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Cinder Fall, one of servants of the Grimm Hive Mind, walked down a long dark staircase. When she finally reached the bottom, the fire controlling woman found herself facing a large black door with engravings of Grimm on it.

She held onto a black dust crystal in her right hand. The door had a small hole for said crystal to be placed in.

Cinder closed her eyes and activated her Aura, which began to fill the dust crystal with energy, causing it to glow orange. The woman stuck the crystal into the hole in the door, the moment it fit in, orange lines spread across the door.

The door slowly began to rise upwards, allowing Cinder entrance. Within the room, behind the door, stood a swirling purple portal.

The woman's glass slippers clicked on the dark ground, the only source of light being her glowing yellow eyes and the portal.

When she reached the portal, she waited for her master to speak. A red eye soon appeared within the centre of the portal.

"Report." The voice was deep and rumbled slightly.

"The first phase is complete, the Blassreiter have been captured and are awaiting orders. However, it used up all of the dust we had, meaning we'll need to obtain more later."

Dust was the power source on their planet. Dust was also connected to Aura, the manifestation of one's soul. Through much experimentation, Cinder had created a kind of dust that could absorb someone's Aura, which also meant, absorbing the soul.

Unfortunately, the humans of Earth had yet to unlock their Aura. This meant Cinder and her master needed to wait for a Blassreiter to die, the moment that the soul was released from the body, the crystal could then be used to take the soul of a Blassreiter. It took a large amount of Dust to even capture one soul, so they needed to be selective.

When their storage of dust was used up, Cinder's master released their souls and gave them physical bodies in their world.

It would've been much easier to just abduct the humans, but Earth had extremely strong military weapons. Not even the White Fang had the resources to combat that kind of firepower.

"Excellent, continue onto the second phase."

Cinder nodded and left the room to inform the Blassreiter of their next move.

All the Amalgams but Snow sat in a single underground cell, guarded by two massive snake like creatures. One was mainly black with white markings, and the other was mainly white with black markings.

Snow was in her own separate cell. Blood samples had been taken from the Blassreiters and had been sent somewhere to be analyzed.

A forcefield, powered by dust, kept the amalgams in place. No one spoke to one another, they had no reason to.

Cinder approached the cell entrance to given them their first mission.

"Well this is a surprise, I expected to find a ruined battlefield down here, glad to know I was wrong."

"What will you do with us when you have obtained what you want?" Xargin asked, his back leaning on the wall.

"Like I said, I will sent you all back to Earth when everything is over. Then you may continue your mission, Xargin."

The man breathed out slightly. "So The Lord has given me a second chance. Very well, I will cooperate."

"If Xargin wills it, then I will help too." Beatrice said. Even the stallion neighed in response. Gerd, Herman and Joseph all grunted in confirmation that they too, will help.

"What of Snow?" The blue haired man asked.

"She will remain here, I have other plans for her."

"What are you going to do with her?" Joseph demanded.

"Relax, I will not kill her, of that, you have my word." Joseph sighed, out of frustration and relief.

"Now back on track, your first task will be a simple jail break. An associate of mine has been caught and I would like to free him. You will split into groups. Joseph and Xargin will be one. You two will strike first and draw the attention of most of the security."

She turned her head to the racing buddies. "Gerd and Herman will be tasked with manually freeing and escorting said associate to the nearest ship." The two nodded in confirmation.

"Beatrice, you will and the horse will take to the sky, and intercept any hostile airship headed towards the vicinity of the operation."

Unknown Location

A young girl, wearing a red cloak walked though the snow, towards a cliff. At the edge of the cliff, sat a gravestone. Etched into the stone was an image of a rose, with text written under it.

Summer Rose

Thus kindly I scatter

The girl bent down, to pay respects for her deceased relative. She reached out and touched the gravestone and allowed a single tear to fall from her silver eye. She would never let anyone see this side of her, no one, not even her sister.

The wind picked up and snowflakes flew past her vision. For a single moment, she thought she saw another person standing at the grave wearing a white cloak, before disappearing from her eyes.

The City of Vale

Eight VTOL airships filled with members of the White Fang were headed to Vale's maximum security prison.

The White Fang were a terrorist organization that consisted of Faunus and they fought back against the humans for being discriminated. They usually would never work with humans but recently a deal had been made between the leader of the White Fang and the boss of the criminal underworld. Said boss had been caught and now the White Fang were obliged to help him.

Joseph and Xargin walked toward the front entrance of the prison. A guard asked for identification, before bring cut down by Xargin.

Alarms went off as the two began to massacre all the security being thrown at them.

The VTOLs hovered above the prison itself and its crew all started jumping out. Gerd and Herman hit the ground first and started their search for the one they had to free.

The airships activated their machine guns and opened fire on the prison itself. The AA guns of the prison started to come online to target the airships but Cinder, who was flying one of the ships, hit a red button on a detonator in hand, blowing up the cannons simultaneously with explosives that had been set up before hand.

Bullets bounced off the Amalgams so this was a truly one-sided battle.

Away from the carnage, a black limo had stopped moving and it's passengers watched the battle in the distance.

A girl in the back seat, who had short-ish orange hair turned her head towards the ongoing battle.

"Sir, what's going on?" She asked curiously.

The older man who sat on the other side of the limo rubbed his chin. "Hmm, it must be the White Fang. Driver, get us there."

"Are you sure sir?" The driver of the black limo asked.

"Yes, this will be a good field test."

"As you wish, sir."

The limo begun to drive towards the battlefield.

With the White Fang troops were gunning down whatever guards were left. Gerd and Herman were able to find the boss without much difficulty.

"Hey, I think I found him!" Herman yelled. Gerd joined his friend at the cell to see if he was right. Orange hair? Check. Green eyes, check. He looked just like the one in the photo Cinder showed them.

"You're Roman Torchwick right?" The boomerang wielding Amalgam asked.

"That depends, who's asking?"

"Cinder sent us. We're here to get you out." Herman explained.

"I see. Then lets not waste any time."

Missiles flew past Xargin as he charged ahead and cut through a guard using an RPG. It seemed like the all the guards had finally been killed.

The two left the smoking wreck of a prison only to see a black limo outside. Xargin and Joseph stared at it in confusion.

A young girl wearing a grey top and black pants with two green stripes, exited the vehicle and walked slowly towards them.

"What are you doing?!" Joseph yelled. "Get out of here!" He didn't want to kill anymore than he already had.

"Do you wish to go to our Lord's side?" Xargin said.

The girl didn't answer and simply stood there as swords began to come out of her backpack and started hovering behind her.

The duo re summoned their swords and prepared for battle. The floating swords flew right at them at an extreme speed and started a flurry of slashing. It took all of their concentration to keep up with the constant attack.

The girl recalled the swords towards herself which then formed a circle around her body.

Xargin, believing he had an opening, launched himself forward and aimed his sword at her head.

The girl jumped out of the circle of blades, letting the formation of swords to rotate upwards, striking Xargin's blade and knocking it away. The swords then spun themselves toward Xargin, hitting him in the stomach and sending him to the ground.

The floating blades split off and all headed to Joseph as once. It wasn't long before he fell to the onslaught of attacks.

The front half of the blades bent back and formed a circle in front the girl. The swords started spinning faster and faster while a green ball of energy could be seem in the middle of it.

The ball got and larger, while the girl pulled her hands to release the attack. Just before she could however, a nearby explosion sent her flying.

A police aircraft had been destroyed by Beatrice. She and the stallion currently were engaged in a dogfight with a few fighter jets.

Joseph got up to find that the orange haired girl was gone, and so was the limo. The two were picked up by one of the VTOLs, the mission was complete, there was no reason to stay.

On the ride to a secret fortress, Cinder explained the Amalgams to Roman. He was now wearing his trademark white suit with a black bowler cap and wielded a cane that could fire explosives.

"So you need more Dust?" He asked after the explanation for the jailbreak.

"Yes, if we are to continue onto the second phase, much more Dust is necessary."

Roman left the cockpit to let her fly in peace, knowing that an annoyed Cinder was not something anyone wanted to be around. Her thoughts wondered to a certain man with silver hair.

Well Ozpin, which pawn will you move next?

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Explanation on what is a Faunus from the RWBY wiki: Faunus are similar to the humans except for the fact that they share certain traits with animals. Some, such as Blake Belladonna and Velvet Scarlatina, have been shown to have animal ears, in these cases those of a cat or a rabbit. However others have been shown to have horns protruding from their heads. Faunus with animal ears also appear to have a set of human ears, as do those with horns. Some Faunus may have prehensile tails, such as Sun Wukong. It has also been stated that most Faunus have remarkable night vision, a trait that they use to great effect in combat.