Pre-Chapter Notes: Well, this is the first thing I've ever actually written (not posted on this site, which was A Certain Feline Saint). Truth be told, I never thought I would actually post this. More elaborations on this story will be found after the chapter is finished.

Warning: AU, possible OOC behavior, OP!Touma (I know that some people love that Touma was normal and still managed to win against supernatural foes like Acqua of the Back or Archangel Gabriel. If you love that, then you might hate that I'm giving Touma a power up.)

Kamijou Touma was more often than not known as a misfortunate boy. He simply wanted to live in peace, despite the abnormalities of Academy City.

Academy City had its name due to the multitude of schools, colleges, and universities residing within it. The abnormality came from the students attending these educational institutions, who all had a special talent in common.

They were all Espers.

Espers were humans who gained special psychic abilities, such as pyrokinesis or teleportation, through the power of science. Each and every student had gone through the Power Curriculum Program, in which their powers are developed by the school they attend.

However, some only stay as people with nonexistent abilities, who are labeled as Level 0's, while the other end of the scale holds the legendary Level 5's, whose abilities can easily destroy an army if utilized properly.

Kamijou was only a Level 0, despite his strange ability. The ability in question, which is more commonly known as the Imagine Breaker, manifests itself in the form of his right hand. It nullifies any and all supernatural occurrences that came in contact with it.

The boy who held this ability would sometimes boast that not even the blessing of God could keep its form if it came into contact with his right hand.

He lazily stretched his arms over his head while crossing the bridge at night. He had just recently outran some drunken delinquents who had tried to pick up the wrong girl. If they had known who it was they had tried to proposition, they would have run regardless of chasing him.

He had led them away before the girl could do something that would leave the thugs in need of medical attention. Considering Kamijou's physical condition, he could have just sprinted out of their sight within seconds (and even run circles around the drunken delinquents while mocking their speed in a shameless manner, but that wasn't very polite), but he had to constantly bait them away or they would go back to the girl.

Kamijou sighed as he trudged towards the dorm room where he could finally get some sleep after such a misfortunate and tiring (mentally, of course, the boy couldn't remember the last time he had gotten physically tired) day.

'Well, there's no other way this night can go wrong, right?' Kamijou thought hopefully.

At a later time, Kamijou would wonder why the hell he thought that his misfortune would actually give him a break.

Suddenly, he held up his right hand in a nonchalant manner. A bright bolt lightning struck it head on before dispersing as if it had never existed. His right eyelid twitched erratically as he slowly turned around looking at the source of the electric discharge. His superb eyesight easily saw the brown-haired female at the other end of the bridge. She was standing there with her arms crossed and a complex expression on her face, that much he could gather.

"What do you want, Biri Biri?" Kamijou questioned the middle schooler. Her own eyelid twitched at the seemingly condescending nickname before she reluctantly calmed herself.

"First off, my name is Misaka Mikoto," The now identified middle-schooler stated. "Second, why are you running from some random idiots when you can just beat them with your weird power?"

He sighed while rubbing his spiky hair with his left hand before answering, "What did you do to them, Biri Biri?"

"Hm? Ah, I just gave them a little shock," The girl said dismissively while flicking a hand through her hair. After she finished the seemingly flippant gesture, a spark of electricity ran through her brown locks.

"And here I was, hoping to end the day with nobody getting hurt." Kamijou murmured.

Then he stated in a normal voice, "Well, I hope you have a nice night, Biri Biri, goodbye." He turned and walked away while waving his right hand.

"M'kay, well, goodby- Screw that, I'm not falling for that again!" She shouted in an accusing tone.

"Damn, I should have known she'd catch on, I mean, she's a frickin Level 5" Kamijou cursed under his breath, having hoped to not get involved with the girl that day.

Yes. The girl was one of the seven Level 5's in Academy City. Specifically, she was especially known as the Railgun because of her signature technique.

Why she wanted to bother spending time chasing a measly Level 0 like him, Kamijou could never personally understand. He had met her a month ago when he had seen her shock some thugs who tried to proposition her. This time he had led her away from the delinquents so that they wouldn't be shocked.

"Now that I've found you, we can finally finish our fight," the girl said heatedly.

"Erm, are you sure there's no way we can't simply head on our way home without a duel?" Kamijou asked, despite already knowing the girl's answer.

"Nope," Misaka said in a faux cheerful tone, before her body became surrounded in a cacophony of sparks and electricity. Kamijou grimaced, turning back to the girl again and readying himself for the first assault.

She started by discharging a large lance of lightning at him, knowing that his enigmatic power would allow him to survive. He slapped it away in a nonchalant manner, while the electricity once again dispersed from contact with his right hand.

"How come every time I say that I'm just a normal Level 0, you still throw more of that stuff at me?" He asked, again already knowing the answer. Misaka narrowed her eyes before chucking a cluster of electricity at him. To respond to that, he simply raised the Imagine Breaker without looking at the attack itself. He hadn't batted an eye at the large discharge dispersing with a sound of broken glass ringing out.

"It's kind of hard to believe that you're some measly Level 0 when you can stop my electricity with a wave of your hand." She snarked, while staring at him doubtfully. She was still wondering what might cause the boy to finally start fighting a little seriously.

She took a little pride in her abilities, and then some unknown boy just came out of nowhere who could destroy her electricity without regarding her as a serious threat. Misaka was a bit curious at the fact that despite being a Level 5, there was still someone besides the Number One and Seven that could take the electricity with their bare hands and come back for more.

"Ugh," Kamijou grunted at her response. He decided that honesty might help him get home and sleeping in his bed faster. "It's this right hand of mine. Every single time an esper ability touches it, they get nullified."

"I find it somewhat hard to believe that an ability like that exists, and even harder to believe that you're still a Level 0 because of it," Misaka deadpanned irritably. She mulled it over in her head and made a decision, 'Time to kick it up a notch.'

"Tell me, do you know what a railgun is?" she asked the unlucky boy without warning. She then reached into her skirt pocket, pulling out a seemingly harmless arcade coin. He twitched, both from the coin and the sudden gleam of mischievousness that her eyes gained.

'Hoo boy, this won't be good,' Kamijou thought pessimistically. He had some justification, considering his past meetings with some of the other Level 5's.

"Yes, yes, I do." He answered reluctantly, a small part of him fervently hoping that what she was going to do wasn't what he thought she was going to do.

'Oh, who am I kidding? Of course she would do something like that.' Kamijou groaned internally.

"Well then, prepare yourself!" She exclaimed, while flicking the coin into the air. Sparks of electricity danced wildly on her profile, while he watched the coin nervously with hands occasionally twitching.

It came back and Misaka flicked it in Kamijou's direction with her thumb. A roar of electricity blasted out through the air, as a giant orange beam of electricity sped along towards the spiky, black haired boy.

A sharp glint appeared in Kamijou's eyes. He fearlessly held up his right hand, as if to motion something to a stop. The Railgun made contact with the Imagine Breaker. As Kamijou stood unfaltering before the beam, the ground under his feet caved in while his hand was still staving off the beam. The 'normal Level 0' then performed an action that bewildered Misaka even further.

As the beam slowly dispersed, he calmly closed his fist, which was smoking from the excess heat of the energy discharge. Despite the ridiculous heat, electricity, and force behind the destructive attack, the right hand was perfectly alright. Kamijou brought the limb up to his face, blowing on it intensely while waving it to get the smoke and smell of o-zone off.

He opened his hand palm up, and surprisingly enough, there was something in it. It was a melted piece of metal that was cooling in the middle of his hand. Misaka stared at him incredulously, while thinking, 'What just happened?'

"Umm, was I not supposed to catch it?" Kamijou asked sheepishly, while holding up the cooled metal remains of the coin between his index finger and thumb. He looked at the girl, who was still standing at the same spot while staring at the misfortunate boy with wide eyes.

His own eyes soon mirrored hers, remembering that normal people weren't supposed to easily stop and nullify large beams of destruction. He soon wrenched his feet out of the miniature crater under him while dropping the metal-that-was-once-a-coin.

"Uhh, see, my dorm has this curfew, so, umm, got to go, bye!" Kamijou excused himself feebly before turning and sprinting away at incomprehensible speeds. To the normal eye, he had simply blurred out of existence, not unlike a teleporter.

Misaka Mikoto shook her head to try and clear out the shock of what had just happened. Then her eyes fell upon the dropped piece of metal. She walked over to it slowly, as if afraid that it would run away like a scared animal. Misaka felt like it took centuries to get over to the crater, when in actuality, the time spent moving over to it was much less.

When she finally got to the crater, she slowly bent down on one knee. The Electromaster reached a quivering hand over to the metal, flinching back once, but still picking it up. Misaka raised it to eye-level before looking it over. She also glanced down at the crater, where there were imprints of the spiky-haired boy's feet from earlier.

Misaka took a slow, shuddering breath, and then reluctantly pocketed the metal before beginning the trek back to her dorm. She had been hoping to run into the boy, hoping to get some questions answered. Oh, they had been answered alright. But it seemed like for every one question that was answered, three took its place.

"Who are you?" Misaka questioned out loud.


She looked in the direction that the boy had sprinted away to before steeling with resolve. She would find him again and she would get her answers.

Post-Chapter Notes: Well, that's just about it.

Time to summarize this chapter a bit:

Summary of Chapter 1:

Touma is hinted to have had encounters with Level 5's other than Mikoto. (It makes sense, considering the hints from Misaki Shokuhou in NT volume 7. So I decided to expand on it.)

Mikoto didn't chuck iron sand or call a freaking lightning bolt down at him… but she did launch a railgun.

Touma blocks the railgun, despite the kinetic force behind it (I kind of disagree with the Railgun manga, Touma had to feel some force behind the blast), and also catches the melted coin.

Toumma escapes at impossible speeds, leaving Mikoto once again confused and in need of answers.

Alright, time to state the main change in this AU. Touma is in complete control of his extremely obscure abilities. As in, the Imagine Breaker and the Mysterious Power that he used to suppress the Invisible Thing. As for the Invisible Thing, I'm going to put my own little twist on IT (Capitals and Bold necessary).

There is a lot that Kazuma Kamachi left vague about Kamijou Touma and his abilities, so I decided to put my own little interpretation in. Like I mentioned in the warnings above, if you loved how Touma was able to beat his hilariously super-powered enemies when he was normal, then you might not tolerate this. If you don't like this, then please don't leave any flames.

I don't really want to offend anyone; I just want to express my own ideas on Touma's abilities. There will be other changes in my retelling of the story. I can tell you that Touma will not lose his memories. I mean, really now, what's the point of giving him a power-up when his memories of how to use those powers will be blasted away like dust to the wind?

If you want to know how OP Touma is… well, as I said above, he is channeling the Mysterious Power that he used to suppress the Invisible Thing. The Invisible Thing made even Fiamma of the Right, who gained power equivalent to La Persona Superiore a Dio, cower in fear. The Invisible Thing made Fiamma's power pale in comparison to its own.

And now Touma's more powerful than both of them.


Yeah, I can tell you he's not going to be chucking around his power like it's going out of style. I have read many stories about the MC's flaunting their power, but I'll do my best to make Touma as subtle, yet mind-blowing as I can. He simply uses the Mysterious Power to break through his limits as a human. He will do more later, but it won't be until his more powerful opponents come along.

It's kind of like Saitama in that gag manga, One Punch Man. He becomes so strong that he beats everything with one punch. I once saw a fanart of both Touma and Saitama doing a fist-bump, and it gave me a bit of motivation to start this.

If you have any questions, I'll try to answer them in a PM.

Well, that's all for now.