dammit no!" She said angrily to herself. She then ran closer to Brittany and hugged her from behind gently rubbing her stomach. "We gotta get to the hospital baby, you're bleeding."

"It hurts San." Brittany cried out.

"I know baby, I'm so sorry." Santana said while sniffling as another sharp pain rocked Brittany and she screamed out in pain.

"Sannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyy" She cried while grabbing her stomach as another puddle of blood seeped through her shorts.

"I g-g-g-got you B." Santana held her tightly across her chest and peppered kisses to her neck. "Squeeze my hand baby." Santana said while grabbing Brittany's hand as they sank to the bathroom floor.

"What's h-h-happening." Brittany stuttered out.

"We gotta get to the hospital baby ok." Santana said as tears streamed down her face. She laid Brittany flat and ran to the sink and got a cold towel and placed it on her forehead. "Don't move Brit, lay real still."

Santana then went to the bedroom and slipped on the first pair of shoes she saw and flicked on the lamp, she saw the puddle of blood in the bed and looked down at her hands and saw they were blood stained as well. Her hands began to shake and her breathing quickened. "Stay calm Santana." She told her herself over and over. Her body then betrayed her and she threw up on the bed. After wiping her mouth, she grabbed the blanket that was folded up at the end of the and shakily ran back to the bathroom and picked up Brittany bridal style. Wrapping her in the blanket.

"I'm scared San." Brittany cried out.

"I am to Brit, but I got you." Santana said quickly while running down the stairs and straight to the truck. She laid Brittany in the front seat and reclined it all the way before quickly jumping in the driver's seat and speeding to the hospital. "Hold my hand baby." Santana said shakily while grabbing Brittany's hand. "Squeeze it if you need to."

"The baby is dying isn't it?" Brittany choked out.

"I I don't know Brit." Santana said unable to keep her own tears in. "We are going to think positively thought right?"

Brittany didn't answer she instead just sobbed quietly. "Right Brit? Positive thoughts."


They got to a red light and Santana impatiently tapped on the steering wheel as Brittany began to squeeze her hand while groaning and sobbing. "Brit…baby" She said while looking at her wife.

"Oooooooooooooooooo." Brittany cried out in pain. "It hurts Sanny." She sobbed out as her face tensed up and she curled in a ball in the seat.

"You look pale Brit, don't pass out, stay with me baby please." Santana cried out while frantically blowing the horn at the car in front of her. "Dammit! Move the fuck out the way!" She yelled out angrily.

"Brit?" Santana said while quickly glancing over. "Keep talking to me baby please. We will be there in 2 minutes. I promise."

"San…" Brittany said weakly.

For you, there'll be no more crying,

For you, the sun will be shining,

And I feel that when I'm with you,

It's alright, I know it's right

Santana sang softly. "Sing with me baby." She pleaded as Brittany squeezed her hand tightly again and groaned in pain.

To you, I'll give the world

To you, I'll never be cold

'Cause I feel that when I'm with you,

It's alright, I know it's right.

They sang through tears just above a whisper. Santana sped in the ER entrance of the hospital and parked in the ambulance bay. She jumped out and picked up Brittany running through the doors.

"Hey! You can't park there!" A man yelled out.

"Go to hell!" She screamed back in tears. "Stay awake Brit, we're here baby." She said softly while kissing her on the lips. "I love you baby, I swear I do." She added.

"My w-wife she's pregnant and bleeding and I don't know, she's bleeding and she's pregnant and bleeding and bleeding and bleeding." Santana kept repeating while sobbing as a group of nurses and doctors quickly rushed over and took Brittany laying her on a gurney.

"Saaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnn!" Brittany screamed out again as another pain tore through her stomach.

Santana ran towards Brittany but a nurse stopped her. "We have her from her ma'am."

Santana looked down at herself and saw Brittany bled through the blanket and onto her clothes. "I love you Brit, and I love you Baby LP." She whispered as Brittany was pushed through a door and she couldn't see her anymore.

An hour later Santana was in the waiting room rocking back and forth as Mercedes held her tightly and hummed softly.

"Mrs. Lopez-Pierce?" A tall salt and peppered hair doctor called out softly.

"Yes!" Santana jumped up quickly.

"You're wife is fine, she lost a lot of blood, but we gave her a blood transfusion and she will recover wonderfully."

"And the b-baby?" She asked.

"I'm sorry, but she lost the baby."

That was all Santana heard as she sank to the ground slowly, numb with emotion. "Does she know?" She whispered out.

"No, she is still asleep." The doctor replied.

"Can I be the one to tell her?" Santana asked sadly.

"Of course, sorry for you loss." The doctor added before leaving the waiting room.

Mercedes ran over to Santana and held her tightly as she began to sob uncontrollably.

Brittany didn't wake up until midnight so Santana sat in the room and stared at her as silent tears streamed out of her eyes for their unborn baby. The little bundle of joy that just a month ago they were so excited about. Brittany coughed and slowly opened her eyes. Santana smiled and quickly wiped her tears before running over to the bed.

"Hey beautiful," She whispered while brushing some hair out of Brittany's face and kissing her gently on the lips.

"Hey." Brittany whispered out.

"The baby is gone isn't?" She asked as her eyes started to water up.

"Yeah Brit, the baby is gone." Santana said softly placing her hands on top of Brittany's, which were now on her stomach.

"I killed it." Brittany said sadly as tears streamed from her now dark blue eyes.

"Brittany, you didn't kill the baby, you didn't do anything wrong sweetheart." Santana quickly replied.

"It's my fault the baby is gone." Brittany said through sobs.

Santana shook her head and placed her hands on Brittany's face. "It's not fault baby, I don't blame you and you shouldn't blame yourself. I don't care what anyone says….this is not your fault Brittany. Ok?" Santana told her sternly while kissing Brittany's tears away.

"Do you still love me, even after I lost the baby?" Brittany asked as more tears streamed out.

"I will never ever ever ever stop loving you Brit, especially not from something like this." Santana reassured her while leaning forward and kissing her softly on the lips. "I love you more now than I ever have." Santana crawled carefully in bed and laid behind Brittany holding her tightly around the chest as they both sobbed.

Brittany cleared her throat and continued. "You constantly made sacrifices so I could keep pushing ahead with both Just Dance and Fierce Pierce Dance Academy. I mean all the trips the studio takes the kids on to dance or watch performances, not including me going to supervise even if I wasn't dancing."

"We agreed that we would raise our kids not a nanny Brit." Santana told her.

"I know, and it's been mainly you since I've been working and touring." Brittany nodded. "San, baby, you made all the sacrifices, not me. You've turned down movie roles, concerts, and different appearances so you could stay home with the kids. I love you more than you know for that. I love you so, so much Sanny. But it wasn't fair to you. So now it's my turn for push my career to the side and help raise the kids and be home more so you can live out your dreams."

"Our family is my dream Brit." Santana said quickly. "And you were home for a year when Ashton was born while I finished my album."

"I know but you deserve your dream career too. We are 39 years old, and as much as I don't want to admit it, my career as a background dancer is pretty much over. There are hotter, younger dancers that are getting those jobs now; I lived out my dream career San. So while mine may be ending at 39. Yours baby, is just starting." Brittany said with a soft smile. "The trophy room at home is full of Grammys, MTV Awards, American Music Awards, and more….let's add an Oscar to that collection."

"An Oscar?" Santana said with a frown.

"Your other dream is to play Amy Winehouse in a movie about her life, and I've heard you got offered the part." Brittany said while leaning back into the couch. "Why is your agent still waiting on an answer?"

"I, uh, I, did you hear about that?" Santana stuttered out.

"I'm in the industry too San, I find out everything, and I was asked to choreograph for the movie." Brittany told her. "Why haven't you said yes?"

"You were supposed to be on tour, one of us has to be home with the kids." Santana said quickly.

"San, baby never put your career behind mine. You deserve that part, go get it." Brittany told her with a smile.

"Are you sure you are okay with not touring Brit?" Santana asked once last time.

Brittany pulled Santana to straddle her. "I want you to look me in my eyes Santana." Brittany placed her hands around the Latinas face. "I promise you I'm ok being an alternate and not touring. You are going to take that part, film that movie, win the Oscar, and we are going to have the biggest party we have ever had to celebrate. Let me be your biggest cheerleader now."

Santana smiled. "I love you so much Brit."

Brittany smiled and kissed her softly. "I love you too San." She whispered against the Latinas lips.

"Do you want to call and check on the kids?" Brittany asked her after they hugged and held each other for several minutes.

Santana shook her head. "I'll just text Hannah, I don't want to run the chance of Mackey hearing my voice and freaking out because I'm not home."

"What are we going to do about her San?" Brittany asked. "She is really clinging to you baby."

Santana shook her head. "I talked to Grey and Carter today about what happened, and explained it to them."

"Really? How did that go?" Brittany asked as Santana lifted her legs in her lap and began massaging her leg and knee.

"Actually really well…a little emotional but they understand." Santana replied. "I don't know how to convince Mackey I'm fine."

"Kids are more intuitive that a lot of people think. She may be feeding off of whatever energy you are letting off." Brittany said with a shrug. "If she senses you are stressing she will cling to you. Stay relaxed around her. Even if you start to panic or feel your anxiety settling in, step away from her, leave the room or something."

"She's my cuddle partner when you aren't around, and I'm a little down." Santana said shyly.

Brittany laughed. "I know she is baby, it's just a thought. I really think she can sense when you are sick and sad though."

"Ok, I will try it. Let's finish eating so I can cuddle with my favorite cuddle partner." Santana said with a wink.

After they ate they climbed back in bed and held each other tightly. Brittany planted soft kisses on her neck until the Latina fell asleep. She placed her hand on Santana's chest to check her heartbeat and breathing before finally closing her eyes and falling asleep.

Back in LA

Carter sat awake in his bed holding his dinosaur tightly. He insisted on watching a horror movie with Noah and Ashton earlier and now was unable to sleep. He constantly heard noises and creaks. Every time the wind blew and the leaves on the tree outside of his window and the leaves rustled he would jump and quickly turn on his Wolverine flashlight and point it towards the window.

He then heard a loud noise outside and quickly jumped out of bed running full speed through the bathroom into Ashton's room jumping in bed with him, waking him up.

"What are you doing?" Ashton asked sleepily while rubbing his eyes.

"I'm scared." Carter said quickly.

"Of what?" Ashton asked while turning on his side and leaning on his elbow.

"Something's in my room." Carter said while laying his head down quickly. "Can I just sleep in here with you." He whispered. "Please…"

Ashton sighed. "Sure, get under the covers." He tossed a pillow at Carter and laid back down.

"Thanks Grey." Carter said shakily.

"You're welcome." Ashton said while facing his Carter noticing how truly scared he was. He then smiled at his little brother. "You're safe in here in me. Noah's been teaching me boxing. So I can beat whatever is in your room up for you if it comes in here."

"You would beat someone up for me?" Carter asked while wiggling to get comfortable as Ashton fixed the covers.

"Of course I would, you're my little brother. Noah would beat people up for us." He stated simply while shrugging. "You would beat someone up that bothered Mackey wouldn't you?" Ashton asked.

Carter nodded quickly. "Yeah, only I'm allowed to bother Mackey. I'll go Lima Heights on someone for her."

Ashton laughed. "You don't even know what that means."

Carter shrugged. "Mommy says it when she's mad."

"She's actually from Lima, Grandpa and Grandma Lopez were rich I think, he was a doctor, so I don't think she was really from there." Ashton said while furrowing his eyebrows. "Aunt Quinn said mommy lived around the corner from her and she never talks about Lima Heights."

"You know everything Grey." Carter laughed. "You're like the dictionary."

Ashton laughed back. "I like learning stuff, it's cool."

"Do you think mommy is going to die?" Carter asked suddenly.

Ashton shook his head quickly. "Mommy's not going to die Carter, don't worry about that." Ashton told him.

"But what if momma isn't here to help her breathe like last time." Carter asked.

"Then we can help her." Ashton said confidently. "I'll look up some stuff on the Internet tomorrow and then explain to you what I found. Then I'll teach you how to help her too. That way mommy knows she is safe with us too, not just with momma."

"Ok." Carter said softly while sniffling.

"Don't cry Carter." Ashton said quickly while sitting up and grabbing a tissue and handing it to him. Carter quickly dried his eyes and handed the tissue back to Ashton, who frowned and it and tossed it on the desk. He then rested his hand on Carter's back. "Good night Carter."

"Good night Grey…..thanks for always taking care of me." Carter whispered.

"I always will." Ashton told him.

"Mommy?" Mackenzie said softly. "M-mommy."

Hannah was in the guestroom sleep when she heard Mackenzie frantically calling out Santana's name. She jumped up and went to across the hall to her niece's room.

"Hey Mack, why aren't you sleep honey?" Hannah asked when she sat on the edge of her bed and rubbed her little legs.

"M-m-mommy didn't say good night." Mackenzie said sadly. The little blonde fell asleep in Hannah's arms after a warm bath and a Popsicle as they watched cartoons earlier in the evening. So Hannah carried her up to bed and tucked her in without letting her call Santana like she promised.

"Your mommy is helping your momma with work in New York, but they will be back in a few days. You don't like hanging out with Aunt Hannah?" Hannah asked her with a smile. "I like hanging out with you." She added sweetly.

"I do." Mackey replied while rubbing her eyes.

"You are so sleepy sweetheart, why don't you come sleep with me tonight?" Hannah suggested while yawning.

"Ok." Mackenzie replied through a yawn herself.

"Ok, let's go Mack Attack." Hannah said with a smile while lifting her niece in her arms. "Grab Shellie." Mackenzie quickly grabbed her elephant and hugged it tightly while resting her head on Hannah's shoulder, as she made her way back to the guestroom.

She set Mackenzie down in the middle of the bed and laid down next to her. "Did you know that you are my favorite niece?" Hannah asked while tickling Mackenzie a little, sighing in relief when Mackenzie seemed to calm down and forget about Santana for the moment.

"You're my favorite tia." Mackenzie told her.

Hannah felt her heart swell in pride. "Really?" She asked with a smile. Mackenzie nodded and blushed. "Well that makes this a super special slumber party."

"This is a party?" Mackenzie asked while biting her bottom lip in concentration.

"You are so much like your momma." Hannah laughed. "How about we get some sleep so we are nice and rested for our tea party tomorrow?"

"Ok" Mackenzie said softly as her eyes started to flutter closed. "Te amo tia Hannah."

"I love you too sweetheart. Good night." Hannah said with a smile as Mackenzie cuddled close to her aunt and finally feel asleep.

New York 8am

"Sanny, wake up baby." Brittany said softly while rubbing the Latina's back to wake her up. Santana stirred and scrunched up her nose but didn't wake up. "Sanny." Brittany sang out while kissing her on the tip of her nose. Santana exhaled softly but still didn't wake up.

Brittany giggled softly and grabbed a tissue out of the box on the desk and lightly tickled Santana on the nose. Santana stirred again, and swatted at her nose in her sleep, before sneezing. Brittany had to cover her mouth to keep from laughing out loud. She then ghosted the tissue over the Latina's ear lightly, tickling the shell. Santana screamed and slapped herself in the face before sitting up quickly and panting while violently rubbing her ear. She then looked over at Brittany who was toppling over red with laughter while waving the tissue at her.

"That's not funny Brit, you are worse than the kids." Santana pouted while flopping back down on the bed and closing her eyes. "My face hurts now." She whined with holding the side of her face.

"Awwww I'm sorry baby." Brittany giggled out while crawling on the Latina and moving her hand. She began ghosting her finger over the side of her face, which was turning now turning a deep shade of red. "You really wacked yourself San." Brittany added softly.

"I thought it was a bug." Santana mumbled out.

"Awww baby, what can I do to show I'm sorry?" Brittany asked sweetly.

"Kiss it to make it better." Santana replied with a smirk.

Brittany smiled and leaned down lightly kissing the red mark. "Better?"

Santana shook her head. "Not yet." She said quickly while wrapping her arms around her wife.

Brittany laughed and began peppering soft kisses on the small bruise while stroking the Latina's hair. "Better now?" She asked again with a smile.

Santana quickly shook her head. "Nope." She smiled.

"Now, who is worse than the kids?" Brittany laughed while kissing her face again, then moving to her ear and taking her ear lobe in her mouth nibbling softly. She then kissed a slow trail over to Santana's mouth and licked the crease between her lips. Santana immediately parted them and allowed Brittany to slip her tongue in. Santana ran her hands up and down Brittany's bare back before resting them on her butt.

"Now I feel better." Santana rasped out when the kiss broke. "Good morning."

"Good morning." Brittany replied back while kissing her again. "Can I take you out to breakfast?"

"This is your day baby; I'm supposed to treat you." Santana told her.

"It's our day San, you put up majority of the money for the studio." Brittany reminded her.

"I'm a silent partner Brit, this is all you baby." Santana smiled.

"You can treat for dinner, how does that sound?" Brittany suggested.

Santana nodded. "Deal." She quickly answered while holding up her pinky. Brittany wasted no time linking pinkies with the Latina. They both then kissed their fingers to seal the deal. "Where are we going? I brought Tom with me for security." Santana asked.

"Sweet, we don't have to go somewhere low key now." Brittany said with a big smile. "It's a surprise in that case; I will call a limo to come get us at 10am."

"Ok." Santana agreed. "Why so late?"

"We have plans until 9am." Brittany said while kissing down Santana's body and opening her legs.

"Beeeeeeeeeee." Santana moaned out as Brittany quickly began licking her and her eyes rolled in the back of her head.

After breakfast the pair did a little shopping, well in Santana's case a lot of shopping for the kids. She also picked up a few gifts for Hannah, who even at the age of 26 was still extremely spoiled by the Latina.

"I can't believe you bought all this stuff San." Brittany said while shaking her head.

"Carter is going to love these Wolverine walkie talkies, you know that." Santana quickly countered.

"Yes, but did Mackey need 3 new pair of shoes, Noah definitely did not need the new watch, and Ashton didn't need a new the new Xbox controllers; our kids are too spoiled San." Brittany laughed.

"Maybe, but they are good kids B. I can't help if I like to spoil my babies. All of them." She winked while handing Brittany a bag.

Brittany laughed. "What is this?" Brittany asked.

"I got us the new iPhone." Santana said with a smile.

"The gold one?!" Brittany shrieked out happily while digging in the bag.

Santana nodded. "You know I like my bling, and I want you to have bling too."

Brittany leaned forward and kissed Santana. "Thanks Sanny." She said happily while kissing her again quickly. She grabbed the Latina's hand and held it tightly as they walked the next block to Brittany's new studio.

"Here we are Brit." Santana said while handing her bags to Tom, and wrapping her arms around Brittany's waist. "You ready to make this official?"

Brittany nodded and turned and hugged her tightly. "Thanks for being here, I'm happy to share this moment with you Santana." She kissed her softly before walking in.

After they signed the papers, and Brittany received the keys, they walked the realtors to the door. Santana whispered something in Tom's ear. He nodded and handed her a duffle bag before he left the studio. Santana quickly locked the door and pulled the blinds closed. She grabbed Brittany's hand and led her to the huge office in the back. She unzipped the duffle bag and laid out a blanket. She then set up the ipad and set up a group chat with Hannah, Mr. and Mrs. Pierce, Quinn, and Mercedes.

"What's going on?" Brittany asked with a smile.

"We are celebrating your new studio." Santana smiled as she pulled out a bottle of champagne and set down two champagne flutes. She handed Brittany a glass as everyone began to come into focus on the screen.

"We all have our apple juice ready!" Hannah said with a big smile while holding up a glass herself.

"Hi mommy!" Mackenzie waved at the screen. "Hi momma!"

"Hey baby girl." Brittany smiled back while waving. "Where are the boys?"

"Here!" Ashton and Carter quickly answered while running into the room with their apple juice. Noah came in as well. "Congratulations momma." His deep voice boomed.

While Brittany was talking to the kids; Santana was busy sprinkling rose petals around the two of them.

"Gross, you two are so having sex as soon as we hang up aren't you?" Mercedes laughed out while nudging Quinn, who was at her house.

"Our kids and parents are synced in Wheezy, watch it." Santana said quickly with a smile. "But of course we are." She whispered to Brittany who had tears in her eyes, Santana sat behind her and kissed her neck softly.

"Ok, everyone ready?" Santana asked with a smile.

Hannah adjusted the camera so all of the Lopez-Pierce kids were in the picture. Ashton and Carter held up a banner that said "Congratulations Momma!" while screaming it out with Noah and Mackey.

Over at the Atkinson residence, the 4 Puckerman kids along with Zacky held up a banner that said "Congratulations Aunt Brit!" while they screamed it out as well. Puck, Quinn, Mercedes, and Zack all raised their glasses to toast.

"Congratulations Brit, you deserve all this and more." Puck said with a huge smile. "I knew you were a star when we performed Valerie back in Glee." He winked.

Santana then popped the cork on the champagne as poured Brittany a glass, and poured herself one. "Congrats baby, I love you so much, and am more than honored to share this day with you." She said as everyone took a sip and Santana leaned over and kissed Brittany on the lips

After a few more toasts and congratulations, Santana shut down the ipad and the video chat. She moved to face her wife. "Brittany, baby, I'm so, so, proud of you. Cheers baby." She whispered out while clinking champagne glasses with her and taking a sip before leaning forward and kissing her passionately. "I love you Brit." Santana whispered out while leaning Brittany back on the blanket.

"I love you more San." Brittany added as tears streamed out of her eyes. "You are simply amazing baby." Santana kissed her tears away before slowly undressing Brittany and christening the new studio in true Brittana fashion.


Back in LA next chapter where Santana handles Noah's new discovery