Chapter 27: Preparing

The walk back to the inn where Thorin was staying was silent. He merely held onto Lily's hand with a firm, yet tender grip. They both knew that this might well be the last night for many weeks to come without one another, or it may well be the last. Thorin led Lily with surety into the inn, up the stairs and to his room, leading her inside and then bolting the door silently. For a moment he stood merely facing the door with both hands spread on the wood and his eyes closed. There was so much he wished to say to her, but he was so afraid he might say the wrong thing, and tonight was not a night for mistakes.

Lily seemed to understand him without a word, as her soft hands slid over his shoulders and coaxed him around to face her. Their eyes met, each filled with a deep love, and a deep sorrow. She leaned in and chastely kissed her king, the way that always stole his breath away. Despite his urgency for her, Thorin knew that he would not rush tonight. He would make every moment last, and last, until they absolutely had to be separated.

Thorin's hands moved to unclasp the red coat from around Lily's neck, and let it silently fall to the floor, their eyes locked. Thorin stepped forward slowly, gently coaxing Lily back to the bed. Once she reached the edge she climbed on and lay on her back expectantly. Thorin stood by the edge just watching her, afraid to move, not wanting the moment to begin, because it would mean it would have to end. The look in Lily's eyes told him she feared the same. Thorin turned away from her, and closed his eyes against the rush of pain that flooded him. What if this was the last time? What if he was not there to help her bring their child into the world? What if she called his name, and he could never again answer…?

Thorin needed to do something to take his mind off of the grim thoughts, so he turned to the fireplace and began to distractedly light it. His eyes looked into the fire, but did not see it. It was only Lily's soft arms' touch enveloping his neck that returned Thorin to the moment. He turned to look into the face he so worshipped, and saw the woman he loved. He swallowed as he looked into the blue gems of her eyes.

"I…. I…" He barely whispered, tears glistening in his ice blue eyes.

"Shhh…" Lily whispered, leaning in and taking Thorin's face in her soft hands. She kissed him deeply, passionately. As they broke from the kiss, the look in Thorin's eyes changed to one of desire, but not the desire of pure lust, rather, the desire of someone who craved to be as deeply intimate as can be achieved, to become one. His fingers caressed her skin tenderly as his hands worked at removing her clothes, unrushed, sure in their movements. It was not long before their bodies were glowing in the firelight. Thorin lay down his heavy coat for Lily to lie upon, and as her pale skin rippled with golden light, Thorin hungrily took in the sight of every inch of her body. He was engraving her into his mind, into the very bones, so that if he was to meet his end, this was what he would see last, so he would die in a state of bliss, of peace…

After a few moments, Thorin was brought back to the moment once more by the soft touch of Lily's hands caressing his muscles on his stomach and chest. Her eyes were taking his form in as well. Thorin imagined she was trying to remember him too, and suddenly the tug at his heart became stronger. He then lay himself upon her, taking her mouth in a deep, probing, lingering kiss. As they broke from the kiss, Thorin was satisfied to see Lily's skin flushed, and the enlarged pupils in her eyes. Without breaking eye contact, Thorin gently pushed himself into Lily's warm folds, his safe-haven. He did not move within her at first, as he was simply enjoying the warmth, the safety he felt. He let his lips roam around her neck, and back to her tender lips, over and over. It was then that Lily pushed Thorin onto his haunches, and she mounted him, looking deeply, lovingly into his eyes. Her hips rolled gently, every so often bumping her belly against Thorin's strong muscles. The sensation made him give a sound of pleasure involuntarily. He let her ride him, enjoying the view, sucking on her breasts, caressing her back, her bottom, her thighs, and his eyes always drifted back to hers, lost in the pleasure she was giving.

After a while Thorin positioned Lily on all fours in front of him, to give her back a break, gently massaging her with his strong hands. His groans of pleasure at the sight and feel of her made Lily flush, she was glad he could not see her face in that moment. Thorin thrust into Lily slowly and deliberately, he was savoring her. His hands wandered freely about her skin, caressing every inch, and in a moment of sheer longing, Thorin found he wanted to know how her skin on her shoulder tasted, so that he would have that memory if a moment should come that would be his last on the mountain. He then leaned over her back, still thrusting rhythmically from behind, and gently placed his open mouth on her shoulder, his tongue caressing the gentle curve and tasting her creamy skin. She was perfect.

Lily then began to gently bump back against Thorin's rhythmic motions, causing him to groan with pleasure, the friction was increasing. Feeling her perfectly shaped behind grind against his groin was maddening. Lily began to moan after a few moments, sending shivers down Thorin's spine, and causing his hands to grip her hips with desperation not to release his mighty orgasm. No sound in the world was more arousing to him than the soft tones of Lily's voice in a state of ecstasy. Her speed was increasing, but Thorin kept his steady, a thin film of sweat forming on his brow from the effort of holding back. At the moment where Thorin felt he may break, Lily stopped and pulled away, the suddenness of the motion shocking Thorin, making his eyes widen as he looked at her in confusion. Lily then turned on her back and lay down delicately. Her skin aglow with the passion of their joining.

"I want to see you when I come…" She said, barely above a whisper.

Thorin's heart pounded in his chest, in that moment hesitation of leaving her the next morning was overwhelming, he could not, he would not, how could he? As though her beautiful blue eyes could see the chaos in his mind, Lily reached up a hand and stroked his cheek gently, saying, "Just be here with me tonight, my love, just be in this moment…" Her words shook him, and he realized he was wasting precious seconds. He then leaned himself over the woman he would make his queen, the mother of his child, and entered back into his safe-haven once more. He picked up with the same gentle rhythm where he had left off, but this time, leaning in to devour her crimson lips. The kisses were passionate, but tender, he wanted to feel her from the inside, and the outside. He only broke from the kisses to stare into the eyes that could read his soul.

Lily shivered at the sight of her king, so lost in pleasure, enjoying her body as he did. She had told her king to be present in the moment, but struggled herself with the thought of dawn. She gave in to the kisses, and felt her climax build under her king's skillful love-making, but all the while her heart swam in a deep sorrow. If the gossamer string between their hearts was to be severed the next day, she was sure she would fall wherever she stood, lifeless. She pushed the chasm of despair aside with great effort, and let herself slip into the pleasure of her growing climax. She dared not close her eyes, for she wanted to see her king's ice-blue eyes as he succumbed to his mighty release. She loved to hear him roar it out, and see the fiercely feral look in his eyes as he claimed his queen. She was not disappointed. Thorin's pace slowly increased as Lily's moans did. She could hold back no longer as the wave of pure pleasure, love, and safety of being in her king's arms took over Lily's delicate form, giving her the most powerful orgasm yet. She cried out, not able to help herself and closed her eyes for a second. Realizing she would miss her king's release, they flew open once more, just in time to see his handsome face roar out an almighty burst of pleasure. She was sure the whole inn had heard.

Thorin then looked down at his queen, breathing heavily, his sweat glistening. His eyes sparkled with the hint of tears he was fighting back. His deep voice was ragged as he said above a whisper, "I have loved you since the moment you first walked into my shed. You have brought me joy as I had never yet felt, and you have given me the strength to reclaim the man I once was." He took a deep breath as he lay a strong hand upon her delicate swelling, "And now you give me an heir…" Lily's heart broke as she saw the look of love on Thorin's face as he gazed upon their unborn child within her. His eyes then lifted to meet hers, a tear escaping despite his efforts.

Lily touched his face and said as assuredly and encouragingly as she could, "You will return to us, my King. You will see your child born, and we will all celebrate your victory in Erebor. This is not the end. I will not let it be! We have not come this far just for me to lose you! You have fought to keep me safe, my love, my King," her voice quivered at the last words, "now let me safe-guard you. Your child is safe, and I will be too, think not about us, keep yourself alive, and we will return to you!" She sat up and looked Thorin in the eyes, her arms around his neck, "I love you…I have loved you from the moment you spoke to me as an equal, you made me - " her lip quivered as she tried to regain control, "you made me feel like a queen when others saw me as a whore… No man will ever have my devotion as much as you do. I love you." Her last words were a breathless whisper. Thorin leaned forward, and kissed her with gentle tenderness, the words enveloping his heart, she was his queen, she gave him strength in ways no one else ever could, he knew she was right, that he needed to concentrate on himself tomorrow, or he would surely fall. It did not make the idea of parting any easier.

"No more thoughts of sorrow, my love" the last words coming out in a ragged voice, "tonight we make up for the time lost between us, and think no more on tomorrow." Lily nodded in agreement and gave a gentle smile, sorrow still dancing in her beautiful eyes. Thorin then lifted his queen from before the fire place and carried her to the bed.