Chapter 7

Logan and Remy where coming out of the debriefing after their mission when they came face to face with Harry's group of friends.

Logan saw the kids with the newcomers two of them where identical twins but it was the third that caught Logan's attention. The stranger was beautiful, he had midnight black hair that came almost to his shoulders, translucent white skin that gave him an ethereal look, two black fox ears atop his head and three black tails that moved lazily behind him and his eyes where the brightest emerald green he had ever seen.

Mine! The feral part of him screamed inside his head. He did not know how or why but he knew without a doubt that this delicate creature was his, his to protect, his to provide for, his to love and if he had his way his to ravish.

Something told him he was up for quite a ride and he was eager to hop on. When he looked upon the beauty's eyes he realized he had been checking him out and could not keep the smirk of his face. When the beauty realized he had been caught he blushed furiously making him more captivating in Logan's eyes. If possible Logan smirk widened and without taking his eyes from the blushing beauty spoke.

"And who are the new kids?" Logan took his eyes away from Harry to direct the question to the familiar faces that greeted him. Instead of one of the kids it was Professor Xavier who answered his question with a knowing smile on his face.

The black haired one is our neighbor Harry Potter and the twins are his friends Fred and George Weasley. If the twins where surprised the Professor knew their names they did not showed it and just smiled and waved in greeting.

"With me are Remy Lebeau and Logan two of my X-men also known as Gambit and the Wolverine". He said pointing to each of them as he said their names.

"Mr. Potter I could not help but notice your new appendages, when did this development happened?"

Harry who had finally manage to control his blush gave the professor a nervous smile and answered.

"I woke up like this on my birthday and I was hoping I could get some help here to learn and control the new abilities that come with them and learn how to hide them in time". Knowing that all present knew about the wizarding world Harry decided to just come clean and explain things.

"In the wizarding world there are different creature inheritances that appear in the bloodlines, mine it's a Kitsune inheritance. It gives me a power bust and that makes my magic somewhat unreliable now, I have to learn how to control it again so I can learn how to hide the fox characteristics and prevent magical mishaps".

"Oh so you are a wizard? Are your friends wizards too?" Gambit asked with a smile and an interested gleam in his eyes. He had loved to learn about real voodoo magic back in New Orleans and while he knew that there where different kinds of magic's practiced in different parts of the world he had not met a wizard willing to teach him about it and now there where three right in front of him.

"Yes we are". Answered one of the twins who had noticed his interest. "We can show you some later".

"That would be great!" Gambit had a big smile on his face and mischief in his eyes.

Interrupting them Logan decided to put in his two cents. "I could train the kid in the danger room, combat training would go a long way into learning control and there are no risks of him hurting someone if he loses control".

Most of the kids and Gambit looked at Logan in surprise, he was the last person they would have expected to offer one on one training to a new kid in the mansion. The only one not surprised with the offer was the Professor.

"Yes with Logan's healing abilities he would be safer than anyone else to practice combat with young Harry I would also recommend he takes one on one with Storm and even me at times to learn control and once he has control some training with one of the shifters. Harry I would also like you to start the last year of High School here, that way you would be able to truly take advantage of what the institute has to offer".

Harry thought about it for a moment and while he was nervous of having one on one training with Logan he could not help but see the benefits of what the professor was offering. He knew if he accepted he would have to stay at least a year to finish muggle High School regardless of how long training took him but the chance to have a relatively normal school experience won out.

"Yes, I think it's a great idea and I would love to learn anything your school has to offer". Logan's smile turned feral, now the little angel would not be able to escape him, he would win him over before the year was done.

All the mutant kids looked extremely exited at the prospect of having Harry study with them, they were all seniors too and this was their last year as students of the academy. They all had plans of becoming full time X-men after finishing school.


"What was that!" Exclaimed Rouge.

"What was what?" Questioned a confused Bobby while the others looked to be things he was thick to not have noticed.

"Our little"

"Harry's reaction"

"To the big"

"Hot and strong"

"Logan" Answered the twins.

"What reaction?" Asked Harry looking everywhere but at the others in the room and if his voice was a little high pitched he would deny it to his dying breath. They had gone to Harry's home after talking with the Professor and where talking in the library waiting for Andromeda to call them for dinner.

"Harry you looked like you were going to explode, you were blushing like crazy". Kitty decided to put her input.

"And Logan would not stop smirking and looking at you", Rouge added.

"I… I think he might be my mate". Harry murmured in a very low voice so low that they almost missed it.

"But that's great news, a mate is supposed to be the person that completes you, your perfect half". Said Kurt.

"Yea, but he is soo Hot and older. He must think I am nothing but a child and from what you have said he is even older and more experienced that he looks". Harry was looking at his feet while he said all this.

"Hey sweetheart you are beautiful and wolvie would be lucky to have you and the way he looked at you tells me he likes you too". Rouge rushed to reassure him.

"You think?" Harry was a little insecure, his life had not given him the biggest of self-confidence and his new situation made him a little more insecure.

"Yes Harry, you are just perfect and now you are even cuter which will Logan even crazier about you". Added Kitty.

"For what saw if you let him he would not miss a second to jump you". Said Warren with his own smirk.

Harry blushed a little bit but also put on a determined face, if his mate wanted him he would have to work for him, he would not just fall at his feet like the mushier part of him wanted.

"Make him work"

"For it".

"He has to court you"

"Fill you with gifts"

"And take you out"

"On romantic dates". Said the twins.

Now Bobby could not help but laugh, when the others looked at him he just said. "Can you imagine the Wolverine being romantic?"

And the others could not help it, yea it was hard to image the feral and strong Wolverine being romantic was something they all wanted to see.


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