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I woke up groggily and looked at the clock, 5 am. I had 4 hours to get ready for work, just enough time. Now I didn't have any ordinary job, I worked at the one and only exclusive dream salon, Evan's Salon owned by Wes Evans himself. I myself wanted to become a hair dresser there but I was lucky to score receptionist. Kilik was the only other receptionist there. There was BlackStar who was a hair dye specialist, Liz was a tanning professional, you would not believe the amount of little pageant girls she has to tan a week. Then Soul, Wes's brother, and Kid were hair dressers, the best in the business. Tsubaki was a nail artist, Kim and Jackie were makeup artists and Patty, Liz's 10 year old sister counted inventory for us and any other little things she can do to stay amused.

I ate some whole wheat toast while I stared at my closet which the color black mostly dominated, that was the color I had to wear to work.

I pick out a pair of sheer black tights, a tight long sleeve black dress that ended mid thigh after picking out some thigh high black 6 inch high heeled boots that were a pain to walk in, I headed to my bathroom to do my hair and makeup.

I settled with a straight high ponytail with a poof at the top of my head, it made my ash blonde hair look nice. Last month BlackStar even convinced me to get some brown low lights.

Then I put on my base makeup then a smokey eye with winged eyeliner and fake eyelashes, I finished with some contouring.

The time read 8:00 so I grabbed my black coach bag and black pea coat and headed out towards a small cafe.

I got to the small cafe not even 10 minutes to work and sat down with my tablet and a cup of tea.

"Albarn!" Someone calls and I look up at my co worker Soul.

"Hey Soul." I say waving him over.

"Why didn't you wake me up before you left!? I didn't even get a chance to comb my hair!" He says.

Did I mention I live with him? Or that he actually got me the job at the salon?

"Sorry!" I say as Soul sits down pulling a comb out of his laptop bag.

"So did the little vegan get her sleep last night?" Soul says, he called me little vegan because of me being extremely little and scrawny. And I was a vegan.

"Yes she did, how bout my sharky?" I ask as Soul tugs at a knot in his hair, he grunts and I get up to help him.

I work at the knot in his fluffy white hair till it is out, I search with my fingers for anymore knots and everything else seems to be good in his gravity defying white fluffy hair.

"Soul where is my tea?" I ask, I had not finished it!

"Soul?" I say knowing that he must have snatched it when I wasn't looking.


"Well let's just get going, no point in getting another one." I reply sighing, grabbing my purse and Soul helps me into my jacket, he too was wearing a black pea coat and his black work attire.

"Well move your little vegan ass or we are going to be late!" Soul says pushing me ahead of him.

"I am going, I am going!" I say heading out the door into the cold, winter Death City air.

When I walk in I see Kid standing by the door.

"OH MY GOD! Might I say your hair is so symmetrical and those boot do wonders for your legs! Love it!" He cries admiring my outfit choice.

"I knew you would!" I say smiling at him.

"Oh Soul, you should go kill yourself for your hair!"

"Hey Maka combed it today!" Soul calls pointing at me.

"Maka, I am truly disappointed!" Kid exclaims as I sit down at my desk.

I watch Kid tackle Soul into a chair and pulls all of his hair up with gel.

"Hahahaha! Aw Sharky looks cute!" I coo coming up to him and he just growls, pouting at me.

Liz walks in the door with Patty and we exchange hellos as I take Patty in my arms kissing her cheek. Liz and Patty's parents abandoned them so Liz acted as a mother to Patty.

"Aunty Maka! I lost a tooth today!" Patty cries opening her mouth.

"Good job, did the tooth fairy give you anything?" I ask.

"No, Liz says that she is busy so she will probably give it to me tomorrow!" Patty says and I shake my head at Liz, she almost always forgot.

"I will be back, I have to pick up something at the store!" I call rushing out of the salon.

10 minutes later I return with a bag.

"Patty, guess who I ran into when I went to the store!"

"Who?" The little blonde exclaims.

"The tooth fairy, she was doing some secret shopping and she told me to give you this!"I say holding up the bag that contained a giraffe toy and 3 packs of gum and a giraffe coloring book.

"Really! Oooh!" She says after I handed her the bag, and she headed to the lounge room.

The clock rang and I sigh, time for work to start.

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