Disclaimer: Artemis Fowl and every person, idea and concept that you would find in the Artemis Fowl books belongs to Eoin Colfer. I only own this bizarre sequence of events.


Unfortunately, very soon after LEPrecon officer Short's adventure with Artemis Fowl in Russia - the events of which have been placed under top security classification with the code name: Arctic Incident – she would be meeting with the infamous villain yet again. And this time would be under even more embarrassing and traumatic circumstances than the tales of its predecessors. The situation was of great importance to all involved and the existence and secrecy of the People would once again be in jeopardy.

It is very coincidental that so many troubling events always involve Artemis Fowl in some way, although many fairies have been shaking their heads in bewilderment at the role he has to play in the events that shall unfold in the pages before you. Many fairies that had been protesting over the treatment of Artemis Fowl (i.e. those who wished him to be memory wiped so he would not be a liability to the safety of their families and all of the Underground) have been forced to eat their words because if that had taken place then the livelihood of all People, from Atlantean to Ziigaforthians, would be at risk.

Artemis Fowl's involvement and that of other Mud Men has not been made common knowledge and so I would ask that you do not spread this tale beyond those who you trust. If the truths that lie between these covers was to get out Merlin himself could not know what might happen. If any common Fairy who is not equip to deal with the extensive trauma that this tale of betrayal and dishonesty - on the part of our own - that this story might cause feels the need to put this down only halfway through know that you are not alone. Many cannot comprehend the truly evil deeds that have taken place and most would never want to.

We now know what happens when Mud Men and People work together; it can be a force of great power and honour, or it can be a combination of everything we - or they - have never wished to be.

From the files of Professor Cumulus
(Who is definitely more accurate than Doctor J. Argon.)