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"There! Now all we have to do is sit back and wait for it to finish its readings! Oh Jack, can you believe it? We actually got a sample of Phantom's ectoplasm!" Maddie exclaimed, sitting down next to her husband in the living room chair. She had finally done what she believed to be her greatest achievement in her ghost hunting career. She had gotten an ectoplasm sample from Amity Park's most famous ghost, Danny Phantom.

"I know, and once we figure out what Phantom is capable of, capturing him will be a snap!" Jack said, a look of excitement on his face. They had been waiting a long time for their chance to catch Phantom, and this could be the break they were looking for.

Just then, the machine beeped from the lab downstairs. Maddie jumped up from her chair, Jack following behind her. When they reached the lab, Jack began to fiddle with the instrumentals while Maddie scanned the ectoplasm sample into the machine with the Fenton Ghost Scanner. She stared hopefully at the screen while it loaded, just waiting to see exactly what Phantom was made of.

But what she saw made her drop the scanner onto the lab floor in surprise. She covered her both with both hands. No, it wasn't possible.

Jack looked up at her, noticing the shocked look on her face. "What is it Mads?" After a moment or two, she finally answered. "Jack..." The tone of her voice filled him with concern. "Jack, come look at this."

He walked over to the screen and read what it said. His jaw dropped along with Maddie's at the words on-screen.

Sample reading complete:

50% Blood 50% Ectoplasm

Danny Fenton had to struggle so he wouldn't fall asleep in English class. His best friends, Sam and Tucker, had been instructed to wake him up if he did fall asleep.

Man, this late night ghost fighting was taking a lot out of him. Not only were his grades slipping, he was also running low on sleep. It wasn't really his fault, if the ghosts would just stop messing with his town, he wouldn't have these issues! Not that anyone knew that. And since nobody knew that the ghosts were causing all the trouble, he took the fall for it. It wasn't any different in his ghost form, either.

Of course it had been easier since most of the town truly believed that he was a good guy, but there were always a few who didn't think he was anything but bad news. Didn't they see the good he did? Couldn't they tell that the few times he had done anything bad, was because he was framed? If he got in trouble for one bad thing, everyone automatically forgot the hundreds of good things he did for them and assumed he had to be evil. It wasn't fair. When normal people made mistakes, it was called a mistake. If he made a mistake, he was called an evil ghost with dark intentions. He could only hope that one day they would see that he really did have a good purpose here.

His thoughts were interrupted by a note landing on his desk. He looked over at Tucker, the sender of the note, before turning back to the note and reading it.

So, did Klemper FINALLY leave you alone last night?

He wrote back to Tucker,

Yeah, only after I tricked him into going back into the ghost portal. Jeez, when will he learn that I do NOT want to be his friend?!

I don't know, dude. The only guy who might be his friend is the Box Ghost, if anyone.

Not on his afterlife. As annoying as the Box Ghost is, he would definitely know better than to be friends with that weirdo.

I wonder who's the more annoying?

Don't even get me started.

Just then the bell rang. For most kids that meant going home and chilling out, hanging out with friends, or doing after-school activities. For Danny, it meant going home while possible handling a few ghosts along the way, checking in with his parents, and then starting on his homework, only to be interrupted by more ghosts. He was glad to be able to protect people, but sometimes he wished he could get a few days to just relax.

"I'm telling you Jack, it isn't possible!" Danny heard his mother yell from the living room as he entered his house. His sister Jazz walked in behind him, and they exchanged confused glances before running into the living room together.

"What's going on Mom?" Jazz asked as calmly as possible. Though it was evident on her face that she was a bit concerned. Her mom had never looked this frantic before.

Maddie put her hands to her head and plopped down on the couch. Jack sighed before explaining. "Your mother thinks the Fenton Ghost Scanner isn't working properly, because its reading was 'impossible.'"

Now considering it safe, the two advanced further into the room. "Why, what did it say?" Jazz asked. Her father sighed again. "Apparently it is claiming that the ectoplasm sample from Phantom is only half ectoplasm."

Danny froze and looked up at his big sister. Her face showed that she was just as frantic as he was.

"Um, out of curiosity... what was the other half?" Danny asked. "Apparently he's half human blood. Unfortunately, because we can't identify the human blood, we have no way of knowing who it is!"

"Because it isn't, Jack! One cannot be human AND ghost. It's IMPOSSIBLE." She said, emphasizing her words. "Okay? Clearly, somebody else must have accidentally brushed against the sample or something. There is NO WAY on Earth that PHANTOM is human!" Danny visibly relaxed more with each word. As long as his parents thought it was not possible, he was in the clear.

Jack nodded, although it was evident that he wasn't fully convinced. They had tested that invention out time and time again before testing Phantom's ectoplasm. While Maddie might have refused to believe it, Jack had to accept the facts. The scanner was right. Phantom was a half-ghost.

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