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As Natasha traveled up the elevator to her apartment in Stark tower, she realized that it had never felt so good to be home. She just returned home from a shitty mission and wanted nothing more than a hot shower. Her mission was deep undercover and she wanted to get back to feeling like herself again.

She had been injured over the course of the mission, a bullet to the thigh and a knife wound in her stomach, and by the time the evac team got there she had already passed out from blood loss. It was a serious injury, yet it was expected from a deep cover mission, many agents come back much worse, or even not at all. Natasha got lucky this time.

It was not surprising for Natasha to wake up in SHIELD's medical ward, but it was surprising that Clint was not there when she woke up, or even on base for that matter.

Natasha considered Clint her best friend, and the person she could trust the most out of anybody. She trusted him to be her partner on a mission, keep her demons secret, and to always have her back, no matter what. She had expected him to be there.

The day she left, 4 months ago, was tougher than it usually was. Natasha had woken up at 3am, having said goodbye to the team the previous night, she got dressed in her business attire that her 'employer' would expect. Having shared the bed with Clint the night before to keep her nightmares away, he got up as well, helping her double check all her equipment and supplies.

They shared a rare hug, and she could've sworn she saw something in his stormy grey eyes when he told her to come back alive. Then she was off.

For years, Natasha buried her feeling for Clint out of fear, and that day she had almost let it out and told him everything. But she didn't.

Natasha arrived at her floor and headed for the shower. Stripping down, she peeled off her skin-tight cat suit and put the water on the hottest setting.

When Natasha got out of the shower she was feeling much more like herself and much more relaxed. Stark tower was one of the few places she felt a shred of safety.

She still slept with a gun, and every floor was stocked with hidden weapons in case of an emergency but she didn't have to worry about someone killing her while she slept.

Natasha made herself a cup of tea and began reading through the papers, trying to catch up on the last few months that she's been gone. If it wasn't midnight, she would go visit with the team and catch up, but right now the only ones up would be Bruce and maybe Tony but she didn't want to interrupt any of their research.

Natasha finally decided to head to bed around 1am when she was satisfied that she was sufficiently caught up.

It wasn't the first night that Natasha dreamt of her past horrors and woke up screaming, but it was the first night in 2 years that Clint wasn't there with her.

Clint has been Natasha's partner for 4 years and her best friend for 3. It was obvious that both of them felt something more than friendship towards each other, but Natasha refused to let someone close to her in that way because she refused to make herself vulnerable.

So instead of acknowledging her feelings, Natasha just pushed it all down while telling herself that she couldn't be compromised. She knew Clint felt similarly towards her, she could see it in his eyes almost all the time.

By the time Natasha woke up, it was 9am and she was starving for breakfast so she threw on one of Clint's old t-shirts, pulled on some black athletic shorts, and headed for the team's communal level.

Almost as soon as the elevator door opened, she was grabbed and pulled into a bone crushing hug by Thor.

"Lady Natasha! It is good to see you well after your mission. Our director told us it was dangerous, was it not?" Thor boomed while he was mid-hug. Once he put her down she was able to reply.

"Yeah, it was difficult, but I managed alright."

Bruce was the next one to greet her, leaving his spot from the kitchen table to make his way over. "Good to see you in one piece, Natasha. Fury told you that I'm monitoring your stitches, right?"

"He did, thanks, Bruce." She replied while hugging him lightly. Bruce had become the team's stand in doctor. If they were injured seriously enough they would be transported to a SHIELD base or hospital and then monitored by Bruce once released. Everyone preferred to be at the tower recovering as opposed to a medical wing.

Steve waved from where he was making pancakes in the kitchen so she headed over to him. While walking she scanned the floor quickly to see if anyone else was around. Tony and Pepper weren't there which wasn't unusual.

Tony rarely got up before 9 and Pepper was almost always busy running Stark Industries. What really confused her was why Clint wasn't there. Usually the two of them would have an early workout in the gym and make it back up in time for breakfast with the team.

"JARVIS, where are Tony, Pepper, and Clint?" She requested.

"Currently Ms. Potts and Mr. Stark are on their floor in what appears to be a heated debate while Agent Barton is not in the tower at the moment." The AI responded back.

"Thanks, JARVIS"

"You are welcome Agent Romanoff." Natasha grabbed a chocolate chip pancake off the top of the stack that Steve was making and rolled it up. She wondered where Clint was, slightly annoyed he wasn't there when she got home to New York.

"How've you been Steve?" She asked before taking a bite out of her pancake roll. She and Steve had become close since the battle of New York. He was a great sparring and training partner who always offered a challenge.

Steve was a natural leader for the team; he fit so easily into the role it was like he was born for it. He and Tony still bickered all the time, but it was nothing like when Clint and Tony went at it, and Steve was like a brother to Natasha.

"I've been good, been catching up on my sketches lately." He told her as he flipped another pancake off the pan and into the stack. Natasha was happy that Steve was able to find time to draw, he was really good and in another life, he could've been an artist.

"Look, Pep, Stalin's home." Tony shouted from where the elevator doors just opened. Pepper was not amused with Tony's antics in the slightest.

"Tony, will you please keep your voice down? It is way too early for that, even in your book. By the way, it is lovely to see you home safe, Natasha."

"Thanks, Pepper, I see that Stark and Banner have avoided completely destroying the tower while I was gone." Natasha told Pepper. Natasha has never really had any good female friends. There was Hill and a few other female Agents that she got along fine with, but they were always associated with work; Pepper was just…Pepper. She kept Stark industries incredibly well managed and was also an acting handler for the team.

Fury decided that with so many of them in one group, more than one handler would be helpful, especially with the chaos that always seems to follow them around.

"Speaking of destroying things, Brucie and I have some new prototypes for you to try down in the lab later; but now I think it's time for a drink." Tony announced whilst pouring himself a drink. After his drink was poured, Tony proceeded to pour Natasha a shot of the Russian vodka that he imported just for her.

"Isn't it a little early for drinking, Stark?" Steve inquired. He was still getting used to life in the 21st century, and the amount people drank, and the occasions people drank for were much different.

"It's 5pm somewhere, Capsicle." Tony shot back, somewhat defensively.

"I second Stark on that one, I do need a drink." Natasha told them both as she walked over to the bar and shot down the vodka in one quick swallow, loving how it barely burnt on the way down. "I also need to go for a run, anyone else in?" She asked the group.

Natasha had expected Steve to volunteer since aside from Clint, he's the one who trains with her the most. Surprisingly, it was Bruce who volunteered.

"I'll go, Natasha, just give me five minutes and I'll meet you in the gym." Natasha nodded and then returned to her floor to get ready.

Clad in running shorts, a sports tank top, and running shoes, Natasha arrived at the largest gym the tower housed. It had various sports equipment, a sparring ring, and an indoor track.

Not long after she got there, Bruce showed up in athletic shorts and a tee shirt. He usually took it easy exercising in order to keep his heart rate and the other guy down. One wrong move in a sparring match could level the entire tower.

They started off at a light jog, making small talk about the team, her mission, how her stitches felt, and him and Tony's new experiments. From the sounds of it, they had some pretty awesome new stuff for her to test out.

Part of the reason they had her test a lot of stuff was not only because of her versatility in weapons and ammunition, but also because she was one of the few people with the guts to trust half of the crazy shit they invented. Clint too would often test out new arrowheads and other various pieces equipment when needed.

It took a while for her to gather enough courage to ask about what's been bugging her since she arrived back on the Helicarrier.

"So I haven't seen Clint around, what's up with him?" Natasha asked, trying to mask the emotion in her voice. She's sure Bruce heard it anyways. She and Bruce had always had a comfortable relationship with each other. They could sit in silence while reading or drinking tea together and be perfectly comfortable in the silence without feeling the need to fill it with empty conversation.

"I haven't seen Clint in the last two days, but I could tell he missed you. For about a month after you left, he just spend his time trying to occupy himself by pranking everyone in the tower and trying to piss off Stark. After he convinced Thor that fairies were after him, Pepper put a quick end to that nonsense. Tony took him to a few clubs… of many kinds," Bruce added with a look that told Natasha just what types of clubs they were in "but from what I hear, he wasn't very interested in anyone there and never brought anyone home."

"And now?" She no longer tried to hide anything in her voice. Bruce knew how deep Clint and Natasha's bond was. He saw it each time one or both of them were injured and the other refused to leave the side of whichever one of them was hurt. If both were hurt, he saw how they needed to recover together, as a team.

He could see the concern in Natasha's eyes when she asked about him a minute ago. Bruce could even see what both assassins refused to admit to themselves, and everyone else.

"From what I understand, Clint is doing fine. I haven't seen him in about two days now, but that hasn't been unusual lately." There was something in his eyes as he told her that, but Natasha forced herself not to think about it too much. She simply nodded.

"When would be a good time to test out the stuff that you and Tony built? I'm free whenever as long as a mission doesn't come up unexpectedly." As she said that, Bruce began to get excited. Tony must be rubbing off on him more than she originally thought.

"How about later on after dinner. That's when Clint is scheduled to come in too and since a lot of the items are partnered together it would be better if you were the other half as opposed to me. There was a…almost incident with the other guy last time." Natasha just smirked, knowing how nonchalant Stark is about Bruce's condition.

"Sounds like a plan."

After their run, Natasha headed down to the pool to work out the stress in her shoulders by swimming laps. Eventually she was joined by Steve and they ended up racing across the pool multiple times until both were exhausted and hungry for the early dinner that Pepper had planned.

Natasha showered in the locker room that was housed in the gym and she made it upstairs 30 minutes later. To busy herself, she helped Pepper chop the vegetables needed for the pot roast dinner and later mashed the potatoes. She would have helped with the beef, but Natasha wasn't skilled at finding the right temperature and time to cook meat for. Clint was though; he always cooked for both of them during missions, and even at home in the tower. She often ended up on his floor for meals that weren't a team event.

As soon as the food was done, Pepper had JARVIS tell the team and within minutes, almost everyone was in the kitchen getting food. Bruce and Stark grabbed theirs to go, claiming they needed to get ready for the testing taking place later that night.

As everyone else was sitting down ready to eat, the elevator doors opened to reveal Clint. His grey eyes fell right on Natasha and he smiled.

"Hey, Tasha, I'm glad you're home." Natasha wished she wasn't as upset as she was that he only now decided to show up. He has never missed a day when she got home from a mission barring unforeseen complications like a mission or an injury.

Clint greeted the rest of the team and sat down next to Thor and across from Natasha to eat.

Once they were both done with dinner, Clint and Natasha rode down to the lab in silence. Something was different in the way he looked at her now. She couldn't put her finger on what it was exactly since it wasn't good or bad, more like…apprehension almost?

She let it go, knowing he would tell her whenever he was ready.

Almost the second the doors opened to reveal the "destruction prepared lab", Stark was all over the place, talking excitedly and gesturing wildly.

"Stark, calm down before you pop a blood vessel, now what's first?" Natasha asked in slight irritation. The last thing she wanted around potentially unstable equipment was an excited Stark.

He grinned evilly while Bruce just sighed in the background.

The two assassins both left the lab in one piece miraculously. Most of the stuff was really cool and would work great, but there were a few items that needed more work.

They worked together flawlessly just like they always have, moving as one and getting everything tested within the hour.

"Agent Barton, there is a guest in the lobby for you." JARVIS came over the speakers.

"I'll be right down, have the team meet on the group level please, JARVIS." Clint requested. Before Natasha could ask what he had planned, the doors opened at the groups floor and she got out of the elevator, deciding that if Clint wasn't going to tell her what was going on, she didn't care.

Steve showed up around the same time, coming from the gym.

"Why does Clint need us here?" He asked Natasha in slight confusion. Usually it was Steve, Stark, or Pepper who called the group together.

Natasha just shrugged in reply. That was when she felt her phone vibrate in her pocket, letting her know she had a text coming through.

It was from Bruce. 'Natasha, there's something I need to tell you.' While she was in mid-reply, Thor and Pepper got out of the elevator, followed by Stark. Natasha finished sending the message, asking Bruce what was it that he needed to tell her.

They all waited for Clint to come back up while sitting on the couches that surrounded a huge flat screen TV that Fury occasionally buzzed into to brief the entire team at once in an emergency.

The doors opened and Clint stepped out with a goofy smile on his face. The sight made the sides of Natasha's mouth curl into a small smile.

"So it's been about three weeks and I thought that it was about time I introduced you guys to Angelina, my girlfriend." Natasha's mind was still processing the word 'girlfriend' when said woman stepped off the elevator.

The first thing Natasha noticed were her long tanned legs clad in white short-shorts and her thighs that were so skinny, they didn't touch. Her waist was miniscule and her boobs had to be at least D's. The woman's hair was waist length and perfectly straight, not to mention that her face was beautiful too. She even had a light sprinkling of freckles across her nose and under her cheeks. Her red lips and professional looking makeup'ed blue eyes were gorgeous and left Natasha feeling not so great about herself.

Natasha pulled herself together before anyone else processed what was going on and stood up, politely greeting Angelina before making up a bull shit excuse for needing to leave.

Clint was too busy showing his perfect bimbo off that he couldn't even see through her half-assed excuse and the fiery anger burning in her eyes underneath the smile.

Natasha made it to her floor before instructing JARVIS to lock in down and sliding down against a wall next to the elevator.

Her phone buzzed from Bruce calling her several times in a row, but she just ignored it, lost in her thoughts.

Natasha didn't have perfect long legs and skinny thighs that didn't touch. Hers were muscular from the intense training she went through and from the amount of protein she needed per day after training.

Because of her fair porcelain Russian skin, Natasha would never be able to get as tan as Angelina who, Natasha guessed, had some sort of Hispanic heritage.

Her hair would never be naturally straight and she would never have sky blue eyes and the freckles that so many people found attractive.

She was everything that Natasha was never going to be.

The thought brought Natasha to tears. She's glad she never told him how she felt before her mission since he obviously didn't feel the same way.

"Agent Romanoff, Ms. Potts has told me to warn you that if you didn't let her in, she would override my systems and force her way in. She has also asked me to add that Mr. Stark is not with her at the moment." JARVIS came over the intercom suddenly.

"Fine, let her in, but no one else, JARVIS!" Natasha yelled, still against the wall. She didn't care if Pepper saw her like this anymore. The women were close enough that Natasha trusted her to keep her mouth shut and not tell Stark or anyone else what she told her.

"Oh, Nat." Pepper said as she came bursting onto the floor and settling down next to Natasha. The other woman pulled her into a hug and Natasha did nothing to stop the stream of tears pouring down her face.

Pepper knew what was going on. She could see how much Natasha loved Clint, even if the assassin hated herself for feeling it. Pepper had thought that Clint had felt the same way too, and the fact that he brought the other woman home came as a shock to her as well.

"I know it doesn't make you feel better, but I don't like her either." Pepper told the assassin.

"Thanks, Pep, I know Stark probably isn't making this any easier on you either." Pepper just nodded, Natasha was right. Tony's comments to and about Angelina were absolutely inappropriate and it pissed Pepper off.

"Hey, Nat, don't give up on Clint. I could always see how he looked at you, and he doesn't look at her that way."

About an hour after talking to Pepper, Natasha pulled herself together and made her way down to the lab, checking beforehand to make sure Stark wasn't down there.

She walked along the hallway until she found Bruce's personal lab. Natasha knocked twice before she turned the handle and stepped inside.

"Bruce, I need your help."

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