Hi everyone. This is my first Persona story and I'm currently need OC and Social link Characters for my story. This story is setting in Iwatodai and takes place after P3/P4/P4A. The Characters will be going to Gekkoukan High School and the story starts March 4th 2013. Well here what's the characters info needs. Also the Personas in this story are going to be from Irish Mythology. Since P3 was Greek Mythology, and P4 was Japanese Mythology.(Also my friend and me already chose the Fool, Judgement, and Death Arcana)

Another thing is that their is going to be returning characters from P3 and P4 as either social links or cameos in the story.


Also Known as:(Basically the character nickname or any alias they go back)



Date of Birth:(I might do some sort of birthday chapter for that character)



Profile:(Include their Personality, Story, and Role)

Resolve:(What happens to them to make them awaken their Persona)

Persona:(Give me their Initial persona first and then their Ultimate Persona. Your Persona also has to be from Irish Mythology i.e. Scathach, Neamhain, Cu Chulainn, Macha)

Character's appearance:(Give me both their wear for the winter and summer wear plus what they wear at school)

(Initial Persona) Appearance:

Type:(Is your Persona, Combat, Magic, Support, Balance, or a Sensory Type?)

Element:(Does your Persona specialize in Physical, Agi, Bufu, Zio, Garu, Hama, or Mudo skills? You may have up to two elements for your persona to specialize in)

Weak:(What is it weak against?)

Focused Stats:(Does your Persona focus on one or two stats? Note: If your Persona is a Balance or Sensory type it will not Focused or have a Poor stat)

Poor Stats:(What is your Persona not so best stats)

(Ultimate Persona) Appearance:

Type:(Same thing but if you want to change your Persona type)



Focused Stats

Poor Stats:

Trivia: (Does your Character have any fun facts about themselves?)

Also Partholón, Nuadha, and Cichol. Have already been taken by me and my friend as Personas. While coming out with the stories. If you don't know what they are. I'll give a brief about them.

Partholón: in medieval irish traditions, he was the leader of the second group of early people to settle in Ireland. In the battle of Magh Ithe. Partholón defeated the fomorians along with Cichol who led them in battle. In the first battle fought in Ireland.

Nuadha: Nudha was the King of Tuatha Dé Danann(The fifth people to settle in Ireland) for about seven years before they came to Ireland. During the first battle at Mag Tuired, Nuada lost an arm and was no longer eligible for kingship. Where he was replaced by Bres, a half fomorian prince. During Bres reign they had refuse to offer any tribute to the Tuatha De. Who became disgruntled about their new kings rule and lack of hospitality. By around that time Nudha had replaced his missing arm with a silver made arm and took back his Kingship. Nuadha was killed and beheaded by Balor in the second battle of Mag Tuired.

Cichol: Cichol was the early leader of the fomorian. He was a footless or withered leg leader. He opposed the people of Ireland and declared war against them in the Battle of Mag Itha, and ten years later. Cichol was defeated by Partholón.

I couldn't start the story, because I'm a bit busy. But I'll get it update it soon. So sorry about this and I hope my first persona fanfic is alright. When I start the first chapter.