Hey guys!!

I am sorry but from now on I won't be putting anymore chapters up on this story. I've been talking with my co-author and we've decided that all of the story will be completed under her pen-name, for some personal and private reasons.

To find the story just go to:

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And go under her stories and click our one.

Or click 'find' and then type in the title of this story and it should come up as the 24th story. If you have your own accounts the story's id number is: 983720

I apologize for any inconvenience in us doing so, but please continue reading this story and if you do I **BEG** you to review it under my co- author's name.

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So please if you do continue reading please review and thankyou for all those who have read this story under my name and have reviewed. Your time and consideration is appreciated a lot.