So here we are at the end. It's short and sweet-it tied itself up so nicely that I didn't feel the need to make it longer. I will list this story as complete now, but never say never. I may just add to it someday if it strikes me. Thank you for all the support throughout these two stories! A few things to clear up quickly: Yes I did name Katherine's baby the same but I've gone back and changed it now. Pregnancy brain is a real thing…lol. To the guest reviewer that was in awe of my ability to write about two women: No I am not straight-super, super gay in fact. (and yes still very much pregnant!) And finally-yes I did name their little girl Carter. We plan to do the same with our little girl who will be here in 3 short months…




Poke. Poke.

Regina Swan-Mills was stuck. And she'd been stuck long enough to trace her current predicament right back to Emma. She couldn't really blame herself or her own children.

Poke. "Mommy!"

And she was getting poked in the ass by a very sword happy 3 year old.

"Yes, darlings. Give mommy one second please." Regina said, every ounce of irritation she'd built up the longer she lay hidden gone from her voice.

"You stuck? Mama Em is stuck too…" Blake said, giving the only part of his mom visible one more poke for good measure.

"Of course she is…" Regina mumbled under her breath. With a heavy sigh, Regina decided to just poof her way out of her current position and in a wave of purple smoke she was standing upright once again in front of her two very excited children.

"Pretty Mommy!" Carter squealed with delight, as she clapped a few times excitedly. Her demeanor changed quickly when her brother leaned over and whispered something in her ear. "Sorry…you ready?" Carter watched as Blake nodded once and they both turned towards their mother, who was watching their exchange intently.

"WE WILL ALWAYS FIND YOU!" The squealed together, continuing to laugh as they were both scooped up by their mom in a surprising feat of agility.

Regina spun the giggling bundles around a few times before setting them back down, the pair getting almost to heavy to pick up anymore. "And where did we learn that from?" She said, eyebrow cocked and arms crossed over her chest.

"Mama Em said that when we play hides 'n seek we should say it 'cause you looooove it." Carter explained quickly. Earning an enthusiastic nod from her brother in agreement.

"Mmmhhmmm. And where is Mama Em?" Regina asked, the smiles and laughter of the two wiping away any irritation she might have once had at hearing that phrase.

"She gots stuck in the bath tub again…" Blake said solemnly. "Said she was too fat for us to help her out." He added with a shrug of his tiny shoulders.

Regina smiled at both her children, giving them both a few strokes on the head to smooth away their messy hair. "I guess I'll have to go rescue her then, yes?" At the agreement of both kids she pushed them towards the back yard. "You'd better go find your brother, it's almost time to get ready for your birthday party." She watched in delight as they both raced off to hunt for their older brother, home from college for the weekend just for their party. Blake's sword was raised in the air as he ran and Carter's bow dragging on the ground behind her. With a shake of her head she started up the stairs to find her wife.


Emma jumped when the shower curtain was suddenly pulled back from the tub. Her game of Angry Birds suddenly forgotten. She looked up at her wife sheepishly. "I got stuck again…" She said with a shrug, a habit Blake had already picked up from her.

"And why is it that you keep insisting on hiding in here when we play this game when you know you can't get out by yourself?" Regina said, smiling down at the scrunched up heap her wife was in.

"I'm too fat to fit anywhere else. Besides, it's kinda hot when you have to come rescue me and pull me out…" Emma said, her eyebrows wiggling with innuendo.

Regina just shook her head. She'd heard the same excuse from Emma all week and it was quickly running out of steam. She was too fat to sit in the car, too fat to go to work, to fat for her clothes. Enough was enough. "Listen to me very carefully Emma. For the very last time. You are not fat. You are 8 months pregnant. Need I remind you I carried 2 little angles around and you've only got one in there?"

Emma blinked up at her wife, knowing that she had no room to argue. "Pregnant not fat. You carried around more than me. Got it. Now can you help me out please?" She looked up at Regina with the biggest puppy dog eyes she could muster. Regina just reached her hands out and helped pull her up and out of the tub. Once she was successfully back on her feet the look on Regina's face softened considerably and all her attention was on Emma's rounded belly.

"Definitely not fat darling. You look beautiful pregnant." Regina said, her hands rubbing over her wife's rounded belly as she murmured quietly to it. Regina glanced up once she finished her whispering and smirked at Emma. "If it makes you feel better I crawled behind the couch and got stuck as well."

Emma laughed at the imagery and shook her head ruefully. "Are we getting old?"

"We'd better not be…we have to keep up with this little one now too." Regina said, pointing back down to Emma's belly.

"Yeah, and if all the kicking and dancing on my bladder is any indication we're going to have our work cut out for us." Emma smiled and leaned in to kiss her wife softly. "Wouldn't change any of it for the world though."

"Me neither, dear." Regina said, the love and happiness shining in her eyes.