Kitsune Blood


After defeating Voldemort everyone expected that Harry Potter would go straight into auror training and marry Ginny Weasley, his school sweetheart. No one expected him to go back into Hogwarts and finish his schooling, but everyone accepted it thinking that their savior just wanted to finish schooling with his friends before becoming a full time protector of the wizarding world.

Without Harry's knowledge plans were being made to dictate the rest of his life. Molly Waesley was already making plans for what would be the wedding of the century. The minister was already planning on making the savior the face of the aurors and the ministry. What they did not take into account was that the savior had plans of his own, plans that would put him out of their reach forever if he had any say in it.

Harry Potter was tired, tired of the deaths, of the gore and bloodshed of war and had no plans of becoming an auror. After the war he had taken a short vacation before starting his last year at Hogwarts and several discoveries about himself made it so that he would not follow what the rest of the world wanted for him, it was time he regained control of his own life.

He had a long chat with the goblings and after paying a hefty fine for his breaking into Gringots they were more than happy to present him with all that had been hidden from him before. He was now aware that the Potters were the third richest family in the wizarding world and after his 17 birthday he had all that wealth to himself. Not only that but he was the heir of the Blacks who were the second wealthiest family and some other smaller fortunes that had been left to the 'savior' after the families died out in the war against Voldemort, together it all made him the richest wizard in the world.

While he had never been a materialistic person, his new found wealth gave him the freedom to choose, to choose a life where he would be happy and not one that was expected of him. Since he had no need for work he had plans to travel and see the world once he finished schooling. He wanted to see the marvels of the world with his own eyes and he wanted to be as far as he could from wizarding Britain and the notoriety he had there.

Another thing he had discovered in his short vacation is that he preferred his own gender and that he only liked Ginny like a sister and there was no way he was getting back together with her. After that discovery he had spent some time in muggle gay clubs where his suspicions where more than confirmed, he definitely preferred the male body.

Going back to Hogwarts had been a hard decision, the temptation to disappear and never return had been huge, there was really nothing holding him here and too many bad memories from the final battle, but he returned to take his Newts and help with the repairs on the only real home he had ever known.

That last year passed fast, he spent most of his time alone and in the library wanting to make sure he passed his Newts and his plans were not interrupted. Getting time to himself proved to be easier than he had thought, Ron and Hermione were to wrapped in each other to notice his absence, Ginny was too busy planning their imagined future together to pay much attention to him and Luna and Neville knew when to give him time and where generally great friends.

He only talked of his plans with Neville, Luna and Adromeda and all of them agreed that it was something he needed and knew that if he stayed he would not get a moments rest. They themselves had plans to leave, Andromeda was moving to Salem Center, New York so that Teddy could have an easier time growing up, being the son of a werewolf would ensure he would be a victim of prejudice in England but in the United States such prejudice was not condoned and werewolf had never been denied of their rights like in England. Neville and Luna panned to travel to remote places of the world, Neville to look for rare plants for his greenhouses and Luna to look for fantastic creatures for the Quibbler.