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IMPORTANT NOTE: contains statutory rape, phone sex, and incest between Matthew and Alfred (towards the end). If you do not like those, do not read. thank you!

Babysitting Blues Chapter 2

"Just call if you need anything," Arthur scowled, pushing his complaining son away as Alfred clung to him and pleaded with those big baby blue eyes that seemed to hold all of the sadness in the world in them. Matthew laughed, ruffling Alfred's hair as he went past.

"Yeah, Al, you finally get alone time to jack off alone in your room and you want us to call a babysitter?" his older brother taunted, trying to act cool even though he was more of a bumbling idiot who blushed and shied away from seemingly everything. Alfred pouted, frowning heavily.

"B-but, I've always had a sitter," he retorted weakly, his argument hardly worth the breath it took when Arthur and Matthew just laughed and shook their heads, teasing him for being silly. Angered and starting to get flustered when he did not get his way, Alfred stomped his foot on the ground, trying to reason with his family about the pros of having a babysitter for a teenager. "I like hanging out with Ivan!"

"Alfred, you'll be just fine," Arthur scowled, ruffling his son's hair with a haughty noise before tipping his worn English hat onto his head. "Go watch a movie or finish your homework, there's plenty of leftovers in the fridge. Good night!"


"Jackasses," Alfred cursed sulkily, lying on the floor as he watched the living room ceiling fan rotate speedily over his head, the stop-motion blur phasing in and out of focus as he idly wasted time. He let his mind wander, and as he slowly looked over to Matthew's favorite armchair, the armchair Ivan fucked him on, and he just knew he wasn't going to let himself spend the night alone.

Taking a moment to recover from the rush of blood associated with sitting up far too quickly, Alfred smiled and picked himself off of the floor, nearly sprinting to his father's work room. He gripped the handle… only to find the damn door locked.

"Fuck," he scowled, kicking the door for good measure because that always helped the heroes on TV. But then again, he was no hero so he hurried to the kitchen, selecting a thin wooden skewer from one of the drawers. He jimmied it into the hole, pushing it in until the lock popped free.

"Score," he whistled with a smirk, hurriedly going inside. It took some impatient digging before Alfred was finally able to locate his father's phone records, the organized man having kept a literal copy of everything.

Happy with his discovery, Alfred returned to the living room, scooping his phone up to scroll back through his calendar. "Let's see… October… October…" he murmured his thought process to himself, skimming the numbers his father had called or texted, trying to find the one that would get the Russian back in his house.

He knew Ivan had come over on a Saturday, which thankfully narrowed his search down significantly. Recognizing Francine's number from the called list, he zeroed in on that day, picking out the numbers he didn't recognize and jotting them down into his contact list. He stared at it after a moment, frowning at just how many numbers he had added. "Shit dad, why are you such a pain?" he frowned, having no way of knowing which of the contacts would be his Ivan.

Quirking his lips and unable to think of anything better to do, he sent a group text to all of the numbers, figuring that if he had managed to pinpoint Ivan's, the man would respond.

Ivan? he typed plainly, nodding to himself as he hit send and let the waiting begin. When he didn't get a reply within a minute, he set his phone down on the soft rug, leaning against Matthew's favorite chair. He breathed deeply, and, even though he knew it wasn't possible, smelled the soft cushions for any lingering traces of Ivan's musky smell. In his mind he could still picture Ivan laying there, smiling at him and teasing him for being so eager, grinning at him with those falsely innocent and dark eyes…

Alfred's breath hitched as he slowly started to let his hands wander, caressing himself gently as he closed his eyes, breathing in the muted scent of the much-loved couch. "Ivan," he murmured, shivering at how breathy the whimper came out. He sent a hand up his shirt and another past the waistband of his pants, biting down on his lower lip as he played with himself.

"Nnnh," he groaned, shivering pleasurably as he curled up, curiously palming the start of his erection as he thought about the man that without exception got him hot and bothered. He jerked in surprise when his phone vibrated, having forgotten about his message in his thoughts.

Who is this? the reply read, and Alfred slapped a hand to his forehead, chewing on his lip as he read it again and again. He weighed the possibilities of his father having contacted two Ivan's in the same day, and then decided it was unlikely that this was anyone but his very own Ivan.

Alfred, he sent, flopping against the couch again with a happy noise, still stroking and working himself. This was it. He was going to get laid tonight.

He waited for a long time, and then frowned, concerned when his sexy lover did not respond again. He flicked his phone open and closed a few times before hurriedly typing out another message, sending it.

I've missed you, come n play w me :(

He giggled, feeling a bit childish for typing so informally but then again it was his childish charm that had gotten Ivan into his pants in the first place. He wondered only briefly about the laws against statutory rape before giggling and shrugging it off. It'd be worth it to get Ivan back in his house, back in his room, back in…

"Ivan," Alfred mewled again, sighing dreamily as he squeezed his member once more, mentally comparing his girth and length to that of Ivan's… With a blush, he stopped himself from entertaining that train of thought for the moment.

I don't know any Alfreds. the next response buzzed, and Alfred frowned deeply, brought out of his blissful state of mind as he stared at the message. His hand lingered underneath his pants before he gripped his phone, hurriedly typing out a new message.

Don't you remember me? u came over an we played /games/ together, Alfred swallowed, starting to doubt and think that maybe he had gotten the wrong Ivan after all. He stared at his cell for a long time, and then sent another short text. We had a lot of fun, u said ud come over again when i wanted u.

Clinging to his last bit of hope as much as he could, Alfred rolled over and pressed his body into the couch, muffling a groan as he tried salvaging his moment of bliss. He tweaked and stroked himself all over, desperately trying to pretend that Ivan was the one making him shiver and tremble and moan.


Alfred stared at his mobile with the largest grin possible, fears pushed to the back of his mind as he typed one-handedly into his phone, his other busy keeping Alfie Junior up and happy. yeah, missed u Ivan~ won't u come play w me?

I am at work.

Alfred frowned heavily at that, having forgotten that Ivan may actually have a life outside of watching over him when his father and brother were out. Absentmindedly playing with himself with one hand, he typed out a reply, licking his lip as he concentrated.

:( ivannnnnn i miss yoouuuu

He furrowed his brow but sent the message anyway, squeezing himself as he thought about what Ivan's reaction would be. Would he be pleased, knowing that Alfred clung to the memories of their shared night together? Would his breath hitch and cheeks tint at the thought of Alfred wanting to do it again? Would he smile and tease Alfred, would he hurry and comfort him again?

Alfred swooned with the possibilities, stroking himself faster as he moaned, picturing Ivan rushing through the door to find him sprawled out and whining on the rug, begging for the Russian to hurry and come watch over him. Cheeks flushing red in self-indulgence, Alfred glanced down at the erection between his legs, feeling like he needed something more.

I'm sorry, but work doesn't end for another 30 minutes…

idc just come over plz :( im so horny

Swallowing and wondering if he was texting in bad taste, he went back to fantasizing about Ivan's reactions, picturing his stupefied expression. Giggling, he left his cock alone for a moment, ghosting over his heated flesh to wrinkle his shirt up and caress his nipples, shivering at the odd sensations.


Alfred giggled cheekily, knowing he had Ivan interested in him again. Biting on his lower lip and taking another break from his phone, Alfred looked down between his legs again, closing his knees together as he blushed and took a hold of himself again. He stroked slowly, for the first time really looking at his body and the way his toes curled and hand trembled with each gentle movement, the way his foreskin dragged up and down….

Breathlessly, he picked up his phone and after a few tries managed to take a decent photo, toes curled and thighs just slightly parted as he captured a moment of his self-indulgent pleasure. He swallowed… and then hit send.

Staring at his phone, he couldn't help but wonder if he should take another picture, wanting to do more to get Ivan here sooner. He pumped himself again, groaning lewdly at the pleasurable move.

i want u so much ivan, come and play w me, please?

Alfred spread his legs wide next, still stroking himself with a sense of slight urgency as he admired his pretty skin and soft curves, knowing that he was what Ivan desired. Ivan wanted him, and Alfred just knew he would come.

Give me 15 minutes.

Alfred smiled.


Alfred unlocked the front door before awkwardly waddling up the stairs, his pants sagging low on his hips as one hand remained on himself and the other gripped his phone like a lifeline. He looked down at it as he flopped onto his bed with groan, instantly starting to pump himself again as tension built in his groin. Rolling his head side to side and whimpering, he couldn't restrain himself any longer, flicking his phone open and hitting the dial button.

Listening to the phone ring in his ear, Alfred felt his cheeks flare up a hot red, his heart thudding in his chest as he closed his eyes and stroked himself quicker, waiting for the moment when-

"Fredka?" a breathy voice clicked in, and it was all Alfred could do to just lay in his bed panting, still pumping and wriggling in his sheets until he had enough of his mind put back together to respond.

"Ivannnn," he mewled into the receiver, cheeks flushed and voice breathless as he crooned to his lover, breath coming in short puffs now that he knew Ivan was listening, knew that Ivan knew what he was doing to himself to the thought of him…

"Fredka," Ivan replied right back with a dreamy sounding sigh, the breath drawn out enough for Alfred to hear, his own breath hitching as he could almost feel the puff of air against his ear or neck or…

"Ivan, Ivan… come quickly, please, I want you," Alfred whimpered weakly, shivering and clenching his legs shut with a little groan as he gave his cock a little squeeze, pretending it was Ivan touching him and loving his body so sweetly…

"What are you doing right now?" Ivan asked after a moment, sounding a bit flustered as Alfred heard a car door close. It took Alfred a short break of panting to reply, eyes fluttering shut in bliss as Ivan continued. "Describe it to me. What are you doing?"

"L-lying in bed," Alfred murmured, cracking an eye open to look down at himself as Ivan waited for him to continue. "Touching myself… I-I'm already hard just from thinking about you, Ivan…"

"Does it feel good?" the breathless man asked next, and Alfred could catch the sounds of busy streets on the other line, proof that Ivan was in a hurry to come to him. Alfred hummed cutely in affirmation, following it up with another gaspy moan as he hurriedly pumped himself, wanting Ivan to get here faster.

"Really good, it's almost like you're here, touching me and holding me and…" Alfred's voice tapered off into a renewed mewl of pleasure, his spine arching off of the sheets as he could feel his body grow taut, heat pooling and body convulsing but… but… "It's not enough, Ivan, Ivan! Ivan please, please, I need you…"

Alfred could hear Ivan swallow, the noise sending shivers down Alfred's spine as he rolled his head back and moaned again, desperate for release that only Ivan could give him. "Have you stretched yourself?" Ivan asked in the blank moment that followed, and Alfred's cheeks darkened.

"N-no," he murmured, wiggling a little as he slowed down again, sweat forming on his brow from the heat coursing through his trembling and sensitive body. The Russian man chuckled darkly, that sinister little chuckle that sent Alfred's heart racing even faster.

"Get some lube," Ivan ordered, and how could Alfred possibly say no to such a command? The teen mumbled a weak little noise, whimpering as he scooted off of the bed and went to his father's room, knowing that Arthur would have some.

"O-okay," he nodded even though Ivan couldn't see, stealing the little bottle back to his room as Ivan chuckled at his unquestioning obedience. The young preteen flopped back onto his bed and rolled onto his back, holding the bottle over his face. "Wh-what now?"

"I think you know," Ivan chuckled, making Alfred swallow down any nervous complaints or other suggestions. He looked at the bottle, and then shrieked when it slipped from his sweaty hand. "Fredka? Fredka, are you okay?"

"U-uh, yeah, fine, uh," Alfred panicked, knowing he had ruined the mood again when he had zoned out for hardly a few seconds. He could practically hear Ivan's smile from over the line, could hear his patronizing sigh and small chuckle as Alfred's face grew hotter with each passing moment.

"I knew you were eager, but do not rush yourself, da?" the man breathed heavily into the phone, and it took Alfred a wide-eyed and confused moment to realize that Ivan thought he had already started fingering himself. He giggled breathlessly at that, and then fell silent a moment after he heard Ivan groan just slightly across the line.

"Y-yeah, okay. I'll go nice and slow for you, I-Ivan," Alfred blushed, popping the top off of the little bottle before squishing his ear and shoulder together to sandwich his phone in place long enough to pour some of the oil out. He wiggled his fingers around to try making the lube dribble down all around them, but despite his promise, he was too impatient to wait any longer.

"Nghh…" he groaned at the weird feeling, his sphincter clenching tightly around the tip of his pointer finger. He swallowed, wincing and panting unevenly as he violated his body and let Ivan hear every delicious and greedy moan spill from his mouth. He could hardly decipher which moans were his and which were the ones Ivan let out as he grew more desperate, fingering himself deeper as he listened to those wonderful sounds his lover made.

"Fredka," Ivan breathed into the phone, the air from his pant making a crackling noise through the call that only made Alfred even more excited as he lifted his hips and let out a fresh whimper.

"Ivannn," the young teen replied, his body an inferno of burning desire and heated pleasure. He couldn't stand it! He needed Ivan, he needed him now and he didn't care about traffic laws or work hours or distance he needed Ivan to be here, holding him and kissing him and loving on his body and-

"Fredka, how does it feel?" Ivan pressed on slowly, and Alfred shivered as he tried to picture Ivan's face, tried to imagine the bulge in his pants and the warmth in his breath, tried to see him bent over him, kissing up his chest and fondling his hard and perky nipples and…

"Ivan, Ivan, ah, I need you so bad, please… it's just not enough, I want you," Alfred pleaded deliriously into the phone, the device slipping from his fingers when he couldn't take it anymore, hand shooting down to touch himself as his fingers wiggled inside his ass. He turned his head, trying to pant into the speaker. "N-no, I don't want you, Ivan, I need you! I need you I need you hurry up, please!"

His eyes widened when he heard a little beep, and then a dead tone, the call hung up right when he felt he could really get off. He couldn't believe it. After all that, all of this… Ivan had just hung up on him?

There was nothing he could do to stop the tears from welling up in his eyes, his cheeks red with shame and his pouty lips trembling with loneliness as a single droplet of water dripped onto his pillow.

That is, until he heard the front door burst open.



"Ivan?" Alfred's weak voice cooed from the second floor, and the tall man barely even had a chance to close the front door before charging up the stairs, turning sharply on his heel. He sped down the hall and forced Alfred's door open, barging in with a shout.

"Fred-" he gasped, eyes locking with Alfred's as the teen let out a breathy mewl. His chubby legs were bent over his stomach, almost blocking the view of his hand where his fingers were smushed into his hole. Light glinted off of the wet lube around his entrance, and some of his milky white precum dribbled from the head of his almost impressive erection.

"I-Ivan," the wheat haired teen moaned, wiggling his hips and arching up like a cat as tears glistened on his flushed cheeks. His silly retainer appeared behind his breathy smile, lips trembling as his voice purred out in a wanton groan, "You really came… h-hurry, I need you in me!"

Now how could anyone resist such a plea? Ivan rushed forward, tripping on his shoes and pants as he scrambled to Alfred's bedside, throwing himself between Alfred's eagerly opened legs as he fell upon him in a whirlwind of kisses. Their lips caught in a frenzy of motion, Ivan sucking on Alfred to make him whine and happily open up.

"Ivan, Ivan," the warm body beneath his chanted like the holiest of all beings was in his presence, and Ivan fervently pumped Alfred's cock in tandem with his sweet moans, the blond roving over his clothed chest with a seeking hand. He flattened himself to Alfred roughly, kissing him and taking to sucking on his sweet neck as Alfred arched into the curve of his body. "Ivan! Ivan, please, hurry hurry hurry-!"

"Fredka," Ivan purred, stroking himself as he suckled on Alfred's neck enough to leave a little red hickey. Blindly searching for that bottle of lube, Ivan reared up to loom over Alfred, staring down at his scrunched shirt and red hot cheeks… On a whim he squished himself down on Alfred's sweet body, sandwiching him with warmth before pressing a chaste kiss to his lips. "You're so beautiful…"

"Ivaaannnn," Alfred whined, wiggling and pleading with him to hurry and take him, claim him as his own, fuck him silly and love him like a proper lover would. Ivan smiled and kissed Alfred once, twice, and on the third time sucked his pouty lower lip into his mouth, teasing it until Alfred squealed and giggled.

The older man sat up straight again, fumbling with the lube again. He made sure Alfred was nice and wet inside, using the last of what was left in the little bottle to lather himself with before lining up, teasing Alfred's hole with the head of his cock.

"Stop being mean," Alfred pouted, rolling his head back and arching as he let out a desperate wanton moan, his shirt bunching under his arms to just barely show off his perky little nipples for Ivan to ogle. The Russian nanny chuckled and decided he had left Alfred in suspense for too long, and slowly, oh so very slowly, started to push in.

"Y-yes-!" the preteen nearly shrieked in ecstatic pleasure, wringing his hands out before gripping the sheets under him, biting down hard on his lip as he could feel inch after inch of Ivan's swollen length move into him, filling up his emptiness that had been neglected for so long. He panted shakily when he realized he had been holding his breath, shuddering as his young body clenched around Ivan's hardness. "Oh Ivan, I-I forgot… how big you were!"

Ivan chuckled but it came out more as a grunt, his eyes squeezed tightly shut as Alfred likewise squeezed all around him. He bent and stole up Alfred's lips again, making the little teen mewl in bliss as he was occupied from both ends. When Ivan pulled back Alfred hurriedly wrapped his legs around Ivan's hips, his squishy thighs pillowy soft against Ivan's shirt as the wheat blond chewed on his lower lip. "C-come on, fuck me, please!"

Without further complaint or commentary, Ivan jerked his hips into Alfred's tight body, making the boy under him shriek for another and another, and soon the whole room was filled with nothing but exclamations of pleasure and the slapping sound of skin rutting against skin. Ivan soon silenced Alfred's cries with more kissing, delving into his mouth to muffle those beautiful noises into moans. The bed creaked and shook back and forth as Ivan made love to his sweet little Alfred, caressing his sides and supporting his arching spine as Alfred could do nothing more than be fucked senseless.

Alfred was lost, truly lost to his bliss and sexual satisfaction that neither he nor Ivan heard the front door open.


"Al?" Matthew called into the almost empty house, shutting the door behind him as he deftly tried to step out of his worn down sneakers. Slinging his workout bag onto the floor by the coat rack, he wondered if that was just the contents inside that made those weird squeaking noises. He shrugged and moved into the kitchen, going through his routine of checking the fridge and pantry even though he knew nothing new would be inside. "Hey Al, have you had dinner yet?"

He listened for a long moment, eyebrows screwed together when he didn't hear his little brother respond, only this faint sound of something moving… against a wall perhaps? He quirked his lips and shut the fridge, going up the stairs suspiciously as he tried to figure out what that weird noise was. "Al?"

As he crossed the hall to his brother's room, his eyes widened when he heard the breathy noises from inside, heard his little brother, his sweet little Alfie, panting and mewling in what could only be pleasure. "A-ah, y-yeah, mmm…!" he blushed as he listened to Alfred make such shameless noises. Was he actually masturbating? Matthew couldn't help but wonder, just standing right outside of Alfred's door, listening to those lewd noises until he gasped himself.

"Fredka," a voice, a foreign voice, purred, and then his brother went quiet, the ever present squeak of the bed thumping against the wall the only noise inside. Matthew could hear his own pulse rising in his ears, his body starting to shake in not only fury but… but…

"ALFRED!" he shouted as he nearly knocked the door in, eyes blown wide and nostrils flared with rage as the man between his brother's legs gasped, jerking to a halt as Alfred whimpered in confusion. There was a moment of complete silence as Alfred flopped his head over, obviously not impressed that Ivan had stopped because of…

"Matthew?!" he shrieked, scrambling and thrashing to get away from Ivan as he panicked, his older brother still caught in his trance. "Shit what the fuck why the hell are you home so early!? O-oh shit, no, Matt, it's not what it looks like I swear!"

"Al…?" Matthew hardly breathed as he managed to take a step towards the man, the man he recognized as the babysitter they hired not long ago, Alfred shaking like a teen who had gotten caught in the middle of sex. Which was exactly what he was. "What the hell is going on?"

"M-Matt, hey, bro, c-calm down, I can explain," Alfred pleaded, his glasses fogging up from his hot sweat and freshly welling tears. Matthew arched a disbelieving eyebrow, gaining confidence in his pace as he marched right over to the bed, eventually grabbing Ivan's shirt collar as the petrified male just sat there on perfect little Alfred's bed.

"YOU FUCKING SHIT I'M GOING TO BEAT YOU DEAD FOR TOUCHING MY BROTHER!" he shouted, voice pitching and dropping octaves as he yanked Ivan from the bed, making the startled man yelp as he was flung to the ground, facing the wrath of a furious older brother.

"No! Mattie, stop!" Alfred shrieked, diving off of the bed to fling himself over Ivan, blocking Matthew's range for attacking the older male. Matthew snarled, literally snarled, his protective instincts off the charts as Alfred pleaded with him. "Matt, Matt, please! I'll do whatever you want, just don't tell dad oh God, Matt I'm so sorry I-"

"What?" Matthew interrupted, staring at his little brother. For the first time ever he honed in on how round and innocent his face was, how shiny and silky his hair lay on his head, how beautiful a shade of red his cheeks turned when he was crying. Alfred sniffled and Matthew was drawn to look down at his brother's body, staring at his partially-cum-stained shirt and the wet slick between his chubby legs…

"I-I said I'd do whatever you want," Alfred whimpered and then sobbed, tears rolling down his cheeks as he was filled with shame and embarrassment, not even consoled when Ivan gently took hold of his shaking hand. "J-just please don't tell dad! I-I really… I really like Ivan, Matt! I'm so sorry!"

As his brother broke down in another bout of sobbing and Ivan sat up to hug him, Matthew could only stare, just blinking slowly at Alfred's confession. He couldn't believe it. His little brother… His Alfred… With someone almost twice his age…?

"Al…" he breathed, and then blushed hotly, the fact that his beloved little brother was currently bawling his eyes out because of him making him want to shrivel up and die. He crouched down to Alfred's level, nervously wrapping his arms around him as he murmured in a soft and soothing voice, "Al, baby, don't cry… I didn't mean to make you upset, I just-"

"I'm so sorry Matt," Alfred sobbed and shook his head before burying his face in Matthew's sweaty jersey, crying as he clung to his big brother in shame. Ivan weakly pet down Alfred's spine, worriedly chewing on his lip as he struggled to avoid Matthew's gaze. "Don't tell dad, please, just don't tell him-"

Matthew remained quiet for a long while, eyeing the unofficial-babysitter with a suspicious glare before looking to Alfred. "Anything I wanted… right?" he swallowed, and Alfred reeled back in shock at his brother's words. The youngest of the three turned to Ivan for guidance, receiving only a perplexed look and a little nod.

"Y-yeah?" Alfred asked, tipping his chin up towards Matthew. His big brother swallowed shakily, Adam's apple bobbing in his throat as he stared down at Alfred, wondering if he was really truly going to do what he thought about doing hardly moments before.

"W-well, Al…" he started, and then had to give an obligatory glare to Ivan. "In exchange for my silence… I want you to give me yours."

Ivan sputtered and covered his mouth as his cheeks burned red, Alfred's head whipping around at the noise as he himself fumbled for words. "What? Matt, I don't get it, what do you-"

"I mean," Matthew coughed into his fist, cheeks hot and palms sweaty as he looked straight into his beautiful brother's eyes and swallowed. "I want you… to blow me while he fucks you."

"What?!" Alfred shrieked in horror, clapping his hands over his face as he jerked away from his brother, his BROTHER! He had to be dreaming. This was just a dream and there was absolutely no way that Matthew was undoing his pants and cupping his chin as Ivan's warm hands gripped his hips and evened his body out between the two of them. Alfred panicked, starting to struggle. "N-no, wait! Stop, why are you doing this?!"

"Fredka," Ivan cooed soothingly from behind, and Alfred couldn't stop the shiver that tingled up his spine when cool lips kissed between his round cheeks. Matthew chuckled a little, just stroking Alfred's cheek softly to draw his attention back to the man kneeling in front of his face.

"Al, we don't have to if you're really against it," Matthew murmured as Alfred did his best to restrain weak little protests, Ivan kissing his still-aroused body. The youngest just blushed and swallowed, looking up at his brother with teary, beautiful blue eyes before shuddering.

"Y-you promise you won't tell dad?" he asked, shoulders hunched as he meekly submitted to his brother, to his lover, to his fate. Matthew chuckled, and after a short glaring contest with Ivan, waved the other man on to continue what he and Alfred had been doing.

"Yeah baby, I won't make a sound," he smiled and blushed a bit, palming himself through his sweat-soaked boxers as he wiggled closer to Alfred. "As long as you don't."

Alfred nodded and reached out, wedging his brother's underwear down and narrowly avoiding getting smacked in the cheek when Matthew's cock sprang free with a little bounce. He blushed and shivered, staring weakly at it before glancing up for reassurance. "Go on then…" Matthew cooed, gently guiding Alfred's head down around his hardness with a little groan.

Ivan waited until Alfred had choked down almost all of his brother's cock before he worked himself back inside himself, Alfred jolting and gasping around Matthew at the sudden penetration. Matthew's eyes widened and his face went up in red hot embarrassment when Alfred moaned happily into his groin, blinking those sweet baby blues up at him.

"O-oh God, Al…" Matthew could hardly breathe as Ivan started to gently thrust, the easy movements bouncing Alfred forward deeper on Matthew with each jerk. The preteen grunted weakly around his brother, shuddering and twitching as Ivan thrust another jolt of pleasure into him. "Oh my God, Alfie… How are you so good at this?"

"He practices," Ivan grumbled as he started picking up his pace, gripping Alfred's hips to help him stay focused on his role in the set-up. Matthew glared at him for that, ignoring Alfred's sheepish and embarrassed noise.

"Yeah? What, on you? Are you implying my -ah-, little brother is some kind of whore?"

"I don't know, but I am not the one fucking his mouth."

"No, you're the one fucking his ass and you know what you-"

"M-Mattie, Ivan," Alfred pleaded, pushing himself off when he got the chance between Ivan's thrusts. The two bickering men fell silent, Matthew's cheeks red all over again as he stared down at his brother. Alfred swallowed and then gripped Matthew's cock, grinding his body back against Ivan as he furiously started to pump his brother, the two men almost instantly dissolving into muffled moans. "Stop fighting and hurry up and fuck me."

Matthew choked and sputtered, and Ivan swallowed any complaints he could have with that. The two greedily took hold of the sex-hungry teen between them, using and abusing his accepting body like that of a filthy whore.

And Alfred couldn't have been happier.


"A-Al!" Matthew gasped, head rolling back as he howled out his climax, Alfred struggling to keep his teeth from biting down as Ivan finished with a whimper and a shudder in his back exit. He moaned and wiggled, trying to get as much as he could from them before the older men inevitably pulled out.

"Fredka…" Ivan purred, the noise a happy little rumble as he lifted Alfred's body to press flush against his, kissing his sweet lover enough to taste Matthew in his mouth. The older brother was hunched over his knees, shoulders sagged as he slowly came down from his orgasm-high. Ivan smiled as Alfred whimpered, relaxing into his lap as cum started to trickle from his stretched hole. "I love you."

"Mmm, I love you too, Ivan," Alfred smiled drowsily, a bit worn out but still seeking release. Judging from the way Matthew's cheeks puckered sourly, he did not much approve of the confessions but he was feeling too good to give them hell about it.

Alfred idly relaxed against his prop, slowly grinding his ass into Ivan's groin, erection still standing proudly at attention. Matthew flopped over on the floor, just lying on his back as he listened to Ivan pressing wet kisses into Alfred's sweaty neck, his little brother eagerly accepting all of them.

"Allow me," Ivan purred seductively into his ear, wrapping his arms around Alfred. Using one to pump his cock and the other to freely roam Alfred's chest, Ivan suckled on Alfred and ravished his sweet body, letting his legs spread wide across his lap. Matthew rolled his head over as he heard Alfred mewl in appreciation, squirming against Ivan as the man played with him.

"Ivannnn," Alfred trailed, rolling his head back into the crook of Ivan's neck as Matthew watched him, taking in every detail of the way Alfred's softly curved hips jerked up and thrust weakly into Ivan's large hand. He couldn't deny it, Alfred truly was beautiful.

Before he knew what he was doing, Matthew reached down and pumped himself again, mesmerized by the way Alfred's foreskin slid up and down his little cock and the way his nipples peaked under his light shirt. "I-Ivan," Alfred whimpered, an unspoken plea for the man to tease him more, his whole body on display for Matthew to feast his eyes upon.

"Ah!" Alfred yelped and gasped, hips lifting as if by a puppeteer's string when Ivan tweaked one nipple, turning his head to give his neck a sultry lick as well. Matthew ogled them, amazed at how easily Ivan could play Alfred's body and make him sing out with bliss. "I-Ivannn, g-gunna c-umm!"

Alfred's body twitched and spasmed until his spine arched back like a bow pulled taut for release, his knees coming closer together as his toes curled in ecstasy. Shuddering one last time, he finally came, cum squirting up onto his partially-clothed chest as he rocked back into Ivan with a cry of euphoria.

Matthew chewed his lip at the sight, and, with a few shaky breaths, managed to get off of just watching his little brother be worked to completion. Ivan smiled as Alfred sagged against his body, limp in his arms from the strong waves of ecstasy still zinging through him.

"Damn, Al," Matthew breathed, thunking his head against the hardwood floor as he shuddered. Ivan smiled, letting Alfred rest before gently lifting him up onto the bed, retrieving tissues to pat him dry with. The blonde winced a little as Ivan touched him again, but eventually relaxed with some gentle petting and soft coos. "Damn…"

Ivan chuckled at the two winded brothers, shaking his head slightly. "I will go start dinner, da?"

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