Graceland - The Letter Part Five – Final Chapter - Epilogue

AU! Set after Mike is stabbed in 'Smoke Alarm', the end with Briggs and Juan did not happen. Mike leaves Graceland after writing a letter explaining what happened with Juan. Jangles take's Mike and it's up to the agents of Graceland to save him, if they want to. Total love in at the end, because we all know that the people in the house all are in a relationship.

FallenQueen2: Thanks for the reviews everyone! I hope you like this part. Yaoi and Yuri in this story. Briggs/Charlie/Mike/Paige/Johnny. The aftermath and how their relationship is going.

Disclaimer: I do not own Graceland, rated for language and implied sex and total nakedness.

The Letter Part Five –Final Chapter – Epilogue

Going to be a very short final chapter as a warning.

It's been around 6 months since the Jangles incident as they referred to it. With the combined effort of the whole house Mike was kept in Graceland as a full time undercover agent, Mike decided against the fast track to being the FBI's director. He decided he was where he belonged. Almost every day he was shown from the other four in the house that he was needed and loved. It started at the 1st beach campfire they had when Mike was fully healed. It was just drinking and talking with Mike's head resting on Charlie's lap with her stroking his hair when Johnny suggested the idea and surprising everyone was game for it. Mike had blushed a very bright shade of red at the mere thought but somehow was wrangled into it and found he enjoyed it quite a lot surprising even himself.

That is how on this sunny morning Mike woke up feeling sore but relaxed and comforted. He looked around; he was lying on Briggs large bed completely naked and tangled up in the sheets of the bed. Paige was curled up to his side Johnny was spooning up behind the blonde, his arms reaching around the woman and one hand was intertwined with Mike's. Mike noticed a fingers running through his hair gently, he tilted his head up and his eyes met Briggs'. He blushed as he noticed that he was laying between Briggs naked legs, head resting under Briggs' chin and on his other side was Charlie draped over Mike's chest, still fast asleep.

"Morning." Briggs whispered.

"Morning." Mike whispered back.

"So did you like it?" Briggs asked worried.

"I loved it, now Shh I'm exhausted." Mike smiled, eyes closing.

"Good and you're going to be sore for a few days." Briggs smirked leaning down and the two engaged in a heated kiss before Mike pulled away and snuggled down in the embrace of people he loved and knew who loved him and he knew he wasn't going anywhere, anytime soon.