In this story Ib is 27 and Garry is 28..

Violet walks over to her mother without saying a word.

"Violet, aren't you going to get your book bag and your coat?" the teacher asks.

Violet looks back at her teacher and nods before walking back to her classroom with her mother following behind. Violet picks up her green bag which had a tiny beanie baby hooked to the side of it. She puts all of her books in her bag and zips it up, then she walks over to the closet and grabs her coat. Her coat was orange with little red buttons on it. She puts on her coat and book bag and walks back to her mom who was standing in the doorway.

Ib holds her hand out for her daughter as Violet holds her hand. After signing out at the school desk, they both walk out of the school. Ib looks at her daughter with a warming smile.

"Did you have fun at school today Violet?" she asks. Violet looks up at her mother and nods. They walk to the grey Honda car that's parked right in front of the school. Ib opens the car door letting Violet in. Ib gets in the passenger and closes the car door as she looks at Garry who's in the driver seat. Garry had on the same coat but now wore an emerald-green long sleeve shirt with dark blue pants and brown shoes. His hair was a little longer but not long enough to reach to his shoulders though.

"Hey Violet!" Garry says cheerfully. "How was school?"

"Good." she says.

"That's good." he starts the car and drives off. Little droplets of rain hit the window as they drove off. "We've decided to pick you up today since it was Friday and that there was going to be some heavy rain today and we didn't want you to come home without an umbrella.." he said.

"So what did you do at school?" Ib asks in curiosity after seeing many paintings held up in the school.

"We took all the paintings we did yesterday and held them up for other kids to see.." she says.

"Oh really? I think I saw one of your paintings up at the school."

"What was the painting?"

"It was the painting of you smiling under the night sky which had some yellow stars."

"Did you like it?" Violet asks.

"It was beautiful." Ib smiles. Violet made a warm smile to herself. Violet looks at the white paintbrush in her hand, she noticed that there were some engraved in the handle.

'Opening and Closing' it says on the brush.

Violet looks in confusion. 'Opening and Closing, 'the opening and closing of what?'... she thought. After stopping at a red light, Garry looks back at her daughter.

"The teacher gave you a paintbrush to take home?" he spoke up.

"A friend gave this to me."

"Oh who?"

"Angel.." Violet said softly.

"Well that seemed very nice of her." Garry said.

In 13 mins they finally arrived home. Violet went upstairs to her room. Her room had yellow walls with a blue carpet. She had two windows in her room, each with a red curtain. She places her green book bag on her bed that had orange covers. She takes out

"Hey Violet," Garry calls from the door. Violet looks back at him. "Are you doing your homework?"

"No, I don't have any."

"Are you sure?" he said looking a little suspicious.

"Yes." she says.

"Okay, I came to make sure and to let you know that dinner will be ready soon."

"Okay." she says as she pulls out her drawings from her bag. Curious, Garry walks over and sit on the bed in front of Violet. He looks at the drawings, Violet pulls out. Some were her and her friends, some were pictures of dogs and rabbits, others were strange-looking things such as a lamp with eyes and a snake with a giant nose with a hat on top.

"These are some very cool drawings.." he held up two pictures of the strange drawings. "Are you planning on becoming an artist when you grow up?"

"Maybe.." she said.

"You could be, these drawings are amazing."

"...Daddy?" Violet spoke up.

"Did you ever have a blue rose?"

"A blue rose? Yeah I did and I still do, why?"

"No reason." she says as she takes all the drawings and put them in a folder and puts it on the shelf. "Dad?"


"Some of my friends been asking me about you."

"Really?" he asked surprised. "What did they asked?"

"They were asking why did you talk like a woman?"

Silence filled the room.

"Well.. I-I just don't like to talk rough so I like to talk in a nice gentle tone. It's better that way." he says.

Violet giggled a bit. "You talk like a lady!" she giggles more.

"I do not!"

"Daddy wants to be a lady " she sang. Garry picks her up and threw her on bed and then tickles her. Violet laughs hysterically as her father tickles her. "Who's the lady now? Huh? Who's the lady now?"

"Please.. Stop.. I can't breathe!.." she says in between laughs. Garry tickles her for a few moments until...

"Dinner's ready!..." Ib yelled from downstairs. Garry ceased his tickling as Violet catches his breath. Garry gets up from her bed.

"Come on, let's go eat." he says.

"Okay." Violet gets off her bed and follows her father downstairs.

They were in the dinning room which the room was completely brown. They were eating spaghetti and meatballs. As everyone was eating, Violet suddenly remembered about something she wanted to ask her mother after her encounter with the art world.


"Hmm?.." Ib looked up while sipping on a spaghetti noodle.

"You said when you were little you went to art museum with your mom and dad right?" she softly asks.


"Did you... went into the painting of the museum?"

Ib and Garry froze. They quite in shock to hear that from their daughter. They were even more curious of why would she asked that.

"Excuse me?"

"Did you go into one of the paintings of the museum?"

"Where did you hear this?" he said after coughing from a piece of meatball.

"I read it from a book. It said that you got sucked into a museum and that you had a red rose. "

"What book?" Garry asks.

"A little pink book, I saw a rabbit reading it.." she took a deep breath. "You may not believe me... But I went into a painting."

"A painting?!" Garry said in surprise.

"Yeah, I went in one of the classrooms and it got dark, then all the paintings came to life. Then a red door came out of the painting"

Everyone was quiet.

"What happened while you were in there?" Garry asks.

"More importantly, How did you get out of the painting?" Ib asked.

"Angel helped me."


"Yeah, she thought I was one of the paintings but helped me get out after finding out I wasn't. She didn't want her brother to find me."

Violet pulls out a purple rose still in its form of beauty. "This is what I got when I was in the painting."

Garry and Ib looked at the rose. Of course... If you enter the world, they will give you a rose to show your strength and health. Ib thought.

"Well... At least you're okay. That's all that matters." Garry said. Now calm.

"I don't know what would've happened if we'd lost you." Ib said.

"Are you mad at me?"

"No sweetie, we're just really worried at you going to the art world. We didn't want anything to ever happen to you, the world is a tricky place and it will do anything to keep you from leaving, even if it means taking away someone you care about or taking your life.." Ib said softly as she moves the spaghetti noodles around a bit.

"..." Violet looked at her food not saying a word. 'I hope Angel is okay..' Garry and Ib noticed it her reaction.

Violet soon began eating again.