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Title: "Maturing love"

Summary: Nelson Muntz had always seen Lisa Simpson as another nerd through most of his life. Until that one day when he was 10 and she was 8 and she confessed her feelings to him. Though their relationship hadn't lasted long, the way he acted and thought of her had definitely changed. And now 8 years later he's started loving her in a more manly way, compared to when the first time he kissed her, simply to shut her up.

Author's 1st note: So this is my very first fan fiction! As in ever O.o I have written stories since I was 10 (I'm now 18) but I have never thrown myself out in the ocean of fan fiction, though I've read too many stories to count xD

I was actually nervous about writing this since… well, I have had other people reading what I've been writing throughout the years, but never like this. English is also only my second language and besides from essays in English, I've never really written anything like this before, so if there's any grammar mistakes, then please do excuse me and don't be afraid of pointing them out to me, as long as you're being polite about it :) Since I haven't really been taught in the grammar in English (like when to and when not to use commas) I may make some mistakes through this.

Oh, and since I'm not American (I'm Danish) I'm not 100 % sure how a high school works, despite what I may have seen in movies and shows. Please do also tell me, if I've somehow made a mistake though the school part isn't that big a part of the story itself.

Chapter 1: "So that's why I feel tender"

Lisa Simpson hadn't changed much since Elementary School. She still had her blonde spiky hair, though now it waved a little more giving the girl a more feminine and soft look. She still wore a red dress as it had always been her trademark. Though now she also wore a brown belt just around her snug waist, as many boys had noticed through puberty and rather than her red Mary Jane slip-on shoes, she now wore some brown boots that mostly looked like a modern type of shoes that Indians would wear. The only thing with her appearance that hadn't really changed was her beautiful white pearls.

Lisa was still the same girl on the inside though. Still kind, still smart, still cute and still the only girl Nelson Muntz had ever truly taken a liking to. Despite the small age gap of 2 years, he had gotten to know her mostly through her brother Bart, whom Nelson shared classes with through elementary. But since they also went to the same school, it was redundant to say that of course he had noticed her. Though not in a very positive way to begin with.

Nelson didn't think much of Lisa Simpson. To him, she had just been another nerd, another geek, another one to steal lunch money from. He had never ever thought that she'd have feelings for him. Not a million years. Not only didn't any girls like Nelson and who could blame them? But Lisa had seen something in him no one else had: A tender side. And though he hated to admit it, she had been pretty damn good at getting that side out of him back then. Even now in high school.

It wasn't like Nelson thought of Lisa 24/7. No! Not at all. More like she did have a permanent presence that lingered in the back of his mind. Also since he eventually went to high school and she stayed in elementary despite the fact she could easily have weaseled her way into high school with her intelligence, they sort of forgot about each other for a small amount of time. If two years were a small amount of time.

The first day of Nelson's third year of high school, he couldn't believe his eyes when Lisa walked through that entrance. She had seemed so much more mature. How was that even possible? It had been two years. Two damn years! "Dammit", Nelson had though. "Only girls can do that!"

Nevertheless they had somehow managed to sneak a conversation with each other into their otherwise busy schedules. Or Lisa's busy schedule. She still played the saxophone and was still as big an overachiever as before, but she had somehow mellowed into a steady pace. She had made friends quickly and Nelson had been happy to see her blend in so naturally for the first time in her life. While he, himself, still lived in solitude mostly. It had been a long time since he dumped his old "friends" Dolph, Kearney and Jimbo. Though they had been the only people ever to understand him the slightest, they had also been the biggest reason for him not to be able to grow out of his bullying ways. Getting rid of them hadn't made him less lonely, but it had been a nice breath of fresh air not be around them anymore.

With Nelson barely noticing, a half year had already passed since Lisa first enrolled into high school and he only had a half year back until… Well, until he at least had to leave high school. 6 months to do… well, anything about his long time crush on Lisa that had developed quite heavily during high school. He merely had to look in her direction and he could feel the sparks through his body. He always dismissed those feelings, but couldn't help wanting to indulge them. He wanted Lisa on a level he had never wanted any other girl. Moreover, to his slight discomfort, he didn't want her only on an emotional level. He wanted all of her. Soul and body. And that damn dress didn't exactly help most of the time! Nor did her legs, waist, hair, eyes, chest or… He quickly shook his thoughts away from his head, before ending up with just ravaging her on one of the cafeteria tables. He had suddenly lost his appetite. For food.

It had been early in spring when Nelson tried to drown his desires in alcohol. He wasn't much of a drinker, at least not on his mother's level, but he had managed to drink quite a few drinks before suddenly hitting somewhat of a point of no return. He had let his walls prisoning his lusty thoughts of Lisa down. He then caught himself moaning loudly enough to be shocked by his own sound and holding his hand across his mouth. In a drunken haze he'd then slipped on his jacket and went outside without any destination in particular.

Nelson had no idea how he ended up in front of Lisa's house. It was dark and cold outside and he couldn't think of anything else but her warm skin pressed up against his own. He was standing in the Simpsons garden, looking up to her window. He'd been in her room before but not quite with this intention. He noticed when he arrived, that she had left her window open. Was she insane? It was cold as hell! She had probably forgotten. He couldn't help smirking at the thought. Yeah, Lisa Simpson forgetting to close her window as some sort of air-headed bimbo. That would be the day.

Nelson climbed up the tree, sneaked his way on the branch and managed to catch onto the window pane without making too much noise. He lifted himself up and snuck into Lisa's room. When he came in the first thing he saw was her lying on her bed. "Of course," he thought. "Of course she's sleeping in a tank top and panties."

Nelson wasn't really sure what his intentions had been a minute ago before getting into Lisa's room. He wasn't really drunk enough to not know what he was doing, but he definitely had become more brave. He stood up on the carpet and noticed that her blanket had been thrown to one side of the bed. She just laid there on the mattress, clearly with comfort. How could she not be cold? He wondered and couldn't help himself: He closed the window behind him. There was no way sleeping with the window open in early March was healthy. He couldn't help but sighing slightly at his thoughts, which sounded much to like a worrywart to him. She was capable of taking care of herself, but he couldn't help worry about small things lately.

Nelson turned around and walked towards the sleeping Lisa. She laid on her left side with her back turned to him. She was sleeping in a rather comfy position, using her hands as a pillow, even on her pillow and her legs were bend together making her look like she should be spooning with someone. He wouldn't mind being the one.

Nelson suddenly felt rather creepy. The buzz was warring off a little and reality suddenly dawned on him. He had snuck into a girl's room at night! While being buzzed! And that girl was Lisa Simpson, the girl he was currently crushing on and lusting after! This was a dangerous situation, no matter how he twisted it. And with those thoughts, he was about to turn around and leave.

That was until Lisa suddenly moaned very quietly and turned in her sleep. She was now laying on her back with her left arm on her slowly rising and falling abdomen and her right arm bend over her head. One of her legs was stretched out while the other was bend over it in a crooked position. Thoughts of leaving had currently left Nelson's mind and he shifted a little closer to her, now standing right next to her bed.

Lisa was quiet at first, and Nelson cursed himself for probably looking like a lovesick fool while looking at a girl with way too little clothes on. She was sleeping very deeply and she started moving a tad. Another sigh escaped her lips and it seemed rather… content?

Nelson was just looking at her with admiration to begin with, but when the sighs become more active, he couldn't help but cocking one eyebrow. What in the world was she dreaming about? Suddenly she gasped and for a second, Nelson was ready to jump out the window and possibly out into his inevitable death awaiting on the ground after, but she moaned again right after. She arched her back a bit while moaning again. He couldn't help staring. She… wasn't having a nightmare… was she? She didn't exactly look like she was in pain, but he couldn't really figure out what all those noises meant…

"Yes…" Lisa suddenly sighed in a feathery tone. Nelson would have jumped ten feet up into the air, if he wasn't determined to not be busted being in her room. Hearing Lisa talking, or perhaps whispering, in such a tone sent a rather comfortable feeling through his body. But that feeling wasn't welcome right now!

Nelson started to shake, while Lisa arched her back again and again in a slow rhythmic move. He couldn't help but notice the way her pelvis swayed in a silent beat and with her moaning accompanying it, it finally truly dawned on him: Lisa Simpson was having an erotic dream.

With that realization Nelson could no longer control his body's natural reaction and he fell on his knees in a somehow pathetic attempt to hide his growing manhood, though no one was really looking at him to see it.

Nelson kept telling himself to get the hell outta there! Watching Lisa in such a private situation without her knowledge was not only slap worthy. It was without a doubt dangerous! If she kept making the noises with him in the room and with his buzz still on, there was no way he could resist her!

Nelson took a deep breath, trying to collect himself as much as possible and then practically dove to the window. He had only just grabbed ahold of it, when a quiet, sultry voice called his name. The blood in his body froze and he slowly turned towards Lisa, expecting to find her looking at him with those fiery eyes, ready to beat the shit out of him. But she wasn't standing up. She was still laying on the bed, swaying her hips slowly in a silent rhythm and moaning.

For a second Nelson was sure he must have misheard. He was about to slowly turn around towards the window again, when the same sultry voice called his name. This time his eyes practically popped out of his head and he stared at her, waiting for some kind of proof that he wasn't going insane.

Nelson waited for what seemed forever, before Lisa finally confirmed his suspicions. "Nelson…" she moaned and bit on her lower lip in her sleep. He just kept staring at her in a disbelieving way. There was no way that Lisa Marie Simpson could possibly… It was a shock in its own way that she even had dreams of a sexual nature, but that it was about him? Impossible! She had a crush on him when she was in 2nd grade! That was like a million years ago! She couldn't possibly still have - -

"Nelson…!" Lisa moaned yet again and Nelson could feel warm blood rushing to the most essential part of his male anatomy. There was no way he could not have done what he did. In two strides, he went to her bed, bended over with one knee on it and clashed his lips against hers.

Naturally, Lisa woke with a start and lifted her hands in an attempt to push away whoever was attacking her. Grabbing her wrists to stop her from hitting him, he pulled his lips away from hers. "L-Lisa, it's me!" he whispered. She fought for a couple of seconds before stopping completely. It seemed as if she was studying him despite the dark in an attempt to recognize him. And when she finally did, her eyes practically popped open. "Nelson? What are you - - "

But she didn't get to say much more, before Nelson shut her up once again with his lips. At first she was still too shocked to respond, but when he felt her kissing him back, it felt like heaven. Or as he would have said as a child: Rockin'.

This second kiss had started out rather gentle, but Nelson could feel the urge to deepen it and though he tried to be gentle about it, his frustration was obvious when he poked the tip of his tongue on her lips. To his grave surprise – and relief – she granted him access almost immediately and there was no way he would hesitate. He sneaked his tongue in her mouth and started rolling it slowly around hers. It was a weird, sensational feeling that he hadn't experienced much. He had tried dating a few girls through the years, but girls that liked him were bad girls. Girls that behaved like him and though those girls were fine the way they were, he simply couldn't feel attracted to them long enough to go beyond kissing. But with Lisa… damn.

When Lisa wrapped her arms around his neck, he pulled her up from the bed a little bit to get his arms around her waist. She pulled at his back a little bit, making him sit on both knees on her bed. With one knee next to her waist and the other one in between her legs, he couldn't help but feel a shiver go through him at being so close to her.

Nelson could have sworn Lisa of to the saints before this moment. She had without any doubt in his mind, lifted her knee deliberately to touch it against his manhood. He had gasped but quickly dove his lips to hers again, mostly to try and cover the obvious shock and pleasure from her bravery.

Nelson inwardly growled. He couldn't believe Lisa had the guts to actually do something like that to him. To anyone honestly. He had always thought she was a goody-goody and though that was probably true, she had also grown up.

Nelson let go of Lisa's lips to try and kiss her on the neck. She immediately lifted her head to give him more room and he used his tongue to tickle her. She shivered beneath him and if that wasn't rewarding enough, she had also lifted her left leg around his waist. She pulled him closer to her and soon, their most intimate areas touched.

In a short moment of panic, Nelson thought he had done it himself and that she hadn't meant for it to happen. He pulled away to look her in her eyes. Her eyes were half-lidded and full of lust though. She put her hands on his cheeks and pulled him into another kiss without closing her eyes. He drowned in them for a second before closing his eyes himself.

Nelson could feel his senses go wild and without even thinking about it, his hand went to her right breast. She gasped into his mouth, but she also pulled him closer, giving him an obvious yes to his silent question. He started massaging the breast, giving himself a chance truly to feel something like that for the first time. It was soft, as he had expected and even if his interest in women hadn't ever been a top priority, he suddenly regretted not having tried this before because he truly had no idea what to do.

Lisa didn't seem to notice Nelson's uncertainty though, 'cause she was now biting her lower lip in something that looked like pure bliss. In addition, the fact that she was starting to pull on his jacket pretty much told him that he must have been doing something right. He sat up for a second to pull the thick jacket off his body. In the meantime, Lisa had pulled her leg to her chest and placed it on the other side of his knee, so that they were no spread around him.

Nelson placed his hands next to her head, just looking at her. She was looking at him too, smiling just slightly in an almost intoxicated way. Suddenly though, he could feel her legs wrap around his waist and she pulled him down to her, so their noses were touching. He couldn't help but gulp at her forwardness. She really didn't seem like a goody-goody at all. If he hadn't know her since elementary school and therefore knew she hadn't had a proper, steady boyfriend, he would have thought she'd done this before. Either that or she was being unusually brave about the whole thing. Not that he minded, he could use a little of that bravery himself. Or perhaps he really shouldn't get any braver than this.

Lisa devoured Nelson's lips and once again, he could care less about common sense. He lifted one of his hands to, yet again, touch her chest. She was pushing herself against his hand and it only made him squeeze harder. It obviously pleased her, so why try to be careful?

Losing a little extra of that so called "common sense", Nelson let his hand rest on Lisa's stomach for a second, waiting to see if she would push him away. She didn't, so he lifted her top a little, not to remove it but to sneak his hand up to her breast again under it. She naturally didn't wear a bra while sleeping, so when he felt the soft warm skin of her flesh, he sighed next to her ear.

To his pleasure, she turned her mouth to his ear and started nibbling on it. He had never thought something like that could feel that good. He lifted her top above her chest and kissed her neck before lowering himself to the mounds of her chest. She started fingering his hair, when he kissed her on one breast. When he started sucking on her nipple, she gasped rather loudly. She grabbed some tots of his hair and pushed his face against her chest again, since he had moved away a bit, thinking it had been too much. He thought to himself, that he had to stop being careful around her. Seriously, she seemed to be much more relaxed about it than he was. And in a way it was both discouraging and sexy.

Nelson started flicking his tongue on Lisa's nipple while making his fingers pulling on the other one. "Oh… God!" Lisa mumbled under her breath and she grabbed for his shoulder with her free hand. She started pulling at his vest, trying to get it off. She didn't need help this time, or rather she was too impatient to wait for him to do it. She sat them both up, so she could rip it down his arms. When it was off, he had been about to lay against her again, but then she grabbed for the hem of the t-shirt he had worn underneath and starting to pull it up.

Nelson could feel the little, insecure boy within him who wasn't too comfortable being half naked in front of Lisa of all people! He normally didn't care about his appearance and though his chubbiness from elementary school had turned into more muscle than fat, there was still a part of him that compared himself to the beast in Lisa's beautiful presence.

Lisa didn't seem to think the same way. Not at all. Actually she seemed more like the hungry beast looking at him. Here he was, sitting on his knees on her bed and she was looking at him like that one whole cake he once busted her eating.

They were both sitting on their knees, so when Lisa wrapped her arms around Nelson and thereby pushing him down to the bed, he had to shift his legs rather quickly before falling down on his back. Before he knew it, Lisa was sitting on his lap with her arms around his neck and kissing him so passionately, he was sure he was about to pass out several times.

She sat up suddenly and started to pull at her tank top. His eyes went wide, while she pulled it over her head, exposing herself almost completely to him. They were now technically almost at the same level, but a girl's chest was much more private than a boy's! He had already theoretically seen them, but now she was on top of him and he wasn't busy kissing them, so now he could really see her. The moonlight from outside the window gave a soft tint to her beautiful features, and he was done being scared and feeling insecure. If this beautiful girl really wanted him, then she would have him!

Nelson took ahold of Lisa's hands and while intertwining their fingers, he pulled his own hands to the bed and therefore pulling her down to him. She started kissing him in an amorous way and he kissed her back with full force. He wanted to keep holding her hands but he also wanted to touch her even more. So he let go of her left hand and by doing so, his right hand was now free to be laid on her waist.

Nelson didn't want to push his luck, but he also didn't want to be a coward. He simply held his hand there, while letting his thumb play a little with the hem of the panties. Sneaking his finger under it and pulling at it just slightly to signal how much he wanted them to be off. She quickly let go of his lips and while smiling at him, she started to descend from the bed.

Nelson quickly sat up and looked at Lisa, while she was standing on the floor. For a second it looked like she would pull her panties off, but then she grabbed the front of his jeans, almost pulling him out of the bed. He looked at her, a little shocked for a second because he was more than sure he had been about to fall out. He was now sitting with his legs out of the bed, but not for long because now she forced him to stand up.

Nelson was confused to boot, before Lisa started to pull at his pants, and then he felt stupid. Yeah, ask the girl to get naked, while he was only halfway there. Real smooth! He quickly took ahold of her hands, pulling his pants down with her, at least part of the way. When he could reach no further, he simply stood out of the pants and she discarded them quickly.

Lisa sure didn't like to waste any time. As soon as his pants was out of her hands, she took ahold of his boxers as well. He was just as eager as her, but he really didn't like the thought of being the first one to get naked. He let her do as she wished though and within a few second, he was standing butt naked in front of her.

Lisa had always been good at reading Nelson, so it seemed she quickly noticed his discomfort. She swiftly took a step close to him after having thrown his boxers somewhere on the floor. She stood closely up against him, so that all he could see was her eyes. She kissed him sweetly, while taking his hand. She led it to her panties and started pulling them with his hand. He couldn't help but smile inwardly. That was Lisa alright. Not even peeking at him as she had clearly wanted to, to make sure that they were both equally vulnerable. How she could always see right through him like that would always be a mystery to him.

Lisa let Nelson get down to his knees, while pulling her panties of. While doing that, he looked only at them, somehow focusing more than necessary at the task at hand. When she was finally as naked as he, he dared look up into her eyes first. She smiled at him, only slightly embarrassed it seemed. He then gulped a little, before lowering his eyes to her naked form. She was right in front of him and as if she had been the last meal on earth, he let his mouth kiss her between her thighs.

Lisa gasped loudly while grabbing Nelson's hair. He had learned her body language and her sounds by now, so he knew he hadn't hurt her. Quite the contrary. He lifted one of his arms to wrap it around her waist, pulling her a little closer. She started to shake in pleasure and her fingers in his hair started pulling a little.

Lisa didn't let Nelson kiss her in her private area for too long. She quickly snaked her way out of his arm, walked by him and sat on the bed. Nelson stood up and turned to her, waiting for some sort of conclusion. She looked a little shaken, almost as if she had just realized how real all this was, but then she smiled so lovingly at him while extending her hand to him. He took it with an equally happy smile and let her lead him back to the bed.

Lisa quickly pulled herself back on the bed to give Nelson room and he hovered above her not long after. They were just gazing at each other. It was as if they were both thinking that this was it. And it was. There really wasn't much else to do, but to either give in or give up. And there was absolutely none of them that intended the latter.

Lisa snuck her arms around Nelson's neck yet again and pulled him down to her. She gave him a lingering kiss, before wrapping her legs around his waist. He looked at her for a second, as if asking for permission. She smiled and nodded. He kissed her sweetly while wrapping his arms beneath her waist. While making sure the pain would be as small as possible, he made sure to give her a kiss that could distract her.

Lisa bore her fingers into Nelson's back, while he got inside of her. She went tense beneath him, though he entered as painfully slowly as he possibly could. He stopped for a second, continuing the kiss and even starting to play with one of her breasts. He wanted this to be as painless as possible for her. He didn't know all that much about girls, but he had overheard a conversation or two between some of them at school. Apparently, the first time could be rather painful for a girl, as he had heard from one of Lisa's friends one day. He was resolute not to let her be in pain without trying to help her through it.

When Lisa seemed to have calmed down, Nelson inched a little further. She tensed a little again but not nearly as much as before, so he simply made one slow motion all the way in. She gasped beneath him and broke the kiss by doing so. He looked at her in such worry that he almost wanted to pull completely out of her. She saw that and quickly pulled him closer to her with her legs. The pain was bearable thanks to him and she would be ok.

Lisa smiled sweetly at Nelson to encourage him. He seemed reluctant to continue though and she therefore started it herself. Letting the force of her legs around him go made him pull out a little, but then she forced him back in again. It hurt. It really did, but she could handle it. Also because she knew it wouldn't last.

Nelson eventually caught up with Lisa's pace. He kept looking at her face to make sure, she really wasn't in any excruciating pain. It definitely didn't seem like it and before long she started moaning like she had did, when she was dreaming before all of this had started.

Lisa was the one to make Nelson go faster. He did without any hesitation and he could already feel an almost familiar feeling by now sneaking up in his body. He looked at her, trying to figure out if she was in any way as close as he was. She was definitely gasping and moaning a lot by now and she looked so mesmerized.

Lisa suddenly opened her eyes, almost if she had felt Nelson looking at her. She smiled, laid her hands on his thighs and in a way started pulling at them. He took ahold of her waist and pulled them both back a little, so that he was sitting on his knees with her half laying on his waist.

Nelson could feel himself getting too close to not say anything. "Lisa! I-I'm - - " he was saying, until she held her arms out to him. Without really stopping the rhythm, he somehow managed to take ahold of her waist and lifting her up a little. She was now fully sitting on his lap, arms around his neck and bumping up and down on him. "M-Me too!"

Nelson didn't even have time to think twice about asking Lisa if she really meant that, because even the mere thought of her feeling that sort of ecstasy with him was all it took to push him over the edge. With a growl, he bit down unto Lisa's neck to cover his own voice. She had been about to do the same, when she fell backwards with him landing on top of her. While thrusting a few more times, she too was met with something so powerful, that she had to bite onto his neck as well to cover her scream.

Both teens were synchronized in their heavy breathing. As if to apologize for the animal like bite, Nelson kissed the probably tender area of Lisa's neck. She moved her lips to his neck to do the same and then he felt her go completely limb.

Nelson pulled himself away a little from Lisa to look down at her. She had her eyes closed, her chest gently moving up and down and with a happy smile on her face. He looked at her curiously for a second, before he comprehended that she had just fallen asleep. He would have started chuckling, if that wouldn't have woken her up.

Nelson gently snuck out of the beautiful girl beneath him. He laid down next to her and just looked at her. He wasn't quite sure what to think or feel. He just had sex with Lisa. Lisa! And it had been so out of the blue, so out of nowhere that he couldn't help but wonder, if it really had been such a long time coming? If he had known it would be this easy, he would have asked her out years ago!

Then a little bit of panic returned to Nelson, just as his senses started to come into place. He started realizing small things. First of all Lisa had been having a dream about him just before this. It had seemed sexual, but he couldn't be sure of that. And he had woken her up in the middle of it. And she had fallen asleep right after again. She couldn't possibly think… that his whole thing had been a dream, could she?

Nelson sat up and looked down at Lisa, who was still smiling in her sleep. With if she had done all of this thinking it was a dream? She had seemed rather calm about the whole ordeal and she was looking rather hazy through it. He smacked his forehead, now completely sure that she would wake up thinking this was a dream.

Nelson moved carefully out of the bed and started grabbing his clothes. He wore his boxers, pulled on his jeans, threw his t-shirt back on and zipped his jacket. If Lisa would wake up, thinking and probably expecting this to have been a dream, there was no way he could ever try to convince her of anything else. Maybe she would feel violated!

Nelson was starting to feel sick, when he turned around to look at Lisa. The naked Lisa on the bed. If she woke up and noticed her clothes were off, she would definitely realize that something had happened to her. He could have blushed at the thought, but he had to get her dressed again.

Nelson quickly found her top and panties. Thank god, she hadn't worn much else. It had been a bit of a struggle while trying not to wake her up, but he'd managed to get her dressed again. She was apparently a sound sleeper. Another reason why she might think this whole thing had been a dream.

Nelson looked sadly at Lisa, but couldn't help smirking a little, when she mumbled something in her sleep. He couldn't hear what, but it made him kiss her cheek gently and then he finally snuck out of her window and went home.

Lisa woke up the next morning feeling something different. She had opened her eyes, but when she started stretching her arms, she noticed a rather tender feeling. At first she just laid still, trying to think what on earth that feeling could be. When she sat up, she quickly figured out the source of the tender feeling. She pulled her legs together and, yes, that was definitely it.

"Why on earth am I sore there?" Lisa thought aloud and looked around her room, as if that would give her an answer. While she looked around, she remembered having a dream about Nelson that night. She started blushing at the memories of it and scratched her head. She chuckled embarrassed. "Well, that dream felt more real than any of the others… Maybe that's why I'm tender? Perhaps I… in my dream… I could maybe have mas - - "

Lisa didn't get to finish her thought, before she noticed something familiar, yet out of place on her floor. She cocked her head to the side, before reaching out for the blue vest on the somewhat matching carpet. She studied it in her hands, before recognizing it. Her eyes went wide with realization and she looked away from it, blushing heavily. "Oh… so that's why I feel tender."

Author's 2nd note: I may be planning to make a second chapter if this seems to get people's interest and attention. I already have a pretty clear idea how the next chapter would develop, so please do review and tell me if you like this or not. If I do make a second chapter, it would be more from Lisa's point of view.