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Chapter 17

The sounds of delight of a child filled the home making all that heard smile. If you looked towards the back of the house you would see a little boy in swim trunks running around being chased by two red headed menaces and enjoying every minute of the chase.

"They behave like little kids themselves." Andromeda said with a small shake of her head. "It's no wonder they get along with Teddy so well."

The others had to agree, the twins would never fully act their age they enjoyed mayhem too much for that.

"Well it makes me happy to see them having so much fun." Commented Gambit. "My two little mon cherie's deserve all the fun they can get."

Harry smiled at him while snuggling closer to Logan. They were all at the poolside after having played in the water for some time, thought Marie, Bobbie, Kitty, Warren and Kurt where still in the water while the twins played with Teddy.

"Logan how long before the steaks are done?" asked Andromeda, soon Teddy would come asking for food and she did not want to make him wait.

"It should not take much longer, I will check the grill in five minutes and add more sauce to the meat and it should be ready in ten. The grilled vegetables and the chicken are already done in any case."

"What about the potatoes?" asked Harry "I really want steak and potatoes."

"They should be done around the same time since I put them earlier." Logan was watching Harry with a small smile as he talked, he was very happy that Harry had started taking better care of himself and was more comfortable asking for what he wanted.

"What about the cake petite?" asked Remy looking at Harry, while not many suspected it Gambit had a huge sweet tooth and he especially loved baked goods.

Harry gave him a mischievous smile and said, "Dessert is ready but I won't bring it out until after food is served and done with. Teddy would not eat otherwise." Nor would the twins now that he thought about it and he shuddered to think of how they would act full of sugar and no food.

"Aw I just want a little piece." He said with a slight pout looking at Harry, he had discovered the kitsune was an excellent baker when one of his moods hit him.

"After lunch you can have some." Harry answered with a bright smile.

It did not take long for the others to come to the sitting area all very hungry and very happy. It was moments like these that Harry loved, watching his friends and family have a good time it made him feel complete. There had been a time where he thought he would never be truly happy never be complete. That there would always be an emptiness inside him but now, now he felt he was where he was meant to be all along.

"Hey kitten!" Logan murmured in his ear bringing him back to the present. "Here you go your steak and potatoes, I also added some of the grilled vegetables."

"Thanks Logan. It looks great! Grab a plate and sit with me to eat." Harry said with one of his bright smiles. Logan just nodded and did as he was told. Looking around he could see everyone taking their own plates and sitting around eating and talking. He could see everyone was happy and relaxed which was something they did not always have. He knew each of the people that was in this get-together had experience very dark times in their life and seeing them like this gave him hope for their future.

Looking at Harry Logan knew that the brightest spot on his life would always be this young man and that all the other good things in his life would just be bonuses. He like Harry never expected to fill the emptiness inside him an emptiness that had been acerbated by the fact that he could not remember more than half his life. But now finding about his past wasn't as important especially since his future seemed to spell a beautiful kitten by his side.


"Ok, spill." Said Harry to the twins. It had been some fun and relaxing couple of days but he knew the twins where hiding something and it was time to know what.


"You see…" the twins started almost at the same time, which was a testament to their nervousness, since usually they were in perfect sync.

They looked at each other nodded and George started the explanation. "We have news from Britain."

"Two weeks ago representatives from the ICW and IMOL came into the British Ministry of Magic with the backing of our minister Kingsley."

"There was a full Wizengamot session where they pretty much laid it unto them for their corruption and incompetency." You could see the mirth showing in both of the twins faces.

"The old treaties where invoked and the international community is serving as a sounding board to implement all the changes needed so that the British magical government is brought up to standards".

"How is the public responding to having foreigners come and pretty much remake their government? I imagine politicians and ministry workers would be particularly incensed." Harry asked.

"Oh there are plenty of mixed reactions. But since Kingsley is supporting the delegations most people are adopting the wait and see approach." Answered Fred.

"But it's not only the ministry itself that looking at huge change, but they have also gotten into Hogwarts and plan to change the whole school system."

"I heard there are plans to create a couple of primary schools and even a university. But both project will take time."

"They are starting by creating an actual department of education instead of just the testing offices currently at the ministry."

"The one change that has the British cheering is the imminent destruction of Azkaban and the dementors".

"Some are dubious about what they will do to replace it but the IMOL has taken all prisoners to an undisclosed location and in the process of submitting them to veritaserum trials to ensure there are no innocents there."

"The one thing that has people nervous is that now not only veritaserum will be required for all official questioning but that all ministry employees will have to be questioned in order to keep their positions and ensured they are not corrupt or criminals."

"As you can guess there are plenty of individual that are outraged and pretty much up in arms".

Harry could not help but snicker, he could just imagine all the stuffy members of the Wizengamot scrambling to find a way to prevent all of this, after all he knew more than half of them would not pass a veritaserum questioning.

"So is there more to it? From what you have said there is no reason to be nervous about telling us this. These are good news as far as we are concerned." Said Logan looking at the twins suspiciously.

The twins had the grace to look sheepish. "Well, Kingsley sent us missives to keep very vigilant until they finish with the house cleanup they are doing sine some of the corrupt official are still looking for all order recipients. They seem to have plans to use us to keep themselves out of deep water. Not that it would do them any good but better safe than sorry."

Harry nodded with a pensive look. "Mmm, well we are fairly safe here and the others are who knows where and I imagine it will be hard to find them but it might be a good idea for you not to visit Europe until things calm down. You can always stay here for as long as you need."

"Or you could move in with Remy here, imagine he would be more than happy to accommodate you." Marie added with a salacious smirk.

After that the discussion denigrated into light hearted ribbing and some fun at each other's expenses.


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