When Korra went into the gym that night after work, it was forty-five minutes later than when she usually did. Which meant that there were less Bunnies to watch hop along on their little treadmills: Just because Korra didn't respect their workout routine doesn't mean that she doesn't like watching them do it.

Her workout environment was, in fact, empty. Always the center of attention, Korra preferred when it was slam packed in the weight center and everyone was watching her.

Today was arms and chest day and the weights were heavy in her hands as she gave the dumbbells a mighty curl, bringing them victoriously up to her chest for the seventh time in her third set. She let out a shaky breath, her blue eyes bugging and veins prodding against her skin with the effort of lifting eighty pounds in each arm.

Korra, sweat pouring down her face, watched her walk in the double doors with her friend in tow behind and proceeded to drop her weights onto the floor in front of her, loudly. They crashed to ground obnoxiously, drawing Asami's attention from her friend to the flirt with the high ponytail and killer body.

Korra grinned sheepishly, sending her a wave with an exhausted arm. After smelling her pits inadvertently, Korra put her arm down immediately with a cringe. The taller woman watched her from across the room from where she was entering the women's locker room with a curious expression.

Blue eyes never left the door when she moved into medicine ball sit-ups, watching the wood until it swung open an the business woman with the green eyes exited and began to set up at one of the treadmills.

Her friend said something, causing the taller woman to tilt her head back and laugh. Something in Korra's stomach twisted angrily and it wasn't a muscle cramp either.

Jealousy, dark and poisonous welled up in her when she saw the two women interact. She wished Asami would laugh with her like that. Before she could stop herself, Korra (in a fit of unjustifiable envy) set the medicine ball on the rack and strolled over to the pair who were drinking from their water bottles before they started their run.

Only three feet separated the teenager and the business woman, the space between thick with what Korra hoped was sexual tension. Yes, they sex they would have would be mind blowing. With her easy smiling tilting charmingly to left, Korra spoke, "Asami, right?"

With a dark smile of her own- one that said you can't handle this, Asami replied, "Yes…?"

Her smooth voiced trailed off, asking without really asking for Korra's name, "Korra. My name is Korra."

Shifting, the woman placed her hands on her hips in an intimidating position, "How can I help you, Korra?"

"I just wanted to apologize about the other day. What I said and did to you was uncalled for and I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable." Her sweaty hand went to rub at the back of her neck while Asami looked down at her with a soft expression.

"Oh," Asami smiled softly, her red lips curling a bit at their seductive corners, "Well, thank you and it wasn't a problem. Kind of funny, actually."

Korra's grin was building, "Yeah, well, I better get going to the vet."

Cocking her head to the side in question, the elder woman frowned, "Spirits, do you have a dog? Is it alright?"

"No, Naga -my dog- is alright. It's just…" The teenager frowned, her blue eyes skirting dejectedly to the matted floor of the gym.

Her smooth hand touched Korra's arm in comforting gesture, sliding along her damp skin gently, "What's wrong, Korra?"

"It's just… THESE PYTHONS ARE SICK!" Stepping out of her reach, the brunette flexed her arms. Her hands fisted as tightly as possible just below her belly button, leading to forearms that formed a firm, ninety degree angle with her bulging biceps. Biceps, thick and defined, lead to stacked shoulders that looked so strong that Korra may have been Atlas in a past life, holding the weight of the sky away from crushing the world. Veins and arteries bulged deliciously beneath her skin as she flexed, showing off her body to, who Korra had just decided was the one for her, Asami.

Whatever progress Korra had made with the much more mature woman was gone, however, as Asami looked at her display with a brow raised dangerously in irritation and her sneaker-clad foot stomping in impatience, "Are you quite finished, Ms. Korra?"

Instantly, the athlete deflates, her arms hanging limply at her sides, "Uh, yeah, I guess."

Asami licks her ruby lips, shaking her head in response, "Good. For future reference, I'm not really a snake person, Korra."

That's all she left Korra to think about before Asami plugged her earbuds in and turned up the volume, starting her four mile run.