It all started with a bit of luck.

I stood at the doors of Hope's Peak Academy, nervous about my eventual entering of the school. My sister, Mukuro Ikusaba, had already entered. My sister Mukuro, the Super High School Level Baseballer.

I knew I didn't deserve to be here. I was just an average girl. I liked the same books, music, tv shows as everyone else and I did the usual things that teenage girls my age did - eating desserts with my friends after school, doing my homework half-heartedly, going to movies, the usual sort of thing. The only way I'd distinguish myself from other people was that I was a little more emotional than other people: I could change from bright and cheery to serious and depressed in a matter of seconds.

Mukuro, on the other hand, was the sensible one. She spent a lot of her time training for her silly baseball games, studying, thinking about her future. I was her only friend, and even then she was hardly noticeable when by my side. She had put so much effort into getting into this school, and when she did, I was happy for her. I knew that Mukuro was a little resentful, known as just "the quiet Ikusaba twin" at school, and I didn't want to ruin this opportunity to make herself known as her own person.

Then I won the school lottery.

I was the one who suggested that I go by a different name - no one knew who I was, after all, I was just a Super High School Level Good Luck, Mukuro was the one who was talked about on internet forums, being a now famous baseballer after a few grand finals, so it wouldn't be too hard to pull off.

And now here I was. It was time for the big moment, the beginning of my new life at Hope's Peak.

I stepped inside and promptly passed out.

It was dark. Too dark. I lifted up my head from my arms, looking wearily around me. I was in a classroom, which was strange, I never remembered even entering a classroom in the first place. I noticed bolts on the wall as I stood up but they wouldn't budge, so matter how much I pulled, and I wasn't sure of what it was supposed to be covering up, anyway. I figured it was just some weird design thing, and went over to the door, pulling it open.

I walked through a hallway, opening doors and looking inside until I reached the end of the hallway, which leaded to a door. I gulped and opened the door, awaiting the sight ahead of me. Fifteen other students, including Mukuro, stood in the room, and they went silent when I entered, staring at me. I stared back, a little nervously, until an elegant looking blonde boy with glasses spoke. "Are you a student here at Hope's Peak Academy? You're late. It's eight, you were supposed to be fifteen minutes ago."

Damn. I had gotten there at seven thirty. Just how long was I asleep? I should've looked to see if there was a clock in the classroom I woke up in. "Oh, sorry. I fell asleep. My bad."

"After I entered this school, I believe I passed out. I found myself waking up in a classroom." A pale girl with long black drill pigtails (who I recognized as Celestia Ludenberg, Super High School Level Literacy Girl) said, "Was this the case for you, too?" I nodded.

"Ahhh, you're late, but I guess it can't be helped," a boy with brown hair and green eyes said, "after all, you can't control when you wake up if your body's not on a schedule! Just be careful next time, okay?"

"Anyway," the blonde boy said, "now that we're all here, I believe we should get acquainted."

"Hey, who made you in charge?!" A sweet looking girl, Sayaka Maizono, Super High School Level Delinquent said.

"I did. Now let's begin, shall we?" The boy said. Everyone began talking again, and I stood there a little awkwardly until someone tapped my shoulder. I turned to face the tapper and nearly hit them in the face with my pigtails. "Whoa there, be careful with that! You could poke someone's eye out with those, y'know?" A boy I clearly recognized said. "The name's Leon Kuwata, Super High School Level Heir. Don't tell me - you're a Super High School Level Assassin, right? I'll bet you actually use those pigtails of yours to poke eyes out. Tell me, am I right, or am I right?"

I giggled. One reason was out of pure nervousness, I was talking to one of the richest teenagers in the country, after all. Another reason was because he was very charming. I did not expect that from him - I'd always pictured him as a really brash, punky tool, that was the way the magazines depicted him after all, but he was actually pretty nice. "I'm Junko. Junko I- Enoshima. Super High School Level Good Luck!"

"Ah, so I was wrong after all! Just glad you didn't turn out to have a really creepy talent like Super High School Level Stripper or something."


Leon blinked, and shook his head hard. "Aw, don't worry about it. I should go, y'know, and meet the other kids. I'll, uh, catch ya later?"

I smiled. "Sure, why not."

"Great. Nice to meet you, Junko!" And with that, Leon headed off. He was nice. Were all of my classmates going to be this nice?

I searched the room, and my eyes landed on the blonde boy from earlier. I headed over them him. "Hi, I'm Junko Enoshima, Super High School Level Good Luck! It's nice to meet you! I hope we can be friends." The boy looked at me, a little annoyed by my enthusiasm, I guess, which disheartened me a bit.

"My name is Byakuya Togami. Super High School Level Prince."

"P-p-prince?!" I exclaimed. "Of where?"

He gave me a look. "A small European country. It's none of your business. Go away."

I guess they weren't all going to be nice, then.

As I turned to go talk to someone else, I bumped into Sayaka, knocking her over. I gasped, and immediately helped her up. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry. Are you okay?" I said nervously. I mean, she was a gang leader.

She took the apology gracefully, dusting off her clothes. "It's fine, don't sweat it. I'm Sayaka Maizono, Super High School Level Delinquent. Who're you?"

"Junko Enoshima, Super High School Level Good Luck... it's nice to meet you..."

"You too. I hope we'll get along." She smiled at me sweetly, putting my troubles at ease.