A/N: Well, here is another installment of my Atlantic Canada series! This time the boys are in the rugged terrain of Newfoundland and Labrador, investigating a string of mysterious deaths of vacationers in the L'Anse aux Meadows National Park, in the northern tip of the island of Newfoundland. Set around season 7 after Cas heals Sam but before taking down Dick Roman. Hope you all enjoy! And as always, I don't own Supernatural, all rights to Eric Kripke and co.

Chapter 1

L'Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland, about 990 AD

The day is peaceful, the seas at a dead calm. It begins like any other day as Odin gathers around a meagre fire, enjoying yesterday's bounty with a beautiful woman at his side nursing a small child, his son, at his side. The firelight casts a warm glow upon the trio, and he smiles, eyes filled with love for his new family. The woman smiles back at him, gently rubbing a hand on the newborn's tiny back. Their home is warm and dry, the little delicious smells of fish permeating through the little hut, his belly will soon be full, his wife and child are happy…what more could one possibly ask for?

The woman pulls the baby away, the child cooing softly, and lays him on his bed, prepared to consume her own breakfast. The two sit by the fire, share their humble meal together, listening as the waves crash along the rocky coast. He loves their home, beautiful Vinland; the fish are plentiful, the terrain is beautiful, and the raging oceans are a wonder to behold. So calm from a distance, but wild, crashing against the rocks at the coast, its roar more soothing than any childhood lullaby. He has fallen to slumber to that sound ever since his family has settled on this new territory a few months previous, his weary, hardened heart soothed by the scent of salt water and the moans and crashes of the waves below.

Odin will never again rise to the crash of the ocean.

He doesn't hear the sound of footsteps creeping along the thick grasslands outside, the quiet breathing of men trying to remain undetected. He stuffs a piece of fish in his mouth, savouring the smoky flavour and closing his eyes in pleasure. The crackling of the fire, the comfort of the situation, distracts Odin from the danger, so that he is unaware when the strange man approaches his door until it is too late. He looks up in time to hear his wife scream, rush to the back of their humble abode to grab the baby, only to be stabbed in the back with a spear. For a second, Odin stares at his dying wife, unable to move, unable to breathe. And then his instincts as a father, as a proud Viking kick in and he lunges to his attacker, echoing a loud battle cry. No one dares to attack Odin's family and live to see another day.

He feels the warm, sticky blood before he feels the pain. Stunned, Odin looks down, grasps at the wound in his abdomen with trembling hands before looking up at the man who attacked him. He is a native to this country, of this Odin is certain. But weren't the Nordic the first to land here? To settle and continue the proud tradition of his people? He opens his mouth to question, but no words come, only faint gurgles as he feels the life slowly drain from his body. He can hear his wife's faint moans as she succumbs to her injury, the wails of his child in the background. He falls to his knees, eyes dulling with pain, the sound of footsteps muffling as several other men pass around him, no doubt assuming that he is dead, or at least will be soon. And then, heat as the attackers set his home ablaze, the flames crackling as they dance along the hut's grass and wooden walls. The home he has worked tirelessly to build, his lover (who was very much with child) by his side. He remembers her beautiful smile and shining eyes as they share a laugh; hearty meals around the fire, sharing a warm blanket and watching the millions of stars, scattering across the velvet sky like diamonds. He remembers the first night they had actually spent within their home's four walls, just days before the birth of their son, how they had simply enjoyed each other's company as they held hands and shared their dreams of the future. Dreams which have now been abruptly shattered by a stranger's weapon…

As the flames engulf his home, inch ever closer to his dying body, Odin lets out one last, weakened cry before he succumbs to eternal darkness.

Secondary A/N: Hi guys! Sorry this intro chapter is so short, it's supposed to be similar to the cold opens that we see on the show, just set up. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this new story! I'm really excited but kind of nervous to see how this one goes! A little something for the history nuts out there like myself! (Oh, and if there are any factual inconsistencies in this story, I apologize ahead of time, they are all my wrongdoing!)