Welcome to my new story. I don't think this is like other 10th walker stories I hope. I believe it is different than the others. It will eventually follow the movie lines, but I add some scenes that I have never seen in any 10th walker story I have read. Fair warning, eventual Legomance.


I sat comfortably perched on the bow of our boat. The sun beat down on my tanned legs, some would burn, but my skin would only get darker.

My parents were in the water, both laughing and joking on a couple of floats. I looked at my surrounding; all I could see was Open Ocean.

My father had thought it would be a good idea to go boating off the coast of Florida. We do it quite often, but we always have fun anyways.

"What 'cha reading, Rosey?" My little sister squeaked, peering over my shoulder.

I let out a long, audible sigh. No matter how many times I tell her not to bother me while I'm reading, she still does it anyways. I slipped my sunglasses off so I could look her dead in the eyes. "The Two Towers," I softly mumbled.

My sister groaned. "That's like, the millionth time you've read that book!"

"So what?" I snapped, highly annoyed. My sister didn't share my passion for books and reading. "I like this book."

"You just wished you lived in Middle Earth," My sister teased. "You would move there in a heartbeat!"

"Maybe I would," I countered, returning my attention back to my book.

She huffed and crossed her arms over her chest. "Nerd," She muttered under her breath.

"I heard that!" I snapped, not turning my head away from my book.

My sister marched away, (Well, as far as you could get away in a boat,) and put ear buds on, blocking me out.

Sadly for us; me with my book, my sister with her music, and my parents wrapped in their own little world, we didn't see the storm clouds quickly approaching us from behind, until it was too late.

The storm hit quickly. Rain pelted down from the heavens, drenching us with ice-cold water. I was hanging on to the side for dear life, trying my hardest not to vomit. I clutched my book until my knuckles were white, something that usually calmed me down in the past.

The sea around us was foaming, and the wind was howling in my ears. Giant waves crashed on the side of the boat, violently shaking it.

I couldn't tell if the water dripping from my eyes was sea water, or tears.

A monstrous wave hit the side of the boat, capsizing it. We were thrown into the rough waters.

I yelped, and heard my sister call out for help before I was engulfed in the waters. My first instinct was to get air. I kicked furiously to get to the surface, still clutching my book for god knows why. I was able to get one gulp of air before getting slammed back under by another wave.

Under water, I could see our boat, sinking down to the dark depths below. I couldn't see my family, I wasn't sure If I wanted to.

My lungs screamed for air, but I couldn't get to the surface. At last, I gave in, and inhaled lung full's of water, and instantly regretted it.

I felt my still muscles loosen, knowing I could not win this battle. My fingers unfurled around my book as it drifted away from my clutches. There was a blinding white light obscuring my vision, and I felt peaceful. So this was the end, huh? I guess it wasn't so bad. I closed my eyes one last time, and let the light engulf me.

It was peaceful, really, dying. You float, and you can feel yourself changing into a better being. I was moving at a million miles per hour, and yet barley moving at all. I liked it, but it was not my time to stay here yet.

I was pulled from this place, and could feel myself being taken to another. I was almost there, I could feel it. A strangely familiar woman's voice spoke in my head, The seer has arrived.

When I awoke, I felt different. Almost everything was different. I heard gruff voices around me.

"What is she doing all the way out here?" One of the voices grunted. I knew that voice from somewhere… I couldn't quite put my finger on it. "She is soaking wet, nowhere near water, and," He lowered his voice as if what was about to be said was rude. "Barely clothed."

I tried to take a breath, only to find that my airways were blocked. I my eyes flew open and I rolled over onto my knees and elbows, and began coughing up water. My whole body shook, and soon my air ways were cleared of all liquids, and I took my first breath of air in what felt like years.

I rolled onto my back again, chest heaving. When I looked at myself, something was different. I was paler than I remember, but a good kind of pale, more like fair. I was still in my bikini… well, that's what I thought it was called.

I wasn't me anymore. I felt like my old life was just a story that was told to me when I was younger. The only thing I was certain of was the knowledge of the War of the ring. That was all I knew for certain at the moment, and I didn't quite like it like that. I was a clean slate; I had a new life to live.

My eyes wandered over to my surroundings. My eyes widened when I saw who was surrounding me. It was a group of short, hairy men, one of them whom I recognized.

"Gimli?" I rasped, staring at the dwarf in front of me.

Authors note:

Okay, this is the first chapter, yay. I would like to thank everyone who reviewed the last chapter of my last fic.