Title: Jealous Werewolf Lovers
Pairing: Stiles x Isaac || StIsaac
Disclaimer: I don't own anything Teen Wolf.

Note || Part Two

"Well?" Isaac asked, continuing his ministrations as he waited for an answer.

. . .

Stiles stilled. A soft mewl fell from his lips. Isaac was going to be his down fall. The taller was honing in on his exhibitionist side - that was a very bad thing. Very bad. Stiles hummed against Isaac's adam apple. "We could." He licked a colomn up the side of Isaac's neck. "But I'm not a quiet one." He smirked and nipped softly. "They will hear me." He moaned for show. "Do you want that? Do you want them to see me?" He blew out a breath. "Back arched, head thrown back, mouth open as you pound into me?"

Isaac shuddared. Fuck! He'd forgotten Stiles excelled in Journalism.

"To hear me?" Stiles moaned louder. "Isaac, Isaac, Isaac," he muttered over and over while arching agianst the taller. "Please Isaac, please." he groaned before nipping at the red spot on Isaac's neck. "Harder Isaac, harder." Stiles smirked. "Do you want that Isaac?"

That was a good question.

A very good question.

Why were they still here?

He blew out a breath against Stiles's sensitive ear. "Shall we?"

Stiles smirked and pushed away. "Let's go."

Isaac chuckled. "Eager?"

Stiles smirked and licked his lips while giving the elder a once over - from up close. He eye fucked the elder from afar on a regular bases. But up close was a whole new treat. His dark doe eeys lingered on the other''s buldge. "I could say the same about you."

Isaac followed Stiles's gaze. A light blush stained his cheeks. "And you're just the person to fix it." He grinned wickedly. "But not here." Isaac growled out. He wasn't willing to share. He was the only one who got to see Stiles at his weakest, most pleasured state.

Stiles bit his lower lip as he felt Isaac's hardness against his own. He groaned lowly in his ear. "Let's go to my place." He growled playfully and bit down on Isaac's neck - the taller went crazy every time. He chuckled and lavved at the spot. "Dad's not home." Stiles smirked against Isaac's neck.

"No, we are going to mine. Derek helped me rent the loft next to his." He replied. His bieceps flexed as he shifted the younger. As the hazy lust began to clear slightly - Isaac frowned. "You ready?" Isaac groaned. He pushed himself forward and squished Stiles in between him and his car. His head lowered to the younger's neck. His plump lips seperated as his tongue peaked out. His patience was disapating.

Stiles arched in sensitivity - giving the elder more room.

Isaac's teeth grazed over Stiles's ivory colored skin once more. He was addicted to the taste and texture. He nipped softly before biting.

Stiles yelped and arched. His arms tightened around the elder reflexively. His legs dangling by his sides.

Isaac bit down harshly. He grunted and rutted against Stiles's lower region. He pulled back slightly and let his tongue lavv at the bite - soothing it ever so slightly. Isaac pulled back even more and blew cold air over it.

Stiles groaned softly and let Isaac hold him up. His neck throbbed. Ached. A good ache. His legs jello'd again.

"You wanna let go?" Isaac smirked. He let his nose run gently over the goosebump ridden skin. "Or should we do it right here. Right now." He grinded roughly against Stiles.

Dam him! He was calling to Stiles' inner exhibitionist - this was bad! Stiles mewled and dragged his nails across Isaac's broad shoudlers. "Don't tempt me." Oh, he wanted to. Right here. Right now.

Isaac grunted. Damn minx! Who's teasing who?

Stiles smirked. "let's go."

Isaac nodded and unwillingly released the younger. He held the car door open and bowed slightly. "Your carriage . . ."

Stiles's eyes widened. He blinked - frozen.

Isaac frowned and glanced up at the other. He stood straight up slowly. "What?"

"I love when you treat me like I'm the most important person to you." Stiles whispered - doing his best to will the blush away. He couldn't lie, Isaac would know.

Isaac smiled softly. He placed his hand on the other's shoulder. He squeezed it lightly before trailing it down his arm. His fingers wrapped around Stiles's hand and pulled it to his lips. He placed a kiss on top. "That's because you are, Princess." He winked and jerked his head towards the open door. "Get in."

Stiles blushed.

Isaac chuckled as he walked around to his side of the car. The little minx was full of surprises. He slid into the buttery leather seat and smiled. "You ready, princess?"

"Are you going to continue calling me princess?" Stiles questioned with an arched brow.

Isaac smirked. "Maybe."

Stiles told him the directions and sat back. He glanced at the other. Stiles bit his lower lip to keep from laughing as he snacked his hand over to rest on the elder's middle thigh. "Still?"

"What'cha doing princess?" Isaac ruffed out - doing his best to keep focused.

Stiles raised the hand. "Seeing if you have any other nicknames." He slowly dragged his nails from the inside of Isaac's right thigh to the top of his legs. He smirked as he felt the muscle constrict under his hand. He chuckled as the leg opened wider - giving him more room.

Isaac's hands tightened on the steering wheel. He was a dangerous one. "Minx?"

He flattened his hand on Isaac's leg and slid it back towards his inner thigh. Stiles inched it upwards. "Nah, try again."

Isaac licked his lips. He chuckled. "But I like princess."

The doe eyed boy smirked. His hand ghosted over the raging hard on. He let his hand hover of th elder's clothed cock.

Isaac groaned as he could feel the others heat. It was delicsious. He bit his lower lip. Damn! He should have known better than to tease him. "Princess or Kitten." He gruffed out. A shiver coursed through him as the younger's finger gently ran over his problem. Damn tease!

Stiles purred and leaned over the arm rest. His lips hovered behind Isaac's ear as he pressed down. Kitten. That was a new nickname. He'd never been called that before. He smirked in satisfaction as the elder groaned in appreciation.


"Kitten?" He licked Isaac's jaw before purring against his ear. He liked Kitten.

Isaac's eyes widened as he swerved.

Stiles chuckled softly. "Don't crash Derek's car." His breath fanned over the other's heated skin. Goosebumps rose. He squeezed the twitching organ under his hand. Stroking and caressing it teasingly as he bit down on the shell of Isaac's ear. Stiles mewled softly. "Oh~ You are so big."

Isaac smirked.

Yeah, he was.

"Play nice Kitty." He taunted. Isaac's voice was rough and ridden with lust. His dark eyes glittered, gold seeping in every few seconds as Isaac's emotions jumped.

Stiles chuckled softly. "And if Kitty doesn't wanna play nice?" He hummed in question and let his nose trace the elder's defined jaw.

Isaac groaned and gripped the steering wheel. He did his best to keep his eyes open as the other pressed down on him. Damn tease! "Then Master is going to have to punish you."

Stiles smirked. Good answer. "Master~" Stiles purred.

Isaac's eyes dilated. Oh, he liked being called master. Really liked it. "We're here." He coughed lightly and shook his head. Doing his best to clear the hazy lust that covered him. "I like you calling me that." His voice, husky and dark. "Remember, you asked me to fuck you."

Stiles smirked and easily detached himself from the other. He smirked. A deep lustful desire filled his orbs.

"Follow me." Isaac smirked wickedly. Tonight was going to be fun. Stiles hadn't been over to Isaac's new loft.

Aka . . . Stiles didn't realize how many kinks his werewolf boyfriend had.

However, He was about to find out.

. . .

The hallway was quiet as Isaac laced his fingers with Stiles's. He lead him towards his arpartment styled loft. He released Stiles's hand as they stood in front of his deep blue door with a silver 205 painted on it. "I know it's not that uppity . . . But Its cozy." Isaac murmuredcutely while digging for his keys, a light blush mared his cheeks.

Stiles eyed the taller's backside while Isaac unlocked the door.

Isaac smiled timidly and held the door open.

Stiles smiled reasuringly and stepped inside. "I bet it perfect. And if not, Stiles will add some Styles to it." he winked cutely.

"I hope so, nothing smells like you." Isaac chuckled as the short bobbed his head and ducked inside. "You are my anchor - my mate, I want you everywhere." He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively causing Stiles to let out a loud laugh.

It was quaint. Cozy and simple, yet lavish.

"It is cozy." Stiles spoke softly. He twisted back around to face Isaac. His dark eyes smoldered with lust and need. "Bedroom?"

Isaac gulped. "I need to use the restroom . . ." He wiggled his wrist. "Last door on the." He smirked.

Stiles chuckled. "I'll look around?"

Stiles nodded. "Sure."

. . .

He let out a breath and stepped into the half bath located next to the kitchen. Isaac let out a breath. Here goes nothing . . . He chewed on his lower lip. This was going to go one of two ways. One of those ways offered the best sex of his life. The other way offered a lifetime of being alone while looking at his mate from afar. Isaac stared at himself in the mirror once more.

5 minutes had passed.

Isaac's lips pursed. I'll give him a few more minutes. Stiles seems to catch on pretty quick . . . He heaved another sigh and walked to the small long narrow cabinet to his left - across from the toilet.

That cabinet squeaked softly as it opened.

Stiles pulled out his items before removing his shirt. Minutes later he stood in front of the mirror. The black jeans road low enough to see the 'V' that was visible below his taut stomach. A leather collar with an attached leash in the front adorned his neck.

Isaac had kinks. Many kinks.


They were a major fetish. He loved wearing collars. And he badly wanted to see Stiles in one. But for now Isaac would settle on him wearing it.

The leather collar was an inch thick that buckled at the back. In the middle of the collar was a thin silver chain. At the bottom of the collor - directly in the center - at the from was a little lip of leather that curled under - making a loop - which held a dog tag. A smirk covered his lips as he looked at the little metallic silver circle shaped tag that hung from the thick leather collar. "Stiles" had been engraved in large sliverish-gray letters.

He grabbed the blindfold and ball gag while turning towards the door. Show time.

. . .

Stiles let out a puff of air as his eyes glanced over the living room. He took a couple steps to the right and wound up in the kitchen. His brows knitted together. It doesn't look lived in. He moved towards the kitchen and opened the fridge. Not much food. Stiles woould fix that. He pulled out to bottles of beer.

Popping the top on one he took a swing. Leaving the other unopened on the counter. Isaac would get the gesture. Besides, it seemed like his wolf needed a little relaxation.

Stiles moved forward, keeping the bottle in his hand, taking sips every now and then. He wanted a buzz, yes. But he didn't want to be drunk for this. No, no indeed.

He opened the first door on the right as he made the way down a little hallway. Guest bedroom. It was plain and simple - no flair, nothing.

Stiles moved on. His brows furrowed in confusion. There was no way this was Isaac's apartment. No wonder Isaac wanted Stiles every where - this place was bland while Stiles had to much . . . flair. They would definitely be making some changes.

He moved on to the next room.

A guest bathroom.

Stiles's lips pursed in thought. Brows knitted together in confusion. Their was no life in this apartment.

Stiles stood in front of the second third door. It was a lone door down the short hallway. The other two doors had been on the other side. Which meant this was Isaac's bedroom - the master bed and bath. He took a deep breath before opening the door.

Stiles's jaw dropped. He stood frozen. Holy hell. He gulped. His doe eyes wide. Stiles' puppy had some serious kinks.

There was a large four post bed with chains linked to cuffs - hanging from each post. The bed set was a deep cherry wood frame. The bed spread was a deep bluish grey. Dark slate grey silk sheets - on further inspection.

The walls were a soft pale grey - silverish under certain lights. The walls - for the most part -were covered in black metal grids with black hooks hanging from them.

There were two long rectangular tables. Each table held boxes and trays on them.

On the floor were other individual boxes.

What was placed on these grids?

What was in these boxes on the table?

By the table?




Vibrating Underwear?

Mini Vibes.

Finger Vibes.

Anal Vibes.

Skin Feel Vibrators.

Satin Vibrators.

Realist Feeling Vibrators.


Cooling Lubricants.

Warming Lubricants.

Edible Lubricants



Cock Rings.


Chain Ball Whip.

Feather Tickler Whip.

Rubber Whip.

Nipple Clamps.

Vibrating Nipple Clamps.

Nipple Suckers.

Butt Plugs.

Anal Beads.

Realist Cocks.

Japanese Silk Rope.

Sex Stool Box.

Bondage Bed Box.

Inflatable Lover-Lounge Box.

Sex Swing Box.

Fucking Hell . . . What Did I just step Into? Stiles eyes widened as he stared at the room. His cock twitched. HWhen he had told Isaac he wanted to be fucked . . . He knew the taller would, but he hadn't realized what type of monster he was unleashing.