Hey guys! I wrote this little smutt fic for my good friend Fynniona!

Prompt: babysitter!Ivan x horny preteen!Alfred

WARNING: Statutory rape (sex with an underaged child, even though it is consensual) included. Do not read if this upsets you.

Babysitting Blues

"No really, guy's a friggin bombshell," Alfred hurriedly tapped into his phone, pocketing the sleek device when his sitter for the evening walked back in with a DVD case in his hands. Alfred could hardly contain the giddy little shudder that went down his spine as he thought about how nice it would be if Ivan let Alfred sit on him...

"This is the one you were wanting?" the Russian nanny asked with that ever present accent. Alfred nodded meekly, ducking his chin into his chest as he curled up on the couch, chin resting on his knees as he stared hard at Ivan's backside. It should be illegal to have such a well-defined spine that arched and sloped downwards into...

Restraining the dirty little giggle that filled Alfred's chest, the boy smiled encouragingly at his babysitter as the man crouched by the television, murmuring something in that sexy foreign language of his as he tried to turn the complicated system on. Needless to say, it was much more difficult than turning Alfred on.

"It's the triangle button," the wheat haired teen instructed from where he sat, blushing at the breathy smile Ivan gave him in thanks as he finally was able to get the movie inside. The nanny scampered back to the couch when the movie started to play, sitting down on the other soft couch cushion to give Alfred plenty of space. As the opening sequence began, Alfred could not even be bothered to watch the explosions on the screen, simply tilting his head to gaze longingly at the gentle curve of Ivan's neck as it peeked out from the top of that fuzzy and obviously well-worn scarf of his. He was too embarrassed to keep looking at him when he thought about how he could grab the ends of that silly baby pink scarf and tug on them until Ivan fell on top of him, their lips pressing together as...

Alfred took the collar of his shirt and bit into it, chastising himself for thinking up such scandalous scenarios about a man twelve years his elder. He couldn't help it! Alfred had always wondered about sex. He couldn't stop wondering about sex. Of course he knew all about how guys and girls do the do, but girls had never really interested him. Maybe it was the strength of the arms, or the broadness of the chest, the smooth yet rough surface of the skin that drew Alfred to men, making him want to watch their Adam's apple bob with a nervous swallow when Alfred would come closer to them...

"When the hell did u become such a slut?" the text message from his brother read when Alfred fished out the vibrating device. Alfred scowled, tossing his phone aside so he could go back to staring at Ivan.

"Wait, what?" the teen gasped, sitting up straight as he watched the trailing ends of Ivan's scarf flutter behind the couch. Ivan paused, glancing over his shoulder with a curious look on his face at Alfred's gawking.

"Is there problem?" he asked, eyebrows raised in mild curiosity as Alfred felt his jaw hang low and his eyes widen. He quickly sat up straighter, huffing and turning back to the movie in an attempt to hide his raging blush as Ivan looked straight at him, making Alfred shudder with almost masochistic embarrassment. "I am going to make dinner now."

"I thought you were going to watch with me," Alfred pouted, crossing his arms and sulking after he quickly turned the film off. He blushed even darker when he heard Ivan chuckle at him, and he chanced a glance backwards to see Ivan's small smile grace those perfectly sculpted lips. With a slow blink, Alfred wondered if the rumor really was true... The one that said the shade of a man's lips was also the color of the head of...

"You seemed to be enjoying it," Ivan smiled pleasantly, appearing a little confused that Alfred had changed his mind so quickly. The teen frowned deeply, just then realizing that maybe... maybe Ivan was not even looking at him. Or at least, not looking at him in the way he wanted.

"Fine!" he huffed in annoyance, and then ran out of the room, shouldering his way past Ivan to get through the door. He couldn't even look back at his sitter's bewildered expression as he fled, deciding he'd have to try out Plan B.


Ivan was muttering in Russian again when Alfred returned, marching right up to the man bent forward over his refrigerator, peering and pouring over the limited contents. "Ivan!" Alfred practically shouted, using all of his confidence he had worked into himself up alone in his room just minutes before. Ivan let out a startled noise, jerking upright and accidentally hitting the back of his head on the fridge. Alfred gasped, fumbling as things didn't go according to his plan. "O-oh shit, are you okay?"

"Da," Ivan winced, covering his head while chewing on his lower lip, obviously pained. Alfred reached for him, nearly smacking away his hands as he got behind his sitter. His breath hitched as he yanked Ivan back by his collar, the floundering man yelping in confusion as Alfred pressed a sloppy kiss to the spot of Ivan's injury. The teen let him go, standing proudly as Ivan straightened up, eyes wide in confusion and shock. "Wha-"

"There! Kissed it all better!" Alfred stated with blunt happiness, smiling before hunching in on himself, embarrassed for having acted so suddenly. He fumbled, hugging himself with one arm as his other tried to tug his short shorts down further. "U-uhm, anyway..."

"Did you need something?" Ivan asked with a slight frown, cheeks dusted rose from the random flurry of events that had just transpired. The wheat haired teen stiffened, throat going dry as his cheeks paled with sudden anxiety. The patient sitter waited, cocking his head to one side to try encouraging Alfred's voice to come forth.

"Y-yeah. Uh. You want to uh... play a game with me?" Alfred finished weakly, feeling stupid and silly and there was absolutely no way Ivan would want to be with someone so childish. The teen lowered his head, squeezing his elbow from where his hand gripped it tightly.

Giggling softly, Ivan smiled a bemused little smile at the teen, shaking his head slowly with mirth. "Da, of course!" he laughed that breathy laugh that made Alfred seize up, shivering with anticipation as Ivan took a step forward, shutting the door to the refrigerator. Alfred almost wanted to purr and beckon him forward so he could drape his arms around Ivan's sculpted and broad shoulders and give a lot more than one measly kiss... "What game?"

Instead of answering, Alfred grabbed Ivan's arm and pulled him back into the living room where a large, polka-dotted mat lay waiting for them on the carpet. Ivan's slender eyebrows rose up once more as he glanced down at the giddy teenager on his arm. "Ah... Twister?"

"Yeah!" Alfred cheered, getting down on all fours with his widely rounded ass to Ivan, the thin material of his cotton boy shorts stretching and just barely covering his skin. The teen could only blush and hope that his babysitter knew that was where he should look. Alfred took a moment to crawl across the mat before sitting on his knees on the other side, waving for Ivan to join him on the floor. The man simply smiled and tied the ends of his scarf up into a bow behind his head, not wanting the long ends to get stepped on. Alfred swallowed, biting his lip as he got ready to start.

"Wait," Ivan suddenly interjected, making Alfred freeze up with nervousness again. The teen glanced up through his bangs, glasses slipping down his nose just slightly as Ivan blinked, lips quirked. "We do not have a spinner. Perhaps we should play a different game?"

"No!" Alfred practically shrieked in horror, sprawling out on the mat as he desperately trying to salvage his game. All of his careful planning! He could not let Ivan's logic ruin his chances at getting laid by the sexy Russian nanny! "I want to play Twister!"

Ivan giggled, standing up despite Alfred's protestations. "Why don't you play? I will spin for you, da," he suggested, glancing around to try to find the box and the spinner. Alfred pouted, huffing and crossing his arms. It almost was as if Ivan purposely avoided every single one of Alfred's set ups...

"But that's boring," Alfred sulked, frowning as he sat up in the middle of the mat to watch Ivan. He swallowed, dropping his gaze a little before tilting his head to the side, looking up over the rim of his glasses in a perfected maneuver of pleading innocence. "I want you to play with me..."

Was that sexy enough? Alfred wondered in his head as he sat there blinking up at Ivan as the older man simply blinked back. The once friendly and awkward atmosphere simply dissolved into awkward tension, Alfred feeling sweat start to form on the back of his neck when Ivan didn't move. He ducked his head down, looking away as his freckled cheeks flushed red again. "Uhm, I mean... please play with me?"

Ivan's startled look softened to one of amusement, and he folded himself back down to the floor, sitting up perfectly straight on his knees as he smiled at the teen. Alfred nearly cried with relief, scrambling back to his side of the mat. "Da. But, how will we know where to put our hands?"

"That's easy!" Alfred readily answered, swiping under his nose with refreshed confidence, eyes bright with eager excitement. He licked his lips, and then slapped his hand down on the mat. "We take turns! Right hand green!"

Ivan laughed and smiled, crossing his arm to the closest colored dot, taking a moment to think before grinning to himself. "Left hand yellow," he stated, focusing on the mat as he slipped his hand underneath his other arm, Alfred pouting as he easily set his hand down.

"That's so boring! Left foot red!" he shouted, licking his lips at the way Ivan's face quirked and his body twisted to help him reach out to the dot. Alfred had no trouble, thus far in a simple pose as Ivan wobbled for balance.

Making a strained thinking noise in the back of his throat, Ivan glanced at the board before smiling, moving himself over so he was practically in a plank position. "Right foot red as well," he giggled, making Alfred shiver and almost fall over at the way he grinned back at him with a competitive little smirk. Alfred scowled as he awkwardly positioned himself, but he refused to let his confidence be swayed.

He'd get Ivan, even if he broke a few bones and twisted his ankle trying to do it.


"F-Fredka," Ivan giggled awkwardly, part way sprawled on the mat in a twisted pose and part way trembling to stay upright as Alfred bent over his stomach, both of them in tabletop positions. "Maybe we should stop for now, my arm is starting to hurt."

"No!" Alfred complained, able to feel Ivan's package when he let his bottom sag just slightly on top of the older male. The sitter squirmed away from him, but Alfred just crumbled on top of him as well, his ass sitting firmly planted on Ivan's groin. The Russian man straighten up, knees in the air and resting on his elbows as he blushed, confused.


"Hands on hips!" Alfred demanded, freckles melding into his red face as he fixed his glasses and repositioned himself, knees on either side of Ivan's chest as he reached down and gripped Ivan's hips.

Ivan shrieked and squirmed, arching and wriggling underneath the wheat haired teen as he broke down into giggles. Alfred gawked at him, pinching his sides as Ivan flailed and laughed, begging for him to stop in that bizarre Russian language of his. As much as Alfred had wanted to bounce on Ivan, being flung up and down on him like this was not what he had been expecting.

"Nyet, n-nyet," Ivan begged, laughing and thrashing on the mat as Alfred kept him pinned down. The man suddenly reached out, grabbing Alfred's shoulders before rolling them over, Alfred's legs bent up around Ivan's groin as the giggling babysitter pinned him down. "That was cruel of you, Fredka."

"Wha-" Alfred gasped through the sudden fuzziness, his glasses skewed off of his face making it impossible to make out Ivan's expression. He couldn't bring himself to fix them, despite how much he desperately wanted to see what was going on in Ivan's face. He couldn't bring himself to move. Not now. Not ever.

His thighs clamped around Ivan's chest when the man started to pull back, keeping him pinned right where he was. "Ah, Fredka?" Ivan mumbled, turning back to look at Alfred's crossed legs in confusion. He squeaked in embarrassment when Alfred's hand shot out, brushing against his groin.

"L-left hand on beige," the teen murmured, rubbing and feeling the canvas material of Ivan's nice pants. He couldn't see! He tried to find Ivan's crotch, hands groping in the general direction of where Ivan's surprisingly plush thighs met. Ivan caught his wrist, and Alfred breathed through his nose as his fingers just barely grazed against something... hard.

"I think we have had enough playing, da?" Ivan's voice held force, but the way it quivered in the air made Alfred tense. C-could it possibly be...?

"But we aren't done yet," Alfred murmured in reply, his lips stretching back over the metal wire of his retainer in a small sideways smirk. Ivan released his hand, and Alfred slowly pressed it against Ivan's groin, delightfully surprised to find that... "I mean, you still want to play, right...? Maybe a different game, but you still...?"

Ivan shuddered, leaning a bit closer to Alfred before flicking him on the nose. "Nyet. That's very mean of you. Excuse me," he huffed, removing Alfred's legs so he could scoot back, standing up. Alfred stared, and then hurriedly fixed his glasses, sitting up on the mat on shock as Ivan adjusted his scarf, refusing to meet Alfred's stare.

"Wh-what? Why not?" Alfred choked, lurching forward to catch Ivan's ankle as the man turned to leave. The babysitter glanced back to stare down at him like a giant to an ant, and Alfred nervously let go, retreating as Ivan watched him coldly.

"Is it not polite in America to ask for such things?" Ivan huffed, crossing his arms and looking away as Alfred stared. "I am older than you, you should treat me with more respect."

Alfred blinked slowly, his brain processing Ivan's words at a snail's pace as he tried to understand if... was Ivan really...? "S-so all I have to do is ask?" Alfred blushed hotly, ears burning as he sat on his knees, hands wringing the hem of his shirt as he could not believe this was actually what was happening. Ivan giggled and squat down in front of him, body folding as he balanced perfectly on his toes right in front of Alfred's red face.

"Da," he answered simply, eyeing Alfred for a moment as the wheat haired teen's mouth flapped like a fish's, his big blue eyes wide behind the clear lenses of his glasses. Ivan giggled, standing up and moving away. "I will begin making dinner then."

"W-wait!" Alfred gasped, scrambling to pick himself up off of the floor as fast as possible. Ivan smiled back at him expectantly, giggling when Alfred latched himself to his arm. "C-can I help?"

"Da, of course," the babysitter smiled, pulling Alfred along with him.


"So, uh," Alfred hesitated, gulping every few seconds as Ivan bent to look into the fridge, pulling out various ingredients as he prepped the little kitchen for cooking. The man hummed in question, standing up straight with an armful of materials, heading over to the counter as he looked for utensils. Alfred helped him, grabbing a sharp butcher knife and a cutting board for the vegetables. "I was wondering... uhm, h-how'd you... how'd you know?"

"What do you mean?" Ivan smiled, tilting his head to the side to smile at Alfred. The teen eeped and blushed, quickly looking away from that knowing little smirk.

"Y-you know... with the... thing," Alfred replied lamely, picking up the knife to chop up one of the red bell peppers Ivan had retrieved. The man hummed, pausing for a second to crack two eggs into a bowl. Ivan did not answer, not until after Alfred choked and submit himself to his fate. "About the... sex thing, I mean."

"I already knew," Ivan answered easily, not even looking up as he scrambled the eggs and set them aside, putting two slices of toast into the toaster. Alfred gasped, freezing as he perked up to stare at him in confusion, baffled. Ivan giggled at his expression. "You are not very subtle, Fredka. You should try not to stare so much."

"O-oh," Alfred withered, hunching his shoulders and slowly sinking the blade of his knife into the vegetable he had. He took a deep, shuddering breath, and then glanced back up again, catching Ivan's eye with a jolt. "Well uh... It's hard not to. I mean, I don't think I want to stop looking at you."

Ivan giggled, shaking his head. "Now, now, Fredka. How will you get what you want if you ask for it so meekly?" he taunted, smirking over at Alfred as the teen jolted, frowning when his compliment did not have his desired effect. "Finish with the vegetables, please."

Quirking his lips in a pout, Alfred hurriedly chopped up the multi-colored ingredients, scooping them up into a bowl once he had finished. He walked over to Ivan as the ashen haired man slipped a yellow apron over his head and handed him the food, following after him like a loyal and curious puppy as the man moved over to the stove with all of his materials. "So, like... if I say it with confidence, then you'd listen and stuff?"

Ivan tilted his head side to side with a small little hum, and then nodded. "Da. I always listen, but I think as a general rule most people will follow the requests of someone more forceful," he reasoned with an upward look, smiling at his logic. He glanced back down when Alfred grabbed his sleeve, looking up into his eyes.

"So..." Alfred hummed, starting to walk two fingers up Ivan's strong arm, the older looking down with an amused smirk. Alfred grinned back up at him, hoping that Ivan was pleased with him because when he looked over the rim of his glasses, he really couldn't make anything out. He nuzzled his cheek against Ivan's arm, hugging the limb tightly. "If I asked you to let me blow you, would you say yes?"

Ivan chuckled, licking his lips as the little teen just blinked back at him with those startlingly clear blue eyes of his. "I do not know," he teased, swaying his hips away from Alfred when the blonde leaned in ever closer. "Perhaps you will just have to ask."

Alfred swallowed thickly, licking his lips and fixing his glasses. "May I get on my knees... In front of you... Take off your pants and... give that yummy cock of yours a lick?" he giggled, embarrassed that he managed to say something so dirty without stuttering. He hoped his hesitating pauses came off as sexy instead of embarrassed. Ivan chuckled, leaning in with a devilish smile.

"Da," he giggled, stepping back away from the counter to give Alfred enough space to crawl between his legs. Alfred swallowed back an excited giggle, shivering as he crouched down and moved into the tight space, lifting up Ivan's apron to get closer to the man of his dreams. "Just be gentle, I am cooking."

Alfred chuckled, the air stuffy and hot as he fumbled in the relative darkness with Ivan's belt, working it open with fumbling fingers and shaking breath. He made quick work of the zipper and the button, tugging on the tight material to wedge it down Ivan's plush hips just a ways. Gulping, he was about to lean in before...

"Ah, shoot," he grumbled, sticking his head out. He took a moment to fish his two retainers out of his mouth, wetting and smacking his lips a few times to adjust to not having them in. "Uh, Ivan... is there a plate or something I can put these on?"

The man looked confused so Alfred simply crawled out, popping up and hurrying to put his dental work down someplace. Ivan chuckled and shook his head, wondering for about the eighteenth time why he was doing this.

Ivan let out an indignant yelp when Alfred suddenly grabbed his ass, squishing it between his hands. "Hey!" the Russian nanny scowled, mood darkening as he glowered back at Alfred's awestruck look of wonder, eyes wide with eagerness.

"Sorry, I just... damn, I've wanted to do this all night," he murmured, leaning into Ivan's back as the man rolled his eyes and huffed, looking back down at his cooking.

"Really? I thought you wanted to do something else," Ivan smirked under his breath, grinning at the way Alfred stiffened behind him. The preteen giggled and nodded even though Ivan couldn't see, and readily went back to his place hiding under Ivan's apron.

Picking up from where they left off, Alfred started to mouth the front of Ivan's underwear before he moved it aside with his tongue, wondering if Ivan really did shiver or if it was just his nervous hands shaking as he fisted them in Ivan's pants. He swallowed as he helped guide Ivan's cock out of it's meager restraint, the older man's erection bouncing a little when Alfred liberated it.

"Oh my god," Alfred breathed quietly, not expecting what he was given. He did not know much about erections or anything (he was going to be thirteen in a few months but still!) so to come face to face with one... Let alone Ivan's...

Judging from the amused little chuckle from over Alfred's head, Ivan had heard his breathy whisper, and Alfred could not stand to be mocked by his babysitter any longer! With a bursting confidence and curiosity, Alfred grabbed Ivan's cock and cautiously licked it, feeling Ivan tense and go quiet.

Alfred stretched his mouth as wide as he could, sticking his tongue out past his bottom lip to lick the underside of the head of Ivan's cock, his hands working to stretch his foreskin back. The little preteen carefully took in all of Ivan's head, swishing his tongue back and forth as Ivan jerked and made a quiet, almost muffled noise of pleasure. Encouraged, Alfred slowly tried to open his mouth up more, sliding down Ivan's erection with almost ease, careful to not take in too much. He knew a bit about gag reflexes and all he could imagine was the trouble he'd get in for not only biting Ivan but also for throwing up and...

Alfred wrapped his hands around his nanny for the evening's hips, taking full advantage of his opportunity to squeeze and grope Ivan's thighs and butt, enjoying the plush and malleable flesh underneath his . He had to be the luckiest twelve year old in the world! He greedily suckled on Ivan's cock as he pumped him up and down with his hand, doing his very best to try and synchronize his movements in what he hoped would satisfy his lover.

Oh my god I get to call him my lover, Alfred shivered with joy, smiling inwardly as the sweet smell of cooked food filled the air. The heavy material of Ivan's borrowed apron pressed down on his fluffy hair and made the air heady and thick... But Alfred would not have wanted it any other way. He shuddered in bliss, mouthing Ivan's cock and bobbing his head and then gasping in surprise when his sitter moved away from him.

"O-oh shit, did I do it wrong?" Alfred panicked instantly, blushing and gaping up at Ivan with a nervous look. The Russian man simply laughed and shook his head, and Alfred marvelled at the beautiful pink color on those pale cheeks and Ivan's slight shortness of breath.

"Nyet, but our food will get cold if you make us wait any longer," the babysitter teased, holding up two plates with a deliciously steaming omelette on each, and even Alfred's disappointment at stopping melted away when he drooled. Taking but a moment to pop the warmed toast from the toaster, Ivan moved to the table with Alfred trailing behind him, setting the two plates down before pulling out his chair. "Rather, if I wait any longer, da? Sit, Fredka."

Alfred swallowed and then ducked underneath the table, figuring he can just warm his dinner up later. Ivan's legs were already spread wide to accommodate him, and so the eager teen got back to work, pushing Ivan's apron aside so he could look up at his lover. The teen lowered his head down on Ivan's cock, breathing through his nose while gripping the hard erection and gazing up at Ivan. Ivan, the giddy teen wanted to squeal, the noise muffling into a groan that made Ivan shiver. I wish someone was filming this.

"Faster, Fredka," Ivan suddenly giggled, smirking back down at the head of hair between his legs. He tutted at Alfred's blink of surprise, and then reached down. Gripping Alfred's short hair, he tugged downwards and was pleasantly surprised that Alfred did not gag or bite him. The startled grunt was a bit amusing, though.

Eager to please and in the back of his mind wondering what cum tasted like, Alfred moved his head back and forth, continuing right from where he had left off. He tried new techniques; like hollowing his cheeks, pulling all the way back to give the head a swirl with his tongue before pushing back down, and then fondling Ivan's balls with a curious hand while he suckled. Ivan's lower body tensed with the last movement, and a quick glance up gave Alfred the satisfaction of seeing the Russian man's breathy face as he whimpered in pleasure.

So focused on watching Ivan's expression shift whenever he moved, Alfred hardly even recognized Ivan's muttered warning and screwed face, the man gasping in pleasure as he came right into Alfred's mouth. Sputtering to get off, Alfred choked and just barely cleared Ivan's cock before clamping his teeth down, stray ribbons of cum painting across his freckled nose and glasses as he was forced to swallow the rest.

Ivan sagged into his chair, looking quite pleased with himself as he dabbed lazily at Alfred's face, wiping up some of his cum before smearing it across those pretty lips. Blue eyes blinked slowly before Alfred's tongue swiped away the creamy substance, making the both of them giggle. "Come," Ivan laughed, shaking his head. "Eat before it grows mold."

"Hey, I didn't take that long," Alfred pouted, crawling out from under the table as Ivan simply laughed at him.

"Perhaps we will try watching that movie again once we've finished, da?" the babysitter suggested, but the look in his eyes told Alfred they were going to do everything but watch a movie.


Ivan sat down in the large armchair, reclining it back just slightly as Alfred moved over to the DVD player, blushing and moving in awkward jerks as he walked nude. Ivan had practically pounced on him the moment he finished with his dinner, lifting off his shirt and requiring that Alfred removed the rest of his protective garments. Naturally, the eager blond hurriedly complied with the older man's requests.

After pressing play, Alfred glanced back at Ivan, instantly blushing and trying to cover himself when he realized just how sinister Ivan's smirk could be. The man held up a slender finger, crooking it at Alfred as he lazily started palming his cock, inviting the preteen into his lap with a crooning call.

Swallowing, Alfred nodded, shakily putting one foot in front of the other as Ivan rolled his head to one side, exposing just a little bit of his pale neck when his scarf slipped open just a little bit. Their eyes met and held, until Alfred got too embarrassed and had to look away, covering himself as much as he could. "Don't hide," Ivan crooned, leaning back to make space for Alfred in his chair.

Licking his lips, Alfred shuddered and started to climb into Ivan's lap, legs just barely fitting on either side of his sitter's as they pressed against the arms of the charm. Ivan smiled at him with that dirty little smirk that drove Alfred crazy with lust and embarrassment. It should be illegal to have a smile like that.

"Are you scared?" Ivan breathed when Alfred leaned in, their lips separated by no more than an inch. The question made Alfred hesitate, but he was already naked and horny and perhaps apprehensive but why would he be scared? He closed the distance, pressing their lips together.

It... was not all that spectacular. It wasn't like in the movies, when fireworks would explode in the background and music would start to play up a sweet tune... Granted, the loud movie in the background of their kiss was doing an excellent job with explosions and gunfire. Ivan chuckled, winding his fingers through Alfred's soft hair, pulling him closer.

Alfred's protesting noise quickly died away in his throat as Ivan French kissed him, tongue actively searching his mouth as the wheat haired teen slowly shut his eyes and let Ivan prod at his tongue and press closer. When Ivan sucked in Alfred's lower lip, however, the blonde squealed and tried to pull away, the suction weird and not quite unpleasant. Ivan giggled, releasing his captive so Alfred could pout at him.

"Turn around," Ivan ordered before Alfred could demand an explanation from him. Quirking his lips but nevertheless obediently doing as told, Alfred twisted to get himself around, plopping down on Ivan's still mostly-clothed lap. Strong arms wrapped around his chest, pulling him back until he was flush against Ivan's chest, his babysitter's head right by Alfred's neck. The teen shivered as Ivan started to lap at his exposed skin, making Alfred whine just slightly in the back of his throat. "Do you have lubricant?"

"N-not with me," Alfred blushed, squirming at the feeling of Ivan's hands deftly brushing up and down his chest before latching onto his nipples, tweaking them. Giggling at Alfred's little jolt, Ivan hummed, teasing the boy's hormone-addled body as he thought.

"We can not be having that. It will hurt you too much," Ivan mused, nuzzling his face into Alfred's neck before he kissed him and sucked, Alfred trying to wriggle away when he realized what Ivan's intentions were.

"H-hey, don't leave a h-hickey," he whimpered, squirming and struggling and only getting away when Ivan let him, a light bruise forming on the side of his neck just above where a shirt collar would cover. Blushing at Ivan's giggles, Alfred sulked.

"Get the lube," Ivan whispered lowly, eyelids drooped as he smiled at Alfred, giggling as Alfred scrambled off of his lap again. The teen huffed and scampered upstairs in an awkward run, his reddened ears doing nothing to hide his embarrassment as Ivan watched that cute ass of his jiggle.

As Ivan waited, the man took a moment to pump himself, having to chuckle when he felt how slick Alfred had left his manhood. It still amazed him, honestly, how far Alfred was willing to go with him. And here he thought he would be able to sleep after leaving the teen to himself with a box of pizza. Alternatively, this was a much better outcome for the evening.

He moaned, taking a short moment to reach up his own shirt and play with himself to the thought of deflowering that adorable and naive teen, to listen to him shriek and cry with pleasure as Ivan was the first and hopefully only one to take him. He shivered, curling his spine forward so he could breathe through his scarf, the familiar scent comfortable and relaxing for him as he stroked himself back to erection. "Happy?" Alfred's chuckle startled him, Ivan tensing up in surprise as he was caught masturbating. The sitter stared at Alfred with surprisingly wide eyes before smirking again, grabbing Alfred's face and pulling him into a kiss.

They kissed each other again and again as Ivan slowly guided his lover into his lap once more, coaxing him to turn around and give him the supplies. Ivan was not really sure where the blond had managed to get not only lube but also a large condom, but he shrugged it off and gently tipped Alfred forward over his legs.

As Alfred presented his ass, he glanced back a bit nervously at Ivan, wanting to see just what the man was doing back there. Ivan tested the lube on his fingers, rubbing it in before slowly taking hold of Alfred's ass, spreading it with one hand. "Are you sure?" he asked, just to be safe as he started to rub the slick lubricant over Alfred's hole. The teen shivered, but nodded, biting his lip and staring off into nowhere as he marvelled at the strange feeling of someone touching him there.

"A-ah," Alfred whimpered, fisting his hands into Ivan's pants as the nanny carefully pushed his pinky finger into Alfred's back entrance, testing the give of the muscles with caution. He didn't move until Alfred started to relax, his sphincter clenching every so often around Ivan's finger. Ivan hushed Alfred and reached around to stroke the teen's slightly hardened cock, doing his best to work him open.

"Relax," Ivan cooed when Alfred whimpered, shuddering over his lap. Getting a little impatient, Ivan hurried to stretch Alfred open just enough to take in the tip of the bottle of lube's opening. He wedged it in a ways, and then slowly started to squeeze the bottle, the contents splurting directly into Alfred's hole.

The wheat-haired teen shrieked and clenched, eyes blown wide at the cold intrusion. "A-ah, stop!" he cried, grabbing Ivan's legs as his whole body shuddered, the sensation too bizarre for him. His lover paused, letting Alfred adjust to the lubricant in his ass. Setting the lube bottle down, Ivan gently pet the quaking teen curled over his lap until Alfred simply was left quivering, sniffling here and there. "S-sorry..."

"Would you like to stop?" Ivan asked, and then smiled when Alfred shook his head, swiping under his nose and fixing his glasses. The teen sat up, and much to Ivan's surprise and sudden worry, gripped the babysitter's erection. "Wha-"

Before Ivan could protest much, Alfred sat on Ivan's cock, just barely managing to get the very tip into his tight ass. Ivan blushed hotly, shocked before he reached out and tried to stop Alfred, fearful of hurting him. "Fredka, wai-"

"Shut up!" Alfred hissed, blushing and shaking as he rolled his hips back, moving and gyrating them little by little until he started to stretch around Ivan, sinking down on him slowly as his lubed ass worked open. Ivan grunted, covering his mouth and shivering as Alfred moaned, reaching behind himself to try and stretch himself manually over the head of Ivan's cock. In about a minute of just trying to stuff himself, Alfred eventually sat fully-impaled on Ivan's lap, his body shuddering and twitching as he tried to lean back against Ivan.

The nanny cooed at Alfred, helping the blond arch as he started to lightly dab kisses into his hot flesh. "Does it hurt, dorogoy?" he asked, licking Alfred's spine to make him shiver and squirm and then gasp at the movement.

"Y-yeah," Alfred admitted, rolling his head back onto Ivan's shoulder as the two completely ignored the movie playing in the background. "B-but if feels nice, too... Really nice. I think I like having you i-inside of me."

Ivan chuckled, tweaking Alfred's nipple for giving him such a cheeky reply. Alfred gasped, and then giggled at the awkward little noise, making Ivan in turn laugh as well. "Mood ruiner," Ivan teased, hugging Alfred as the blonde chuckled in his lap. "Watch your movie now."

Of course, Ivan would not actually let Alfred watch the stereotypical film. Right as the blond began to settle, the Russian nanny smirked and thrust up into him, making Alfred yelp and gasp. Ivan held Alfred's firm yet somewhat soft hips, moving him up and down in his lap as Alfred moaned and rolled his head back and could do nothing more than to simply accept the cock forcibly being shoved inside of him. He tried to make sense of Ivan's mutterings until he realized the dark whispers Ivan breathed into his ear were all in Russian, and something about the way the words rolled and fell off of Ivan's tongue just made him feel hotter and hotter.

"Move with me," Ivan spoke at last, and the wheat haired teen could only blush and do his best to bounce on Ivan's lap, a harsh and wet slap accompanying each time he thrust himself down. "That's it... like that..."

"A-ah!" Alfred gasped, shuddering and clenching as he felt something... amazing, tingle all the way up his spine before exploding in his brain, his whole body tensed with pleasure. Oh god what was that? he wondered as he immediately made it his goal to try feeling that again. He rolled forward a bit, grabbing Ivan's knees (much to the sitter's sudden surprise) and used his new leverage and angle to bounce easily, Ivan's cock stuffed deep inside of him and oh god no wonder people become sluts, this feels amazing!

Each short bounce made Alfred cry out in bliss, his body quaking under the stimulation. He needed more, desperately needed more, but no one had really told him how tiring it was to have sex. His body felt like a burning inferno of pleasure, and as sweat beaded and then trailed down the sides of his face, something started to build up in his groin. He saw white, and his entire world peaked with clarity as his muscles spasmed and twitched and then released. Alfred had not even realized he was screaming until he sank back against Ivan, limbs heavy with satisfaction and chest heaving to reclaim breath.

"F-Fredka," Ivan gasped behind him, and when the dazed teen finally came back to his senses to get off, the babysitter had grabbed his hips and pulled him right back down, shooting his second load of the evening inside Alfred's stretched and possibly torn ass. The teen shrieked at the odd feeling, but his body took everything Ivan gave him, stuffed full and satisfied from the sex.

"D-did you just-" Alfred couldn't finish, lips caught by Ivan's in a fiercely passionate kiss. The man hushed him with a quiet giggle, stroking down Alfred's chest and smearing some of his cum. The teen watched him quietly before he leaned back in again, kissing his lover over and over.

"I am sorry," Ivan murmured after a moment, violet eyes heavy with emotional burden. Alfred giggled, and leaned away to slowly come off of Ivan's mostly limp cock, a wet popping noise startling him when he came free. His babysitter blushed and smiled weakly as Alfred turned in his lap, snuggling against him as the movie continued to play.

"Don't be," the teen murmured, giggling and happy as he clung to Ivan desperately. "I had fun."

"Still," Ivan sighed, planting gentle kisses into the wheat-colored mop resting against him. He sighed, and Alfred chuckled again as he could hear Ivan's fluttering heart begin to calm down as air filled his strong chest. "You deserved a better first time. On a bed, with a lover you cared about. Not someone like me."

Alfred lifted his head to look calmly into Ivan's eyes, and then a mischievous little smile came to those pretty pink lips. "There're some beds upstairs, you know."


"Come on," Alfred blushed, tugging Ivan's wrist as he opened up the white door, checking the insides even though he already knew it would be empty. His babysitter followed behind nervously, a bit unsure about Alfred's suggestion.

"Are you... certain this is okay? Will we not get caught?" he asked, suddenly faced with the very real threat of possibly getting arrested for what they were about to do. Alfred swallowed and looked up at him, grinning cheekily through his hot blush.

"That's the fun part though," he grinned, pressing himself flush against Ivan's broad chest, blushing and smirking as his babysitter hesitated. "The thrill of what do we do if we're caught? But don't worry, dad will never know."

Ivan simply chuckled and shook his head, smiling as he pursued the teen as Alfred pranced right up to his father's large bed, the sheets folded neatly underneath the firm pillows with the edges all tucked in. "Are you sure? It will be hard to clear the evidence..."

"I'll just say I was masturbating," Alfred joked, pouncing onto the bouncy surface before rolling over, sitting up invitingly for Ivan to join him. The sitter laughed, too intrigued by Alfred to even bother trying to come up with a plan. He clambered onto the bed, getting up right between Alfred's thighs as the teen smirked and giggled at their naughtiness.

Wrapping his legs around Ivan's hips, Alfred grabbed his scarf and yanked down on it, Ivan falling forward onto him just the way Alfred had imagined him doing earlier that evening. After some awkward teeth-clacking maneuvers and giggling, Ivan held Alfred down and kissed him again and again, the little teen eagerly opening his mouth to accept Ivan's tongue.

"Come on," Alfred pleaded with a little chuckle, reaching down between Ivan's legs as he grinned and arched up to him. The sitter laughed, lips pursed with an amused smirk as he just kissed underneath Alfred's chin, peppering him with bites and licks that sent shivers down Alfred's spine. "Enough foreplay, I want you back in me!"

The sitter laughed, shaking his head as he held up the bottle of lube again. "Nyet. We should reapply just to be safe, I do not want to hurt you," he smiled softly, kindly, gently down at Alfred as if he truly was the young teen's passionate lover. Alfred could not resist the puppy dog look in his eyes, melting into the sheets as he let Ivan have control over his body once more.

Alfred arched when Ivan's slickened fingers reentered him, his body still zinging from earlier as the calm Russian worked him back open. He shut his eyes and let his head roll to one side, glasses skewed off of his freckled nose as he mewled and whimpered softly. It still hurt, and he was starting to feel sore, but he couldn't be bothered to care. All he wanted was Ivan.

Within minutes Ivan slipped his hand out, moving the nearly empty bottle of lube aside as he settled more comfortably between Alfred's soft legs. He paused, frowning slightly at the teen until Alfred sent him a questioning look of confusion. "Ah... Condom?" he asked, blushing as Alfred giggled at the silly request.

"You didn't need one earlier... And besides. I don't want anything to separate us," Alfred answered sweetly, sapphire sky blue eyes hooded and happy as he gazed up at Ivan's small smile, and the Russian nanny was quick to agree with him.

Ivan lifted Alfred's legs back, the teen's spine curling up to assist him as he positioned himself, Alfred's loosened hole accepting him a little better the second time. Shuddering and letting out a desperate groan, Alfred watched Ivan slowly push into him, surprised to see the sitter blush and chew on his lip as if he wanted to go much, much faster. He looks so happy, Alfred almost giggled as Ivan shut his eyes and let out a breath, fully sheathed with the teenager's accepting and warm body.

Sitting up, Alfred pulled Ivan back down for a kiss, rocking his hips up just slightly to better meet Ivan's groin. He laughed a bit and flopped back onto the sheets, sprawled out for the man hovering over him. "C-come on," he laughed to make Ivan smile a bit. "Fuck me."

And so, without further ado, Ivan hiked Alfred's legs back again and used them to help him thrust, going slowly at first to help stretch Alfred's inner muscles one more time. Their pace built until Ivan slammed into Alfred again and again, the blond giving a shout and a moan every time Ivan hit that place in him that made his toes curl and back arch. The shlap shlap of their skin echoed through the room as the smell of sweat and sex made the air heady with musk and pleasure. "I-Ivan!" Alfred cried out desperately, reaching up for the man that gave him such pleasure, cheeks hot and blue eyes pleading until the sitter lay himself out of Alfred's arching chest, smothering him in sloppy but passionate kisses.

The little teen cried out before gasping, covering his mouth and hitting against Ivan's shoulder until the man stopped, confused. It took a moment for the Russian to recognize the footsteps coming up the stairs and then down the hall... thankfully turning into Matthew's room. There was a thud, and Alfred took that to be when his older brother dropped his hockey equipment down. "Hey, Al?" he called out, and Alfred started vibrating with anxiety. "I'm taking a shower now."

Holding perfectly still, the little wheat haired teen risked glancing up at Ivan, who had gone deathly pale with fear. When they heard the water start to run, the babysitter slowly picked up where they had left off, Alfred gasping and crooning as quietly as he could. Ivan fumbled and then unwrapped his scarf, letting his favorite clothing fall gently onto Alfred's face. "Bite," he ordered, and then thrust in harder, the young teen just barely having enough time to do so to muffle his cry.

Alfred honestly hadn't thought it would be possible to move one's body so quickly, especially considering this would be Ivan's third round of such a mind blowing... His thoughts scattered and Ivan's scarf muffled his shout of pleasure when Ivan drove in a particularly hard thrust, alternating every so often as Alfred could only whimper and plead for release, his body tight and zinging with the stimulation and the pleasure.

Ivan's body whammed into him one more time before going rigid, and Alfred gasped and shut his eyes as that weird sensation filled his ass again. Ivan gripped the teen's cock and pumped, managing just a few more thrusts until Alfred cried weakly and came, a few dabs of cum staining part of Ivan's scarf. The two rode out there pleasure until Ivan collapsed on top of Alfred, pinning the satisfied teen down to his father's bed. "Fredka," he breathed sleepily, smiling at the little hum Alfred gave him back, both of them relaxed and comfortable.

They stayed that way for a few minutes until Alfred pushed weakly at Ivan's chest. "We should clean up, I think dad will be back soon," he whispered with slight disappointment, a sad little look in his eyes when Ivan nodded and slipped out with a pop, cum following right behind. Alfred blushed and giggled, reaching down between his legs to feel the slippery substance.

Ivan chuckled and shook his head, blushing and righting his clothing as Alfred gave his cum-covered fingers a sultry little lick.


"Everything went okay?" Arthur asked when he finished taking off his shoes, looking worriedly past the tall babysitter who had opened the door. Alfred giggled, smiling up at Ivan as the sitter smiled back.

"Da. Mattvey is upstairs in his room, and I made Fredka dinner with the ingredients you had," he answered pleasantly, handing Arthur the twenty dollars the man had left in case Alfred wanted to have take out or pizza. The man shook his head, pushing the bill back into Ivan's hands.

"Keep it as a tip," he smiled, shrugging out of his coat and putting his hat or the coat stand at the door. He shot a frown at his youngest son when the teen giggled and nudged Ivan, who had started to blush hotly. "I'm sure Alfred made you life quite miserable, you deserve it for being with him this evening."

"Ah, nyet," Ivan blushed, looking down with a happy little smile as Alfred chuckled and ran off to his room. "Rather, I had much fun. Call me again if you need a sitter, da?"


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