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The room she was in looked more like a shower than an interrogation room.

The lights were bright and there were gleaming, tiled surfaces everywhere. There was even a drain. If it wasn't for the table and chairs (bolted firmly to the floor) and the fact that she was handcuffed to the table, she would have been convinced that this had been improvised.

In short, it looked nothing like the dark, dingy rooms that she had seen on Osean cop shows. If she wasn't so terrified, she would have been disappointed.

The door opened and in stepped two men wearing ordinary Military Police uniforms. Two unmemorable looking men with nondescript features. Clean shaven, short blond hair and blue eyes. In short, the most bland people she had ever seen, even in the military.

They sat down opposite her and the one on the right tidied his papers while his partner simply glared at her. Then the man on the right pulled out a bottle of water and plastic cup, poured water into it and gave her the cup. Finally, he spoke.

"Now...Rachel, let's see if we can sort this unpleasant mess out, shall we?"

Rachel nodded as she looked down at the table, a deep sense of unease building up inside her.

"You were caught inside an Erusian military facility, a very serious offence," Rachel opened her mouth, but the man continued. "Furthermore, we found military grade communications equipment hidden in your home and a hidden cache of explosives and weapons in the bar itself. Clearly your family is involved with the ISAF-backed terrorist organisation calling themselves the Resistance."

Rachel said nothing, trying to think of how to respond, wondering if the lack of information about her parents was a good sign or a bad one.

"Look," the man said gently as he leaned forward with a sympathetic expression on his face. "You're young. Far too young to suffer for the crimes of adults. Like a lot of young people your age, you've wandered down the wrong path. It happens. Do the right thing now and tell us what we want to know."

Rachel gave an experimental tug on her handcuffs and they extended far enough for her to grab the cup. She moved to take a sip and promptly stopped.

"We haven't drugged the water if that's what you're wondering," the first man said. He grabbed the cup and took a sip. "See? Nothing at all."

Cautiously, Rachel took a sip of water.

"What...I don't know anything about the Resistance. Please, I just-"


Rachel winced as the other man yelled at her.


"Calm down," said the first man, placing a hand on his arm. "We haven't even asked her any questions yet."

The man sat down with a growl and the first man turned to face her once more.

"We just want to know a few things," he leaned forward slightly, a sympathetic look on his face. "Help us to help you."

Rachel said nothing, unsure as to how to respond. The man leaned back in his chair

"Just think about it. A couple of years in a low security prison with plenty of fresh air and greenery and you're free to continue with your life a little wiser. Maybe we could even arrange for a pardon if you cooperate," he leaned back and gave her what he presumably thought was an encouraging smile. "We look after people who help us. You could be looking at a full pardon and witness protection. Think about it. A clean slate."

Rachel said nothing and the man continued.

"Now who is the leader of your group?" he asked. Rachel picked up her drink and took another sip.

"I cannot answer that question," she said after what felt like an eternity.


"Now, now Rachel, we all know that isn't true," the first man said, gently shaking his head. "You might not know the man who runs the whole network, but your own cell has to have had a leader, someone who organises everything, tells you what targets to attack and such."

Rachel remained silent and the man sighed.

"You're not making this any easier," he said. He reached across the table and placed his hand gently on hers. "I know that you think that you're doing the right thing, that you're somehow protecting your friends and family, but you're not," he paused and looked her in the eye. "Don't your parents deserve to see you grow up? To succeed in life? To have a future? I cannot imagine any parent who would want to see their child's life ruined like this."

Rachel took another sip of water and the man leaned back in his chair.

"Who else is in your Resistance cell? You can tell me that much at least surely?" he asked. Rachel remained silent and the man sighed.

"Rachel, we know that your parents are involved. And we know that the rest of the family living with you are involved. We even think that the young boy who hangs out with the Yellow squadron is involved and I cannot imagine that he would hold up to interrogation."

Rachel smiled slightly at the mention of James Owen. The fact that he hadn't said anything about him being interrogated meant that maybe, just maybe, that the other members of her family had managed to escape.

The next thing she felt was a sharp explosion of pain as the second man's fist slammed into her face.

"You think this is funny, do you?" he bellowed at her, his fist raised for another strike. "You think that this is some kind of joke?"

The first man pulled him back and looked him in the eye.

"Step outside for five minutes," the first man ordered and the second walked away with a growl.

"Rachel, please don't do this. My colleague is short tempered enough as it is. Please, I beg of you, help me help you. I can't guarantee that I'll always be able to protect you if you remain silent."

With that, he stepped out of the room.

Rachel pulled herself into a sitting position and licked her lips. She could taste the blood from where her lip had been split, but, she noted as she ran her tongue across them, her teeth were still all there.

In short, she reflected, it could have been worse.

Then again...Rachel was no fool. The interrogation was only just beginning and...well she was no fool.

The door opened and the two men stepped in once more and sat down.

"Now Rachel," the first man began, "I will ask you again. Who else is involved with your Resistance cell?"