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"He has to be ok, Quinn." Santana whispered sadly while shaking her head as Quinn held her tightly.

"Positive thoughts, San." Quinn replied softly while rubbing Santana's side. "Positive thoughts, babe."

Santana nodded and sniffled as she helplessly watched the crowd around Noah get larger and larger by the second as medical personnel from the school came rushing out.

"I can't lose him." Santana then sobbed out as she turned and hid her face in Quinn's neck. "He's my baby."

Quinn sighed and ran her fingers through Santana's hair and started to hum softly while rocking the both of them. "Noah's tough just like you, babe." Quinn whispered in her ear. "He'll push through this." Quinn assured her. "He has too." She added softly to herself while staring out at the field.

10 minutes later cheers echoed through the stadium as Santana quickly looked back towards the field and saw Noah slowly standing back up. He lifted his hand to the crowd that he was okay before locking eyes with Santana and nodded at her.

"Thank God." Santana breathed out while wiping her eyes.

Puck and Zack came running back over to the sidelines where the pair was waiting. "He got the wind knocked out of him San, and he may have a concussion, they are going to take him to the locker room and run some tests to check, he won't be back in the game. Other than that he's ok."

"Can I go see him now?" Santana asked quickly.

"They aren't going to let you in, your behavior has been a little…uh…well, let's just say Hodgson has some words for you." Zack said quickly. "Finn is going to stay with him, he won't need to go to the hospital or anything."

Santana's face turned into a scowl. "I have words for Hodgson, and I will see to it that he's fired." She hissed out.

"Let's go back to our seats and get everyone packed up to head back to your house." Quinn told her while grabbing her best friend's hand.

"What do you mean your legs aren't moving Brit?" Mercedes repeated quickly while looking down at Brittany's legs.

"I want to walk, no, I want to run down there, and I can't move." Brittany said shakily.

"Shit..." Mercedes bent down and rubbed Brittany's leg. "Can you feel my hand?"

Brittany nodded. "Yeah." She replied as tears started to stream down her face.

"OK, that's good." Mercedes slowly exhaled. She then used her nail to drag it down Brittany's other leg. "Can you feel that?"

"Why are you groping my wife?" Santana asked as her and Quinn walked back up the bleachers to their seats.

Mercedes cleared her throat. "She can't move."

Santana's eyes widened. "What?!" She quickly ran up the next 2 stairs to Brittany. "What's wrong baby?" She rushed out while using her thumb to wipe Brittany's tears away.

"I tried to run with you to the field after Noah got hit but I couldn't move." Brittany explained while sniffling.

"I was touching her legs to see if she could feel my hands, and she can." Mercedes told Santana.

"She's in shock." Quinn said softly.

Santana bent down and began to rub Brittany's legs slowly. "Hold on to her arms guys." Mercedes and Quinn both nodded and braced Brittany as Santana lifted one of her legs and bent it slowly. "How does that feel Brit?" She asked quietly as she continued to slowly massage it. "Does it hurt?"

"That feels good." Brittany replied.

"OK." Santana bent her leg a few more times before kissing her knee and repeating the action on the other leg. "Do you want to go to the hospital?"

Brittany shrugged. "I don't know."

Santana sighed and rubbed her face roughly. "Stay calm, San. Stay calm." She said quietly to herself before standing up. She went down the aisle a little ways. "Try to walk to me now baby, Noah is fine, just got the wind knocked out of him.

"Here, I'll hold your arm Brit." Quinn said while climbing over the chairs to the row behind them and grabbing Brittany's arm.

Brittany closed her eyes and took a tentative yet wobbly first step; she then slowly walked the 3 chairs down to Santana, who hugged her tightly. "You're ok, Brit." She whispered in her ear. "Let's get you home, ok?"

Brittany nodded. "Ok."

Santana leaned back and kissed her tears away. "You're ok." She repeated while rubbing her sides.


Santana came up to their bedroom after checking on Noah, and Mackenzie, who was extremely whiney that night, she saw Brittany stretching and smiled at her.

"Hey." Santana said softly while sitting on the bed.

Brittany glanced up. "Hey, how's Noah?"

"He's ok, on FaceTime with Madison, she's in Florida with her parents." Santana told her. "I was so scared when he got hit."

Brittany opened her arms inviting Santana to sit on the floor with her. "I was too." She replied when Santana leaned back on her chest.

"You really scared the hell out of me." Santana whispered out. "I thought you were paralyzed."

"I scared myself." Brittany said while wrapping her arms around Santana's waist. "I saw Noah get hit and my body just froze, scariest feeling ever."

"I bet." Santana nodded while beginning to run her hands up and down Brittany's legs. "I'm glad you're ok."

Brittany nodded and moved Santana's hair to the side and began to kiss her neck softly. Santana moved her head to the side so Brittany would get better access. Brittany slowly moved her hands from Santana's waist up to her breasts and massaged them over her shirt. "I love your breasts." Brittany whispered seductively in her ear while squeezing them gently.

"I love when you touch them, B." Santana moaned out. "You know that baby."

Brittany found her pulse point and began to suck harder on her neck. "Hmmmmm, I want to taste them San."

Santana smiled and turned her head and kissed Brittany slowly. "Let's get in bed."

Once they were lying in bed, Brittany rolled over on Santana and kissed her softly and slowly as Santana ran her hands up and down Brittany's bare back. Brittany moaned into the kiss and rolled her hips into Santana.

"Hey, San?" Brittany breathed out as Santana began to kiss her collarbone.

"Yeah…" She mumbled out, her lips never leaving Brittany's skin.

"I got on Twitter earlier." Brittany said in between soft moans.

"Mmmmhmmmm." Santana moaned while opening her legs so Brittany could settle in.

"I had close to 400 tweets asking me if you're a top or bottom?" Brittany said while sitting up and raising an eyebrow at the Latina. "Care to explain what the hell went on in AskSantana?"

"I rather show you." Santana smirked while rolling them and kissing down Brittany's body.

One week later - Saturday 2pm

After meeting with the young girl from Twitter, Santana rushed home with plans to spend her day with Brittany. Carter and Mackenzie were with Hannah, Ashton was at the Puckerman household, and Noah was spending the day with Madison and her family.

Brittany and Santana were cuddled together in the movie room in their basement in a heated make out session when Mercedes and Quinn bust in.

"Turn your leg this way, Brit." Santana said softly.

"It doesn't bend that way, San." Brittany moaned out.

"You're flexible, baby, please try Brit." Santana panted out.

"Ok, maybe it does bend that way." Brittany moaned out. "God! That feels good."

"We need to try that move again, Brit." Santana said while glancing at the screen."

"Mmmmhmmmm." Brittany replied while deepening their kiss and running her fingers through the Latina's hair. "Yeah, we do."

"Let's make another movie tonight." Santana panted out in between neck kisses. "Beauty and The Breasts 5?"

"Good Lord!" Mercedes screamed out while covering her eyes quickly as she heard moans and skin slapping engulfing the room. "Is that a sex tape?"

Quinn sighed and closed her eyes tightly. "I'll be outside until this is turned off." She groaned as she stepped out of the room.

"We prefer the term "Love Making Documentary." Santana replied while kissing Brittany again, who laughed into the kiss and broke it, causing the Latina to pout. Brittany then reached over and grabbed the remote to turn it off. "What's up ladies?" She asked with a smile.

"Is it off yet?!" Quinn yelled out from the other side of the door.

"Yeah, blondie." Santana groaned.

Quinn came back in. "Do you two have sex in here?" She then scowled. "We have all watched movies in here, and that's gross." She added while looking around the room.

"No, we don't." Brittany smiled as Santana straddled her and began kissing her neck softly.

"Not yet." Santana smirked.

"Can you hop off Brit for a second?" Mercedes laughed out.

"No, we were about to have sex, and now I'm horny, so you two need to leave." Santana snapped as she tried to take Brittany's shirt off.

"San." Brittany laughed and grabbed her wife's hands to still them. She then whispered something in Santana's ear causing Santana's eyes to widened and she quickly climbed off of Brittany and jumped up.

"You two have exactly 15 minutes." She rushed out. "What do you want?" She then glanced at Brittany and smirked while licking her lips. "Hurry!"

"You are coming with me." Mercedes said with a smile. "Go get some shoes on, we have plans today."

"N-no." Santana said while shaking her head. "I'm not going anywhere, I already have plans. Big naked plans that involve chocolate sauce, a whip, and a tiara." She smiled. "I need to stretch first actually." Santana added quickly. "You have 10 minutes."

"You are so disgusting." Quinn sighed while rolling her eyes.

"You can lick and split your wife later." Mercedes laughed.

"Lick and split?" Santana laughed out while sitting on Brittany's lap again. Brittany slipped her hand under the Latina's shirt and rubbed her back slowly.

"Don't encourage them, please." Quinn said while rolling her eyes. "Brit, you're coming with me today."

"I actually have plans with Rachel a little later." Brittany said with a smile. "Is it ok if she tags along?"

Quinn swallowed slowly and nodded with a small smile. "That's fine."

"Let's go Satan." Mercedes said quickly.

"Give us a few minutes and we'll be upstairs." Brittany smiled.

After Quinn and Mercedes left the room, Santana quickly straddled Brittany again and began kissing her hungrily. "I need you Brit, you can't whisper stuff like that and expect me to not want you like 10x more." Santana moaned while rocking her hips.

"Can you be quiet?" Brittany whispered. "You know they are outside the door."

Santana bit her bottom lip and nodded quickly.

"I know you can't." Brittany laughed. "But the kids are gone, so ok." Brittany then slowly unbuttoned Santana's jeans. "Stand up, baby."

Santana jumped up and slid her pants and panties down completely and kicked them to the side.

"Do you need to get all the way naked San?" Brittany laughed softly.

"I don't know what you have planned." Santana smirked with a shrug.

Brittany smiled and grabbed Santana's hips and began to plant kisses around her core. Brittany then leaned back so she was laying flat on their love seat. "Ride my face, San."

Santana's eyes widened. "Seriously?"

Brittany nodded. "Come on, baby, before they come back."

Santana smiled and kneeled on the love seat over Brittany's face. Brittany rubbed her thighs and lowered her wife to her face, where she instantly began licking her slowly.

Santana began to rock her hips into Brittany's mouth while gripping the back of the seat firmly. "Fuck, Brit." She moaned out while resting her head on the seat.

Brittany began to quickly flick her tongue quickly, causing Santana to scream out loudly and rock faster into Brittany's mouth. "B, oh God!"

"They are so ridiculous." Quinn sighed while going into the game room with Mercedes.

"Let's play some pool while we wait for Santana to come." Mercedes suggested.

"Really?" Quinn said with a mortified look on her face.

"Whoa, are you horny too?" Mercedes laughed. "I mean come as in come out of the room." Mercedes then raised her eyebrow.

"Oh." Quinn replied while turning bright red.

"Why are you so weird about their sex life today?" Mercedes then asked. "Not like we are strangers to it."

"We just caught them having sex while watching a sex tape of themselves." Quinn rushed out. "Why aren't you mortified?"

"They weren't having sex, yet." Mercedes shrugged. "And they've had sex in front of us before." Mercedes laughed. "You should be used to Santana's inappropriate make out sessions with Brittany by now."

"I can't believe it'll be 10 years for them in a week." Quinn smiled. "I'm so proud of them, they've come a long way."

"Yeah they have." Mercedes agreed. "They're perfect for each other."

Quinn nodded. "What are you planning to do with San today to kill time until tonight?"

"Porn store." Mercedes told her while laughing.

"Why do you encourage her?" Quinn laughed.

"That will keep her busy and entertained." Mercedes told her while pulling out her phone and replying to a text from Hannah. "Hannah said the caterer confirmed and are headed to the hotel to start cooking now."

"I wish Hannah could come." Quinn smiled.

"Yeah, me too but she's like 8 months pregnant." Mercedes told her. "Wait until we throw her bachelorette party though."

"Why are we giving them a surprise bachelorette party anyways?" Quinn asked while making a face.

"Because they never had one 10 years ago." Mercedes shrugged. "You had one, I had one, they deserve one."

30 minutes later Brittany and Santana came to the game room hand in hand.

"Aren't quickies supposed to be quick?" Mercedes asked while standing up.

"That was quick for us." Santana smirked before turning around and hugging Brittany tightly. They locked eyes and began to kiss again.

"Nope….let's go." Mercedes stated firmly while grabbing Santana's hand and pulling her out of the room. "8pm for dinner, Q?"

Quinn nodded. "That works."

"My plan was to have sex and cuddle all day." Santana whined while glaring at Mercedes as the diva sang along to the radio and ignored her.

"Well, I have other plans for you today." Mercedes responded finally.

"You can't top those plans." Santana replied.

"Satan! Chill!" Mercedes laughed out.

"Whatever, I hope you plan on feeding me before 8." Santana snapped while rolling her eyes.

"Sure, we can stop and get lunch." Mercedes shrugged.

"How's Zacky?" Santana asked a little softer.

Mercedes glanced at her and smiled. "He's doing ok, this was a really good week for him, thanks for asking."

"You're welcome, I love the little guy, you know that." Santana told her.

"Yeah, I do, he loves his Aunt Sanny, as well." Mercedes replied as she pulled up to a small rainbow shack.

"What is this?" Santana asked while reading the sign Hallelujah Holly. "Is this a church or something?"

"No, it's a porn store." Mercedes said while replying to a text.

"You trying to seduce me Cedes?" Santana asked with a smirk.

"Don't flatter yourself, and you couldn't handle all this anyways." Mercedes winked before hopping out of her car.

"So what are we doing here?" Santana asked while slipping her shades off.

"I want to get some stuff for Zack, and you are Brit are freaks, so I thought you could help me find some stuff." Mercedes stated.

"I do need some more edible underwear for Brit, oh and maybe I can find a new dildo for her." Santana nodded in approval. "Good call on this today." She then smiled at Mercedes.

They walked into the small shack and Santana's face instantly grew into a huge smile. "This is fuckin awesome!" She gushed. "Look at all this stuff!"

"Calm down." Mercedes laughed while picking up a box with anal beads in it. "Think Zack would like this?"

Santana set down the furry handcuffs she had in her hand and walked over. "Hmmmm, I don't think so."

"Hola ladies and welcome to Halleujah Holly, where after you leave today you will be screaming hallelujah."

Santana and Mercedes both quickly turned around with their jaws open.

"Miss Holiday?" Santana asked with wide eyes.

"Call me Holly, only Miss Holiday if you're nasty." Holly winked. Mercedes laughed softly. "Maybe that only works for Janet." She shrugged.

"Is that really you?" Santana asked.

Holly Holiday took a bite of her taco and nodded. "I love when my former students come in, it feels amazingly rewarding." She smiled before setting her taco down and hugging them both.

"I'm still kind of scared of cucumbers from you." Mercedes laughed.

Holly laughed. "Can I offer you two a taco or just some ass?"

Mercedes coughed quickly.

"I have Taco Bell in the back, or ass." Holly held up a chocolate butt. "It's candy with a caramel filling. Very rewarding when you bite into it, I have all shades for your ethnic pleasure, even a cookies and cream one for biracial lovin."

Santana smirked. "I kind of want both right now."

"So what brings you two in?" Holly asked while taking the final bite of her taco. "According to E! you are both happily married." Holly's eyes then widened. "Are you two messing around, I definitely didn't catch any attraction between you two in high school." She furrowed her eyebrows. "How did I miss that?"

"No!" Mercedes and Santana both yelled out.

"I prefer a sausage over a pink taco." Mercedes replied.

"Wanky." Santana laughed out. "I want to get some new stuff for Brit, and Cedes is looking at some stuff for her man."

Holly nodded. "Excellent, I have some new things I would love to show you two, or maybe try out." She added while glancing over Santana.

Santana quickly cleared her throat and stood behind Mercedes as they followed her down an aisle. "Did she just make a pass at me?" Santana whispered.

Mercedes shrugged and laughed.

"So one of my favorite items is…" Holly started as her cell phone rang. "Excuse me ladies." She smiled while answering.

"What the fuck is going on?" Mercedes laughed out. "I can't believe you wanted ass from her."

"It's chocolate and I'm starving." Santana shrugged while picking up a whip. "I think we need a new whip." She then whipped it quickly and knocked over a few boxes. "Oops." She said while picking them up.

"Did I bring Santana or Carter?" Mercedes asked while laughing. "Stop touching shit."

"Why don't you get a whip for Zack?" Santana asked while quickly hitting Mercedes on the leg with the whip.

"Ima kick your ass, put that down." Mercedes groaned while rubbing her leg. "That shit hurt, you're buying lunch for that."

Santana shrugged.

"Miss Fink, kegel balls can be your friend, I assure you." Holly said into the phone while handing Santana a dildo and winking at her before walking away.

"Look how big this is." Santana breathed out. "I would have to buy a new harness, this won't fit in the one I have."

Mercedes looked over the dildo and shrugged. "This is Zack."

"Bullshit!" Santana said quickly. "Prove it!"

"I'm not showing you a picture of my husband's penis." Mercedes laughed. "You don't like penis anyways, why do you want to see it?"

Santana laughed. "I don't know, you've seen Brit naked. Fair is fair."

"Not by choice." Mercedes laughed.

"Yeah, you're right, I don't want to see." Santana said quickly while pretending to gag. "I wonder if Brit will like this." She said while diverting her attention back to the dildo.

"So if you hate penis so much, do you always wear the harness?" Mercedes asked as Holly came walking back over.

"Yes, Miss Fink, a kegel a day keeps the doctor away." Holly smiled into the phone while handing Mercedes a box. "You'll thank me later." She then walked away again.

Mercedes looked over the box and smirked. "Ummm, yeah I always wear it." Santana said softly. "I'm not comfortable with Brit wearing and using it on me."

"Really? Because of Richard?" Mercedes asked.

Santana nodded and looked away. She then took a deep breath and faced Mercedes again. "So what's this?"

"Cock ring." Mercedes smiled.

"What does it do?" Santana asked while opening the box.

"The guy wears it and it keeps their erection for longer." Mercedes told her.

Santana laughed. "Glad Brit and I don't have that problem."

Holly came walking back over. "Sorry about that, Miss Fink got her kegel balls stuck…." Holly stopped when she saw the scowls on Mercedes and Santana's faces. "So, any special occasions coming up that you two are shopping for or just looking to liven up the bedroom a little?"

"Well, Brit and I are renewing our vows next Saturday for our 10th anniversary, so I wanted to get some new stuff for our 2nd Honeymoon." Santana said while sliding the shelf of edible underwear in to her hand basket.

"I have some new flavors in back." Holly told her with a wink.

Mercedes looked in Santana's basket and grabbed 2 boxes out and put them in hers.

"Get your own." Santana said playfully.

"You bought the whole damn shelf, they all aren't even your size." Mercedes laughed out.

"Oh my God!" Holly said happily. "I know the perfect thing for you and Brittany."

She went running down an aisle to the corner and pointed in admiration at the apparatus suspended from the wall.

"What is it?" Mercedes asked while squinting and turning her head to the side.

"Looks like a swing?" Santana shrugged.

"Not just any swing, this is the new version." Holly replied while slipping her shoes off. She then hoisted herself in the stirrups. "Santana can you strap my feet in?" Santana nodded and fastened her feet in and stepped back and Holly began to slowly open her legs into the splits.

"Oh shit." Santana said softly. "Can't you picture Brit in this Cedes?"

"Gross, no I can't picture Brittany in it and I don't want to either." Mercedes laughed as Holly began to slowly flip upside down.

"Perfect for a little 69." She smiled. "Right at the perfect position."

"Y-yeah." Santana stuttered out, she then leaned over to Mercedes. "We need to leave now, I need Brit."

"Keep it in your pants and to yourself." Mercedes whispered back.

"I'm picturing Brit in it, and I need her like now." Santana said quickly.

Holly then reached over and grabbed a dildo off the counter. She turned it on to turbo and pulled down her yoga pants.

"What the fuck!" Mercedes said while blinking quickly.

"This swing is also good for masturbation." Holly smiled while holding the dildo to her core and turning it to turbo, she pressed it on the outside of her panties. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh." Holly moaned softly.

Santana crossed her legs and looked away.

"Would either of you girls like to try?" Holly then asked while pulling her pants up and flipping herself right side up.

"NO!" They both quickly rushed out.

"Are you sure?" Holly asked with a big smile. "I would be happy to help either of you find the perfect speed for your pleasure."

"Positive." Santana nodded. "I'll take one of the swings though."

"Great." Holly nodded. "Anything else?"

"I think we are set." Mercedes nodded.

After helping Holly out of the swing, Santana grabbed a stripper pole; more massage oils, a sexual twister game, two more dildos, a new harness, and the anal beads that Mercedes picked up when they first walked in the store. While Santana checked out Mercedes discreetly added more items to her basket for their bachelorette party.

After Mercedes checked out. Holly came from behind the counter. "I'll see you ladies at the wedding Saturday. I feel responsible for this lovely union." She replied. "Santana I put my number in your bag, I'll keep an eye out on an amazing gift for you two."

Santana nodded as they left the shop and loaded up Mercedes car. "I can't believe you bought a stripper pole." Mercedes laughed out.

"Zack is out of town with Zacky right?" Santana asked.

Mercedes nodded. "Yeah, why?"

"Let's go to your house. I need your help with something." Santana said with a smirk.

"Oh God." Mercedes replied as she pulled out of the parking lot. "With the shit you just bought, I don't know if I want to help you do anything today."

"Nice to see you again, Quinn." Rachel said with a smile while she hugged the blonde.

"You too." Quinn smiled. "Sorry Beth and I couldn't meet up with you in New York."

"Perfectly fine. I know you two have a lot of catching up and bonding to do." Rachel told her. "Will she be here for the ceremony next week?"

Brittany walked into the room. "Yes, Santana bought her a plane ticket and emailed her the confirmation last night." She handed both of them a glass of champagne.

"You didn't have to buy her ticket." Quinn said quickly.

"Tell Santana that." Brittany shrugged.

"So are you ready to marry Santana again?" Rachel asked with a big smile.

Brittany blushed. "Yeah I am, I don't know how it's possible but I seriously fall deeper in love with her every day." She gushed.

"Santana is the queen of gifts, so I can imagine what your anniversary gift will be." Quinn laughed. "Did you get her anything?"

"I think the gift is the 2nd honeymoon." Brittany shrugged. "I'm not expecting anything else."

"You didn't expect a surprise birthday party either, or the diamond bracelet, or that amazing video." Quinn told her with a smile.

"That video was the best gift ever." Brittany nodded and closed her eyes. "I don't know what to give her."

"You could probably give Santana sex and she would be content." Quinn laughed.

Brittany nodded. "She doesn't expect a lot or ask for a lot material wise." Brittany paused. "I do want to do something super sexy for her."

"Like what?" Rachel asked.

"Do a strip tease." Quinn suggested.

"I do those for her a lot already." Brittany sighed. "Let me get our video collection and maybe you both can help me with an idea we haven't done yet."

"No!" Quinn yelled. "Do not get those tapes." Quinn said quickly. "You and San are like exhibitionist when it comes to your damn sex life."

"I love my body, she loves hers, and we love each others." Brittany smiled.

"I know the perfect gift then." Rachel smiled.

"What?" Brittany asked.

"Get a naked portrait done for her." Rachel suggested.

Brittany's eyes widened. "I could do that, but who would do it on such short notice?"

"I know a few people that can get it done today for you." Rachel told her while pulling out her phone.

Quinn shook her head. "Nope, San will freak if you had some stranger paint a nude picture of you and she wasn't there to supervise." Quinn reminded Brittany. "You've been on set for all of her sex scenes in movies."

Brittany bit her bottom lip. "That's true."

"Oh." Rachel frowned.

"Let's go to the porn shop." Brittany suggested. "I can probably find something there or at least get some inspiration for a gift, on top of the heels, and diamonds."

"No, I know exactly what you can get San." Quinn smiled while she pulled out her phone.

"I can't believe I let you talk me into this Santana!" Mercedes screamed out.

"What? Zack will love yours and Brit will love mine." Santana replied. "Stop whining."

"I'm covered in plaster." Mercedes groaned. "I'm lying naked, well topless on a table while you mold plaster around me."

"Sit still and stop complaining before I give you a third nipple or something." Santana laughed.

"Satan!" Mercedes yelled.

"I'm done, just relax." Santana replied. "Lay perfectly still so I can lift it." Santana carefully lifted the cast of Mercedes breasts off and tossed the diva a towel so she could clean her herself up.

Mercedes put her shirt back on and went over to look at the plaster cast of her breasts. "You really think Zack will like this?"

"He's a breasts man, right?" Santana asked while staring at it. Mercedes nodded. "Well, then he'll love it."

"Ok, let's do yours." Mercedes replied as Santana took her shirt off.

"Remember these girls belong to Brit, so don't get too comfy with them." Santana said while grabbing her own breasts.

"Go to hell, Santana." Mercedes laughed out. "Trust me I don't want to touch your bony ass."

Santana then took her pants off.

"What are you doing?" Mercedes asked.

"Brit loves my love below as much as my twins, so I want to cast them both." Santana smiled.

"Your breasts I'll do but I'm not casting down there for you." Mercedes told her sternly.

"Why?" Santana asked quickly.

"No. " Mercedes repeated while shaking her head.

"Come on Cedes, I would do it for you." Santana pleaded.

"I wouldn't ask you to." Mercedes laughed out.

"Aren't you Brit's maid of honor?"

"Yea, your point?"

"Do you want to ruin her wedding?" Santana asked while leaning back on her elbows.

"How the hell is that ruining her wedding?" Mercedes laughed.

Santana frowned. "I don't know exactly."

Mercedes groaned. "Fine, but you owe me more than you'll ever know for this."

Mercedes turned on music and began to plaster Santana's body for her as the Latina sang along softly to the radio.

"So is this your wedding present to Brit?" Mercedes asked.

Santana shook her head. "No, I actually bought her the studio she wanted in Paris for our anniversary."

Mercedes stopped and looked at Santana. "Seriously?"

Santana nodded. "I used my personal account so she didn't notice money missing. She deserves it Cedes."

"Wow." Mercedes breathed out. "Yea, she does. You truly are the queen of gifts."

"I just want the people around me happy." Santana said softly. "I just want Brit to be happy."

"Let's just skip dinner with Q and Cedes." Santana said while sitting behind Brittany on their bed and kissing her neck. "Wouldn't you rather eat me?"

"You're always my favorite dish." Brittany winked as she turned her head and kissed Santana while cupping her face.

Santana deepened the kiss and moaned softly.

"Why are you so horny today, San?" Brittany asked with a smile.

"Because my wife is sexy." Santana moaned out while unbuttoning her shirt slowly just as the house phone rang.

Brittany reached over and pressed the speaker. "H-hello?"

"We are outside ladies, let's go please." Quinn said sweetly.

"We aren't going." Santana replied quickly.

"Yes, we are." Brittany laughed out. "We are on our way down now."

Santana crawled over and pushed Brittany back while she leaned on her hungrily kissing her.

"Me and kitty need you, Brit." Santana whined while kissing Brittany's breasts through her shirt. "I really need you baby, see." Santana moaned while taking Brittany's hand and sticking it under her skirt.

"Damn, you're wet." Brittany said quickly.

"Ummmm, we are still on speaker." Mercedes laughed out.

Santana sighed and reached over to hang up the phone.

"I promise we will have sex all night after dinner." Brittany smiled while kissing Santana and sitting up.

"Why are we eating dinner at the hotel?" Santana asked with a scowl.

"This is where Rachel and Finn are staying, so we thought it would be nice to hang out in her hotel suite." Quinn said while showing Mercedes a text on her phone. Mercedes nodded at the message.

"Why would that be fun, and all three of us have big ass houses?" Santana asked.

"Be nice, baby." Brittany said softly while kissing her on the forehead.

Santana winked at Brittany and kissed her on the cheek.

"This is my suite ladies." Rachel said with a smile as she stuck her key in the door and opened it.

Brittany and Santana walked in and were immediately bombed with glitter and silly string as friends and family jumped out at them.

"This is your bachelorette party bitches!" Becky Jackson screamed out.

"Our what?" Santana asked quickly.

"Your joint bachelorette party." Mercedes repeated. "You two never had one, and I knew you wouldn't want separate ones, so here you go."

Tina walked over and handed them both shots. "Bottoms up."

They took the shot before kissing each other quickly. "Well, let's party." Brittany smiled while leading Santana through the suite to greet all of their guests.

"Let's start with body shots!" Sugar screamed out. "Ummm, let's see Brit and San first, then Rachel and Quinn…" She started to list off.

Rachel and Quinn looked nervously at each other before Santana spoke up.

"Only Brit and I can do body shots tonight." She said quickly while smiling at Rachel and Quinn.

They both mouthed a thank you to Santana, as Quinn let out a long exhale and quickly grabbed a beer.

"Watch her drinking tonight." Santana then whispered to Mercedes.

"Already on it." Mercedes nodded.

Halfway through the party, and countless shots and martinis later Santana was sitting on Brittany's lap kissing her on the neck while dancing to the music playing.

Brittany was had one arm around Santana's waist while she danced with her drink in the other hand. She was occasionally turn her head to catch Santana's lips in a kiss before taking a sip of her drink and dancing again.

"Time for cake!" Sugar screamed out while dancing with her drink and passing out jello shots to everyone. She then ran and pushed a huge cake to the middle of the suite.

Santana jumped up and grabbed Brittany's hand to pull her up as well. Brittany quickly wrapped her arms around her wife's waist and held her tightly as they rocked side to side to the beat of the music.

"I love you San."

"I love you more." Santana said as she quickly kissed Brittany.

"Ok, so on three we are all going to yell out Happy Anniversary!" Sugar exclaimed while clapping and jumping up and down.

"There better not be a stripper in this cake." Santana snapped.

Mercedes and Quinn looked each other and shrugged. "We didn't order the cake."

Brittany rubbed Santana's side. "If there is a stripper, you'll still be all I see." She whispered to her.

Santana blushed and smiled at Brittany.

"One…..two…three!" Everyone yelled out as the top of the cake flew off.

"Happy Anniversary Sandbags and Tweedledumb." Sue Sylvester said with a smile while she jumped up.

"Oh God! Tell me she's not naked." Mercedes groaned while turning her head.

"I can't look." Quinn said while covering her eyes.

"What type of shit is this?!" Santana yelled out.

"Well, you're welcome." Sue smirked. "I'll that as my invitation to your overpriced and unnecessary vow renewal ceremony, where I'm sure you will declare your undying love for one another, and the wheelchair kid will sing an extremely soulful version of "Here Comes the Bride" while Asian Number 1 cries, and Asian Number 2 dances like he is having a seizure, or maybe it's reversed. Let's not forget your test tube daughter will throw wilting flowers at your feet."

"Sue, why are you here?" Santana hissed out.

"I heard there was a wedding renewal ceremony, that I wasn't invited to, I wasn't invited to the first ceremony either, which is completely unexpected and borderline rude since I'm the sole reason you and dancing Barbie here are even together."

"Go to hell Sue." Santana snapped.

"I vacation there." Sue smiled. "But thanks. I also came because I knew Aretha and Mommy Dearest over there wouldn't know how to plan a proper bachelorette party." Sue added as she stepped out of the cake. "I brought a dancer for you."

"We don't want a stripper." Brittany said while shaking her head and rubbing Santana's back to keep her calm.

"Well, that's too bad." Sue replied. "I paid for a dancer, and they're going to dance."

Sue went to the stereo and popped in a tape and began to smile as the song began to play.

Na na na na na na na nana

Na na na na nana

Gettin jiggy wit it

"Is this a joke?" Santana asked quickly.

"I love this song!" Brittany exclaimed as she began to sing along and dance. She placed her hands on Santana's hips and tried to get her to dance with her but Santana wouldn't budge.

"They seem a little shy." Sue said while glaring at the cake. "Let's all sing together to get them to come out."

Everyone looked around at each other and began to sing along hesitantly.

Na na na na na na na nana

Na na na na nana

Gettin jiggy wit it

Santana rolled her eyes. "This shit here is just…." She quickly picked up her drink and took a big gulp as Principal Figgins jumped out the cake in a thong and began to sing and dance.

Na na na na na na na nana

Na na na na nana

Gettin FIGGY wit it

"Getting Figgy with it!" Figgins yelled out happily while shaking his butt. "Getting Figgy with it!"

"Sweet baby Jesus!" Quinn said as she dropped her glass.

Mercedes screamed in laughter and pulled out her phone and began taking pictures and recording the spectacle in front of her.

Santana spit out her drink on Sugar who screamed and ran to the bathroom. "What type of fuckin joke is this?!"

Brittany's eyes lit up as she ran over and began dancing with Figgins. "Go Figgy! Go Figgy!" She began to chant as the rest of the suite joined in.

"Best party ever!" Becky yelled out while running over and dancing with Brittany and Figgins.

"Oh my." Rachel said while quickly looking for a drink of her own to slam back.

Santana wiped her mouth and ran over to Brittany. "The only person you're getting jiggy with is me." She said with a smile as she started to dance with Brittany.

Brittany kissed her softly before hugging her tightly as the entire suite began to dance and sing along loudly. After a few moments, Brittany picked Santana up. "Get jiggy with me in the bedroom." She whispered as she carried Santana to one of the bedrooms in the suite and locked the door.


The vow renewal ceremony is next chapter before a much needed Brittany romantic trip.