I was thankful for Aragorn's assistance out of the tower. My legs were weak and wobbled with every step I took. It felt as though I was learning to walk again, I would stumble over my feet with every other step I took. It was lucky for me that Aragorn was patient.

I hobbled out of the darkness of the tower into the bright light outside, wrinkling my nose and squinting my eyes when the sun assaulted my vision.

There was an explosion of murmurs and whispers as I stepped towards the company. Suddenly, I found myself surrounded by men of Rohan, all closed packed around me. I suddenly felt very claustrophobic and clutched my forehead. It felt as though the air had been stolen out of my lungs.

"Back, you fools!" barked Gandalf, the men following his command. I breathed a sigh of relief.

The wizard spoke with Treebeard for a bit longer, but we headed out of Isengard quickly after. I rode upon a tall, chestnut horse that was speckled with flecks of white on its flank. We did not travel long, only for half an hour or a bit longer.

There was no conversation for me while the camp was set up. A roaring fire was made and I was told to sit in front of it. Someone shoved an apple into my palm, but I had no clue who it was. I didn't even get to say thank you before he walked off and helped set up the camp.

I looked at the apple in my hand, the orange light of the fire reflecting off its shiny skin. I brought the fruit to my lips and sunk my teeth into its flesh. The sweet juices filled my mouth and I could have sworn it was the best thing I had ever tasted.

Soon, what was left of the Fellowship began sitting around me. They waited patiently as I finished the fruit down to its core. I could feel their burning stares. I peeled my eyes off the ground and met each of their gazes individually.

I could see the same emotions in all of their eyes; curiosity, doubt, fear, and confusion. Well, all save Legolas. His face and eyes were heavily guarded and betrayed no emotion.

I pressed my lips into a fine line. I did not have the time to talk to him about what had happened. Was he angry? Did he feel the same way I did? Rose said he did, but I was wondering if she was mistaken, for his eyes held no compassion. Perhaps he was just examining my disheveled state.

I must have truly been a sight to behold. My hair was just one huge knot, matted with dirt and blood. My dress was shredded and was no more than a rag by now and had not been changed in a very long time. Is this how most people look like when they come back from the dead?

"Are you satisfied now, Losille?" asked Gandalf.

I looked at the core of my apple. It had hardly dented my huge appetite, but I waited this long to eat. I could wait a couple minutes more. They were patient.

"You were dead," said Aragorn. "We all saw it. How are you here?"

I took a long breath, thinking of the best way to word my story. It will be hard to believe, I knew that. I began my tale, from the one orc that was supposed to meet its demise, but did not, to the Orthanc. When I reached the part with the Plantir, Gandalf was rather curious as to how I was able to resist its power.

I grabbed the small chain around my neck and leaned close to the wizard, so that he could see it better. "It was my gift from Lady Galadriel. It shields my mind from those with unfriendly eyes," I explained.

Gandalf nodded and bid me to continue.

I spoke of Saruman's power over me, how I was not able to control my own body. I shuddered at the memory.

"Did you tell him anything?" Pippin asked.

I rapidly shook my head. "No. I swear, I told him nothing."

"We feared," said Aragorn. "That what Saruman told us was the truth. It made our choices much more difficult. Legolas said that he saw you in a dream and you said that we must follow the people of Rohan… I didn't know if I could trust you."

I was silent for a moment, this being the first time that this had come to mind. "You had no right to trust me." I said softly, my face downcast. I shook myself and smiled at the ex-Ranger. "I am glad that you followed the right path, though."

"As am I," he said, grinning back.

I continued with my story, reaching the part where I was in the Halls of Mandos. I told them most of what Rose told me, leaving out the parts about Legolas. I was about to tell them about the darkness that was supposedly within me, but I decided not to. That was a battle for another day.

"Why exactly were you brought back?" questioned Gandalf.

I shrugged. "The same as you. She said I had unfinished business," it was partially the truth, but I was dancing around certain details. "That is why I stand before you now," I concluded, studying their expressions.

Suddenly, I was thrown to the ground by two Hobbits.

"We missed you, Losille." Merry said into my shoulder.

I was startled for a moment, but a soon put my arms around their backs and gave them a gentle squeeze. "I missed you guys too,"

Later that night, I was provided with more food and drink, (Much to my happiness).

When I had finished my tale, everyone had gone their separate ways. Save for the Hobbits, who stayed by my side and we spoke for a long while.

"So how old are you?" asked Pippin and he chewed on some bread. We were seated in a triangle, our legs criss-crossed.

I furrowed my brows, lost in thought. "Good question," I had no clue how to answer this. I had come to Middle Earth fully grown and been here for a few months, before dying again. Did my age start over?

"I guess I'm pretty young," I answered finally. "You guys are both probably older than me."

"What?" exclaimed Merry. "Older than an elf?"

I laughed and shrugged. "I am a special case, my friend."

So, we spent about an hour talking. The Hobbits regaled me of tales of all the shenanigans they got up to back in the Shire. They were all very amusing, especially when they got to parts of how they were punished for their actions. I laughed a lot, which felt nice. I had not laughed in a long while.

Soon, the Hobbits began to tire and drifted off to sleep. I stood from the ground, brushing the dirt off my tattered skirts. I would need a new dress soon.

The camp was a generous size. There was a group of men seated around a fire, laughing and drinking. A couple of tents had been hastily thrown up quickly, but a very small amount. I simply stood there, watching those around me.

"So," a deep voice sounded off to my side. I whipped towards the direction of the noise, seeing Théoden standing before me. "You are the seer I have heard so much about."

"Yes, my Lord." I said respectfully, bowing my head lowly.

"You gave us quite a scare back there."

"It was not my intention to cause you any stress," I answered truthfully.

Théoden smiled warmly, the corners of his eyes crinkling. "I am just glad you are alright, child." He nodded his head in farewell and walked off to join his men. I watched the kings retreating figure. The moment he was out of earshot, another voice sounded behind me.

"You did not tell the whole truth that night,"

I knew who it was before the sentence was finished. I sighed and slowly spun around to face Legolas.

"You are right, I did not."

Legolas took a determined step forward. "You did not only see the death of your family, you foresaw your own death as well."


"Why did you not tell anyone?" his hard gaze kept me frozen in my spot.

"I didn't want to change anything. I couldn't have risked someone wanting to do something to prevent it and ruin the future!" I told him. "I am not an important part of this story."

"Why do you keep saying that?" Legolas all but yelled. A few men paused their conversation and gave us sideways glances. "You always say your life mean nothing. Why? Can you not see that your life means something to some?"

Some. Not me.

I took a step closer to the elf. "I am sorry."

We were silent for a few moments, our eyes locked on each others.

I broke the connection, looking down at my hands. "Legolas, I owe you an explanation." I took a deep breath, preparing for the lengthy speech I would have to make. "About what happened in Lothlorien."

Legolas' muscles tensed. "I understand what happened," he said, his voice barely audible. "I do not need an explanation."

The elf turned and started to leave, but before he could, a snatched his wrist, stopping him from going any further. Legolas was startled at first, his eyes flickering from my hand to my face.

"No," I said, pressing my lips together. "You do not understand. Now, you are going to stay silent while I explain to you what happened." I casted a sweeping look at our surroundings. There were many people around and I did not feel like having any extra ears listen in

I gave his wrist a small tug towards the edge of camp. "Over this way,"

I led him into the tree line, until we were far enough away that I was sure that we would not be over heard. The trees here were thick, the smallest amount of moonlight filtering through the leaves above. I dropped Legolas' wrist, my hand falling limply to my side.

I stood silently, hugging myself tightly as I thought about the proper way to explain this. At long last, I exhaled loudly and looked up at the elf. "This is going to sound strange," I began. "But I ask you to bear with me,"

I figured his lack of words were a sign for me to continue.

"Ever since the beginning of the journey, whenever we touched, I would be burned. When I passed, Rose told me it was because we were not supposed to become… attached to each other. She said it was because I was going to die anyways. When we… kissed I felt a pain in my head like I do every time I do something against the proper way things are supposed to go, only this time, it was much worse." I paused and looked at his face. "This is why."

Legolas stared at me unblinkingly, his expression hard to read. "Why didn't you say anything?" he questioned. "We could have done something! Gandalf could have-"

"That is why I did not say anything!" I exclaimed desperately, throwing my hands into the air. "You would want to do something! It would mess up the timeline, and it wasn't that big of a deal."

"You being in pain was not a big deal?" Legolas said his voice raising. He scoffed and crossed his arms over his chest. "Do you know what we would have felt like if you had died? We would have all blamed ourselves."

"That is why I didn't want to come in the first place!" I cried. "I wasn't supposed to be here! I was not supposed to meet any of you!"

Legolas pressed his lips in a tight line. "That did not stop you from going to Boromir, even when you knew the Uruks were coming." He paused, narrowing his eyes. "Did you love him?"

My jaw dropped and I glared at the elf. "Boromir was my friend! I loved him like a brother. Is it terrible that I did not want him to spend his last moments alone and in despair?"

Legolas shook his head and clenched his fist. "You are so difficult! I would have you know that if it was not for me persuading Aragorn to stay in Rohan, he would have gone after you? Not on a rescue mission, to capture you and lock you up!"

I blinked a few times, this being a new detail that I had not heard before.

"I still believed that you were not corrupted," Legolas continued. "But when I saw that army marching towards Helms Deep," He shook his head and studied the ground. "I didn't know what to believe anymore."

I stomped my foot on the ground in anger. "How could you think me of doing something so awful?" I ran a hand through my tangled locks. "I swear, sometimes you are such a-a-" I paused, looking for the right word. "Pe-channas!" (Idiot)

Somehow, during our argument, we had gravitated very close to each other. I was breathing heavily, looking up at the hard, blue eyes of the elf before me. We were so close, our noses were nearly touching.

"Do you still get burned?" Legolas broke the silence after a lengthy pause.



He swiftly wrapped his hands around the back of my head and pulled me into a lip bruising kiss. Our mouths crashed desperately upon each other as I threw my arms around the back of his neck, pulling him closer. Legolas' hands snaked around my wrist and pulled my body against his, wanting to be closer. I opened my mouth, deepening this kiss.

This. This was bliss. It felt perfect, as if we were meant to be glued to each other like this. I couldn't think of anything more perfect.

Suddenly, there was the sound of childish laughter off to the side. We hastily broke apart and looked to two red faced Hobbits.

"Aragorn sent us," explained Merry, wiping a tear from his eye from laughing so hard. "We could hear you all the way from camp."

I guess we were not far enough.

"Strider wanted to make sure you two didn't kill each other." Pippin said, adding under his breath to Merry as if we couldn't hear it. "Even though it seemed they were doing quite the opposite." They both sniggered again.

"Thank you," I said, making sure the annoyance in my voice was clear. "We will be heading back to camp now," I stated I strode past the two childlike creatures, who were snickering again.

Legolas reached my side and smirked down at me as we walked, the Hobbits giggling behind us.

"You owe me that pipeweed now!" Merry whispered to Pippin, not knowing that we could hear them perfectly.

Pippin grumbled irritably and fished a small pouch out of his shirt pocket and pressed it into Merry's palm.

I casted Legolas a knowing look out of the corner of my eye. Oh, they were going to get it.

The elf slipped his calloused hand into my own as we made our way back to camp, still fully aware of the two Hobbits behind us who found the whole thing utterly hilarious.

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