"You don't got the 10p, you don't got the sandwich."

"You can keep the tomato. How's that? And I'll have the rest." Jasper's clutching loose coins in his sweaty palm. The sun is beating down on his face; rising off the pavement; glinting in the shop windows; making him squint.

The street vendor scoffs, rolls his head back and absently scratches the underside of his belly. "Get out 'a here."

Jasper reaches for the sandwich.

The man swats at him.

Jasper shoves him with him with both hands. Nothing happens and then the vendor's own blow almost bowls him over.

Someone catches him under the elbow. Jasper feels their ice cold fingers on his skin and shivers. He's set right on his feet.

"Here." Edward hands the man five dollars.

The vendor squints at him distrustfully before he takes the money, tosses Edward the sandwich and wheels his cart away.

Edward holds it out. "There," he says.

Grabbing the sandwich eagerly, Jasper sinks his teeth into it like a starving animal would tear into a carcass. Then he sees Edward walk away. "Hey!" he calls. He starts after him. "Hey, where've you been?"

"I went back to my dad," Edward says as Jasper falls in beside him.

"Oh. That's nice." The bread is stale, the cheese stinks and the tomato is old and dry but it's the best thing Jasper has eaten in days. Actually, no. It's the only thing Jaspers eaten in days.

Edward walks ridiculously fast and Jasper has to keep running to catch up with him.

"Haven't seen you in weeks," he says.

Two men pass by. They look from Edward, immaculate in white shirt and jet black suit trousers, to Jasper, in a tee shirt and sweatpants. One turns to the other and mutters something.

Edward turns over his shoulder as they pass. His eyes are black, Jasper sees, and they narrow intently.

Jasper wets his lips. "So… how come you're back?"

Edward says nothing but pulls his hat down over his face as they pass briefly out of the shadows.

Jaspers stops. "You know…" he says. "You know, I don't got to be back at school for another forty-five minutes."

That gets Edward's attention. He stops and turns.

Jasper smiles and absently fingers his hair. "There's a hostel," he gestures behind himself vaguely, "right around the corner."

Edward smiles and it's almost shy.

/ \

"Lie on your back."

Edward frowns. "Why?"

Jasper rolls his eyes. "Trust me." He rises on his tiptoes to nuzzle Edward's nose playfully. He laughs when Edward flinches. "It's kind of my thing."

Edward's ridiculously neat eyebrows draw together. After a long moment he sits down on the bed, shuffles back and lies down.

Jasper crawls into his lap. He kisses him under the chin, pushing back against Edward's cock as he does so, finding that he's as hard as marble.

Edward makes to grab Jasper by his narrow, bony hips. But Jasper slaps his hands and says: "No moving."

Without breaking Jasper's gaze Edward lowers his hands and clenches his fists in the sheets. It doesn't look like he's breathing.

That's okay because Jasper's panting hard enough for the two of them. He kneels up, heart hammering, and sticks a hand between his legs, spreading his hole for Edward's cock.

Edward's fingers dig into his thigh. Jasper has to pry them off. Edward just smiles.

Slowly, Jasper eases onto Edward. Once the hard bits over and done with, and he's sitting in Edwards's lap, he has to take a moment to simply breath. As slow as before, he rises and falls, sliding Edward in and out of him. He thinks: if Edward lasts as long as he usually does there's no way he'll be able to keep this up. Yet, for now Jasper is able to set the pace and like this, when he's in control, it's about as good as it gets. With Edward naked and under him, gazing at Jasper with glassy, burgundy eyes, he looks like a boy. Just like Jasper.

His gasps begin to sound a little broken, the muscles of his thighs burn and he feels so full he wishes he could keep Edward inside him forever. Edward fingers trail of his cheek, brushing back his sweaty hair from his eyes. Quickly, Jasper catches his hand in both of his. Holding Edward's gaze with half-lidded eyes, he places his broad hand on his waist.

Immediately Edward draws him closer.

He moans. "Oh..."

Then:"Is this the fastest you can go?"

Jasper's eyes fly open. He suddenly feels cold and he's struck with the sudden urge to cry or to shout. But that's not what he's here for. That's not what he's paid for. So he swallows his retort and says: "You can set the pace."

Edward grips both his hips, holds him completely still and snaps his hips up.

Half-a-minute later Jasper actually does sob. He pushes Edward's hands from him but slumps forward into his chest anyway, shaking limbs unable to hold support his own weight. "That hu-urts!" Every time, he thinks, he allows himself to be seduced by Edward's beauty and then the monster reveals himself.

Edward says nothing until Jasper has pushed himself upright, still sat astride his hips but now with a limp cock and tears tracks on his cheeks. He doesn't want Edward to see him like this but the look on Edward's face makes him hesitate.

Edward's eyes shine and shame crumples up his features. "You do it," he says quietly.

Jasper nods and swallows. He places his hands on Edward's chest.

It must be torturously slow for him. Sometimes he moves so fast that he blurs. Sweat is dripping down Jasper's back and his cock fills up and slaps against his stomach. Before long he can't even take it. Edward steadies him in alarm as he sways, both arms winding their way around Edward's shoulders. He mouths over Edward's cheekbones and kisses his temple. "Bite me," he says, without thinking. "Please."

Edward's hair tickles his chin. He feels his hot, wet mouth on his skin and the sudden pain of his teeth sinking into the swell of his chest. As blood wells in Edward's mouth, Jasper hears him moan and, inside him, his cock begins to throb.

Jasper's nails scrape across Edward's scalp, one leg and then the other coils around Edward's waist. Edward pulls him even closer. Blood is dripping onto their thighs, slick between the press of skin on skin. As Edward drains him he begins to fill him too, impossibly hot inside Jasper, making him wet like a girl.

Jasper shudders as he comes too. Dizzy with the headiness of it all, he slumps in Edward's arms.

Edward lays him down. Then he parts his legs and slips back inside him.

Jaspers whimpers, arching, reaching out his hands for Edward. He pulls him down for his kiss and tastes his own blood on Edward's mouth.

"Tell me how you want it," Edward murmurs, licking at Jasper's lips. "Tell me exactly how you want it."

/ \

"I got to go," Jasper says, three hours later.

Edward sticks out his bottom lip. Jasper's been sleeping and Edwards been trailing his lips all over his body. Getting him hard again in his sleep then tonguing him through another orgasm.

"Seriously," Jasper says, sitting up. "I've already missed maths."

"Probably best."

"Oi, fuck off," Jasper says, laughing. He rolls off the bed and starts to pick up his clothes

"Hey," Edward murmurs. He's still lying on his stomach, running his fingers over the warmth Jasper left behind. "You were my first."

"I was what?" Jasper asks distractedly, hopping into his jeans.

"My first," Edward reiterates meaningfully.

"Your first what? Oh. Oh." Jasper tilts his head. "Aw."

"So," Edward says from where his chin is resting on the backs of his linked fingers. "I'm sorry that I'm… no good and I don't mean to hurt you or anything. I – It's complicated."

He's startled out of his reverie when Jasper pinches one of his cheeks sharply. "You've done more for me than anyone else I know. And – you care – which is more than all the other guys can say." He smooths back Edward's fringe and smiles. "Can I see you again soon?"

Edward takes his hand and kisses it. "Definitely."

/ \

He's just turned into the alley that he sleeps in when he sees the car. Cautiously, he moves closer when he's suddenly grabbed from behind and slammed, face-first, onto the hood. A hand covers his mouth.

"How much?" He can feel stubble against his cheek and the hard insistence of the man against his backside. The hand smothering him disappears.

At first it appears as though Jasper can't or won't speak. But then he chokes out, bitterly, "s-s-seventy."

His arm is twisted so violently Jasper releases a thin cry.

"I'll give you twenty."

"Forty at least, mister. That's fair-"

The man's fist collides with the side of his head.

Tears are sliding down Jasper's cheeks. He hears the sound of a belt buckle clang against the ground. A moment later the cold, black night air slices across his bare arse.

Jasper closes his eyes.