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Chapter 1

I looked around me everywhere trying to find some sense of direction. I was lost in this unknown land without a clue as to where I was headed or how far away I was to the closest empire.

How I ended up in this place I still do not understand. I remember clearly that I was supposed to head north along the Anduin until I got to the pass in the misty Mountains and from there make my way to Rivendell but the detour that my fellow companions had sorted had gone incredibly wrong.

I am now stuck in this forest with no food, no weapons, no companion and absolutely no sense of direction. I can only imagine how dirty I look.

It has been days since I have been wondering around in this wood searching for Kellin but I am still yet to find him. I was supposed to stay up in the trees until he found out where we were but after a few week of waiting I grew restless and I knew I had to search for him.

I think that there may be some chance that I am in Mirkwood. After all there are no other woods in this area besides Lothlorien, from which I came from. I greatly hope not though. I have heard tales of the evil that dwells in these woods. Not only does the soul of the evil dark lord Sauron lie amidst these trees but other beings also linger amongst here, creatures unknown and also a certain race of elf.

Even though I myself am an elf I fear them. They do not associate with others outside of their realms. Us in Lothlorien do the same but we still keep our relations with Rivendell.

I stop walking as I hear a sudden crack of a branch some where behind me. My heart beat starts to speed up. Could it possible Kellin?

I look behind me trying to define a shape amongst the dark shadows create by the ghostly trees that grow twisted together. The only light that is provided for my keen elven sight is that of the stars and moon. Even with my elven eyes I cannot see what was that made the noise.

Choosing to ignore it I continue to walk through the forest unknowingly but again I hear a noise behind me.

" Kellin?" I ask into the darkness unsurely.

The sound of whispering reaches my ears. I know straight away that it isn't Kellin. If it were him he would have shown himself.

The whispering continues. It does not sound humane but barbarian.

A sudden fear begins to dawn on me. What is it is one of Sauron's foul creatures?

At once I turn around and begin to walk but the whispering seems to be following me. My paces become faster but the whispering continues.

With a yelp of fear and anxiety I begin to run unknowingly further into the dark forest. I turn my head behind me and scream when I see a giant spider, at least the size of one of these deformed trees, pursuing me.

" Kellin!! Help me!!" I scream frantically bounding over fallen logs.

The spider is now hissing things unknown to my knowledge as it chases after me, gaining space easily. I hear more hissing and whispering and scream again in horror when I see at least a dozen more spiders crawling down the trees and coming up towards me.

Most probably no other soul dares to walk unarmed in these parts of the woods. I must look like freshly cut meat to these horrid creatures.

I continue to run as fast as my sore tired legs can take me occasionally stumbling over branches. I run unknowingly, my fear taking the best of me.

' Oh please Valar. Please do not let me rot in these creatures body.' I prayed in my mind.

" Kellin!" I shout again. I know that he cannot hear me but I cannot help myself. He has always been there for me in my times of need. Always.

Tears begin to fill my almond shaped eyes as one of the spider's legs lash out from behind me and cut a narrow slit in my arm.

Holding my wounded arm I run, now not only deprived of sense but also of sight as the water trickled down my cheeks.

I trip over an escalated tree root and land hardly on my knees with a scream. I turn around and my fear is increased as I see the giant spider towering over me. I felt like I was stuck in some morbid nightmare knowing exactly what my fate would be.

I curl myself in a withering crying ball as I hear the spiders hissing and whispering.

" Please!" I cry closing my eyes and covering my head with my arms.

Suddenly the sound of an arrow cutting through the air and is then followed by the ear splitting shriek of the spider. I opened my eyes and looked at the spider to find five arrows protruding from its body. The other spiders were going crazy hissing and jerking as more arrows sprang forwards at them.

My heart leaped as I looked behind me to see if it was in fact Kellin who had saved my but I saw no body amidst the darkness.

Taking this opportunity to get to safety I stand up and run again towards a tree and climb its branches until I am completely hidden by its lush green foliage.

Breathing deeply with my heart thumping I watch as more of the spiders fall either dead or screaming injured to the ground as arrows continue to come flying out of no where.

After minutes watching the gruesome scene in front of me I realise that all of the spiders were gone most of the dead while others fled.

" *Ettul*" demanded a male voice from down below.

I leant out further onto the branch to see who was speaking. If he looked safe enough I would show myself, if not I would continue to hide.

Amidst the darkness of the trees I could barely make out a few shadowy silhouettes in the distance. The figures moved closely and my lips parted in shock when I saw approximately twelve elves all dressed in forest greens and browns for camouflage. They all had wither silver or gold hair, just as mine but what amazed me the most was that their attire blended in so well with the surrounding they were barely distinguishable.

" Reveal yourself stranger!" one of them shouted again this time on the common tongue.

I crawled quietly along the branch trying to get a better view of these strange elves. The branch I was stabled on cracked from my weight and broke and I fell along with the branch screaming until I hit the earth.

I couldn't move because the weight of the branch was over me. I could hear the elves shouting things at one another.

The men lifted the branch of my and I turn around on my back only to find one of the elves standing over me with him arrow at me, ready to shoot.

" Please don't!" I screamed waving my arms frantically in front of me trying to shield me.

" *N'ndengin he*" One of them shouted pushing the man who was threatening me away.

" Please I mean you no-" I started but was interrupted.

" *Dina edainme*" he growled.

I looked up fearfully at the elves who were now circled around me. What were they going to do with me?

" *Sana he*" he shouted at one of the others.

A man stepped out from the circle and picked me off the ground tying my hands behind my back.

As he did this the elf who was leading the others came up in front of me and looked me up and down. He pushed some of my dirty blonde hair behind my ear, checking to see if they were pointed.

" What are you going to do with me?" I asked him looking at him helplessly with my dark green eyes.

" What is your name?" he asked ignoring my question but this time his tone was not so harsh as before.

" Where are you taking me?" I asked.

He glared at me before nodding at someone from behind me.

I screamed as someone from behind me put his arms around me pulling me towards him.

" Be quiet!" he shouted holding a knife to my throat.

Another hand came with a cloth and he covered my nose and mouth with it. I tried struggling but it was no use because the person who held me was much more stronger and there was no point in yelling because there were no other people around. Even when I dug my heel into his foot all I he did was yelp in pain but he did not release me.

I breathed into the cloth and a sudden wave of dizziness wafted over my head. My eyelids were heavy and I all I could breathe were the fumes from the cloth that eroded my mind. I felt numb all over my body and I could not see properly or stand up straight falling into the arms of whomever it was who held me.

The last thing that I saw was the face of the elf who had spoken to me before my eyes closed shut swallowing me into complete darkness.


I groaned as I opened my eyes. Everything seemed to be spinning around me in blurs of black. I grabbed a hold of something cold and hard trying to steady myself.

The spinning stopped and I regained proper vision but what I saw shocked me completely that I was not sure whether I what I was seeing was real or if my eyes were deceiving me.

Around me were dark tared walls with chains on the walls. There was one torch that was lit by fire and the shadows that it inflicted upon the walls only gave the dark room an even more ominous look.

It took me a few minutes of thinking before I realised that I was in a dungeon. It was certainly dark and cold enough to be one. I tried to stand up but then I realised that I was chained to the wall by my wrists.

I started to shake the chains trying to beak lose of them and trying to remember how I had ended up in this prison.

" Let me go!!" I shouted to the top of my voice and I could here a whole lot of shouting from the outside as my reply.

" There is no use in trying to get out of them." Said a low voice.

I looked up with my eyes wide open and for the first time I noticed a lady in the other end of the dark room, she too chained.

" Who are you?" I asked trying to conceal my fear.

" A prisoner as yourself." She replied.

" Where am I?" I asked.

" In a prison." She answered.

I furrowed my eyebrows at her. I obviously knew that.

" Why are you here?" she asked me.

I opened my mouth to answer but then it occurred to me that I had no idea as to why I was here. I did not even know how I ended up here.

" I do not know." I answered truthfully, making her laugh.

" Why are you here?" I asked her.

" I killed one of his highnesses officers." She answered shrugging as if her crime was nothing.

My eyebrows raised at this. She acted as if the crime she had committed was done everyday. Then it suddenly struck me that she had said 'his highnesses'.

" Where am I?" I asked hoping to get a better answer than what I got before.

" I told you." she said.

" No I mean where I am I? What city? Who's the ruler here?" I asked.

" Are you not from here?" she asked and I shook my head in reply. " Well we are in the realms of northern Mirkwood." She said. " If you are not form here then where are you from?" she asked.

So I was right. I had wandered into Mirkwood and those elves were probably border guards. I was most probably in the main city at this moment.

" I come from Lothlorien."

" Then what are you doing here?" she asked.

I had to think for a moment, regaining all lost information before I finally started to speak. " I was supposed to go to Rivendell but we took a detour and I ended up in these woods. A giant spider chased me and then these men tied me up. That is all I can remember at this moment." I said frowning at how little I knew.

Why was it I couldn't remember what happened?

" Well if you ask me you and I are going to be in here for some time." The lady said casually.

" How long have you been here?" I asked.

" A few years." she replied.

" A few years!" I said disbelievingly.

" Do not worry. They do give you food although sometimes they forget." She said.

" I cannot stay here for a few years." I said miserably.

Would I have to wait years before I was finally released? And what did I do to end up in this place at all? As far as I can remember I did nothing. Where was Killen? Was he safe or was he running from spiders? Or perhaps he too is held captive somewhere else in this place.

Waves of pessimistic thoughts splashed through my head. Now I understood why other elves did not bother trying to make company with those in Mirkwood unless in times of great need like in war. It seemed that these elves did not want any outsiders roaming freely in their woods and kept them captive even if they didn't commit any crime.

I looked up at the lady to ask her name but she seemed to be sleeping so I didn't bother.

How much I wished that Killen were here to save me as he always did.

I sighed and stared into the darkness. How long would I have to wait?


It turned out that I did not have to wait that long. It was only the next morning, or so I thought it was saying that I could not see any light from the outside world, that one of the prison guards came in to give us our food.

" Why am I here?" I asked him as he untied me from the chains.

He ignored me and went on to the other lady.

I continued to question him but with one glare from him I knew not to talk.

This process went on for a few days until another man with more regal clothes came in with our normal prison guard.

" Is she the one?" he asked our guard.

" Yes. Why?" the guard asked.

" Unchain her." He ordered.

" You know I have not the power to do that." The guard said.

" I am telling you now to unchain her."

" But I have not been given orders to do this!" he shouted.

" I am ordering you now!!" the new man shouted.

The prison guard walked towards me muttering and unlocked the chains and picked me up roughly.

" Do not blame me when his highness orders both of our deaths. You do not even know who this woman is. She could even me an assassin." The guard growled.

" It is his majesty who ordered me to release this wench and bring her before him." The man snarled looking at me.

" You cannot being her before his majesty! Look at her! She looks like one of the street whores in Bree!" the guard yelled looking at me too.

My jaw dropped in offence. " I am no whore sir and seeing that you have seen a whore surely you are able to tell the difference." I said heatedly.

She saw a smile appear on the advisor's lips.

" Shut your mouth you wench." The guard growled angrily. " As I was saying you would need over ten maids to get this women presentable enough for the king's sight." He said to the advisor,

" Well then you can find those ten to clean her up." The man said cynically before leaving us.

" I doubt that is highly possible." The guard mumbled to himself but I heard clearly.

The guard looked at me before pushing me out of the dungeon and locking the door after us.

" Where are you taking me?" I asked as he pushed me along a dark corridor where there were other doors that led to dungeons that I guessed where similar to the one I had been in before.

" The kings advisor as appointed me in the great joy of undertaking the task of making you more presentable to the king." The man said sarcastically.

The king's advisor said that the king had ordered himself that I'd be released. Did he know who I was? Did he know that I was one of the Lady Galadriel's handmaids? Had he seen me by her side at any time?

More questions ran through my head as the guard led me into a room where there was a lady waiting.

" Clean her up and make it quick. His majesty is waiting for her." The guard said leaving me alone in the dark unpleasant room with this lady.

She led me into another room where there was a bath waiting. I looked into the mirror and my jaw dropped when I saw my reflection.

My normally silky blonde hair was now dirty, dead and knotted that I doubted I could ever run a comb through it again. Not an inch of the skin on my face was clean but instead covered with dirt and mud. My once white dress was the colour of mud as well with grass stains here and there. I understood why the guard had thought it impossible to get me cleaned.

The lady helped me out of my old dress and left me alone to bathe myself.

I could not remember the last time I had a shower and it felt so heavenly just sitting in the hot water and letting it lap over my body, cleansing me of all the mud that used to encrust my skin.

When I immerged from the bathroom the lady dressed me in a beautiful white dress with silvery lace entwined with its normal fabric and left my hair down, letting it fall in soft waves.

After the maid was certain that I looked good enough she called a name from outside and the prison came inside. At first he just stared at me with plain shock written all over his face. Then with some gruff mumbling he made me follow him down numerous dark halls.

I wondered if this was how all of Mirkwood looked like? Dark and gloomy. If so then I certainly know why it is called Mirkwood.

After some long time of walking with the guard, who was constantly grumbling about how much of a nuisance I was, we went to a room where the man who had ordered me to be released was waiting.

He too stared at me with wonder.

" And you said it not possible to make her presentable." He said in an undertone to the guard who was looking at him sourly.

" Come, his majesty does not have patience. You are all ready in enough trouble as it is. You do not want to make him angrier." The man said looking at me.

With one last look at the guard I followed the king's advisor out of the room and he guided me through numerous halls until we reached a particular door. When he opened it the brilliance of sunlight shone down so heavily that I needed to shield my eyes because I had been kept in the dark for such a long time. As I got used to the light I realised that it was in fact past long past midday and the sun was going down.

I could not help but stare at the beauty that surrounded me. The buildings were all made of white stone and the trees were green lush, much unlike those I had hid in before. I could see elves walking down random halls and in private courtyards and everything I saw amazed me. Although the city was nothing compared to that of Lothlorien it held a different type of beauty.

" My name is Malcalium. Now I am taking you straight to see his highness." The man said. " You will address king Thranduil as your highness, your majesty, my lord or sire and you will not speak unless he questions you to. Is that understood?" he asked.

I nodded obediently as I continued to look around this glorious city.

" Do not do anything to anger his majesty because he holds no tolerance for outsiders." He said as we stopped outside two large double doors where two elves were standing guarding it.

" His majesty is not here at this moment." One of them said to the guard.

" Could you inform him that the lady is here?" the advisor said before opening the doors and leading me inside.

Inside the incredible large room there was a fireplace where a fire was burning away. There was great table where there were numerous sheets of paper and an impressive seat lay behind it that without the table could almost pass for a less comfortable throne. With all of the bookshelves that lined the room's walls I soon realised that I was in the king's study.

As I waited for the king to arrive my thoughts began to wonder on who he was. It was obvious by the way everyone spoke of him that he was a highly respectable man. Like everyone else I had seen so far in Mirkwood I expected him to have blonde hair either golden or silvery just like Lord Celeborn. I began to wonder if he was perhaps like my Lord, Celeborn gentle quiet and tranquil. Or perhaps his personality was more like Lord Elrond, kind caring and ever concerned of those around him.

Another few minutes passed and I waited with the king's advisor. I heard the door open with a great bang and I turned around to see who it was.

Time seemed to stand still. My whole being froze and my heart stopped beating as my eyes saw the elven king. I had not thought it possible to ever see someone so beautiful and perfect. He was dressed in clothes of grey and silver. He wore a crown of silver leaves and his silvery hair draped over his shoulders like strands of silken thread. And his eyes. They were so dark that I was sure I looked hard enough into them I would find the sun, moon and stars. They were so compelling, so striking. Out of all of the beautiful features of him, his eyes were the most noticeable characteristic.

As beautiful as he looked there was something about him that enthralled and frightened me all at once. The atmosphere around him was filled with such powerful magnetism that I could at once see why he was respected and feared. Supremacy, potency and prerogitiveness seemed to seep from his being and I could not help but feel afraid of him.

" I was informed that this women resembled the likings of a whore and not that of a noble lady." Said a sleek, calm voice.

I broke out of my trance when I realised that the king had spoken.

He stood in the entrance of the door staring at me but it was clear that he was talking to his advisor.

Another two elves walked into the room and stopped behind the king, they two staring at me.

" You were informed incorrectly your majesty." The advisor said bowing.

" Really?" the king asked turning his head to Malcalium. " And who was it who conjured this praecipe?" he asked.

" It was I sire. I had not seen her properly because of the dimness in the dungeons." He said shakily.

" I did not know you were blind as well as obtuse Malcalium." The king said with a smug look on his face, making the other two men behind him snigger.

The king looked back at me, his gaze meeting mine. His eyes were so enchanting. So dark and inexplicable, mysterious and so enthralling.

" Leave. All of you." The king ordered firmly his eyes never leaving contact with mine. Malcalium and the other men bowed before leaving, closing both of the door behind them and leaving me alone in the room with this fascinating and terrifying man.

My heart beet accelerated to twice its normal pace as he continued to stare straight into my eyes. After what seemed like hours, but in fact were only a few minutes, I could no longer handle his staring and I broke eye contact with him, looking into the flickering fire next to me.

From the corner of my eyes I could see him walking slowly towards me with his hands behind his back, his eyes absorbing everything he saw.

My breathing quickened and I had to put my hands together to stop myself from trembling. Tension filled the air and I could not help but feel uncomfortable but his majesty showed no sign of discomfort as he silently continued to look at me. I could do nothing but stand silently, allowing him to watch me.

He began to circle me, looking me up and down like a vulture circling its prey and a feeling of nervousness overwhelmed me as our eyes met for a few split seconds before he passed behind me. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply. I could feel his dark eyes probing my body and I reopened my own eyes as he finished his circle standing in front of me his eyes never lingering over one part of my body for too long.

" What is your name?" he asked me.

"Arielle, your majesty." I said quietly looking down at the floor.

" You are an elf?"

" Yes, your highness." " Where are you from?" he asked.

" The Golden Woods, sire." I said.

" And why is it you are here?" he asked.

" I do not know sire." I said shakily. The man was so intimidating that I felt like a child being questioned for stealing.

" You do not know?" he asked me walking over in front of the fireplace, his back facing me. " How is it you got to be in my realms?" he asked.

" I cannot remember wholly sire." I answered.

" Enlighten me with what you know then." He said.

" I was travelling to Rivendell and we took a detour hoping to get there faster." I started.

" We?" the king asked. " There is another?"

" Yes, my friend." I explained looking at his back.

" Continue." He ordered.

" I lost my friend and I ended up in your woods. I was chased by a spider and then was saved by your border guards who then poisoned me with fumes and brought me here." I said.

" Is that so? I thought you could not remember how it is you arrived here but you speak as if you remember every account." the king asked turning around with his eyebrows raised. " And how is it you know that they were poisonous fumes? Surly if they were you would not be so orientated as to sum all of that up in your head within a matter of seconds." He said in a velvety voice.

I looked at him for a second. I knew what he was trying to do. He was going to change my words so that I would falter and give him the satisfaction of being right.

" What I say is only an assumption, sire, that I figured during my stay in your dungeons." I said softly looking down at the ground.

He was silent for a while just watching me.

" How can I be sure that you are not here to assail me?" the king asked her. " Although Sauron is temporarily subjugated his novices still linger. There are many things here both beautiful and foul that are create evil."

" I assure you your majesty I mean no harm to you or your kingdom." I said.

" I am sure you do not mean to but you have." He said darkly.

I frowned trying to make sense of what he had just said.

" Sire I mean no insult but I have done nothing to deserve the treatment that I have received from your elves." I said.

" Really?" he asked in a silky voice, his eyebrows raised superiorly as he made his way towards me.

" You enter my realms uninvited and without any reason. You cause a disturbance in the woods and wake the spiders. You then lead them towards my kingdom risking the lives of over 20 000 elves with your foolishness." He said circling around me as he spoke just as he had done before.

I wanted to defend myself but I could say nothing because everything that he accused me of doing was right. I just stood there silently looking at the floor as he continued to talk and circle me like a vulture.

" You injure one of the border guards by brutally stepping on his foot then claim that my men poisoned you right after you say that you do not remember how you came to be here. You create a disturbance in the dungeons with your contrite shouting and make a mockery out of one of my guards."

The king was now standing in front of me. The more he continued to speak the more conceited and pompous I thought he was.

" You lie to me," he continued, his voice sounding more angrier than before, " By telling me that you are from Lothlorien."

I opened my mouth to object but I found myself speechless. How was it that he could make me feel guilty over nothing I have truly done wrong?

" Considering everything that you have done," He said in his normal smooth voice as he walked around me again, " Give me one good reason as to why I should not kill you." he said in a low seductive voice that was only just above a whisper.

A shiver ran down my spine as he said this in my ear, his lips brushing slightly against my skin and his hot breath travelling down my neck sending more chills through my body.

Not only was this man this man terribly frightening, beautiful and charismatic but also very alluring with his silky voice and actions.

I could feel my heart beat accelerating and I felt all weak inside of myself. How could he make me feel all of this without even trying?

I felt something cold come into contact with the front of my neck and looked down to see what it was. Distress immediately swept over me and my breathinarate increased into gasps as I realised that the king was holding a dagger to my throat.

I looked at him, frightfully; out of the corner of my eye to find him looking at me with those incredible dark eyes and a thin satisfied smile on his face to my reaction.

" Can you not think of at least one thing that will safe your life?" he asked me, his voice dreadfully soft.

He walked back in front of me, so that I could see him properly, the blade of his knife never leaving contact with my skin.

I could say nothing or do nothing but stare at him with fright.

He pressed the blade against my skin forcing my head to tilt up and look at him straight in the eye.

" Nothing? At least one thing that will prevent me from taking your life?" he asked looking at me piteously.

I stared in horror at him. Was he seriously considering killing me when I had done nothing at all?

I looked into his dark eyes pleadingly. I no longer felt like I would find anything in the night sky in there but instead I felt like I could fall into them and continue falling, forever into the dark abyss.

Once again a thin complacent smile formed over his lips. He loosened his grip on the dagger and slowly brought it down from my throat.

" You didn't worry fair one. I would not slaughter a creature as beautiful as you." he said softly as he cocked his head and ran his index finger down my jaw bone, sending more chills over me.

"I discerned as soon as I saw you that you were no threat to me."

If he knew that I was no threat then why had he interrogated me?

" You needn't have lied to me either about where you are from. You cannot be from Lothlorien for although you have fair hair you also posses green eyes which is not a trait that those in Lorien carry." He said.

" My father is from Rivendell. I was borne in Lothlorien." I said shakily.

" That is explanatory. It is a wonder that you are not of the Vanyar elves for your beauty is quite striking." He said.

I was so scared of what he would do next that I had not realised that he just given me a compliment.

He walked behind his table and cast his knife down lazily upon it before opening a drawer and taking something small out of it that I could not see.

He then made his way towards the double door and opened it handing whatever that was in his hand to one of the guards that were outside.

" Escort Lady Arielle to her temporary bedchamber." He ordered looking back at me.

" Who was the person who was guarding you while you were in the dungeon?" he asked me.

" I do not know his name, your majesty." He answered him.

" Describe him." He said.

" Tall, blonde, slightly dirty, unfriendly and smelled heavily of alcohol." I answered.

The king nodded and looked at the other guard. " You, go down to the dungeons, find this man and execute him and Malcalium for naming this woman a whore." The king said before walking back to his table and sitting down at his chair.

I stared at him in disbelief. Was that it? Did he just do all of that questioning for the sake of nothing? He was now just letting me wander free and going to execute the two men who had called me whores?

" Come milady." The guard said taking my hand and leading me out of the room.

I looked back over my shoulder at the king, who sat at his table writing something.

He was indeed very confusing. Not only that but also incredibly handsome and mystifying.

I frowned trying to make sense of everything that had just happened.

I looked back at him one last time to find him staring back at me with those incredible, beautiful, captivating dark eyes.

The other elf walked out of the room and closed the door behind him and the face of the beautiful elven king, I could see no more.


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