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Author's Note: This picks up right after the wedding in Tame the Dragon. Please enjoy!

"Emma, get in this water right now!"



"That dolphin is looking at me like it's going to hump me."

"Emma Swan-Mills."

"Did you know that 14 dolphin assaults are reported each year in the United States? Just the United States! It's going to hump me. I'm like irresistible to everything…"

"Not right now." Regina answered. She was bobbing in the lake in front of the cabin next to a very well trained dolphin she borrowed from Sea World for the day, magically of course and she was sure that this had to be the most ridiculous point of her 60 odd years of living. Not only was she wearing a life jacket and a wet suit, her new wife was throwing a tantrum worthy of a two year old. "Need I remind you that this is your fault? You're the one that told your mother that we were going to Key West for our honeymoon and that we were going to do all kinds of "touristy" things like swim with dolphins. You were also the one who promised her pictures and you've put this off all week."

"What was I supposed to tell her? We aren't going anywhere because we're just going to have a ton of sex and try and figure my magic out? Key West just sorta came out and then she got all squeally and excited…" Emma trailed off, still staring down the dolphin that was mimicking Regina in the water. They were only a few feet away from the dock, both pairs of eyes watching her every move.

"I promise I won't let Shirley hurt you. Do you trust me?" Regina had to bring out the big guns. She had been in the water over a half an hour just waiting on Emma to get in with her and her wetsuit was becoming increasingly restricting.

"Yes." Emma sighed and knew she was going to have to get in. When Regina resorted to the "trust me" line she meant business. "What kind of name is Shirley anyway?"

"Her name. Shirley, do you promise not to hump Emma?" Regina asked the dolphin. Shirley answered with an enthusiastic nod of her head and then she dove under the water only to resurface right next to the dock. Regina had to marvel at these animal's intelligence. They weren't something they had in Fairytale Land and she found herself quite fascinated by them.

Emma finally slipped into the water and watched in horror as Shirley came up right beside her. Regina held the waterproof camera up and laughed when the dolphin touched her nose to Emma's cheek. Emma's eyes bugged out and when the camera clicked she was sure Shirley's chatter was laughter. The creature dove under the water again and Emma swam towards Regina for protection.

"She patted me on the back with her flipper, like she knew I was scared or something." Emma said when she got closer to Regina.

"She probably did. I'm sure she can sense fear. They are incredibly intelligent creatures." Regain handed Emma the camera and when Shirley popped up next to them Regina grabbed onto her fin. Shirley took off, gliding on the top of the water and pulling Regina with her. Emma clicked a few pictures, hoping that the camera would catch the uninhibited look her wife carried with her and the smile that stretched across her face. Emma thought she looked amazingly beautiful out here like this and she hoped that she could always make Regina that happy.

When they circled back around Regina let go as they approached Emma and the momentum from the ride carried her into her arms. The camera was forgotten and just floated on top of the water as Emma circled her arms around Regina's waist.

"This is pretty cool." Emma said. She noticed Shirley watching them intently and laughed when the dolphin pushed the camera towards them. Regina picked it up and when Shirley popped up in between them she snapped another picture.

"It is, but I should probably send her back. Someone's bound to notice she's missing sometime soon." Regina said, a hint of regret in her voice.

Emma noticed and despite her earlier fears she actually was enjoying herself. "Hey, we'll do this again okay? Maybe we should actually plan a trip down to Florida for real?"

Regina knew they could cross the town boundary without any consequences now, but she still wasn't actually comfortable with it. Emma had seemed content to stay in Storybrooke the last few years, but maybe a real vacation was something her wife needed. "Maybe we should. If you're with me, perhaps I won't find the outside world so daunting." Regina admitted quietly.

"I'd keep you safe. You wouldn't have to worry about anything." Emma said. She knew that the few times they had left Storybrooke, it had weighed heavily on Regina and she never seemed to let her guard back down until they were safely across the town line again.

"I know you would." Regina answered. She waved her hand in Shirley's direction and with a swirl of purple smoke she disappeared. "Come on. Let's get out of these horrendous wetsuits and get dinner going. You're going to need your strength tonight."

"Oh yeah?" Emma wiggled her eyebrows in Regina's direction.

"Yes. For magic practice." Regina laughed as Emma's face fell instantly. "Maybe if it goes well though…" She trailed off as she hoisted herself out of the water on to the dock and smiled to herself when she heard Emma's laughter.

"You're never going to go easy on me are you?"

"No. Never." Regina held her hand out and helped pull Emma up and out of the water. She kissed her lightly when they were face to face again and whispered, "I love you."

"I love you too. Now let's go get out of these wetsuits. I gotta pee."

Regina simply shook her head and took Emma's hand as they made their way up to the cabin.


"Again, Emma." Regina watched as Emma closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths. She knew that the repetitiveness of making the ball appear and disappear was slowly eating away at her wife's last nerve, but it was the only way she new to teach her how to harness her power. Magic was like a muscle and if she didn't learn to control it, it would always control her.

"This is stupid. I'm never going to have to make a ball appear. I can do magic when I have to." Emma knew that she sounded whiny, but she was physically and emotionally drained from their practice.

"That's the problem Emma. Your magic is very much tied to your emotions and we need to make sure you can separate the two. The reason you can't control it is because it does come so easily when you feel something, whether it's anger or protectiveness or even happiness. Once you learn to do magic when you aren't emotional then controlling it when you are is going to be that much easier." Regina walked forward and laid her hand on Emma's cheek, smiling when the blonde leaned into it and covered her hand with her own. She felt Emma's lips press into her palm and her own eyes fluttered shut.

"Can we be done for the night? I just want to crawl in bed and curl up with you." Emma lowered their linked hands, but kept their fingers laced together as she kept her eyes on Regina's face, looking for any sign she would relent.

"I suppose we can do that. You have done quite well tonight." Regina knew she was giving in too easily, but she was feeling drained from their session as well and the thought of wrapping herself up with the woman and falling asleep sounded like bliss.

"Besides, the sooner we go to sleep the sooner we can wake up. I'm hoping you'll wake me up like you did the first time we stayed here." Emma tugged on their linked hands, leading them back towards their bedroom.

"Is your mind always in the gutter, dear?"

"Most of the time. Especially when I'm around you."

"Especially?" Regina stopped their progress and quirked an eyebrow at the blonde.

"Um, I meant only. Only around you." Emma smirked and continued. "Now come on, Naked Regina is my favorite Regina so let's get to it."

"I can't believe I married you."

"I can't really either, but you can't back out now. You're all mine. Forever."

"Who knew that word would actually ever be a comfort to me?" Regina said. She glanced down at the diamond ring on her finger, still not quite used to the added weight of the wedding band on her hand and she smiled to herself at how right it all felt. When she looked up she saw curious green eyes watching her and she just smiled back, ending anymore conversation by stripping off her clothes and gesturing to the bed. Once they were situated, with strong arms wrapped around her middle, she whispered a soft thank you. The only response was the arms wrapped around her squeezing her a little tighter.


The next morning when Regina woke up she realized it did feel oddly reminiscent of their first morning together. Only this time Emma was the one trying desperately to wake her up. Keeping her eyes closed she reveled in the feeling of the tongue grazing her hard nipple and when Emma's mouth closed over it fully, sucking and pulling, she couldn't contain the moan that escaped. Green eyes flicked up to brown and Regina's only response was to thread her fingers into blonde curls and pull the woman down closer, encouraging the onslaught to continue. Regina spread her legs, a silent hint, and when the blonde settled in between them she raised her knees up and clamped them around the blonde, holding her tight between her thighs. She moved and rolled her hips, in time with the blonde's ministrations on her breast, her center grinding into the taunt stomach hovering above her.

"God, Regina you're so fucking gorgeous." Emma pulled up just long enough to convey her words and move over the other nipple begging for attention. She moaned loudly when the hands in her hair tugged just a little bit harder at her words and it spurred her on. When she felt one of Regina's hands slip out of her hair she tried to rise up a little, knowing where that hand was headed, but the legs clamped around her didn't budge. She flicked her eyes up and Regina only smirked, the hand in question moving deftly between them as it found its target. As two long fingers slid between her folds, slick with her need, Emma momentarily forgot her task at hand and her eyes slammed shut. The sensation of being filled by her wife still almost too much to handle. She was quickly brought back from the brink when the loan hand still threaded in her hair tightened its hold again and Regina arched her back, pushing the breast further into her mouth.

Regina continued moving her hips, grinding her center against her own hand buried in the woman above her. She felt the pulsing deep in her own belly and when she knew the blonde was on the edge with her she curled her fingers forward and with a few quick thrusts she took them both over the edge. She tugged on the blonde's hair again and crashed their lips together as they both came down from the high.

When Emma pulled back to look at Regina she had tears gathering in her eyes and she tried to shake them away. The grip on her hair was released and Regina's thumb caught one of the tears spilling down her cheek. No words were needed to express the feelings flowing between them and Emma simply buried her head in the crook of Regina's neck. Regina slipped her hand out from between them and gathered the blonde fully in her arms before they both let sleep take them over.

Neither woman noticed the golden light emanating from them both.


The next time Regina woke up she was alone and the smell of bacon was wafting in from the kitchen. Stretching a little, she smiled to herself and decided she was going to take advantage of their last morning at the cabin before heading back to the mansion. Following the smell she padded lightly down the hallway and found Emma grumbling to herself in the kitchen.

"Something wrong?" Regina asked when several curse words fell from the blonde's lips.

Spinning around it took Emma a moment to respond because the sight of a very naked Mayor standing in the kitchen was something she needed to commit to memory. "Ah, no. I wanted to make you crepes like you made for me that one time, but the batter ended up all lumpy. So you're just getting plain old pancakes. Hopefully."

Regina closed the gap between them and snaked her arms around Emma's waist. "Good thing I like your pancakes."

Emma leaned down and gave her a quick good morning kiss before untangling the arms wrapped around her. "You're naked. Go sit over there so I don't accidentally burn you or something…"

"This really is feeling like that first morning. Is this the part where I tell you I was probably so good this morning that I got you pregnant?" Regina said as she took a seat at the bar. She felt a little silly sliding onto the barstool without anything covering herself, but she decided to humor Emma and forgo clothes until after they ate.

"No, because I'm the one getting you pregnant." Emma punctuated the statement with a wave of the spatula, flinging drops of batter all over the counter.

"Please." Regina scoffed.

Emma just stared at the brunette, the hurt clearly visible in her eyes. "I thought we talked about having a baby…"

Realizing they weren't just poking fun anymore, Regina hopped off the stool and made her way back over the the blonde. "We did…talk to me." She took the spatula out of Emma's hand and stepped in closer, a sigh of relief escaping when she felt two hands come to rest on her hips.

"I just, I guess the way you said that made me think you didn't want that…" Emma said, her face still etched in confusion.

"Of course I want that. I just..well you're going to be the one carrying the baby-not me. You know, since you were the one who had Henry?"

"Well I assumed you were going to be the one to get pregnant, since I was the one that had Henry. One each, right?"

"Mmmmm, perhaps we left a few details out whenever we talked about it…" Regina trailed off, her mind reeling at the fact they'd both made such a big assumption without voicing anything.

"A few details? Try one giant detail." Emma couldn't contain herself any longer and she started to shake, the laughter bursting from her chest, unable to hold it in. "Oh god we're idiots."

"We? No, your parents are idiots. You come by it naturally. Why on earth did you think I would be the one to get pregnant? I'm si…I'm older than you." Regina took a step back and crossed her arms over her bare chest, somehow still conveying a sense of superiority despite being naked.

"Not that much. I mean yeah, the whole 28 years thing, but time was frozen, you didn't age at all. I figured that means your ovaries didn't either." Emma still couldn't seem to contain herself and continued to chuckle while she flipped the pancakes still cooking on the stove.

"You don't think…well how are we supposed to know who's going to get pregnant when we start trying?" Regina said slightly panicked now that the situation was sinking in.

"I'm definitely not the one to ask here. You're the magic guru. How'd it work back in the Enchanted Forest?" Emma started to plate up their breakfast, trying to move around her wife who was still standing frozen in the middle of the kitchen.

"I don't know. I just know it happened. I didn't go and start interrogating the lesbians or anything."

Seeing that Regina wasn't just going to snap out of it Emma approached her slowly and pulled her back into her arms. "Hey, just calm down. I want a baby and you want a baby, right?" Emma watched as Regina slowly nodded her head yes. "Okay, so really that's the important thing right? We'll just have to see what happens…besides I think you'd look hot pregnant…" She backed up just in time to miss the swinging arm and laughed when Regina lunged at her again. "Hey! knock it off. We have to eat before all this gets cold. You okay?"

"I suppose. I guess we'll just see who's magic is stronger won't we?" Regina smirked and made her way to the table, leaving a gaping blonde in her wake.