Harmless Question - Epilogue

People been asking so I've been thinking. No sequel idea yet, but here's a little more...

Raven was not in denial. Which, in itself, was a problem. Because now she had to make amends for her behaviour. Her closest friends, the original Teen Titans held no grudge - one in particular was just glad it was over - but there was one person to whom she felt she owed an apology. So here she sat, communicator in hand, slowly (so as to prolong the quiet before the deed) tapping the keys to establish a connection. With Argent. After a few rings, the young heroine's face appeared on the small screen, looking excited, though her face fell a little as she recognised Raven. This only exacerbated Raven's guilt - the girl had seen an incoming call from Jump City and assumed, or hoped, it was Beast Boy. The New Zealander was sharp enough to rebuild her smile and address Raven politely.

"Hello, Raven. Anything I can help you with?" Raven returned her polite smile with a smaller one of her own.

"Actually... it's something I can do for you. Should do..." Raven said. Argent's smile disappeared into her confusion. Raven decided to just get it all out at once.

"When you called me the other day to ask about Beast Boy's... availability. I... I deceived you. I was... in denial at the time but now... Beast Boy and I are not just friends, after all. It is my fault you wasted your time on pursuing him and... I hope I haven't embarrassed you too much." Raven ended, quietly. Argent was silent on the other end, regarding Raven with a very leader-like expression. After thinking to herself, the Titans: Europe leader blew out a huge and flashed a disappointed smile at Raven.

"Well, Raven, I can't say I'm totally happy about it all... but don't be too worried about me. Yeah, Beast Boy's cute and all but I wasn't exactly in love with him or anything... Honestly, I feel a bit bad for snogging him while you were stood watching... maybe I should be the one apologising, eh?" Raven shook her head in the negative and also to rid herself of the difficult recollection of Argent planting a kiss on Beast Boy.

"You didn't know. It was my fault. I thought it was for the best at the time but I have since been... educated. And I have realised my mistake." Argent's controlled smile blossomed into a genuine one.

"Apology accepted, Raven... with a condition." Argent said, whispering the last part conspiratorially. Raven raised an eyebrow.

"Condition? Name it." she said. Argent giggled.

"Tell me... is he a good kisser?" Raven flushed immediately, fighting to keep the shock from her expression. A deal is a deal...

"Well... I don't really have a lot to compare it to but, um... well, I... I think I like it. That must be a good thing, right?" Argent giggled again, nodding her head.

"Definitely a good thing, Raven. If you don't mind, I'll sign off now... crawl into a dark corner and nurse my broken, trampled heart!" Argent held a hand to her head as she spoke, striking a melodramatic pose. Raven smirked - the more she spoke with this girl, the more she liked her.

"You do that, Argent," Raven said. She debated her next words - she wasn't known for reaching out. Ah, heck with it. "I'd like it if you came to visit some time, Argent... maybe I could set you up with Cyborg next time," Raven joked. Argent laughed with her for a moment, then appeared thoughtful.

"Cyborg, eh? Hmmmm..." The screen went blank. Raven folded up the device and pocketed it, feeling far better and lighter of heart. She stood and made her way to the common room, able to hear the voices of the other four Teen Titans, Beast Boy's elevated above the others. She couldn't make out his words but his voice was excited - he was clearly bragging about his kiss with Raven. At first she was a little annoyed. Then a little flattered by his excitement. Then annoyed again. She settled somewhere in between and a sly smile emerged on her face. If he wanted to 'wow' the others... two could play at that game. Raven marched through the automatic doors, head held high with defiance in her eyes and mischief in her expression. Beast Boy was laughing with Cyborg and raised his hand to greet the sorceress. Before he could speak, however, he was engulfed by black power and yanked towards Raven before being dropped back on his feet right in front of her. She smiled at him warmly and in return got a dopey grin. Then she kissed him, hard, making it obvious to the others she had opened her mouth and stuck her tongue between the changeling's lips. His surprise gave way to bliss and he practically melted on the spot, still finding some energy to kiss back. Raven eventually released him and he slid to the floor, dazed and ecstatic. Raven smirked and glared a challenge at her friends - they all stood with open mouths and wide eyes. Starfire recovered first, clapping her hands and cheering.

"Oh, joyous! You and Beast Boy are romantically involved?" she said, the question causing Raven's smirk to falter.

"Y-you... didn't know?" Raven asked, a pit in her stomach filling with dread. Robin spoke up next.

"None of us knew... we asked if anything happened but Beast Boy kept quiet. I think he was waiting for you... we were just passing the time by talking about his time in the UK..." Raven was a little concerned for her health as, seemingly, every single ounce of her blood rushed to her face.

"Oh..." she said. "Okay. Well, if anyone needs me, I'll just be hiding in the centre of the Earth from everyone, ever..." she said, sarcasm and embarrassment lacing her words. A black raven appeared around her and swept her away. An overly cautious Cyborg confirmed that she had only gone to her room. As Robin and Starfire returned to their usual routines, Cyborg eyed the changeling, still lying askew on the floor, muttering about delivering tea to the Earth's core.

"Man!" he exclaimed. "You guys are going out for a day and she's got you wrapped around her finger." Cyborg spoke with a good-natured smile as he ribbed his friend. Beast Boy only smiled wider, not taking the bait.

"I don't mind. Her finger is as pretty as the rest of her..." he said, dreamily, floating into daydreams of Raven.

There we go. Not sure if I'm completely happy with this, I may change it but you can have it for now :)