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The young man yawned and scratched the two day old stubble that decorated his chin. Grimacing and reminding himself that he should shave - at least for appearances' sake.
Drinking from a stylish mug, he stared out of his apartment window at the skyline of Tokyo and smiled as he watched several shuttlecraft streak gracefully through the sky.

"Only five hours to go," he murmured to himself as he took another drag of his coffee and cracked his neck to relieve the stiffness. Finishing his drink, he made his way to the nearby dresser and completed the packing that he had been midway through before he stopped for a coffee break. Once done, he snapped the case shut and listened in satisfaction as the magnetic seals clicked into place and beeped to signal that it had been locked. With a grin, he picked up the silvery suitcase and placed it with the seventeen others that he had packed.
"I think I need to cut down on shopping," he muttered disgustedly, once again scratching at his stubble - a nervous habit that had become his trademark over the years, replacing his older, more ingrained habits gradually.

The doorbell of his apartment rang, prompting him out of his vague recollections of his distant youth and to run to the door. Grinning, he flung it open to reveal another young man who wore a smart blue uniform trimmed in yellow.
He was well muscled, and stood a hair's less than six foot tall, his brown eyes glinting with good humour.

"It's been a long time, Captain Ranma Saotome," murmured Commander Ryouga Hibiki, 1st officer of the Starship Enterprise.

- End Prologue -

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