I've never written love poems before
Those spouting sappy things of yore
Of bygone days, before the haze
Of everlasting love amor

Poetry for the cliché hearted
Relating things that can be carted
Nevermore in thoughts of disgust
So now I let my poor heart rust

In hopes of dreams to be fulfilled
As in dancing with the daffodils
So please don't leave me empty hearted
Or I may never trust again.

Poems for phrases,
Rhymes for the weak
Should all be piled
and burned in a heap

Sappy love songs that could never relate
Now have the eeriest echo of fate.

"I told you so!" They taunt aloud
mercilessly beating down on the proud
tickled head of me in my bed
thinking my thoughts of submission.

She has fallen too! They roar to the cat
Uncaring as ever and safe in a nap
The cleverest stoniest heart could should fear
These crazy allusions to love songs I hear.


I promised not to fade
I promised not to wither
I would hold fast and strong to faith and die a little quicker.

I told myself to hold on
I told myself don't leave
I told myself that in the end I don't want to succeed.

I let myself slip faster
And quicken on the vine
I let myself think erring thoughts and write these stupid rhymes.

These rhymes hold my retention
These rhymes hold my release
But now and then a fated bend took me to you,
You see?


What the hell is wrong with me?
I vowed to never love.
Demons are my hell-pets,
I don't care when they are shoved.

My heart of ice is breaking.
'Twas shattering like glass
Of sugar spun but woe begun
My vow is falling fast.

Why is it that I need you?
Like "if" was meant to be
I pray each day to see through
What I once meant to me.


I see you
That I need you
That "we" is made to be
I find the twines that send you
Where I could never be.
And in it, I remember
Promises from past
Of late November
I see I need
To last.


The ice was thin
And you dived in
Underneath my lucid skin.
The cold submerged and forgotten.

Hours pass, days pass
Time stands still
The sun comes up
It's you who fills

My secret paths of forgotten.


Ai me now I'm over imagining
Making something where it's not
You told me once but I forgot
Please say trusting you ain't a silly thing.