Sorcery and Science

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A/N: Though this is a crossover with the Avengers, it will be awhile before that storyline occurs. This will go some things before reaching the avengers arc. The timeline has been changed so that the Harry Potter arc storyline happens 10 years later. Features vaguely dark!Weasleys. This chapter is mainly flashbacks through her years at Hogwarts to show what's been changed. Neville and Lavender basically replace Ron and Hermione. OOC'ness by the truck load. Morgana will mostly be called Ana.

At eight years old, Morgana Lillian Potter was reasonably intelligent.

She managed to get good grades on her report cards, cards that were switched with fakes when Aunt Petunia or Uncle Vernon asked for them. She usually knew the names of her classmates within the first weeks of class, which was more than Dudley could say for almost the entire year. She also knew that books about anything were strictly out of bounds to her, which happened to be the knowledge she absolutely hated.

Ana loved to read more than anything in the world. She would read text books, biographies, fictional books, and even historical novels. It didn't matter what it said, just as long as there were words, Ana read it.

At the library, every librarian knew her name just as she knew theirs. Ms. Kennedy, the head librarian, always warned the new volunteers about her. "See that girl?" She would say, "That girl has been there every weekday. She comes straight after school, and leaves almost two hours later. No matter what, you help that girl; and if someone comes in looking for her, you send them away saying you haven't seen her." The volunteers would look confused, but one look at the fat boy that would ask about her and all of them understood. If the skinny girl and this boy were cousins, something was wrong in that household.

Ana never got to read at home though. At home was a place of working. Working in the yard. Working in the kitchen. Working in the living room for Aunt Petunia's parties. Yet when Ana found the dusty books with unmarked bindings in Dudley's room, she forgot temporarily. Ana was so wrapped up in the book that she failed to hear the front door opening or her cousin stomping up the stairs until it was too late.

"Mum! Mum, Morgana's got something! Mum, come quick!" Dudley yelled, in an instant his mother was at the door, sneering at her niece.

"What do you think your doing?" Aunt Petunia screeched, storming over to her and yanking the book away. "Stealing from my duddikins, are you?" She demanded. She grabbed her niece's hair and dragged her downstairs to the cupboard. Ana was flung inside and looked fearfully at her aunt. "You stupid girl! Just wait until you uncle gets home, be sure that he will hear of this!" The door was flung shut and Ana winced, her soft candyfloss-coloured hair stuck in the door. It was yanked open and Aunt Petunia kicked her further into the small space. "Keep that devil hair hidden!"

"Blimey, are you really?" Ana looked in disgust at the boy across from her in the compartment. Ronald if she had heard correct, not that the boy had bothered introducing himself to her. "Do you have the, you know, the scar?" Ana nodded slightly, lifting up her hair to show it. He gaped at her. "Blimey."

"Would you excuse me?" Ana blurted. "I need to go to the bathroom." She got up before he could answer and walked out, shutting the door behind her and repressing a sigh of relief. She walked to the back, giving a smile to a boy and girl looking for a toad and ducked into a seemingly empty compartment. She sat down and looked out the window for a few minutes before she heard a slight sob from the corner.

Ana stood cautiously, making her way over to the side. She was surprised to see a girl curled up on the edge of a seat, her legs pulled to her chest and face buried in her knees.

"Um, are you alright?" She asked, instantly feeling stupid. No, it was quite obvious that she was not alright.

The girl lifted her head, the hood sliding back to reveal dark, loose curls. "I'm," She sniffed. "Um, sorry. Yes, I'm alright. I'm Lavender Brown." She girl hesitated before holding out a hand and attempting to dry her eyes with the other.

"Morgana Potter, but you can just call me Ana. Morgana is too much of a mouth full." She said, smiling. Lavender looked shocked before smiling brightly.

"Would you like to sit with me? We have a full compartment to ourselves." Lavender offered. Ana smiled and nodded.

Ana squeezed her eyes shut as the old, ratty hat was placed on her head, resting atop her curls. "Hmm...difficult, very difficult. Plenty of courage I see, not a bad mind, either. There's talent, oh yes, and a thirst to prove yourself. But where to put you? Definitely your mothers daughter. Quite the thirst for knowledge." Ana had to bite her lip to stop herself from screeching, she hadn't realized it would actually talk.

"Not Slytherin, not Slytherin." Ana whispered, she couldn't understand her own aversion to the house of snakes, but everytime she thought of going anywhere other than Gryffindor she felt nauseous.

The hat started to talk again. "Not Slytherin, eh? Are you sure? You could be great, you know. It's all here in your head. And Slytherin will help you on your way to greatness! There's no doubt about that! No?... Well, if you're sure...better be...GRYFFINDOR!"

Ana smiled gratefully as Lavender helped her onto the train while Neville put their trunks away. It was the beginning of second year and the Dursleys had decided to make their parting gift particularly unforgettable. Once on the train, Ana looked at her friends, at the end of their first year she, Lavender and Neville had saved the sorcerers stone. Ron Weasley had come along as well but had passed out at the sight of Fluffy, so had had to be dragged out of the room. He had woken up later in time to tell everyone a false set events, making him look like a bigger fool when the three didn't know what he was talking about.

Ana was interrupted from her thoughts as a head popped around the door. "May me and my friend sit in here? No one else will let us sit with them." The girl was smiling but her smile drooped at the end of the sentence. Ana took a closer look at them. One had fiery red hair, inquisitive brown eyes and a splatter of orange freckles across her face. The other girl had long, almost whimsical, platinum coloured hair and the brightest blue eyes that Ana had ever seen. "I'm Ginny and this is Luna." The redhead offered with a dimpled smile.

"Hey Ana, wait up!" Fred Weasley shouted as he skidded to a stop in the entrance hall, next to a rather dusty looking suit of armor. "Yes?" Ana asked, her brow scrunched in confusion. Though she had tried many times to get his attention, Fred Weasley could rarely be detached from his twin.

He was handsome, though, and she was trying to figure out a way for him to ask her to the ball. Any suggestions had to be done without Ginny involved, though, since she tended to squeal and make grossed out faces every time something romantic was brought up. Honestly, it wasn't as if they hadn't already told her about the birds and the bees. Ana mentally made a face. Lavender was grossly vivid in the telling of that topic. All Aunt Petunia had done was throw a cheap romance novel at her and tell her not to get pregnant or they would kick her out.

Ana suddenly realized that she had tuned out what he was saying and mentally shook her head to get the cobwebs out. She blinked tuned back in.

"So, I...I was wondering if you wanna go to the ball with me?" He asked, stuttering slightly. Ana blinked in shock for a minute before nodding hurriedly. Then she realized what she was doing and tuned it down to a single nod. She was too busy internally dancing and squealing, already thinking on a dress to wear to notice the slightly glazed over look in his eyes.

"I'd love to." Ana answered before walking into the Great Hall to look for Lavender, a beaming smile on her face. Spotting her, she quickly walked over and scooted between Ginny and Neville. "Guess what just happened?" They blinked at her. "Oh, for God's sakes. You two are absolutely no help at all. Really Ginny, we need to work on this sometime. You are squeal-stunted. Lavender, guess what happened?" Lavender looked up from her Divination textbook and raised an eyebrow.

"Is it what I think it is?" She asked. Ana nodded excitedly.

Lavender's squeal was loud enough to have the Great Hall quiet and all turn to look at them. Ana flushed and slid down her seat slightly. The other girl was oblivious.

Ana was terrified. She dodged through gravestones as Voldemort fired curse after curse at her. Ana's hair flew behind her like pink fire as she quickly ducked out-of-the-way of a well-aimed Bombarda. She couldn't get the image of Pettigrew's stumped arm out of her head. He had destroyed himself just for a man that looked almost identical to a snake with limbs.

Ana risked a look back and almost stopped as pain erupted in her scar. She hunched over, trying to escape it. Voldemort was staring after her in disgust and no small amount of shock. His scaly face was marred by a scowl, his crimson eyes glowing in a promise of revenge.

Ana braced herself for a minute, then leaped towards the cup. She grabbed hold of Cedric's hand and prayed the portkey went both ways. She almost sighed in relief at the familiar feeling of a hook pulling her naval.

Ana grabbed her coffee cup as she followed Sirius into what looked like a potions lab. It was Christmas and she had spent it surrounded by her best friends. Only Neville couldn't make it as his grandmother had taken him to visit relatives in Peru. The only downside to her Christmas was that Ginny was only allowed to come with the rest of her family. She didn't' mind Bill, Ginny and the twins but Ron, his mother and Percy Weasley were easily the bane of her daily existence. Molly Weasley would spend hours on end criticising her hair and then like a flipped switch would suddenly start spewing out useless facts about Ron.

She didn't seem to realize that ever since first year, the two hadn't been friends. It had been rough even then.

Sirius locked the door behind him, his dark black waves of hair moving as he turned around. He walked over to a desk and picked up a pastel coloured leaflet, he tossed it over and whispered "Think about it."

Ana looked at the cover. In big block letters it read : THE INS AND OUTS OF BLOOD ADOPTION. Ana grinned and felt her heart soar, she would have a real parent.

Ana scrunched her eyes together as images flew in front of her eyes. The first time her uncle hit her. ..Aunt Marge laughing as she hugged the tree branch, scrambling to get away from Ripper... Her aunt locking her in the cupboard for screaming at a nightmare...Her aunt trying to bleach her hair and leaving angry red marks dotted on her forehead... Voldmort flinging curses at her in the graveyard... At that Ana did the only thing she could think of and mentally screamed until Snape flinched back and lowered his wand. He gave her a deepened look of disgust, raising his arm at her once again.

"Well Potter-" He sneered her name "It's certainly better than before, though I doubt the dark lord would be deterred by a little girls . Legilimens." Snape shouted.

Morgana Lillian Potter-Black bit her lip in pain, she refused to make a noise. She could feel Bellatrix shift against her, felt the knife drag lower down her arm. Leaf green-flecked brown eyes flickered open to glare at the curly-haired woman in disgust.

"Nothing but a filthy blood-traitor... Mother was a mudblood... Master will be pleased... Bitch will die!" Bellatrix muttered manically as she started to carve words into Ana's arm before stopping as she realised she wouldn't get a reaction. She pouted and dug the knife deeper and carved the words quicker. At still no reaction she tossed Ana aside and turned to her pale nephew.

"FINE! Draco get the Lovegood girl...She looks oh so pretty." Bellatrix grinned madly, not hearing the distinct crack of apparation.

Ana screamed as she watched Fred fall, his eyes lifeless and glassy. She clenched her jaw and ran after Bellatrix, she would lead Ana to Voldemort and would hopefully die on the way. Ana stopped short at that, she had never wished anyone dead before. Too long she was stood there as Bellatrix skipped off towards the forest.

Ana didn't have long to wallow in grief before she caught the end of Voldemorts speech. "You have one hour to deliver Morgana Potter to me!" Obviously didn't hear about the name change Ana laughed bitterly as she set out on the long trek towards the forest, and her death...

Ana was exhausted. It had been three weeks since Voldemorts defeat and she had been called to Gringotts to discuss her vaults and any contracts made. She looked around as she waited for Griphook to find the contracts and search for any faulty transactions in the vaults as was protocol when an heir claimed the titleship as head of house.

"Well Miss Potter-Black, it seems you have several outstanding contracts with the matriarch of the Weasley family along with many transactions to the prewitt vault, also owned by Mrs Molly Weasley." Griphook sighed out in a raspy voice, the only sign of his past injuries.

"I never agreed to that and I've never seen any contracts." Ana exclaimed, her eyes widening in shock as her hair grew darker to a hot pink, she had never like Molly Weasley, the woman had always seemed too clingy to Ana and always wanted to mother her. Her mother had died for her, she wasn't getting replaced by another. Now it seems she had another good reason. "Well the contracts are null and void anyway as they were never signed by the Potter head of house, which is now you, and any transactions can easily be reversed." Griphook said, looking gleeful at the chance to knock Molly Weasley down a peg or two.

"Do it." Was all Ana said before apparating back to Ottery St Catchpole, where they were recuperating at Luna's house.

"Let's go to China first, they have the most amazing silk." Lavender suggested happily from her corner of the library. She looked up from a travel book and waved it in the air. "It would be fun!"

Ana shrugged, she didn't particularly mind where they went as long as it wasn't in England. She looked over to Ginny the last companion to the travelling trio. "Sure why not." Ginny yawned as she dozed in an armchair near the fireplace.

"Kretcher!" The old house elf appeared in front of Ana, ready to take orders. "Get me a map of China, would you?" The map appeared on the wall and Ana picked up a dart. She threw it, grabbing a green marker and going to the map to mark where the dart landed. "Ooh, Mount Song, China."

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