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'POV thinking'

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Chapter two

First Day

Allen walked down the hallway looking for his first class, but regrettably, he was lost. Everything in this school just had to be the same! OK, maybe that was a little of an exaggeration but that doesn't change the fact that he was lost.

Allen took this time to take in the whole look of the school. The walls were a bland gray stone, typical of a building this old, and the lockers lining those drab walls were a vibrant red velvet, contrast to the navy blue or forest green that is typically used in schools. Allen didn't notice any banner which was strange, them being very useful for events that he was sure this school had to have, but that probably was the reason why he was able to get lost other than his horrible navigational skills.

He turned the corner only to run into a certain grumpy samurai-wannabe with long hair raven hair and a permanent scowl on his face.

~Kanda's POV~

Just when I turned the corner to get to my next class I bumped into someone. I stopped to see who it is and to chew them out for running into him and caught a strange sight. The boy was rather short with semi-long snow white hair, practically glowing silver eyes, and a scar that started as a pentacle on his forehead, came down marring his eyelid, hooked at the cheekbone and followed lining to his jaw stopping around his chin. In addition to that, there was a slightly wavy mark parallel to his eye left eye, overlapping the rest of the scar. He seemed to be waring white gloves which was strange for this type of weather.. 'Strange... huh, just like a moyashi.'

"What the fuck moyashi." I growled profoundly at the startled white hired boy. After a moment he realized what I said, the boy narrowed his eyes with not-so-hidden anger.

"Its Allen" The boy now named Allen snapped back. I didn't really expect him to answer, most are too scared to, this kid must have guts.

"Perfect name for a moyashi," I mused, knowing just how to piss him off despite just knowing him for about a minute. Moyashi looked taken aback by the remark causing me to slightly smirk. The moyashi noticed this and frowned.

"Well sorry if I'm not used to being insulted by she-males. And I am NOT a bean sprout!" he snapped admittedly making the perfect comeback and then stormed away leaving slightly surprised that he knew Japanese. My mind than just started to process what he had said. Wait, What? He did not just say that!

~Allen's Pov~

'I cannot believe that just happened. I am not even that short.' I seethed while glaring at the floor, even of it did not really do anything wrong. I looked up just in time to see my first class with Ms. Lotto there, Thank goodness I'm not too late, I thought happily. I entered the room to see utter chaos, the teacher was constantly repeating apologies for no reason whilst the rest of the class is wildly yelling, throwing paper airplanes, flinging hornets, etc. I walked up to the teacher and lightly tapped her on the shoulder.

"IM SORRY!" she screeched her reply to the slightly nonexistent tap. Then after maybe three awkward moments she calmed down and somehow settled the rest of the class too, why she didnt before I have no idea. "Class, this is the new transfer student from England." she looked at me expectantly and after a short moment I introduced myself.

"My name is Allen Walker, I'm from London" I said with my signature smile.

"Does anyone have any questions for Mr. Walker?" The teacher asked and more than a few hands shot up like lightning. ' Here we go again' I thought bitterly knowing how this is going to end.

"Whats with the white hair?" A kid said with a genuine look of curiosity for once.

"That's it's natural color." I replied simply not wanting to go into too much detail

"What kind of person has a tattoo over their eye?" Another kid asked rudely, probably meaning to be taken as an insult too.

"It's not a tattoo, its a scar." I answered starting to get annoyed, he didn't have to be so rude about it!

"How did you get the scar" A girl asked innocently, I was about to reply with the usual 'that's personal' but Ms. Lotto thankfully beat me to it.

"That's enough questions for today, Allen, you will be sitting in the back in the last open seat there. There isn't any other open seating so that will be your assigned seat until it is changed." She stated quickly, most likely to help me because she probably saw that I was slightly uncomfortable when that question was asked given that it was a sensitive matter. I went to the desk described only to see a kid with heart-stopping red hair.

"Hey, I'm Lavi." the boy said introducing himself while flashing a broad, mischevious smile that screamed class clown.

"Nice to meet you." I said politely for what seems the hundredth time today. I sat down and class resumed. It was all review that I already knew so I was quite bored.

~time skip; after school~ Still Allen's POV~

The day was OK at best, with a few bumps here and there, but oh well. Most if not all of my classes ended up somewhat similar to my first, the only notable difference being the personality of the teachers themselves.

Mr. Bookman was slightly strict and very much resembled a panda. It was this class in which I found out that he was Lavi's grandfather.

Bak was hyperactive and hot hives every time he got exited in any way.

It was strange to say the least when I saw that the headmaster also taught science, and he had a blast threatening me to not touch his sister with big power-drills.

Lunch was awesome, the cook Jerry let me have anything I wanted and it tasted great, although I did get quite a few stairs for my apatite.

It turns out MR. noise or Marie as he insists on being called is blind, but he can still 'see' through hearing. That was cool to say the least.

My last class was art with Mr. Tiedoll, and I wasn't looking forward to it mainly for the fact that I cant draw to save my life, but he was nice and I ended up enjoying myself despite my nonexistent talent with drawing anything other than a stick-figure.

Moving on to now, I am walking back to my 'house' or as I like to call it 'the hellhole where the devil himself ironically named cross lives.' I suddenly hear voice to my left.

"hey, freak!" a kid that was considerately bigger than me yelled high-kicking me into an alleyway that was inconspicuously covered in broken glass. 'Well, this day got bad pretty fast, and is that guy in martial arts or something that hurt' I thought bitterly while struggling to get up.

One of the first kids friends slammed me back down by hitting be with a baseball bat causing me to cut myself. They continued to beat the living shit out of me for what seemed like hours, but it could have only been ten minutes. All the while my eyes seem to glaze over, a defense mechanism I developed from my not-so-happy childhood, its as if my mind reseeds into my head to protect my sanity.

The kids spewed all kinds of names but I ignored them, I wont cry, knowing from experience that it would only make things worse, but this only made them angrier. Honestly it doesn't make a difference but I wont cry anyways.

"Why wont he cry, huh, I see, this thing is nothing but a little monster, one that nobody wants." the leader spat. That one word brought Allen right back and pushed him over, monster. He widened his eyes as they spun with terror as the memories seemed to flow back from his childhood.

~flashback (temporarily not Allens POV)~

Allen ran down the streets with a loaf of bread in his hands that he just stole, only one. He made a sharp turn into an alleyway, and started to try to navigate the maze like pathways, but he ended up hitting a dead end. And with his pursuers on his tail, he was caught.

"lets make this little urchin pay for stealing, lets hope he learns his lesson." the leader said, making the first hit, knocking Allen to the ground. As the four large men where beating Allen, his large mitten fell off and the men gasped.

"that thing... its not human, its the spawn of the devil himself, that thing is a monster!" one of them yelled as another proceeded to pull out a pocked knife out and cut the small child five times very deeply. One on his left side, one one each arm from his wrist to his elbow, one just below his right shoulder, and one down his spine, but the cuts on his left arm where barely there, for the skid was too rough to cut. Satisfied the group leaves the small boy in the ally way bleeding and alone.

~End of short flashback~

Allen was lost in that one particular memory. His gray eyes a pool of emotion that has been locked away for so long, spiraling like a whirlpool.

' It hurts...'


'It Hurts!...'




' I have to stop them...'

" stop..." Allen very faintly said

"What was that?" one of them sneered catching the barely audible whisper

" Stop..." he whispered slightly louder

"Stop It..." He said louder, terrlr filling his voice. 'why wont they stop, why is this not working'

"STOP-" Allen screamed loudly but was cut off by a strong kick in the stomach, making him cough up blood. He had yelled stop loud enough for someone else to hear,hopefully, they still where pretty close to the school.

"Hey, what do you think your doing?! Stop, step away from Allen." The newcomer said, was it someone he knew? Allen looked up slightly craning his head to see his savior's, heart-stopping red hair 'Lavi...', it was the boy in a few of his classes, he sits next to him in his first period. The boys that where beating Allen up for who knows how long left in fear of getting in trouble, for lavi's grandfather was a teacher. Allen curled in a ball, he was trembling with slight muscle spasms in pain. Lavi picked him up and ran to the health office, all the while wondering what the hell possessed those kids to do that, and hoping that the nurses office is still open even though school ended.

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