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Chapter Two

'Keep Me In Mind'

Evelyn's House

Evelyn "Evie" Matthews's eyes were distance, seeing into some part of the darkened room that no one else could see as she drew the bow across the violin strings in a dark and haunting melody, drawing out the notes until they resemble weeping.

She remembered the color of red, splattering across the cars interior in violent spray and driver's head snapping to the right before he slumped in the seat. She remembered the scream of terror her mother let out, her arms reaching out and holding her baby tight as the car spun out of control. The next few moments flash by in a sequence of events too fast, the glass shattering, their bodies slung about like ragdolls, and the screech of metal sliding across pavement. Then…then it all came to a sudden and abrupt halt.

Her blue eyes squeezed shut, as she tried to push the memory away. The tempo and flow of the music changed, following the pattern of her thundering heart as it rose in a violent crescendo.

Kelly's eyes were squeezed shut, her head hurting so bad that scalding hot tears were streaming down her cheeks. Her chest was sore, and it burned like fire. She whimpered, "Mommy…"

There was no answer.

"Mommy…please," Kelly cried, her fingers trying to pry the seatbelt loose, but it kept her painfully pinned.

But there was no pushing away the memory. It was February 28th, and today of all days, there was nowhere she could hide. No matter how many pictures she painted, no matter how many instruments she picked up or how she tried to drown herself in anything, but the memory.

No answer. No arms wrapping around her, no kiss to take her boo-boos away. The eight year old felt a shudder run through her and she slowly opened her eyes. Lying in her lap, her mother was still and blood dripping down across her lips. It was her mother, but Kelly felt a scream catch her throat. Half of her mother's face was gone.

But the memory still remained.

The scream ripped through her throat-a wretched howling sound. Five hours later when they FBI found the black sedan that had crashed into a forest area just out of plan view, Kelly Gibbs was still screaming.

The phone rang, making her jolt off her stool and land on the floor hard. A tiny whimper escaped as she set there thinking, Great. I thought I couldn't hate this door more. She glared at the room as if holding it responsible for her fall. The sun glared through the large, window streaking across the red bamboo floors. The walls were decorated with abstract painting of red, blacks and red contrasting the white walls. And she turned around towards the kitchen are when the ringing happened again. With a light frown, she treaded in sock clad feet. Reaching the in table where the phone sat, she checked the caller id.

Audrey Webster


Suddenly her spirits lifted, and finally a smile crossed her face. Setting down her bow, she picked up the phone and answered it. "Hello, Nana," Evie greeted.

Audrey Webster had been a wealthy blueblood woman originally from New Orleans, who spent most of her life using her money to do good. She supported several charities and almost every Saturday she'd been down at the soup kitchen feeding the homeless. But one thing Audrey never had were children. She had thought for a long time that she had to have a husband in order to have a family, but when the elderly woman was visiting a foster care center that she was giving money too, she found a little red headed teenager with big blue eyes just begging to be loved.

Audrey was like an angel that came to Evelyn in a critical point in her life when she didn't believe in herself, when she was the most broken. And somehow Audrey had believed in her. Having Audrey in her life was one of the best things that had happened to Evelyn and she was thankful for her everyday.

"Evie, honey child, how are you?" Audrey's chipper voice came through and suddenly the day didn't seem so bad. "Have I called at a bad time?"

"No, you…actually had good timing," Evie smiled, tiredly.

"Oh, well, that's good cause I have something I been meaning to talk to you about!" Audrey chuckled, good naturedly. "You know Mrs. Leer from my poker and knitting groups?"

"Yeah," Evelyn couldn't hide the amusement remembering the images of all the little old ladies sitting around, smoking, knitting and playing poker around an old dining table.

"Her son is visiting her, and I was thinking-"

"No, Nana," Evelyn shook her head.

"Oh, Evelyn, you need to get out more!"

"Remember the last time I got out with someone you set me up with?" There was silence on the other end of the phone. "Yea," Evelyn stated, with a nod even though Audrey couldn't see her. "Yea, see? It was bad. I was horrified, and I was traumatized!"

"…" Audrey was silent for a long time. Such a long time that Evelyn began to worry that she had accidentally hung up on the woman, then finally Audrey spoke, "I didn't know he was studying to be a priest."

"How could you not know?!" Evelyn demanded. "I mean, I was sitting there flirting with the guy and offered him a drink and he pulls out a pocket sized bible and says, 'help me resist temptation' then faints in front of God and everyone!"

"Alright…alright," Audrey relented. "I don't have great taste in men. I apologize, but that wasn't what I was wanting to talk to you about anyways. Not really."

"Then what is it that you want to talk about?" Evelyn raised an eyebrow.

"The girls and I are heading to Las Vegas," Audrey stated. Evelyn slapped her forehead with a long groan. "I just wanted you to know, so you don't show up here and think someone has axed murdered me or kidnapped me."

"First rock-climbing, then sky diving, now Las Vegas?" Evie stated sarcastically. "Are you trying to give me a heart attack? Or turn me prematurely grey?"

Audrey laughed. "One day, dear honeychild, you are going to find that life isn't worth living unless you take some risks. Besides, you're life isn't all sunshine and rainbows."

"…okay, fine," Evelyn muttered, reluctantly. "You've made your point."

"I always do," Audrey's voice was smiling. "Now…one last thing before I bid you farewell. Have you…have you talked to your father?"

Evelyn sighed, running her hand through her hair as she shifted from foot to foot. "No. No, not yet," she tried to keep her voice light, and her self-disappointment out of it. But there was a slight hitch and she fumbled for words. "I've…I've got to let you go, Nana. I have to get ready for work."

"Alright, honey," Audrey whispered out. "You need anything you call, you hear me?"

"Always," Evie smiled. "Thanks, Nana. I appreciate it. And I appreciate everything you've done for me."

"And I would do everything again, in a heartbeat."

Gibbs's House

Leroy Jethro Gibbs stood there in his basement wishing that he could stay down here for the rest of the day and work on his boat instead facing anything or anyone. He glanced up at the calendar crudely nailed to the wall. Febraury 28th, the only day he prayed for strength to survive. The day that Shannon and Kelly were taken away from him. And the pain never dies, never goes away.

It's still there upon his heart like a dark, festering wound. The picture, the last picture of Kelly and Shannon and him that they had taken together as family, sat in his palm. He stared at it, with a series of regrets and what ifs running through his mind. He wondered what would have happened if Kelly and Shannon were still here, if they were still a family. Where would Shannon and him be, still together? Divorced? And what about Kelly? His sweet little girl, where would she been? In college? Married, with children on the way? He could picture them in his mind standing on the captain's walk overlooking the sea, waiting for him so they could go out on the boat. Shannon, her face older wiser, and ever more beautiful looking at him with those eyes filled with love and warmth. Kelly, all grown up with her mother's grace and bright smile, but her father's serious eyes—waiting. Waiting for him, so they all could go out on the boat together as a family.

He closed his eyes willing the thoughts away. Gibbs had just learn to become stronger than his pain. To hide it from everyone and most importantly himself. Running his fingers across the boat he was working on his reminisced about good times. Like the first time he took Kelly to the ocean, her wide eyed awe had left him with a big smile on his face, and Shannon, oh, she looked up at him with such love a devotion. He heart ached for that reverence, that unconditional love and over the years he had tried to find it again.

But it never worked. Three divorces proved that. He let out a long sigh, running a hand down his tired face as he stared down at the picture he kept close to his heart. He ran a finger across his wife's and daughter's smiling face before putting the photo back in its hiding place. He gathered up his strength and down the last bit of his coffee before getting ready for work.

NCIS Headquarters

Evelyn turned her truck into the parking spot then killed the engine. Shivering lightly, she still had yet to get used to the cold February mornings that Washington DC had to offer and Evelyn pulled her scarf tighter around her trying to keep safe from the chilly wind. She couldn't wait for spring to come. She took the long walk to her office, her focus shifting from her past to the present. As soon as she pulled the door open and made her way to the seat, her co-worker Linda called her name, "Matthews. About time."

Evelyn opted to say nothing to the catty woman, and merely quirked up a questioning eyebrow.

"The director wants to see you," Linda stated, hiding a smirk.

Evelyn didn't bother hiding her scowl as her co-workers who whispered under their breaths. Evelyn was ambitious, during four years of college work in two leading to the rumors she had cheated or done a higher up a "favor". Strangely, she'd never been bothered by others' opinions of her. Friendships were often too hard for her to come by, her often aloof or awkward behavior driving people off. So it was easier just to be herself and not care what people thought of her.

Though there were a handful of people whose opinions mattered to her. Especially her father's. The man was intimidating and every time she got close to spilling the beans, she found herself running in the other direction with her tail tucked between her legs. Emotions were a fickle thing for Evelyn, before with her tumor, the pressure on her brain had numbed her. Dulled every emotion she had ever felt, but once it was removed, feeling emotions were frankly uncomfortable. It was painful, and her emotions went from one extreme to another. It left her feeling like she was exposed so everyone could see. Perhaps, she was paranoid.

With a small shake of her head, she heaved a sigh glancing over at Gibbs's desk which was empty before marching up the stairs to the director's office. She pushed open the doors and the secretary murmured, "He's expecting you."

Evelyn nodded in acknowledgement, before heading into the director's office. Director Morrow was a stern, older gentlemen and he sat behind his desk his eyes going over a file. A file, Evelyn noted, that had her name on it.

Her stomach rolled nervously, even more when Director Morrow had her close the door behind her. She did as she was told and came to stand before the Director. "Have a seat, Miss Matthews and we can begin," Morrow gestured to the two chairs sitting adjacent from his.

Slowly, Evelyn lowered herself into one. Keeping her face carefully blank, she asked softly, "Sir, if I may, what is this all about?"

"We will get to that in a moment, Agent Matthews," Morrow set down the file and raised his gaze to hers. Those eyes of his were piercing as he regarded her intently. "Now, I've been looking over your file and I have to say I have a few…concerns, shall we say?"

"What concerns, sir?" Evelyn asked, raising an eyebrow.

"My first concern is that you were in psych ward in Bethesda Hospital for three years," Morrow pointed out. "May I ask what for?"

"Well, I'm not sure myself, sir," Evelyn lied, pretending to look bemused. "All I know is that I was brought in injured and completely out of it. I don't know how I ended up in that state, whatever had happened to me apparently was so traumatic that I blocked it from my memories. Or at least, that's what the doctors said." Twisting her hands in her lap, she looked up worried. "Is that a problem, sir? Because after the background check and everything, they told me it wouldn't be a problem given that I have seen a psychiatrist and was given a green light."

Morrow studied her. "No. I don't believe it will, but I will have to recommend you to see a psychiatrist every so often so no one will be able to argue my judgment," he ordered her.

She fought hard against the urge to grimace, but she nodded her head. "I will do that," she agreed, easily. "Now…your other concerns?"

"Yes, yes." Morrow's eyes scanned the file before he continued, "Now you see, you are bright individual if your schooling is any indication. So it baffles me as to why you applied to be a paper pusher, when you're skills would be more useful elsewhere."

It was true, but Evelyn had decided that it would make Audrey worry less, no mention give her a reason to see Gibbs every once in a while and also keep in the background off of everyone's radar. "I…I…just figured it was the best place for me," Evelyn stated, her voice quivering ever so slightly.

Morrow smiled, but it wasn't exactly pleasant. It was a knowing smile that set Evelyn's teeth on edge. "I, however, think not," Morrow stated, shutting the file. "Pack up your things from yours desk-"

"You're firing me?" Evelyn's heart jolted in her chest.

"Not firing." Morrow pulled a badge and a gun from his desk, planting them in front of Evelyn. "Promoting."

Evelyn sat there, staring at the gun and badge with bemusement. "I don't understand," Evelyn stated slowly, her blue eyes narrowed. "I did not ask for a promotion. I even put that I did not want one on my application. Why are you giving me one?"

Morrow straightened his spine and looked at her with keen eyes. "Like I said before Agent Matthews, you are smart, bright individual. Not only did you manage to do four years of college in two, you also got some of the best grades seen to date. You would do much better out in the field than behind the desk shuffling through paper. It is my hope that you will accept since I've decided to put you on Agent Gibbs's team."

"What?" Her heart skipped a beat. Be on her father's team? Be able to get to know him? With wide eyes she stared at the director as if he had just grown another head. "Why should that make any difference?" She asked, giving a small shrug as if she did not care.

"Do not play," Director Morrow told her, sharply. "We both know that being close to Gibbs is exactly what you wanted when you applied for a position at NCIS six months ago."

Evie felt all the blood drain from her face, and she swallowed thickly. "I'm not sure I understand what you are implying," she stated, her voice sounding foreign even to her own ears.

"As you are well aware of, our procedures before we will accept anyone into NCIS. Drug test, background checks as well as DNA profiles to make sure that no one on any wanted list is trying to use a false identity," Director Morrow listed off. "If the DNA matches any in our database, it will set off an alarm."

Evelyn stood there feeling like she couldn't breath. Her heart was racing like a jackhammer in her chest, and the hair on the back of her neck raised. Shit. I never thought about that, she thought, cursing herself for looking over such an obvious thing.

"I know you are Gibbs's daughter," Morrow continued on. "It does not take one to figure out your motives for coming here, and if it were not for your impressive application, I would have fired you on the spot. However, I am giving you the opportunity to better yourself while letting you get what you came here for."

Evelyn stood there, her mind racing over her options. He knew she was Gibbs's daughter, but made no mention of her being Kelly Gibbs. So he knows I'm Gibbs's daughter, not that I'm Kelly, she thought, with a lot of relief. Even if NCIS, previously NIS had her DNA on file, she doubted evidence from 1991 one would be in there recent database which meant for now, her biggest secret was safe. Evelyn felt herself relax a marginal after that, but not completely. She was not a fool to think the Director did this completely out of the goodness of his heart. At least not entirely, and even if he had ulterior motives she could hardly pass up this opportunity, could she?

"Alright. You're right. I took this job intending on confronting my father," she replied, her eyebrow raised. "So…if I accept this job, can I be assured that this…information about Gibbs and I stays here?" She asked, keeping her voice even. "Unless I say so?"

"It has already been sealed with your file as are all DNA tests unless of course it pertains to a case. It is no one business expect your own," Morrow told her, firmly. "You're an adult, old enough to decide who you let into your life. Or who you keep out." Morrow paused then raised his gaze to hers. "All I will tell you is…Gibbs is a good man. You'd be lucky to have him in your life."

"I know," she said simply. But would Gibbs be happy or lucky to have her in his? With a shaky nod, she reached forward accepting the badge and gun. "I accept the promotion, sir."

"Good. You start tomorrow." Direction Morrow nodded. "I am assuming you've taken the necessary classes and done the paperwork to carry a firearm?" He asked, pointing to the gun sitting before her.

"Yes," she nodded, her eyes flickering to the weapon and badge. This was a chance, a sure fire way to get her father in her life. Build a relationship; build trust before laying the truth on him. She took the weapon and badge, and then inclined her head to Director Morrow, "Thank you, sir."

It was early morning, so early that the sun had yet to rise. Instead, it was dark and bitterly cold as Tom and Elle headed home from a long night celebrating their anniversary. Ellie was giggling still overly happy from the champagne and Tom smiled at her. Then Ellie's smile fell and a scream tore from her lips, "TOM! STOP!"

Tom turned looking forward, and gasped, slamming down on the break as hard as he could. The car came to a halt, just shy of hitting a woman who stood in white. "Oh, my god," Tom gasped. "Oh, my god."

He pushed the door open and got out of the car. "Ma'am, are you okay? Did your car run off the road?" He asked, walking towards her slowly. She was shaking, her face and clothes stained with dirt.

"I don't think so," her blue eyes were dazed. "I was buried."

"Buried?" Tom said, in shock.

"Back there," she pointed towards the woods, in a half-hearted gesture.

"Ellie, call nine one one!" Tom called back to his wife, who hurriedly did as he asked. He took another step towards the woman, holding his hands out.

The woman flinched back. "No."

"Easy. Easy. I just want to get you in the car," Tom told her, trying to show he meant her no harm. "It's warm. What's your name?"

The woman paused, her brows drawing together. "I…I don't know," she gasped out, her fingers reaching up to dig into her hair as she looked helplessly at Tom. "I don't know!"

"You're in shock," Tom told her. "You'll remember in time."

"There isn't any time!" The woman shouted, an image of a ship exploding inside flashed before her eyes. "There's a bomb!"

"A what?" Tom looked at her, scared.

"A bomb on a ship! A Navy ship! People are going to die! People are going to die!"

Gibbs's Home

He was suddenly back to that day. The day he left. Shannon trying to keep a brave face and not cry, and Kelly sobbing coming to realization that daddy was going away. "Daddy…" Kelly's cheeks were stained with cheeks. "Please don't go! Please don't leave!"

His heart broke, and he knelt down wiping the tears off his daughter's cheeks. "Shh, don't cry, sweetheart," he told her gently, and reached around his neck. He took off one of his dogtags. "I've got something for you," he told her, pressing the dogtag into her palm. "To keep me in mind."

It flash forward, to a week where he had just gotten back to base and had a package waiting for him from home. Like other soliders, he opened it eagerly and couldn't help but smile at the dogtag with Kelly's name engraved on it with the words: Keep me in mind.

It flash forward to the funeral, where he stood in a suit and tie, looking a mess. It was a closed casket, the NIS and FBI telling him that he should remember them as they were. In his hand was Kelly's dogtag.

Gibbs was jolted from his sleep by a ringing sound. He blinked his blurry eyes, and then glared down at his cellphone sitting a few feet away. On instinct, he reached around his neck feeling the familiar weight of the chain before checking that the dogtag was there. After Kelly and Shannon's funeral, he hadn't taken it off.

"America's longest running agri-business news program," the farm's report was on his television, and Gibbs went to shut it off when his cellphone rang once again. "Gibbs," he stated, gruffly running a hand down his face.

"Hey, boss. Rise and shine," Tony's voice was up-beat, and Gibbs could practically see the broad grin on his senior agent's face.

"Oh. Zero five twenty. That's all I get," Gibbs sighed. "I'm up. Are you at the office?"

"Yeah, the boiler blew in my apartment so… it knocked out the power," Tony's voice fell a few octaves indicating his misery. Gibbs had a foreboding sensation in the pit of his gut, and a spark of anger hit him. The last time DiNozzo stayed, he had gone snooping and found a box full of Kelly's things. Gibbs's had never been so angry and had tossed Tony out faster than one could say 'semper fi'. "I won't have any heat or electricity for a month. Fall asleep working on your boat again?"

"Why do you say that…?" Gibbs asked, eyebrows rising in his hairline. Even after so many years working together, Tony still managed to surprise him.

"Boss, I know the Farm Report when I hear it," Tony chuckled lightly. "You only have one TV and it's in your basement."

"What do you got, DiNozzo?" Gibbs rolled his eyes slightly.

"A motorist picked up a Jane Doe in Rock Creek Park. Claimed she dug herself out of a grave. No ID. And guess what?" Tony asked, in a suspenseful voice.

"She can't remember her name?" Gibbs guessed, dryly.

"Yeah, how'd you know that?" Tony sounded baffled.

"Well, uh… she's alive and you're calling her Jane Doe. What was my first clue?" Gibbs asked, picking up his cup of coffee. He grimaced because it was now cold, but the bitter taste helped push away the remnants of fogginess from his mind.

"Oh, yeah. That's right," Tony stated, sheepishly.

"Well, it's also obvious that she has no I. D. so she was probably wearing a uniform," Gibbs said, putting away his tools.

"Ah ha ha! She wasn't!" Tony crowed as if he had just pulled the wool over Gibbs's eyes. "So why did the cops call NCIS? Now tell me that."

Gibbs just wanted. Tony finally answered, "She told them there's a bomb on a Navy ship."

"Hospital?" Gibbs's spine stiffened in alarm. Out of all the things Tony could have said, that hadn't even crossed Gibbs's mind.

"Georgetown University," Tony replied, right away.

"Get Kate over there. I'll call Ducky and meet you outside the office in twenty," Gibbs instructed.

"Uh, what about our new probie?" Tony reminded him.

Gibbs's closed his eyes, giving a loud sigh. He had forgotten the agent assigned to his team by the Director. Rubbing his forehead, he barked out, "Tell Kate to wait for her and take her to the hospital."

"Okay, got it. Hey listen, since um, you know…" Tony began, hesitantly. "You're always up all night working on your boat downstairs…"

"No, you cannot stay at my place. Remember last time?" Gibbs reminded him, darkly. Then slammed the phone shut, and took a drink of his cold coffee. He had a gut feeling it was going to be one of those days.

NCIS Headquarters

Squad Room

Tony was hastily shoving down his breakfast burrito in two bites while getting his stuff together to go meet Gibbs. Kate watched him, horrified and disgust as sauce dripped down his chin. Giving a huff of disgust, she glowered at him, "You are disgusting."

"Oh, I'm sorry, Kate," he grinned broadly. "Did you want some?" He then opened his mouth letting her see the food still left there. Kate blanched, before grabbing a piece of paper curled it up in a ball and tossing at him.

Tony dodged it will a laugh before the familiar noise of the elevator drew his attention. He raised his gaze and saw the redhead from the other day walk out. "Well, look whose back?" He smirked, taking a napkin and hastily wiping his face while Kate rolled her eyes.

Her wide blue eyes were filled with hesitation, her porcelain skin was a few shades paler than normal and there was a shaky smile on her pink lips. Her red hair was pulled up into a tight pony tail, with a simple feminine black suit and sneakers on. She approached them, putting on a polite smile trying to hide her nerves.

Tony rose from his desk and intercepted the young woman. "Hello, very Special Agent Tony DiNozzo. How can I help you?" He gave his most charming smile.

Large blue eyes stared up at him, startled and her lips were parted in surprise then her brows furrowed. "Uh…I'm looking for Agent Gibbs," she told him, ignoring the flirtatious grin sent her way.

Tony blinked, baffled for only a moment before he tried again. "Well," he sidled up beside her, "he's not here right now, but I'd be happy to help you in any way you want."

Evelyn couldn't fight the chuckle that rippled through her throat. "Look, you're a handsome man and I'm sure your God's gift to women everywhere, but I'm not interested," Evelyn shut him down quickly, feeling more than a little uncomfortable. "Now, where is Agent Gibbs?" She asked.

Tony's mouth opened and closed, stunned by the blunt response while Kate let out a loud laugh. Kate got up from her desk and held out her hand, "Agent Kate Todd."

"Agent Evelyn Matthews," Evelyn greeted, taking the woman's hand even though it made every hair on her body stand on end. She didn't like being touched. Smiling, she inquired, "I don't suppose you'll be more helpful and tell me where Agent Gibbs is?"

"He's out on a case," Kate told her. "Tony's going to meet up with him. And you and I are going to interview a witness."

Evelyn's smile wavered, belying her nerves with a small sigh of relief escaped her. "My first day and I'm already thrown on a case," she said, with an unease smile. With people I'm not ready to trust to have my back yet. Great. It's going to be one of those days.

"It's okay," Kate sensed the other woman's discomfort. "You'll do fine."

Evelyn just nodded slowly. "So…where are we going?"

Crime Scene

"It's not very deep," Ducky murmured, his eyes scanning over the shallow grave with a frown upon his face.

"Hastily dug graves rarely are," Gibbs stated, dryly.

"Do you know why graves are six feet deep, Gibbs?" Ducky ran his fingers over the soil, looking for any clues that might be present.

"I do," Gibbs stated, thickly. The last thing he wanted to think about was graves, especially after yesterday. It was just a cruel reminder that somewhere in a cemetery six feet down his wife and child lied, never to get up again

"Six feet is the minimum depth at which the smell of a decomposing corpse cannot attract wild animals. Of course, there are exceptions," Ducky fell into his story, automatically. "A polar bear can smell…"

"Duck, I said I knew," Gibbs reminded him, shortly.


On first instinct, Gibbs almost quoted rule #6, but he knew Ducky would come up with some clever comeback so he just bit his tongue. Tony came walking up the hill, his face a picture of exhaustion, "No tracks. Whoever buried her may have parked on the street and used the hiking trail. The park rangers circle hourly at night, so he'd have to move pretty fast to be parked on the road."

"Well, that goes with the shallow grave," Gibbs nodded. "Our digger was in a hurry. Okay, let's get to work."

"I don't have a body," Ducky pointed out.

"Go find one, Duck," Gibbs told him.

"Here?" Ducky raised an eyebrow.

"Sure. How many times have we had multiple victims?" Gibbs stated, his eyes raking over the land. If there were more victims then perhaps they could provide a link as to where this supposed bomb was.

"Quite right, Jethro." Ducky rose from the ground. "Gerald, with me please," he told his assistant.

When Ducky is out of earshot, Tony chuckled, "That's slick, Boss."

"What's that?" Gibbs shot him a look.

"Getting Ducky off so he wouldn't bug us with one of those stories about…" Tony cleared his throat, upon the look he received. "So you what to know about the probie? She's pretty, and a red head." The glare darkened, and Tony just raised a hand slapping himself on the back of the head. "Get back to work, DiNozzo."

As Tony turned and did just that, Gibbs just shook his head with a light smile upon his face.

Georgetown University Hospital (en route)

Evelyn watched the city fly by with a dispassionate stare as feeling of disappointed coiled around her heart. After accepting the job, she had been so anxious for the next day to start, so much so that she had a sleepless night and a very early morning. She was pretty much running on four cups of coffee, and the sugar rush from Oreos. She didn't drink black coffee without Oreos. When she had arrived at the office, and found Gibbs wasn't there, she was disappointed, but also a little bit relieved. She had heard horror stories about the new agents assigned to Gibbs's team that he didn't pick himself, and none of it was exactly encouraging.

She would just have to prove that she belonged there. An amused smile flickered across her face, as Kate's need to ask questions was practically tangible. "Ask," Evie said, with a sigh.

"What?" Kate shot her a startled look.

"You want to ask questions," Evelyn simply stated. "It's understandable given the circumstances, so…ask."

"Okay…" Kate nodded. "I guess, an easy one. When were you born?"

Evelyn smiled lightly. "July 8th, 1984." It wasn't a total lie. She had been born in the year 1984, but July 8th was the day she had 'woke' up. Her true birthday was still lost in the jumble mess that was her mind as Evie was adamant that she wanted to try to remember most things by herself, not have some kind of paper tell her what was what. Audrey who had gotten all the information she could on Kelly Gibbs, just huffed leaving the folder of information just in case Evie changed her mind. The folder was locked away in her safe, yet to be open.

Evie knew who she was. It was like she had all the pieces, but had yet to finish putting them together. And with time, she could do that. "Next question?" Evelyn asked.

"What's your favorite pass time?" Kate inquired.

"Playing music, or Nintendo," Evie gave a slightly sheepish grin.

Kate nodded, slowly then asked the question she had really wanted to ask. "Why did you come to NCIS?"

Evie paused, thinking over how to answer. "Family reason," she vaguely replied. Kate realized that she had unintentionally hit a cord, and hastily ended her inquisition. Evelyn gave a relieved sigh, "So what is this case about?"

"A woman dug herself out of grave in Silver Valley Park, where she flagged down a car and proceed to tell them there was a bomb on a Navy ship," Kate recapped for her quickly as she parked the car in the hospital parking lot.

"Okay…but why are we? Why aren't looking for a bomb?" Evie asked, brows furrowing.

"She can't remember anything besides a bomb being on a Navy ship," Kate clarified.

"She has amnesia?" Evelyn turned to Kate, looking like a deer caught in the headlights.

"Yes," Kate nodded.

It was official. The universe was laughing at her. No, not just laughing at her it was hysterically holding its sides in pain laughing at her. Not only was she more anxious than she had ever been in her entire life, her first case…and she had to deal with an amnesiac. Evelyn felt her stomach roll violently as a feeling of painful feeling of deja vu hit her. The two of them, side by side strode into the hospital and headed towards the front desk where a doctor and several nurses were waiting.

A shudder rippled down her spine and unease prickled at her scalp at the white walls and sterile smell. I swore I would never voluntarily step into a hospital again, a wryly smile appeared on her lips. And yet here I am. She looked up. Her gaze drawn to the woman in the wheelchair and instantly knew this was there Jane Doe. The woman was glancing around, her eyes trying to find some sort of reason amongst the chaos and her expression was so lost. An expression Evie had seen many times on her own face.

Swallowing thickly, Evelyn turned to the doctor. "Dr. Sanderson?" She inquired lightly.

"Yes?" The doctor turned towards them.

"We talked on the phone," Kate intervened, holding up her badge. "Agent Kate Todd? This is Agent Evelyn Matthews, we're here about the Jane Doe?"

"Yeah, I remember," Dr. Sanderson nodded.

"How is she?" Kate asked, concern flickering on her face as she looked over at the shaken woman. "Her amnesia can be rooted in a number of causes. She suffered blunt force trauma to the cranium. There was some petechial hemorrhaging which is—"

"Whoa. Petechial?" Kate asked, confused.

"Pinpoint hemorrhaging on the eyelids," Evie replied, without thought. "Usually from lack of oxygen."

Dr. Sanderson looked impressed while Kate looked horrified. "She came that close to suffocating in that grave?" She asked.

"Very close. And as if the physical traumas weren't enough," Dr. Sanderson stated, "one has to consider the emotional trauma of being buried alive."

"That would shake me up," Kate shuddered.

"It's one of our oldest fears. Back in the eighteen hundred, people feared it so much that they would put a bell above each grave, attached to a string that would be in the coffin so if some by chance did wake up they could ring the bell for help. Edgar Allen Poe even wrote about it," Evelyn stated, nonchalantly. She saw the weird look she got from Kate. "Wast—Ducky and I play chess often."

"Oh," Kate nodded in understanding. "When will she regain her memory?" She asked the doctor.

"Well, it could happen in a flash or slowing over a period of days, weeks, even months. Now her memory of being buried may never return," the doctor warned.

Evie wished she could say the memory of her mother's death hadn't returned. It was her nightmare, the only nightmare she ever had. Even before her memories came back it still haunted her.

"Where are they taking her?" Kate asked, as a nurse wheeled their Jane Doe away.

"For a CT scan and a neurological consult," Evie guessed. It was what they did to her after she woke in that hell.

"You know you medicine," Dr. Sanderson's eyebrows rose in surprise.

A slightly bitter smirk appeared on Evie's lip. "I know my amnesia," she commented, dryly. When the doctor turned to follow their Jane Doe, Evie looked at Kate who pulled out her cellphone. "What are you doing?" She asked.

"I'm going to see if I can put a picture of our Jane Doe on the news, see if we can find anyone who knows," Kate stated, dialing in Gibbs's number.

"That might not be a good idea," Evie pointed out.

Kate shot her a look.

"Her killer believes her to be dead, right?" Evelyn elaborated, darkly. "If we put on her the news, her killer could see it and if this is terrorists doing this, that could lead to some really bad results. It might be best to let her killer think she's dead, until we can catch them. Then we can worry about finding her folks."

Kate frowned. Evie did have point, and she nodded. "Alright, fine," she agreed, putting the phone to her ear.

"Gibbs," was her boss's gruff and abrupt greeting.

"Hey, Gibbs we're at the hospital with our Jane Doe," Kate informed him. "No…no her memory is still fogging. We haven't been able to question her yet, the doctor's are running tests. Gibbs we have to help, her eyes are just pleading for help."

"…make her remember. Our priority is finding the bomb," Gibbs voice was loud over the phone, and Evie's brows drifted upward.

Kate began to say, "Yes, bos—" when the audible shut of a cellphone made her huff angrily. "Well, goodbye to you too," Kate muttered under her breath.

"So…I take it Gibbs isn't the most talkative sort?" Evelyn asked, lightly.

Kate shot her a look. "You're going to find out how much of understatement that is once you meet the man."

Crime Scene

Gibbs snapped his phone shut. "She's bonded," Gibbs told Tony, with a light scoff in his voice before he took a much needed sip of coffee.

"Kate and Jane Doe?" Tony asked. "Or Kate and Matthews?"

Gibbs's brows creased at the mention of one of the reasons for his foul mood and Tony feared a headslap. Thankfully, Gibbs just shook his head slightly. "Kate and Jane Doe. She hasn't even questioned her yet," he muttered, having a feeling he was going to have to teach Kate rule #10. "Her eyes… they just pleaded for help."

"I love that look in a woman," Tony grinned broadly.

"I couldn't find a body," Ducky told them, walking over.

"Sorry?" Tony asked.

"How did you two do?" Ducky inquired.

"I found a couple of arrowheads," Gibbs stated, showing his finds to the man. Usually Gibbs wasn't the sort of man to do be frivolous with his time, but when he saw the arrowheads, he remembered the times that he and Kelly would get up in the early mornings and go searching for them.

Ducky's eyes lit up in delight. "Ah! Yeah—this one's an arrowhead, but this one's a shark's tooth. And oh… not more than a few thousand years old," the older man stated, enthusiastically.

"That recent?" Tony joked.

"Oh yes." Ducky missed the joke. "Any older and it would be blackened and fossilized."

Tony blinked. "How'd it get into Rock Creek Park?"

"Oh, Pre-Colombian Indians – they either found a dead shark on the shore or procured it from a Casimoroid tribe. We have to notify ARPA," Ducky told Gibbs, seriously.

"After we're done here," Gibbs told him.

"Come on, Gibbs. It's a two hundred and fifty thousand dollar fine for disturbing an archeological site," Ducky told him.

"Crime site first, Duck," Gibbs was adamant.

"You know, I was just thinking. Since the arrowhead and shark's tooth were here before Jane Doe was buried…" Tony flushed slightly at the silly thought. "Never mind."

Ducky however voiced his thoughts. "Wouldn't it be fascinating if our Jane Doe was unknowingly interred atop a prehistoric burial? It's happened to me once before you know. In sixty eight…" Ducky sighed. "Or was it sixty seven? No matter."

Gibbs just smiled, and slipped the arrowhead and shark tooth in his pocket.

Georgetown University Hospital

Jane Doe's Room

Kate pressed the woman's finger into the ink, then pressed it against the paper. "I appreciate your letting me do this," Kate told her. Evie stood out of the way, leaning on the wall trying to find some way of being comfortable in this situation.

"I'd like to know who I am, too," the woman stated, her smile sad.

"We'll need your clothes," Evie said, setting a hospital gown on the table beside her.

"My clothes?" The woman asked.

"If you handled explosives, our forensic people will find particles on your clothing," Kate explained, gently.

"Of course," the woman nodded.

"Can I have your right hand please?" Kate held out her hand, and the woman let her take her right hand.

"I think I've done this before," the woman murmured, a sense of familiarity washing over her.

"If so, that's good news. You'll be on somebody's database," Evie tried to be helpful.

"The FBI's terrorist list?" The woman asked, sardonically.

"You have to stop thinking like that," Kate told her.

"How am I to think? I know there's a bomb on a Navy ship and I put it here!" The woman cried, panicking.

"Hey! Hey! Calm down!" Evelyn told her. "Kate's right you can't think like that. Not when you don't have your memories, unless you do remember planting a bomb?"

"No. But I know it's there," the woman muttered.

"Knowing doesn't mean you placed it," Evelyn told her, firmly. "Don't judge yourself guilty, until you remember. And you will remember, trust me on this."

"How can you be so sure?" The woman asked Evelyn.

"Because I've been where you've been," Evie confided, after a long moment of internal debate. "I know what it is like to lose your memory. How lost you feel with a sea of unfamiliar faces telling you it's going to be okay, and I know the uncertainty, but it will come back."

"Did it…did it come back for you?" The woman asked.

Evelyn nodded. "It did. So trust us, we're going to help figure this out."

For the first time, the woman's face held a true smile. Then suddenly a flash went off inside of her mind, of a church. "What is it?" Evie recognized that expression.

"I remember being in a church," the woman whispered out.

"Which church?" Kate asked.

The woman shook her head. "I… don't know."

"You will," Kate told her. Evelyn nodded in agreement.

Crime Scene

"We found a forty seventy caliber bullet lodged in the Comanche's femur. Now since the forty seventy cavalry carbine was introduced in eighteen seventy three we have an approximate date to work with," Ducky told them, as they sifted through the dirt in hopes of a clue.

"Speaking of dates to work from. We've worked together for two years and you know," Tony spoke as it suddenly occurred to him, "I have no idea where you live."

"Well, I'd just as well we kept it that way, Tony," Ducky stated.

"Right," Tony tried to hide his disappointment.

"Well, hello," Gibbs picked something up out of the dirt.

"Ah, another artifact?" Ducky perked up.

"Only if your Pre-Colombians used keys," Gibbs held up the card key.

NCIS Headquarters

Abby's Lab

Kate led her down a hallway that she had never been in before and Evelyn asked, "Where are we going?"

"To the labs," Kate replied. The further they moved along, the more clearer Evelyn could hear a familiar song that was so loud that it vibrated through the walls. Kate turned, and they entered a room, with various machines, crazy pictures of body parts on the walls. In the middle of the room, was a woman dressed in a lab with a black and purple plad skirt paired with a t-shirt that said, 'I'm the girl you're having cyber sex with'. Her pitch black hair was pulled up into ponytails and a smile was on her dark painted lips when she saw Kate.

The goth turned down her music, and then pulled Kate into a hug. "Hey, Kate," she greeted happily.

Kate smiled. "Hey, Abby."

Abby pulled back, and then turned towards Evelyn. "So you're the new probie?" Abby's hazel greenish eyes raked over Evelyn with a cool gaze.

Evie's brows furrowed. "Probie?" She turned to Kate for an answer.

"Newbie," Kate explained.

"Oh," Evelyn murmured, puzzled by why they would the word "probie" instead of "newbie" or "rookie". She turned, and looked at Abby pointing to the speakers, "Was that Android Lust's Stained I heard playing?"

Abby's shoulder relaxed, as her tough expression melted ever so slightly. "You know Android Lust?" She asked, blinking.

"They are one my favorite bands. I can practically play half of their songs on my violin," Evelyn grinned, broadly.

"Oh, you have to show me sometime!" Abby's cool façade faded away into a bright smile. "Abby Scuito," she held out her hand.

Evie took it. "Evelyn Matthews, nice to meet you Abby," she shook the woman's hand.

"I thought NCIS was paying you to find evidence, Abby, not have a social gathering," Gibbs walked in with a Caf-pow in hand, and DiNozzo trailing after him. He paused when he saw Evelyn, and his blue eyes narrowed upon her.

"Agent Evelyn Matthews, sir," she stated, dropping Abby's hand. She offered her hand out to Gibbs's, and kept her expression pleasant. Her heart was pounding her chest, and she prayed that her palms weren't sweaty. She fought to keep her expression polite, and show nothing of the turmoil of emotions swelling beneath her chest. "I've been assigned to your team."

"Don't call me sir. I work for a living," Gibbs told her gruffly, his eyes raking over her and she could feel him judging her. She kept her chin up, her gaze never wavering from hers. "What do you got, Abby?" He turned away from Evie and looked at Abby.

Evelyn tried to not let his dismissal get to her, but a pain seared through her chest feeling slightly rejected. Her smile wavered slightly, but she was proud to say she kept it on even as her hand fell to her side.

"Just greeting the newbie," Abby told him, with a grin. She held up the key that they had found. "I suppose you want me to find out what chastity belt this opens."

Evelyn felt a flush curl up her cheeks surprised by Abby's boldness, while Kate just smiled fondly. Gibbs asked, sardonically, "Do I look like DiNozzo?"

"Not funny, Boss." Tony then got a smug look on his face. "Besides, I could open a chastity belt."

Is it wrong that I'd actually like to see him try? Evelyn thought to herself, while Kate rolled her eyes at the playboy.

"Did you ever see one?" Abby shot back at him. "Mine's awesome. It's eighteenth century French."

"You have a chastity belt?" Tony said, intrigued.

"So much more information than I needed to know about Abby, and not enough about this key," Gibbs stated, pointedly.

"The key opens a magnetized lock. Instead of serrations, magnets repel magnetized pins," Abby informed them, pulling the information up for them to see.

"Hotel room?" Gibbs guessed.

"Possibly. But it could be any high security lock. There's no logos or serial numbers. But a magnetic code is like a fingerprint," Abby stated. "So it'll lead me back to whatever system made the code on the key."

"The hospital called. The rape kit's negative. Anything on her prints or clothing?" Evelyn asked, not flinching when Gibbs shot her a look.

"Nothing on the fingerprints yet, but the gas chromatograph should be giving me something on her clothes soon," Abby shook her head, her pigtails swaying with the gesture.

"How was your interview, Kate?" Gibbs asked, ignoring Evelyn on purpose. He saw the agent's eyes narrow, but she said nothing.

"It's sad, Gibbs. She's trying so hard. She desperately wants to help," Kate told him.

"I'm glad. But did she remember anything?" Gibbs asked.

"She did. She thinks that she's been fingerprinted before," Kate started.

"Terrorist," Tony blurted out.

"She also remembers praying in church," Evelyn added, shooting Tony a look.

"She's not the terrorist type, Tony," Kate defended the woman.

"Oh, so you're thinking more Emma Thompson than Angelina Jolie?" Tony smirked at Kate. Kate merely scoffed, and turned away from him. Tony then saw their new probie watching the exchange with a wary amusement. He turned towards her and said, "So we meet again. How about that?"

"Yeah," she replied, in a tone saying she was just humoring him. "How about that?"

Tony walked over, stopping right beside her. Evie shifted, uncomfortably. Tony's grin grew broader, and Evelyn grew more nervous. "I don't bite, y'know…unless it's called for."

"That's what Reggie Lampert said to Peter Joshua, but we all know what happened there," Evelyn shot back at him, with an eyebrow raised.

Tony's mouth dropped open, looking utterly gobsmacked then he let out a laugh. "You've seen Charade?"

Gibbs frowned at the interaction. He didn't know how to feel about Agent Matthews getting along so well with the team. She had won over Kate, Abby and now Tony as well. It didn't help that she looked like Shannon, even had her nose. He shook his head lightly, turning his back on them and waited on the results that Abby was hastily putting together.

"Hasn't everyone?" Evie asked, with a chuckle. "I mean, it's a classic."

Tony put a hand over his heart, and a true smile appeared on his face. "Boss…I think I just fell in love," he stated.

Evie let out a tiny laugh, while Gibbs just said, "Rule #12."

"Oh…right," Tony pouted slightly. He then looked at Evie and gave an overly exaggerate smirk, "Ours is forbidden love."

Evelyn couldn't help, but let out a startled laugh. Her heart had jolted in her chest when Gibbs said rule #12. He got that from mom, she thought sadly. Before she had further time to think on it, there was a loud beep that startled her.

"Got a whup!" Abby jumped out of her chair and ran over to the nearby machine taking its readings.

"What kind of whup, Abby?" Gibbs asked, following her. "Okay, um… this hit is erythritol. It's used in low-carb sweeteners. And this spike is trimethylene. It's found in polyester fibers. Dinitrate is a common angina medication," she pointed out all the things her machine had found on Jane Doe's clothes. "And this is glycol, and glycol is antifreeze."

"So Jane Doe uses low-carb sweetener, wears polyester, puts her own anti-freeze in her car and has a heart condition," Tony said, looking over at Abby for clarification.

"Or she's mixing up a brew to go boom!" Abby stated, with a small grin. "Big time. All these chemicals are used in high grade explosives."

"You can make bombs using low carb sweetner?" Evelyn looked over at Abby, stunned.

"Oh, yeah. You'd be surprised all the everyday stuff that you can put together and make a boom," Abby stated, with a smirk.

Gibbs breathed through his nose, and he then narrowed his gaze. He turned to Evelyn, who tensed slightly under his gaze. "Gun?" Gibbs asked, holding out his hand.

Evie's eyebrow twitched in surprise. "You want my gun?"

"You going to be on this team, you're going to earn it," Gibbs ordered, his hand still outstretched. "Now, gun."

"…alright," Evelyn relented after a long moment. She reached to her side pulling out her sidearm and handing it over.

Gibbs took it. "Back-up."

"My back-up?" Evie's eyes narrowed. "You want my back-up as well?"

He said nothing, just kept his hand out expecting obedience. There were more than a few colorful choice words that Evie wanted to call her father in that moment, but she bit them back. She couldn't start this relationship out on a bad note, so she knelt down and removed her handgun from her ankle holster then placed it in Gibbs hands. "Do you want my knives as well?" Evelyn asked, her tone dry.

"You can keep the knives," Gibbs allowed, purposefully glancing at her right arm and boot letting her know he knew were she kept them. Evie had heard of his surly attitude, and all she could think was, So this is where I get it from. Surliness from dad, stubbornness by mom. No wonder Audrey calls me a little hellion.

"Let's move out," Gibbs said, after putting her guns in one of Abby's desk drawers and locking them. Abby of course did not bat and eye which made Evelyn believe this wasn't the first time Gibbs had taken someone's guns away. Evelyn stood there watching Kate and Tony rush after him wondering if he meant her too. Gibbs sent her a look over his shoulder, "That means you too, Matthews."

Evie quickly hurried after them.

"So…Evie, you don't mind if I call you Evie do you?" Tony asked, and Kate had to hide the pleased look on her face. For once he wasn't annoying her.

Evelyn looked over at him. "I don't mind you calling me Evie," Evelyn said, with a light smile.

"So Evie," he continued undeterred, "how are you liking NCIS so far?"

Evelyn paused; the tensing of her body did not go unnoticed by the rest of them. She forced her shoulders relax and she put on a smile. "It's been…enlightening," Evelyn stated.

"So besides Charade—" Tony began.

"Tony can you stop the Spanish Inquisition? I'm sure Evelyn has had enough of you to last her a lifetime," Kate interrupted him.

Tony placed a hand over his heart looking hurt. "That hurts, Kate. Right here."

Kate and Tony dissolved into bickering back and forth, where Evie looked back and forth between them as if they were having a tennis match. Judging by the exasperated expression on Gibbs's face she couldn't help but ask, "So…this happen often?"

Gibbs just shot her a look.

"Oh, that often," Evie bit back a smile when Kate insulted DiNozzo's intelligence or lack thereof, as Kate put it.

"Well, I'm the shadow that makes you brighter," DiNozzo smiled at Kate.

Kate snorted. "DiNozzo you'd make a puddle of mudd look good."

"Doesn't say much about you," Tony shot back.

WHAP! Gibbs slapped DiNozzo and Kate on the back of their heads, and Evie watched as they merely cringed in reluctant acceptance. She bit her bottom lip hard, not trying to laugh in fear of the same fate. Tony groaned out, rubbing the back of his head, while Kate fixed her ponytail shooting Gibbs a tiny glare.

"Note to self," she murmured under her breath. "Wear a hard hat."

Gibbs caught the comment and his lips reluctantly curved upward. The elevator doors slid open and they walked out.

Georgetown University Hospital

Evelyn carefully studied the woman's expression, her eyes still lost and scared. So she still doesn't remember anything, she thought with frown. Though perhaps that wasn't exactly a bad thing, if she did remember who was to say she's be a person that she would like? Crossing her arms over her chest as a shiver ran down her spine and her hair stood on edge, she watched Kate tell her what they had found.

"I don't know which is worse. Not knowing who you are… or knowing you're a terrorist," the woman sighed, her blue eyes troubled.

"The chemicals on your clothing do not make you a terrorist. I told you they have other uses," Kate told her, trying to comfort the woman.

"My heart's fine. I hate polyester. I don't like artificial sweetener," the woman listed off, quickly without thought.

"How do you know?" Kate asked, blinking.

"I just know. Like… I know I don't like strawberries, but I love blueberries. I know what I like and what I don't like," the woman stated firmly. "I just don't know who I am, what I do or where I live."

Evelyn understood that. It had been the exact same way with her in the beginning. Even without her memories, she knew she hated lettuce, that she liked collecting glass birds, her favorite song was Danny Boy, and the only way she'd ever drink black coffee was if she had Oreos to go with it. "Let's say for curiosity's sake, that the residue was from explosives," Evelyn intervened. "There are legitimate occupations were one would have to deal with explosives."

"What? I'm an explosiver hersteller? Explosiver hersteller," the woman let out a startled laugh. "That means explosive maker in German! How do I know that?"

"Maybe it's your job title?" Evie guessed.

"Sprechen sie Deutsch?" Kate tried.

"No," the woman shook her head.

"Okay, maybe it's a German firm here. If you worked in Germany you would know the language. You realize what this can mean?" Kate stated, with a large smile.

"Yeah. It means that I could have put a bomb on a Navy ship," the woman stated, pessimistically.

"Or… you know who did and they tried to kill you," Evelyn countered, reasonably.

"You think?" The woman brightened.

"I do," Evie nodded.

"Why do you two believe in me?" The woman asked.

"Why do you like blueberries?" Kate asked, as if the answer had always been that simple. "Now let's see about getting you out of here."

"They won't let her out, not until she remembers since she has no where to go," Evie told Kate.

"Then how do I get out here?" The woman asked.

Evelyn stared down at her. "Pretend that you remember," she said simply.

Dr. Sanderson was trying to keep his cool underneath the glare that pinned him, but still a drop of sweat rolled down the side of his face. As firmly as he could, he stated, "I can't release a woman who doesn't know her name, Agent Gibbs."

"What's the neurological consult say?" Gibbs asked.

"She's in no medical danger, but she doesn't know who she is, where she lives, her phone number, anything! I can't release her!" Dr. Sanderson argued.

"Yes, you can." Evelyn came walking up, her face carefully blank. "Because she does remember."

"She remembers?" Dr. Sanderson and Gibbs asked.

"Tell them, Maureen," Kate encouraged the nervous woman.

"My name's Maureen Ingalls. I live at six twenty Niagara Street in Alexandria." Then with a laugh, she added, "I don't think I ever remembered my phone number."

"You remember who buried you?" Gibbs asked.

"She may always block that memory." Evelyn looked over at the doctor with a slightly sly glint in her eye. "Isn't that right, Doctor?"

"Yes. Most traumatic amnesiacs never recall the event which triggered the memory loss." Dr. Sanderson looked a tad reluctant to admit that. "In fact, I have a case where there were three accident victims who…"

"Are you related to Dr. Mallard by any chance?" Kate suddenly asked the man.

"Dr. Mallard?" Dr. Sanderson blinked. "No can't say that I am."

"What if her attacker returns?" Tony asked.

"She'll be in protective custody at Evelyn's place," Kate shot back.

"So you'll assume responsibility for signing her out?" Dr. Sanderson turned to Evie.

Evelyn, with more than a little reservations, nodded. "Yes, I will," she replied, calmly.

"I still suggest she stays for another twenty four hours, but since she's recovered her memory, I…" Dr. Sanderson sighed.

"Thank you, Doctor," the woman smiled.

"Oh, and Ms. Ingalls has no clothes. So can she borrow a set of greens?" Kate asked.

"No problem." Dr. Sanderson nodded. "Follow me, please."

"Maureen" looked back at Kate and Evie, uncertainty on her face. "I'll join you in a minute," Kate told her. "Maureen" nodded, and reluctantly followed the doctor to get her a set of clothes.

After they were out of earshot, Gibbs narrowed his eyes on Kate and Evie. "Okay, who's Maureen Ingalls?" He barked.

Evelyn merely blinked. "How do you know she isn't?" She asked, with an innocent expression. Gibbs's glare got more fierce.

Kate wilted underneath the glare. "My cousin," she answered.

Evelyn shot her an incredulous look. Tony chuckled, "That was a quick fold."

Kate shot him a dirty look.

Gibbs looked at Evelyn, one of the few times he acknowledged her existence. "Do you realize the laws you're violating by signing her out when you know she's lying, Matthews?"

"Her memory is already coming back, si…" She cleared her throat. "Agent Gibbs," she corrected. "She remembered the German word for 'explosive fabricator'."

"She speaks German?" Tony blinked.

"No, but I think she makes explosives for a German firm here," Kate stated, firmly.

"Or a German terrorist cell with ties to Al Qaeda," Tony had to point out the dark possibility.

"Well, since Al Qaeda is not listed in the Yellow Pages, let's start checking German munition makers first," Kate snapped.

"Whoa." Tony stated, sending a strange look. "What's with you two and Jane Doe?"

"She'll be occupying Evie's spare bedroom so she don't have to say no to you," Kate retorted, crossing her arms over her chest.

"What?" Evie blinked in surprise.

"Oh, did I ask? Did I?" Tony asked, sarcastically.

"Uh…no?" Evie looked unsure.

"Why are you two doing this?" Gibbs looked between the door of them.

"She's terrified, Gibbs. I should think my place would be more conducive to her recovering her memory than a hospital. Especially with Evie, who has first hand experien…" Kate cut off one she realized that Evelyn may not want anyone to know that. She caught Evelyn's flush, and her expression go cold. Kate sighed, Well, there goes the thought of us girls ganging up against the boys.

"First hand experience?" Gibbs shot a surprised look at Evie.

Evelyn shifted from foot to foot, awkwardly as her face turn red from embarrassment. Her hand clenched and unclenched at her sides before she finally spoke up, "I…lost my memory…a long time ago when I was eight."

Gibbs's eyes widened slightly, while Tony goggled at her in shock. Tony asked, carefully, "Did you…did you ever remember?"

Evie hesitated, her expression vulnerable and unmistakable pain flickered in her gaze before she forced on a mask, carefully composing herself. "Some things," she gave a small shrug of her shoulders as if she really didn't care. "Kate is right, if anyone can help Jane Doe remember it would be me. Besides, we need to find that bomb."

NCIS Headquarters

Abby's Lab

"Gotcha!" Abby did a little dance of victory, fisting pumping the air.

"Love to hear that word out of your dark lips, Abby," Gibbs walked into her lab, with a Caf-pow in his hand with Tony and Kate behind him. Abby perked up, at the sight of the caffeinate beverage, but pouted when Gibbs didn't hand it to her.

"Hey guys. What did you find?" Abby asked, brightly.

"Evelyn willing to give her bedroom to Jane Doe and not me," Tony pouted.

"Shocking," Abby gasped, with a slight smile. "Especially considering she doesn't know you yet."

Tony would have stuck his tongue if he thought he wouldn't get a headslap for it. "The gotcha?" Gibbs reminded Abby.

She turned, holding up the key. "You were right, Gibbs. I matched the magnetic code to a system made by MagSecure. It's a hotel key."

"You got a list of the hotels?" He asked.

"MagSecure's faxing it over. It'll be here shortly," Abby told him, her eyes eagerly going towards the Caf-pow. Soon my pretty, she thought, longingly.

"What's that on the top?" Tony pointed at the key.

"It's just a scratch," Kate said, dismissively.

"Mm, that's more than a scratch," Tony stated, adamantly.

Abby frowned, narrowing her eyes on the keycard. "You might actually be right," Abby took it over to the microscope and put it underneath the lens.

"Want to know what my vision is?" Tony asked, proudly.

"No," Kate and Gibbs said at the same time.

"Twenty ten. Same as Ted Williams. He could see the seams on a fastball coming at him," Tony smiled slightly smug.

"How about knuckles?" Gibbs asked, dryly.

Tony took a cautious step away from his boss, while Kate snickered underneath his breath.

"Whoa," Abby breathed out, as the machine beeped sending the picture up on the computer monitor. In tiny letter, etched onto the key was: the Apartment.

Gibbs's eyes brows at the magnified picture of the key. "How did someone etch letters that small?" He asked.

"Micro-laser. It was developed to put serial numbers on diamonds. The numbers are invisible to the naked eye…" Abby explained, quickly.

"Not mine," Tony smirked.

Abby continued, "…so the thieves think their heist is fence-able and then wham-they get five to ten."

"Why use them on a room key?" Gibbs asked.

"Maybe somebody was playing with the hotel's new toy. Like when photocopiers first came out and people were copying everything from C-notes to their butts," Abby stated, her cheeks flushing slightly.

Tony sent her a knowing smirk. "You sat your naked butt on a photocopier, didn't you, Abby," he asked.

"Yep," she grinned, unrepentantly.

Gibbs sighed, and Kate just shook her head thought there was a smile on her face. Gibbs looked at his two agents, and ordered, "Tony, get that list of hotels. Find out where that key came from. Kate, go to Evelyn's. Check on Matthews progress with our Jane Doe." Gibbs didn't fully trust his new agent yet, and wanted to keep eyes on her. There was something she was hiding he was sure of it.

The two agents scrambled out of the lab, and Gibbs stood there watching until he was convinced they were gone, and asked, "What do you have Abby?"

Abby anxiously looked at the fresh Caf-Pow in Gibbs's hand, since the one in her hand was nearly empty. "Evelyn Ann Matthews, twenty-four years old, no family. Her only emergency contact is an Audrey Webster, no relations to the dictionary guy. All her recommendations were good, and she has a long list of accomplishments behind her," Abby stated, Caf-Pow! in one hand and her other running across the keyboard as she pulled up the information Gibbs wanted. "Not all of the good," Abby told him, cheerfully. "At age eight, she was sent to the pysch ward in Bathesda, didn't get released until two years later."

"Did the records say why, Abs?" Gibbs eyes scanned over the computer screen as if the answer would magically pop up. Evelyn Matthews was a series of contradictions. He couldn't get a complete read on her because she was holding back, and that added to his initial mistrust of her. He just hoped Abby would provide answers.

"No," Abby looked at him sheepishly. "Audrey Webster, her emergency contact? Seven years ago, Miss Webster petitioned to have that all sealed, saying it would give Evelyn a better lease on life. The Judge apparently agreed, and they were sealed. We would need a court order to unseal them."

Gibbs blue eyes glared at the screen in frustration. "Who is Audrey Webster to Evelyn? Grandmother? Mother?"

"Foster parent," Abby stated, then looked slightly uncomfortable. "Before she was put in the Bathesda, her file states her parents died in a car crash. Evelyn was shuffled through the foster system, some parents say she was fine, if not a little withdrawn, but there is one that Evelyn was abruptly pulled out of."

"What there a reason?" Gibbs asked.

"Nothing in the official papers, and it gives me a very hinky feeling," Abby told him, pointedly.

"You thinking a cover up?" Gibbs asked, because his gut was agreeing with Abby's statement. There was something unnerving about the lack of answers in Evelyn's past, almost as there wasn't one. And in Gibbs line of work there never meant anything good.

"I don't know. Maybe," Abby looked uncertain. "I've heard…horror stories about some foster homes. I know that the majority isn't all that bad, but…sometimes they aren't all that good either. But it looks like Evelyn caught a break because her next foster parent, Audrey Webster a very wealthy lady, took her in. And get this, Evelyn is the only foster child Audrey ever had."

Gibbs still felt there was a lot left missing, but he placed the fresh Caf-Pow in Abby's hands and said, "Good job, Abs."

Evelyn's House

Evelyn wanted to protest Jane Doe coming to her house. She didn't like anyone in her house. Her house was her sanctuary where she could press the rest of the world out. Her palms became slick with sweat, and she anxiously paced through the kitchen making tea. It was Earl Grey, her only visitors were Ducky and his mother though she never let them through the door, she had tea with them out on the patio for Ducky had figured out her OCD habits.

Placing the tea on the tray, she tried to compose herself as she headed towards her music room. Her house was a gift when Evelyn got accepted into college. Audrey who had been very away of Evelyn's phobias, got her house outside the towns limits with plenty of land surrounding it and only a handful neighbors nearby. The house was big, bigger than one person needed and when Evie mentioned that, Audrey then hinted that she wouldn't mind seeing some 'little ones' run around in that house sometime soon. Evie just laughed in her face.

She could barely stand having another person in her house for a short amount of time, having someone there permanently? The very thought made Evelyn's stomach twisted violently, she pressed her lips together harshly. She opened the door, and saw Jane Doe moving around the large room admiring all the beautiful black piano that had been polished with the utmost care.

"You play?" She inquired her fingers brushing across the music book of Danny Boy, once she realized that Evelyn had entered the room.

Evie set the tray down on her in table, before answering, "Yes. When my grandmother found my interest in music, she went out and bought several different instruments for me. I'm sad to say I'm only good at a few. Most are just decorative," Evie smiled, shakily and poured them a cup of tea. "Tea?"

"Oh, thank you," Jane Doe sat down, and accept the cup. "This is a big house. Do you live by yourself?"

"Yes," Evie nodded.

"Anyone special?" The woman asked, curiously.

"Nope," Evelyn said.

Jane Doe took a sip of the tea, her eyes looking around. "Thank you," Jane Doe murmured. "For the clothes…"

"Oh, it was nothing," Evie waved off.

"For me it was something," Jane Doe countered. "Is…is that your grandmother?" She pointed at a picture on the in table with a teenage Evie and an older woman with a bright green eyes, and loving smile.

"Yes," Evelyn's expression softened at the mention of Audrey.

Jane Doe nodded slightly. She finished her tea and set the cup down gently. "I've been trying to recall that ship. I know it's not a carrier."

"Submarine?" Evie asked.

Jane Doe's brows furrowed, but she shook her head. "No, not a submarine," she said, with a frown.

"There are no active battleships, that I know of," Evelyn tapped her chin in thought. "So it would have to be a cruiser or a destroyer." Evie reached for her laptop where they had been looking up ships, and typed in a few things. She pulled up a few pictures and showed them to Jane Doe.

"They look the same," Jane Doe murmured.

"Not to the Navy," Evie replied, with a slightly humorous grin.

Jane Doe shifted forward. "No, it's one of them I'm sure of it. Can't you just search them?"

"Well, these aren't two ships. They're two classes of ships," Evelyn told her. "There are eighteen destroyers and seven cruisers in Norfolk alone."

"Oh. I wish I could give you a name," Jane Doe sighed.

"Maybe you can," Evie got a thoughtful look on her face when the doorbell echoed through out the house. Jane Doe looked startled while Evelyn stiffened in alarm.

"Are you expecting someone?" Jane Doe asked.

"No, I'm not," Evie stated, stiffly. "Stay here."

She reached for the in table draw, pulling it open and retrieved a handgun. Did Gibbs really think she only had one back up? She headed out of the room and down the hallway towards her front door. Through the frosted glass she made out a female form and held her gun tightly as she approached the door. Her heart was pounding in chest as her left hand slid around the handle and she whipped the door open.

Kate jumped back, staring at the gun with wide eyes and Evelyn let out a shocked curse. "Kate…" Evelyn sagged in relief. She sent the other woman, a light glare. "Let me guess…Gibbs wants you to babysit me?" She asked, sarcastically.

Kate looked at her sheepishly.

NCIS Headquarters

Squad Room

"It looks like they're only three hotels in the D. C. area that use MagSecure keys," Tony informed his boss, briskly. "And the phone number for the Jackson is five five five…"

"Triple five zero one hundred," Gibbs finished.

Tony looked down at the paper on his desk, then looked up at Gibbs questioningly while his boss dialed in the number. "Do you got contact lenses?" Tony asked, brows furrowed.

"Nope." Gibbs held the phone to his ear, and once he got an answer, he asked, "Can I talk to your manager, please?"

"Laser surgery?" Tony asked.

"No. DiNozzo, put a sock in it," Gibbs barked before Tony could ask another question. "Contact the rest of these hotels," he tapped the paper before going back to conversation. "Special Agent Gibbs, NCIS. Navy Criminal Investigative Service."

Evelyn's House

"I never knew the Navy had so many ships," Jane Doe said, surprised.

"Neither did I," Evelyn said, her teeth clenched together as her eyes darted back and forth between the two guests in her house. It was taking everything in her not to fidget nervously, or say something impolite.

"These are just the cruisers and destroyers," Kate chuckled lightly.

"Some of the names sound familiar," Jane Doe murmured.

"The cruisers are named after battles and the destroyers are named after Naval heroes," Kate informed them.

Evie wrapped her arms around herself. Her skin felt itchy as if bugs were crawling underneath it, while her jaw tightened painfully.

"None of them ring a bell, so to speak," Jane Doe sighed.

"It was worth a shot," Evie said, slightly.

Jane Doe's eyes fall shut and she grasps her head giving a slight sigh. Kate sat up a little straighter, "What's wrong?"

"I just feel a little dizzy," Jane Doe said.

"Maybe I should take you back to the hospital," Evelyn stated, worriedly.

"No! No. I think… I'm just weak from hunger. I don't remember the last time I ate," Jane Doe stated, rubbing her tired eyes.

"Well we'd better get you some food then," Evelyn headed towards the kitchen. "I'll find you something."

"No," Jane Doe shook her head. "Food can wait. Finding the bomb is more important."

"Hold on," Evie went to her kitchen and brought back a package of blue berries. Jane Doe smiled, and Evelyn smiled back.

"Let's go," Kate said, slipping on her jacket.

NCIS Headquarters

Abby's Lab

Tony rubbed his eyes, and sighed, "None of the hotels micro-etch their keys."

"Well, somebody etched "The Apartment" on that key," Abby commented, with a shrug.

"Maybe a permanent resident. What hotels besides the Jackson take permanent residents?" Gibbs asked Tony.

"Neither of them," Tony shook his head.

"We'll need a search authorization," Gibbs commented, and picked up the phone to get just that.

"How'd you know that Jackson had permanent residents?" Tony inquired, curiously.

"I just did," Gibbs stated, stiffly.

"Did you used to live there once, Boss? Or…" Tony was relentless when his curiosity was peaked.


"Did you know someone who lives there…" Tony guessed.

"My ex-wife lives there," Gibbs stated, darkly.

"Oh. Oh. So you didn't read the phone number, you knew it," Tony smiled triumphantly, then lost it at the artic glare sent his way. "Get back to work, DiNozzo," he said to himself.

Jane Doe sat in the back of the car, holding on tightly as Evelyn drove down the highway. Kate scowled at the younger woman, "My God, you drive like Gibbs."

A slight pleased smile appeared on Evie's face, and she took the curve. Jane Doe braced herself, and when she was jerked forward. And an image flashed across her mind, of a bald man and a feeling of not being safe crashed through her. "Oh, my god!" She nearly shouted.

"What?" Evie barked, startled.

"I remember who attacked me!"

Jefferson Hotel

The hotel was extravagant sparing no expense for their customers comfort. Tony and Gibbs followed the manager down the hallway, and Tony eyed everything with a keen gaze. "Very expensive-looking, Boss. I hope she's not sticking you with the…" He started, but Gibbs spoke over him.

"Has Mister Richter had a suite here for long?" Gibbs asked the hotel manager.

"Over two years," the manager answered.

"Then you know him well?" Gibbs eyed the manager.

"Well, not really. If the residents don't call us with a problem, we respect their privacy." The manager shrugged. He finally stopped in front of a door. "Here we are, suite eighty seven hundred." He opened the door and went pale suddenly. "Oh, my."

In his pocket his phone, began to ring and he pulled it out. He flipped it open and barked, "Gibbs."

"Gibbs. She just remembered the man who attacked her," Kate's voice came over the phone.

"Okay. Did she give you a name?" Gibbs asked, walking forward staring down at the body at his feet. He got a feeling that he already knew who attacked the Jane Doe. He made a gesture for Tony to go call Ducky, and Tony nodded, pulling out his cellphone.

"Well, he's Caucasian, bald, late forties and when he attacked her he was wearing a…"

"…blue blazer…" Gibbs cut in, his tone resigned and dry. "Blue shirt, burgundy tie with a blue stripe?"

"You found him?" Kate sounded startled.

"Oh, yeah," Gibbs stated, with a dry laugh. "We found him."

NCIS Headquarters

Squad Room

After they had stopped somewhere and grabbed something to eat, Evelyn was adamant they return to NCIS Headquarters. In the back seat, Jane Doe sighed, "What kind of person am I to be involved in this?"

Evie stayed silent, feeling an unsettled. No matter how much she felt for the woman, she always knew there was a chance that she could be guilty. No. She is innocent. She has no memories of what she has done, if she has done anything at all, Evelyn thought with a deep frown. She is a blank slate without her memories, while the person with the memories…well, I hope she is innocent.

"Well, we don't know what the "this" is yet or how you're involved," Kate told her. "And bad things happen to good people all the time. I sound like a self-help book."

Evelyn looked at Kate, her frown deepening. Kate was a profiler, so shouldn't she have picked up something? But that could be the lack of memories making profiling more difficult. Her hands tightened on the steering wheel. Her gut feelings had gotten her through many tough times in her life, and the more she knew the more that feeling worsen.

"No, you two have been wonderful to me. And I deeply appreciate it. I just wish I could remember more," Jane Doe told the both of them, sincerely.

It only made Evelyn feel more guilt about her thoughts. "So the name Walter Richter means nothing to you?" She asked, her eyes staring at Jane Doe.

"Nothing." There was a slight flicker in Jane Doe's eyes made Evelyn feel wary. "Will I have to look at his body?"

"Maybe not. We're running a background check and we'll find out how he's connected to you – if he's connected to you at all," Kate told her, patting her hand gently.

Evie bit her lip, before rising from her chair. "I'm going to go find Gibbs," she stated. "I have…something to discuss with him."

Kate frowned, but nodded. "Okay."

Evelyn smiled, but it didn't reached her eyes and she hurried away.

NCIS Headquarters

Abby's Lab

Abby frowned at the evidence, puzzled. "Guys, this is weird."

"Ducky didn't like it either," Tony glanced at the blood stained bust, their murder weapon, they had recovered from the hotel room. "Said it was tawdry."

"Oh, no no. The bust is cool," Abby shook her head, laughing lightly. "It's what I found that's weird. There's a partial palm print on this bust of Kennedy. And if you remember your history, there was a partial palm print on the Mannlicher rifle used to assassinate Kennedy."

"Don't tell me that you tried to match them?" Tony asked, eyebrow shooting upward.

"No, there's not enough of a print there to match. But I just thought it'd be cool to try," Abby gave a sheepishly little grin.

"Are you saying that our palm print may be useless for identification?" Gibbs looked at her.

"Yes. But don't you think that's weird? That the Kennedy bust and the Kennedy murder weapon both have partial palm prints," Abby grinned.

"That's not what I think is weird, Ab. What about the latents you found at the hotel room?" Gibbs asked her, his expression firm.

Abby caught it and quickly got back on track. "Um… there were some unknowns and some matches. The ones on the crystal tumbler and the Macallan belong to the victim," Abby told him. "But what's going to make your day is the latent you lifted off the desk. The one on the left side Kate took off Jane Doe in the hospital. On the right side… is your print from the desk."

"Oh, they match," Tony was slightly surprised.

"Fourteen Galton points," Abby nodded.

"Jane Doe was in that hotel suite," Gibbs's lips turned downward.

Ducky's Morgue

Evelyn stood at the doors, staring at them as if they would reach forth and swallow her up. Taking a long deep breath, she shoved the doors open and walked in. The room was white, with the stainless steel doors where countless bodies were behind. Her eyes then focused on Ducky who stood at the autopsy table, with Walter Ritcher's body. Bile rose in the back of her throat, and she hastily averted her gaze.

"Ah, Gibbs," Ducky still had his back to her, "I was wondering when you'd wander down here."

"Uh, not Gibbs, Ducky," Evie stated, with a small grin.

He turned, and his eyes widened. "Oh, Evelyn. How are you, my dear? It's been a while since we've had a good game of chess," Ducky commented.

"I know. We need to do that soon," Evie tried to not look at the body, feeling her stomach roll. "How is your mother?"

"Doing as well as she can. The Alzheimer's is hard on her mind, she keeps forgetting the dog's name and the other day she was convinced I was back in college," Ducky stated, with a sigh. Then he got a slightly sheepish look on her face. "How…is Audrey doing?"

"As wild as ever," Evelyn smiled fondly. "She's in Vegas right now."

Ducky laughed lightly. "As wild as ever…"

The autopsy doors opened and Gibbs walked in. "What do you have for me…" He stopped short, and shot Evelyn a look.

"I needed to talk to you," Evie explained quickly. "But it can wait until you…your done talking to Ducky. I'll just…" she glanced at the body, her face going pale. "…stay out of the way."

Ducky decided get down to business, sensing the tension rising in the air. "Our victim died from a subdural hematoma caused by a skull fracture. I believe we'll find that this impression in the parietal lobe will match that on the gaudy bust of President Kennedy."

"Got a time of death yet?" Gibbs asked.

"Well, due to the fixed lividity, the degree of putrefaction, the level of Escherichia coli in the stomach and digestive tract…" Ducky began to his train of thought.

"Ducky!" Gibbs stated, exasperated.

"At least forty four hours ago. That's the best I can do with any certainly," Ducky told him.

"So…he wasn't the one who buried Jane Doe?" Evelyn asked, brows furrowing. Gibbs shot her a glare, and she muttered, "Sorry."

"Rule #6, never apologize," he told her, sharply. "It's a sign of weakness."

"I thought it was a sign of strength," Evie countered, then had to blanch when Ducky picked the liver up out of the scale.

"Yes, it's safe to say our guest didn't put her in the ground," Ducky nodded, slightly. Tony shoved open the doors to autopsy and headed towards Gibbs.

"None of this is getting us to a bomb on a ship, Duck," Gibbs stated, with a deep set frown on his face.

"Ah, but it is, Boss. Background on Richter. He was head of Security for a German firm. B-B-B," Tony stated, quickly. "What is with the Germans and the alphabet thing? B-M-W, B-M-G, B-A-S-F. And they're all B's."

"I'm resisting the urge to say cut the B. S," Gibbs said, sending him a tight look.

"B-F-F stands for Bombe Fermentdeckung Fabrik," Tony told him.

"Tell me that bombe means the same in German as it does in English," Gibbs said.

"Jawohl mein Kapitan." Tony smirked. "B-F-F makes bomb detecting devices for the U. S. Navy."

"Now," Gibbs turned to Evelyn, "what did you want to add?"

"I…I'm worried about Jane Doe," Evie stated, hesitantly. "You see…a person without their memories is a blank slate. Almost like a child, they have yet to experience things that will define what person they will become."

"Does this have point?" Gibbs looked at her.

"Yes, it does," she told him, sharply. "Kate is right, Jane Doe is someone who needs help and is innocent. But…the Jane Doe with her memories? That's a whole different person. A person that might not be so innocent."

"And the reason for your worry?" Gibbs asked.

"I think she knows who Walter Ritcher is and she doesn't want to tell us," Evelyn told him. "She is holding back what she is remembering. If she was really all innocent in this…"

"Then why would she feel the need to hide it," Tony finished, realizing what Evelyn was getting at.

Gibbs ran his hand through his hair, and gave a sigh. "DiNozzo, you and I are heading to the bomb manufacturer. Matthews, go help Kate with our Jane Doe."

Evelyn's lips pursed.

"Is there something else, Matthews?" Gibbs asked, raising an eyebrow at her.

Evelyn stood there for a moment, before pulling together her resolve and raised her gaze to his. The lack of recognition, the coldness in his eyes left her with a disheartening feeling in her chest, and she looked over her boss…her father. Gibbs looked at her and there was a knowing look as if he had been expecting her to break. He had been expecting her to crack under pressure, that's what all the others before her had done.

"I'm not going anywhere," Evelyn told him, staring at him with taunt expression. Her eyes hardened into chips of ice, and she didn't flinch away from his stare instead she held it with one of her own. "I'm not leaving. So throw what you will at me, make me do all the paperwork, pretend that I don't existence and when I do it's some great sin, whatever floats your boat, but at the end of the day, I'm still going to be here…You better get used to it." She then sent him an overly sweet smile, "That's all sir."

Gibbs stood there more than a little surprised. He had to respect the guts that it took her to come to him and say that. He kept cold, and distance tried to make her fight for her spot on this team, earn his trust and respect knowing that it would end in one of two ways: her staying or her leaving. Perhaps that made him a bit of a bastard, but he needed to know that all his team were dedicated. He knew that Tony and Kate were because he chose them.

Evelyn turned, and headed towards the door when Gibbs told her, sharply, "It's boss, or Gibbs. Never sir."

She paused in step.

"After Ducky is done with his observation," Gibbs ordered, lightly, "bring our Jane Doe down here. See if your right about your gut feeling."

Evelyn turned looking at him in surprise then slowly nodded. "Alright…boss," she stated, her lips curving upward ever so slightly.

Brauer, head of the BFF, sat behind his desk and stared up the two NCIS agents. "In a hotel?" Brauer asked, his expression troubled.

"The Jackson," Gibbs replied.

"Mein Gott!" Brauer gasped, shocked. "Suite eighty seven hundred? I was there Friday."

"To kill Richter?" Tony asked, bluntly.

"No." Brauer shot him an affronted look. "How could you ask such a question?"

"It's my job," he shrugged.

"I take it you don't have the murderer, Agent Gibbs," Brauer turned to Gibbs.

"What were you doing at The Jackson Friday?" Gibbs asked, keeping his expression calm.

"We maintain a suite there. Two of our senior engineers were over from Berlin. We had drinks before dinner," Brauer explained, easily.

"Why is the room leased in Richter's name?" Gibbs asked, watching Brauer calmly return to typing up the computer.

"Ours is a very competitive business. We don't want our arrivals knowing where our firm puts our people," said Brauer, waving his hands dismissively. "Maids have been bribed. Phones bugged."

"People murdered," Tony added, dryly.

"That's a first for us," Brauer raised an eyebrow.

"It may not be the last," Gibbs stated.

"Who's your explosiver hersteller?" Tony asked.

"Suzanne McNeil. Is she dead, too?" Brauer looked up, worriedly.

"Do you have a photo of her?" Gibbs inquired.

"Yes, in our personnel records," Brauer stated. "I will pull it up for you."

Gibbs saw the flicker in Brauer's eyes at the mention of Suzanne. "What kind of work does she do for you?" He asked.

"She formulates explosives for our testing aids," Brauer stated, after a moment of hesitation. He looked up at the two agents for a brief moment. "Please tell me Suzanne is not dead."

"Suzanne is not dead," Tony stated, simply.

Brauer froze before he could help, and shock flashed across his face. Gibbs smirked, "Whoops."

"Big whoops," Tony grinned.

"You looked kind of surprised to find out she is alive, Brauer," Gibbs taunted the man.

"Yes. You tell me Walter has been murdered. You say he may not be the only one. Then you ask me about Suzanne," Brauer tried to cover up quickly. "Of course I assume that she is dead, too." He turned the computer screen towards the two agents and pointed at the picture. "This is Suzanne McNeil."


"Are you sure you're ready to do this?" Kate asked, as they entered autopsy. Evelyn trailed behind the two of them, watching Jane Doe with an unwavering intensity.

"I don't know. But if it can help me regain my memory, I guess I have no choice, right?" Jane Doe asked, trying to smile.

Ducky was there waiting for them. Evelyn introduced them, "Doctor Mallard, this is Jane Doe."

"Hello," Ducky said, smiling politely.

"Doctor," she replied back.

"Ready?" Ducky asked her, his hand on the metal door.

"As I'll ever be," Jane Doe stated, shakily.

Evie gave him a slight nod, and Ducky opened the door then pulled the body tray out. He lifted the sheet carefully and Jane Doe looked down at the body. Evelyn stared at Jane Doe's face, watching the emotions flicker across them. First pain, then anger, then horror before she sucked in a swift breath and schooled her features. "Anything?" Evie asked, carefully.

"Nothing." Jane Doe lied. "Poor man."

"Yes…poor man," Evelyn said, the gut feeling returning even worse. As innocent as Jane Doe had been, the woman she was remembering was not. Her brows furrowed troubled, and she told Ducky, "Thanks, Ducky. Call me when you want a game of chess, because I'm still itching for a rematch."

"Of course, my dear," Ducky nodded.

"Her name's Suzanne McNeil," Gibbs told Kate. "She formulates explosives for B. F. F."

"Well if she put a bomb on a ship it could be for a test," Kate stated, watching Evelyn sit beside Jane Doe. Something had changed with Evelyn, but she couldn't put her finger on why.

"I've e-mailed her personnel file to you. She's got a Top Security clearance," Gibbs told her. "It'll be like telling her life story. Did she recognize Richter?"

"No. No," Kate replied. "All she felt was sympathy for him."

"She got all teary eyed over a body she didn't know?" Gibbs asked, callously.

"She's a nice lady, Gibbs," Kate defended her.

"Oh, yeah." Gibbs didn't sound so convinced. "So you keep telling me."

"Does Brauer know that she lost her memory?" Kate inquired lightly.

"Maybe. He knows she's alive," Gibbs stated, his tone gruff. "He's not in cuffs. He probably thinks she's unconscious or too traumatized to remember."

"Are you sure he buried her?" Kate asked.


"Why did he want her dead?" Kate asked, eyebrows going up into her hair line as her gaze swept back over to Evelyn who seemed to be in a serious discussion with Jane Doe.

"I've got a couple of ideas," Gibbs said.

"Want to share?" Kate asked, then a split second later the phone hung up. "I guess not."

The wave of emotions swirled up inside her like a roaring tempest that couldn't be tamed. She was exhausted, tired, and wary. It just go worse with each passing moment, especially since she knew that Jane Doe was holding back. She flick a quick glance at Jane Doe, giving a deep sigh. She sent up a silent prayer hoping that she was wrong about Jane Doe, and that her misgivings just stem from her overactive paranoia.

"Look when I first…woke and realized I had no memories…I was out of control, blaming everyone around for what was wrong with me when it really wasn't anyone's fault," Evelyn stated, looking down at Jane Doe cautiously. "And you can't do that."

"What are you saying?" Jane Doe looked at her, eyes widening.

"I'm saying…don't do anything drastic," Evelyn told her. "Just because you remember something, doesn't mean you remember all of it. And doing something based on jumbled up broken memories will get you nowhere except trouble." With a half-hearted smile, Evie added, "Trust me. I'm expert at this."

"I…guess you're right," Jane Doe bit her bottom lip, clasping her hands tightly together as her blue eyes darkened in thought.


Jane Doe jumped in her seat, then looked at Kate with wide eyes. "That's…that's my name," Suzanne suddenly recalled.

Evelyn frowned, not sure if remembering in this case was such a good idea.

"I'll be with you in a moment," Brauer told them.

"You see, you told that to Gibbs a half hour ago," Tony stated, hiding his frustration behind a tight smile. "Look at the expression on his face. Not good. Make this one a quickie."

"Ich weiss…" Brauer muttered, and turned towards his client.

Tony sighed and walked over to Gibbs.

"DiNozzo…" Gibbs intoned darkly.

"Sorry, Boss. This guy's Webster's definition of a micro-manager." Tony explained, hoping he wouldn't get head slapped. "People need his permission to take a whiz."

"I could have gone for coffee. What'd you pick up?" Gibbs asked. "Anything?"

"No. Give me a few minutes with his girl and…" Tony started, but a head slap from Gibbs made him halt. After a moment, he started again, "…from the little English I heard, the new "Bombe Snuffler" isn't snuffling so good. Brauer's worried it won't pass Navy acceptance trials Thursday."

"Test? On a Navy ship?" Gibbs asked, eyes narrowing.

"If I heard there were going to be tests on a Navy ship, do you think we'd still be standing here, Boss?" Tony retorted, dryly.

"Oh, sorry. Forgot your minds work concurrently." Gibbs barely stop himself from rolling his eyes and sighed. "Where is this test taking place?"

"In some lab here," Tony replied.

Brauer finally managed to break away from his client and walked over. Politely smiling, he said, "I apologize for the delay, Agent Gibbs. What would you like to see first?"

"The lab where you're conducting the Navy test on Thursday," Gibbs said, firmly.

"Why do you want to go there?" Brauer looked puzzled.

"Your Security of Security is dead. NCIS is tasked with protecting Navy brass," Gibbs told him, as if the answer should have been obvious.

"You think terrorists killed him?"

"These days I look for terrorists behind most everything," Gibbs retorted, eyebrow raised up.

"Of course. Ja. This way, please," Brauer complied.

Evelyn stared at the file as it would bite, and drummed her fingers on Kate's desk on which she sat. Her blue eyes flickered to Kate then Suzanne, a lot of thoughts racing across her mind.

"Suzanne McNeil…" Kate held out the file to her. "This is your life."

"Hmm. You read it?" Suzzane inquired lightly.

"Yes," Kate said after a moment.

"Is there anything I wouldn't want to know?" Suzanne looked between the two agents. "Am I a sad lonely woman? Or something?" She tried to joke.

"There's plenty of time for a husband and kids, Suzanne," Kate assured the woman after a moment.

Suzanne gave a bitter, tight smile. "The good ones are all married."

The hair on Evelyn's neck rose, and she saw a malicious glint in Suzanne's gaze. This was not Jane Doe, Evelyn realized in that moment. This was Suzanne McNeil.

Gibbs and Tony followed Brauer through the facility, towards the labs. "How well did you know Suzanne McNeil?" Gibbs asked.

"Oh, didn't she tell you?" Brauer flicked a glance at him.

"I'd like your opinion on her relationship," Gibbs replied with a small shrug.

"Well, I know Suzanne quite well professionally." Brauer stated, his tone nonchalant though there was a quiver around his lips. "She is one of my key employees."

"Kind of sexy, too," Tony added.

"Oh, I think you find all women that way, Agent DiNozzo," Brauer shot DiNozzo a slight glare.

"Oh, come on. You've got to admit she's pretty sexy," Tony said, with a smarmy grin.

"I'm happily married," Brauer snapped.

"Yeah?" Tony arched a speculative eyebrow.

"Do you have micro-etching equipment here?" Gibbs's gauged Brauer's expression and noted a slight flinch that went across the man's face.

"Yeah. Richter uses…" Brauer corrected himself. "Used it for security purposes."

"Did you ever see this old film "The Apartment" with Jack Lemmon?" Tony questioned, with a slight smile on his lips.

"No, I don't believe so," Brauer shook his head.

"Richter did," Tony replied.

"Probably." Brauer shrugged. "He loved those movies. But what does that have to with…"

Gibbs cut the man off. "I assume the photo in your office is your wife."

"Ja," Brauer nodded.

"Lovely woman," Gibbs commented.

"Dahnke," Brauer replied.

"Older than Suzanne, of course," Tony then added.

Brauer paused then looked at the two agents with angry eyes. "Are you implying that I had an affair with Ms. McNeil?" He sputtered out, darkly.

"Did you?" Gibbs asked, undeterred by the angry glare.

"No, Agent Gibbs, I did not." Brauer stated, firmly straightening his spine to eye the NCIS agents like they were something he just scraped off the bottom of his shoe. "A man in my position cannot afford to risk losing everything in one of your ridiculous sexual harassment suits."

"There is a motive." Gibbs said, with a slight shrug.

"Sure is," Tony nodded.

"Yeah, I suppose someone in your profession would look at it that way," Brauer glowered, reluctantly admitting. "But why would I murder Walter Richter who wasn't only a close associate, but my friend?"

"I don't know," Gibbs drawled out. "You tell me."

"I wouldn't," Brauer snapped, then turned towards the door. He slipped in a keycard then punched in a series of numbers. The door buzzed, then opened. "This way gentlemen."

Gibbs and Tony shared a glance before following the irate man through. A man in a lab coat looked at Brauer then demanded something in German. Brauer replied in kind, and the lab coat relaxed a fraction. Tony looked through the large glass panel where a machine was slowly moving around.

"Is that a bomb sniffer?"

"We don't breed dogs. It's a Fernschaltung Sprengstoff Spuren Einheitour," Brauer stated, a little more than proud.

"It'll never take first in show at Westminster," Tony muttered.

Gibbs eyes narrowed. "Where is that ship?" He asked.

"In here, Agent Gibbs," Brauer opened a door revealing a mock up of a ship.

Gibbs's eyes raked across the mock ship. "Is this where you use the explosives Suzanne makes?" He inquired.

"Ja. She makes exotic bombs to test our detecting devices," Brauer replied.

"You did put a bomb on a Navy ship," Kate told Suzanne, but she had a relieved smile on her face. "Only the ship was a mock-up. You make bombs for tests. Didn't I tell you it was going to be something like this?"

"Yes, you did. Oh… but this is like reading someone else's life. Not mine. I don't remember any of it," Suzanne said with a deep sigh.

Evelyn's lips pursed. So it wasn't terrorists, or even a threat of them. Which meant it was something personal, someone close to Suzanne put her in that hole, but why? Evelyn chewed on her bottom lips lost in thought.

"You've got to give it time, Suzanne," Kate told her.

"How much time do I have, Kate? Someone tried to kill me. Someone bashed in that poor man's head. Maybe if I go there… where I work… this B-F-F…it'll come back to me," Suzanne stated, her eyes not meeting Kate's.

Evie gave her a sharp glance, her scalp prickling with warning. "I think you've been through enough for one day," Evelyn stated, trying dissuade them from the thought.

"No!" Suzanne sent Evie a glare before turning to look at Kate. "Please, Kate! If I can just sit at my desk and meet other people… living people. I just… I think I'll remember. Please?"

Kate don't be a sucker,

Evelyn looked at the other agent, and since Kate had seniority over her she knew what Kate decided, she would have to go along with.

Gibbs and Tony stayed for the test just in case something went wrong. Gibbs pointed at the screen, "What's that?"

"Chemical signatures we are detecting. Nitrates, mercury, glycols, cyclotrimethylenes," the scientist told them. "Object Four B contains a compound of cyclonite and penaerythrite tetranitrate."

"Terrorist grade Semtex," Brauer elaborated.

"Our NCIS explosive sniffer would tag that," Tony stated, with a light chuckle.

"Well, this test is just beginning. There are more sophisticated explosives that your equipment could not detect," Brauer told him, stiffly.

"What makes your sniffer better?" Tony asked, curiously.

"Our software. Chemical signatures are compared to a databank of all known explosive compounds. When a critical composition is detected, it sets off an alarm," the scientist stated, as he pushed in buttons to get the machine to move closer to the source of the chemicals.

"It's only as good as the software," Gibbs stated.

"Which is very good, very good," Brauer boasted.

"Then why are you worried about the Navy trials?" Gibbs turned towards him.

Brauer arched an eyebrow. "Is that what Suzanne said?"

"She would be pleased to see us fail," the scientist muttered with a scoff.

"Why?" Gibbs asked.

"She would win, of course," the scientist stated. "And Suzanna likes to win."

Gibbs absorbed that information, and began to get the feeling that Matthews might have been right about her suspicions after all.

"It's her job to create explosives we cannot detect," Brauer explained, as if it were nothing.

"So she held a few surprises back because she likes to win," Gibbs inquired, keeping his tone light.

"In the beginning she had some limited successes, but Doctor Rutger has re-written the software to…" Brauer started to say when suddenly the bomb in the other room exploded for the sniffer had failed in finding it.

Gibbs's lips tilted upward in amusement. "I had a hunting dog like that once," he commented, and Tony barely held back a snicker while Brauer looked shell shocked.

Despite Evelyn's concerns, Kate agreed with Suzanne and now they sped down the high way to the BFF. Evelyn fought hard to keep the scowl off her face, certain that this was a mistake, but held her tongue. When she got overly emotional she usually forgot social graces and became too honest with what she thought, almost to the point of cruelty. Which had cost her a lot of potential friendship before they began.

In the back of her head, she heard Audrey's voice, "There is a time to speak up, and time to hold back, honey child. The problem is figuring out which is which." Should she speak up? What it the right time? She was horrible at figuring these things out, and she twisted her hands in her lap glaring at the passing buildings, humming a song underneath her breath to help soothe her nerves.

Evelyn turned off the highway and towards the large building. After parking the car, Kate got out and opened the door for Suzanne while Evelyn sat there for a moment, taking a much needed breath.

"Evelyn, are you coming?" Suzanne asked.

Evelyn put on a smile, but it fell flat. She pushed opened the car door and got out. She fell a step behind Suzanne and Kate as they made there way towards the BFF building. As they pushed through the front doors, the receptionist perked up, "Suzanne, you're here. Everyone's been so worried."

"They have?" Suzanne asked.

"Yep." The receptionist tuned to Kate and Evelyn, giving them a frown. "And you two are?"

"Agent Matthews, NCIS," Evie answered, her expression blank. "This is Agent Todd."

After a few calls, they were let through and told where to meet Gibbs. Evelyn watched Suzanne fall behind them, studying everything intently hoping it would trigger something.

"I don't like this," Evie told Kate, bluntly.

"What do you mean?" Kate shot her a look.

"I…just have a bad feeling," Evelyn stated, clenching her hands into fists. She caught sight of Gibbs, and Tony with some man then headed towards them. Gibbs turned and saw them. As soon as they were in hearing distance Gibbs asked, "Hey. Well?"

"Reading her file didn't work. She thought being up in her office might help her remember," Kate told him.

Gibbs then looked at Evie who just stared at him, then her gaze flickered to Suzanne then back at him. He tensed slightly and Evelyn let out a tiny sigh in relief that he got what she was trying to say. "How'd she know where her office was?" Tony asked, shooting a glance over at Suzanne.

"It's called a directory, Tony," Kate glared.

"Are you speaking of Ms. McNeil?" Brauer questioned, a sweat building on his face.

"Yeah, we are. Kate Todd, Evelyn Matthews, B-F-F CEO Stephen Brauer," Gibbs introduced them.

"Mister Brauer," Kate nodded polite. Evelyn just inclined her head.

"What doesn't she remember?" Brauer asked, a feeling of hope swelling in his chest.

"Well, why don't you ask her yourself?" Gibbs asked, as Suzanne walked into the room. She stopped between Kate and Evelyn, and her eyes met Brauer's. Evelyn watched her and caught the shift in her gaze.

"Anything?" Kate asked, hopefully.

"No." Suzanne shook his head. Evelyn met Gibbs gaze, giving a tiny shake of her head. She saw Gibbs's eyes flicker darkly in acknowledgement.

"Suzanne?" Brauer asked, cautiously.

Suzanne's head cocked to the side. "We know each other?" She asked.

"Ja." Brauer nodded. "I'm Stephen. Stephen."

"I'm sorry, Mister Stephen." Suzanne gave helpless sort of smile. "I… I don't remember you."

"Brauer. Stephen is my given name," he told her, with a kind smile.

"Sorry, Mister Brauer," Suzanne stated, sheepishly.

Evie's stomach twisted violently, her hand with her knife twitching violently as alarm bells went off inside of her head. Gibbs looked between Suzanne and Brauer, his gaze intent. "Well, that's both good news and bad news. She can't tell you the formula to her explosive… but then again, she can't remember who buried her in Rock Creek Park."

"W-were you buried?" Brauer asked, wide eyed.

"Yes," Suzanne stated.

"And you don't remember anything?" Brauer said.

Suzanne gave a tiny smile and shrug, "Only that I like blueberries."

"Come, Suzanne. Sit with me." Brauer gestured to the couches in the lounge area. "Perhaps if we talk…" Suzanne nodded her consent and walked with towards the couches. The two of them sat down and began to talk.

"That son of a bitch is guilty as hell," Gibbs glared at Brauer.

"And Suzanne is lying about not remembering," Evelyn stated, darkly. Kate gasped and looked at her shocked, and slightly betrayed. Evie continued, "But why? If she remembers what Brauer did to her why lie about it?"

"She doesn't…why would she lie about it?" Kate demanded, angrily then her face dropped. "Oh, my god. She said someone bashed the poor man's head in. How did she know that Richter's head was bashed in? I couldn't see his wound. Nobody told her how he died. She remembered."

That's when Brauer jumped to his feet, shouting, "Sie hat eine bombe!"

"Suzanne! Don't!" Evelyn tried to rush forward, but Gibbs grabbed her tightly holding her back.

"Sorry, Evelyn, Kate," Suzanne said, then dropped the thing in her hand. It slammed into the ground and everything exploded. A hot wave rippled out through the walls and ground throwing them all off of their feet. Evelyn's head slammed into the ground and the last she saw before everything went black was her father's face staring down at her worriedly.

Ambulances, and sirens echoed through the night as people tried to salvage something from the bombs explosion. Evelyn watched as Suzanne's body was rolled away in a body bag with various emotions. Most of all disappointment in herself, she should have found a way to stop this from happening. She ran a hand over her face, feeling the burn of tears that would not fall. Suzanne acted on her memories, holding onto the past.

Evelyn had too. Was she doomed for a similar fate? She let out a shaky breath as the paramedic finished stitching up the deep cut in her arm. She couldn't do that. She couldn't hold onto the past, and push everything else away. She just needed to remember the past and move onto the future. Take a chance, and step out of her comfort zone.

Evelyn did not want to become like Suzanne. Her heart was pounding in her chest, and she licked her lips. "Am I good?" Evelyn asked.

The paramedic nodded, and told her that she needed to get a check up at a hospital in a few days for her head injury, but she wasn't going to. She had enough of hospital to last her a lifetime. She headed towards Gibbs and Tony, who were staring at Kate who was shaking as a paramedic wrapped her up in a blanket.

"We ought to do something, Boss," Tony stared at Kate, his chest aching at the hurt, and heartbroken expression on her face.

"Have you ever made a mistake, Tony?" Gibbs asked.

"According to you or me?" Tony tried to joke, but it fell flat.

"You," Gibbs stated, seriously.

After a moment, he nodded. "Yeah."

"Could anyone make you feel better?" Gibbs's tone was light.

"No," Tony answered, truthfully.

Evelyn walked over, slightly stumbling with every step and she attempted to smile at them. Tony smiled slightly, "And the probie survives her first case. How are you probie?"

"Bruised, beatened, but I'll survive to fight another day," she chuckled, but there was no humor in it. She looked at Gibbs, and it looked like she wanted to say a lot more than just that. Her blue eyes troubled, and her lips opened and closed before finally she said, "I'll see you around…boss."

"Matthews," Gibbs voice stopped her.

She turned to look at him, eyebrow arched up questioningly. He reached in his jacket and pulled out her small back up gun, and held out towards.

She took it. "Just my back up?" She asked, with a slightly teasing smile on her lips.

Gibbs arched an eyebrow, giving her his signature glare, but his lips twitched upward slightly. She turned away after a moment, and headed towards her vehicle. Gibbs watched her drive off an odd feeling in his chest, then sighed looking at Tony, "My door is always open."

"I know, boss," Tony nodded. "I know."

Tony was asleep up on the couch, when Gibbs made his way down to the basement. He tossed and turned, sleep evading him. He picked up the sand paper and placed it against the wood then sanded with the grooves. Only tonight the silence of the house got to him and he reached over. He turned on the radio, and got a bittersweet smile when the song grew louder.

Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling
From glen to glen, and down the mountain side
The summer's gone, and all the roses falling
'Tis you, 'tis you must go and I must bide.

He sanded the boat, remembering a summer day many years ago, where he chased her and Kelly across the beach.

But come ye back when summer's in the meadow
Or when the valley's hushed and white with snow
'Tis I'll be here in sunshine or in shadow
Oh Danny boy, oh Danny boy, I love you so

If he closed his eyes and listened hard enough he could still hear their laughter and still see their smiles.

The next came early for Evelyn, because all she could dream of was her mother's face and explosions and death. She sat in front of her piano with a blanket around her shoulders, and looked out the wide widow giving her a beautiful view at the surrounding trees that shimmered in the dawn's early light. Birds flitted from branch to branch, singing their beautiful songs and a young doe playful pranced across the meadow just a short distance from her house. She sat there, her fingers sitting on the piano's keys as she tried to find some song that would bring her some solace.

When she awoke in that hospital, so lost, with face filled with pity staring at her while she cried out for her mom, and dad even though she did not know who they were or what they looked like. Then after she was deemed sane, she was dropped in foster home to foster home with people who didn't care about her one way or another as long as they got their check. Then there was that family, at first Evelyn had felt welcomed then…she shook her head, brushing it away.

Then Audrey gave her back her life, and she'd never have a chance at such a life, one her father may be a part of it. It made all the bad almost seem worth it, but the bad was still there inside her heart. She realized it wasn't Gibbs's trust that she needed in order to tell him that she was Kelly. It was her, that needed to be able to trust him.

And she couldn't trust anyone. Audrey came close, but even know she held back with her. Evie's fingers began to move across the piano as she started playing Danny Boy, whispering the words underneath her breath. "But when he come, and all the flowers are dying. If I am dead, as dead I well may be, you'll come and find the place where I am lying. And kneel and say an "Ave" there for me."

Her eyes closed, as her fingers moved across the piano mechanically. "And I shall hear, tho' soft you tread above me, and all my grave will warm and sweeter be. For you will bend and tell me that you love me and I shall sleep in peace until you come to me."


I used this chapter to set up Evelyn's relationship with the team, and gave little indications where each relationship will go. I also made a point of stating it's not Gibbs's lack of trust with Evelyn that stops her from telling him, it's her inability to trust that stops her which will be brought up later. The next chapter it will be more about the characters and less about the case and will get dive more into Evelyn's character.

Hope you all enjoyed, and RRs are always appreciated.