Cardio bunnies really pissed Korra off.

They just hop along on their little treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary bicycles and just do cardio for their whole work out in their cute little tank tops with their matching shorts. They don't even lift.

So, as Korra goes down into the third rep of her fourth set of squats, she glares at the line of skinny, weak looking women running and biking away as she works to make herself bigger.

Sweat drips down her face at the strain of the weights held high above her shoulders. After this last rep, she powers through the next one, finishing her last set and completing her workout.

Her legs are noodles. The good kind of noodles, limp and perfectly cooked to maximum noodleness. But even though she can't walk and she has to collapse onto the floor of the gym because of the strain of her lifting, she feels good. Better than good, actually.

Gotta love endorphins.

Standing (barely), she wanders over to the mirror. Her dark blue sports bra is nearly black with sweat as it contains her heaving chest. Strong shoulders pull at the straps as they flex and mold into defined arms that cross arrogantly over her breasts.

Lungs push at the muscles of her abdominals which divide evenly into blocks of six. Beads of sweat roll down the mounds, glossing over the exterior of tight, squares that form a wall of stacked muscle protecting her internal organs.

It finishes with a defined 'V' that dips below into the tight fabric of her gray compression shorts. The dipping letter leads to legs strong and built enough to push nearly seven hundred pounds. They are chiseled with each muscle protruding deliciously upward against the skin, begging to be noticed.

Korra would definitely fuck her. Just look.

Finished admiring herself for now, the young athlete wanders to the women's locker room on shaky legs. Stumbling through the door, she ignores the group of cardio bunnies talking about how one of them has under a seven minute mile. Please.

The showers call to her like a voice from above and after she grabs a clean towel and her toiletries she sheds her clothing and hops underneath the water spout. The cool, icy water feels like heaven on her body soothing her tired, achy muscles.

Heels click on the floor as another member of the gym gets off of work and heads straight to workout. Korra is faintly aware of her respect to the member's dedication. Groaning at the water as it hits her tired back, Korra disturbs the other woman in the locker room.

"You alright in there?" Her voice is kind, concerned; and, when it addresses Korra her legs feel less stable than a new born foal's.

"Yeah. Thanks." Satisfied with her time spent in the shower, the water tribe woman dries off in the shower stall and dresses quickly into a loose fitting t-shirt and another pair of compression shorts.

She steps out, her shower shoes smacking loudly against the linoleum. Turning to leave, she finally sees the woman.

She's in the process of tying her long, black waves into a ponytail, one leg supporting her weight on the bench in the center of the locker room. In only a sports bra, Korra looks hungrily at her own impressive abdominal; while hers is less cut than Korra's, it's still toned and slender and makes her mouth water.

Korra envies her long legs that make her more than six feet tall and it's all Korra can do to not go over there and touch their smooth skin.

Searching through her bag with eyes so vibrant and green Korra can see them from fifteen feet away, the woman swears to her colleague (whom Korra didn't even notice was there) and sighs, "I didn't even bring a bottle of water."

Her coworker frowns and replies, "Sorry, Asami. I didn't bring an extra."

This is an opportunity Korra can't pass up. She's worked to hard to look this good and have these muscles to not capitalize on the situation. This is a meatball ball pitched to her right down the center of the plate and she'll be damned if she doesn't take the opportunity to knock it out of the park.

Walking boldly up to Asami, Korra taps her on the shoulder (shit, she's tall) and as she turns to her with an elegant smile on her face, says with a smooth undertone to her voice, "You're thirsty, beautiful? I have a six pack for you right here."

Lifting up her shirt, Korra flexes her stomach showing off her dangerously hard stack of muscle. Her compression shorts sit low on her hips, displaying her cut V line that points to her core.

Amused, the woman laughs and pokes at the hardness with her forefinger, "Sorry, hun. But as pretty as you are, I don't think you can quench my thirst." With a seductive wink, Asami grabs a few dollars for the vending machine and walks outside to the gym.

The Southern Water Tribe teenager's jaw drops in astonishment and it slowly builds into a wolfish grin. Her shirt drops back down, covering her body and she cracks her knuckles with her smirk tilting to the left side of her face.

And the hunt for the Cardio Bunny begins.